The Black-Mark Infection

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  1. So this is an idea I had a while ago for a story, actually. I started writing it, but I got a little stumped. So here it is as a roleplay :lol:

    The Black-Mark Infection
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    No one knows the origin of the infection, no one even knows when exactly infected people started showing up. Nowadays, hardly anyone knows about it at all. But the infection is all too real. Those have been infected have rune-like markings all over their skin, which is what gave it its name. These markings differe greatly from one infected to another, often looking like tribal-tattoos, which makes it hard to tell who's infected, since so many people have tattoos.

    The infected can tell though, so they don't make mistakes when they find more of their own kind (not that they're not human anymore, they're just different). Those who are infected have started a sort of guild for themselves, with HQ's spreading all over the world. With the side-effects of the disease (they really don't like it when people call it a disease though), they need safe-havens to train and learn to control themselves.

    Because... This isn't just a regular infection that leaves people with odd markings on their skin.

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    The main side-effect of this infection would be the markings, of course. As stated before, the markings are seen in great varieties of patterns and designs, though no one really knows how these designs are "decided". Though most believe it has to do with the emotions one has when infected.

    The markings aren't very simple though. They grant "powers" of sorts. These powers include: speed, invisibility, strength, and, in some rare-cases, mind-control. Though there are many other powers these rune-like marks can give an infected.

    Sounds pretty cool?

    It's actually not that nice for those who are infected. They can no longer fill their hunger or thirst with food and water, and yet they can starve. This is because the markings can suck in life-force and energy from those bearing them, eventually leaving them withered, empty, and dead. The only way to stop this is to let the marks take the life-force of another being.

    Those who live in HQ's (or guilds) prefer taking the life-force of animals, sometimes insects. Fish, mammals, anything they can. This is because an uninfected human would turn to dust if the marks took their life-force. This is another reason infected prefer living with other infected, the marks protect them from getting their life-force taken by another infected, which makes it rather hard for one to kill another.

    Yes, the marks protect them from one another.

    Back to the life-force topic: There are some infected (called "rogues") who do take their energy from humans, which explains many disappearances that are never solved. These rogues live among humans in society, taking the force from anyone they please. They have learned to control themselves as well, though. They only suck in life-force when they need it. This is something that the others (non-rogues) can't control.

    The Problem
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    As you can imagine, rogues and non-rogues often find themselves in conflicts of morality. Murder, no murder. They can't kill eachother easily, but they sure as hell try, because (even though non-rogues may seem like pacifists) they all enjoy a good fight now and then.

    Not to mention, they've also got a government department especially for them. Of course the government would know something was up when people disappear and were never found again. People who are kidnapped often get ransom notes sent to their families or are found dead at some point. No matter what happens, people who disappear should be found eventually, dead or alive. But not the victims of rogues, that's why the government's been secretly investigating it.

    The Question You've All Been Asking
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    How does one become infected?

    The answer to that is quite simple. If you get the blood of an infected on your bare-skin, you become infected. Your marks will begin showing by the next day and it's actually somewhat painful. Most would describe it as someone dragging a knife through your body as these marks travel and form along your skin.

    Though the marks seem to make skin tougher, things like knives and bullets could still break-through and the black-blood of the infected will flow.

    Anymore questions?

    Alright, so you can be one of three things: Infected Rogue, Infected Non-rogue, Uninfected human (most likely a government official of some sort, though you can be an uninfected human who may or may not be infected eventually.

    Character Sheets-- Though you can use your own! These are just guide-lines~

    For Infected~
    Markings (Like I said, the marks look like tribal tattoos ^^):
    History (please include how you were infected as well):
    Favorite Power ('cause we all have our favorite):

    For Uninfected~
  2. I have a bit of a question.

    Who, or what is the antagonist in this story, if you've come up with one already?

    Usually, there's got to be some - thing, some issue that drives a story forward.

    I see that the rogues and the non-rogues are possibly fighting among themselves, but exactly what for? I'm not sure I get why, except for the fast that one sports humans and the other does not.

    I'm just curious if there's more to it than that, or if there's a twist that will lead to something else. I see a lot of possibilities sitting around...

    Like, the groups fight themselves, but they soon learn something that turns them against the governments managing them.
    Or that they learn to use this disease for good, then realize that they are slowly dying and have to work together to find a cure...
    Or, the disease is spreading, causing other problems to occur within the group, and they have to harness the madness before it turns on them and destroys everyone.

    IDK, but I fell there's something missing in the plot that indicates movement, action, continuance. Just wondering if you have something along that line in mind.