The Black Daedalus

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  1. After the collapse of the 5th Dynasty of the Graeco-Terran Empire in 2322, not a single political faction came out of the rubble to take over the government. Instead, the capital world Nepali fell victim to excessive bureaucracy and lost control of the outer planets in the Empire. Without a stable government, everything supporting human civilization eventually ran down, and the people on the outer planets learned to rely on themselves.

    It's now 2348, and humans roam the galaxy attempting to make a living out of not a lot. Our crew of three managed to secure themselves a ship and do odd jobs around their solar system to make a living.

    The Pilot - played by Octoleche
    The Engineer - played by Celestialis
    The Weapons Specialist - played by Elyd​

    The crew does what it can to survive, yet who knows how they'll cope when they find themselves transported to the past… and hoping to take advantage of the abundant technological and scientific innovations lost to their present.

    Please approve details and put up a character skeleton! I'll start an IC once I get approval from you two on details.
  2. Daedalus: the legendary builder of the Cretan labyrinth who makes wings to enable himself and his son Icarus to escape imprisonment

    Our sentimental ship name. :D I hearts it, precious.
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Adeline Mercer
    Age: 24
  4. Name: Caster DiAngelious

    Age: 28

    Job: Pilot/space pirate

  5. Hay, I know this is private but I think this is interesting and I would like to read the IC. Not sure if you posted it yet and of coarse if you want me to delete this post I will, no problem but yeah I would really like to read the IC.
  6. Reading the IC is just fine! Anyone can read any IC -shrugs- bbuutt no, it hasn't been posted yet.
    age 26
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