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  1. Welcome to the Black and Dark crusade.
    Death, taint and corruption.
    This is a check to see if anyone's interested and a sign up at the same time. For a quick welcome and introduction to the crusader series I've created along my times as a writer this is the third instalation and successor of both White and Red Crusade book's. Here's a quick summary of the two book's and at the same time background story of the crusader's.

    The White Crusade book was about the medium sized band of crusader's called the Red Crusader's, through this book they fought the evil's of heresy, undeath and in the end got to face the darkness of demonic entities, for them overpowering and evil to the core but the truth was that the demon chain of command is vast and what they faced was simply a pawn of the demon's rule. In the end of the book they found fertile land close to a water supply and settled down. It ended with them as they started to create a city stronghold.

    The Red Crusade book and secound in the series is the one I'm currently writing. It's about the struggle of the Red Crusader's as they fight the demons as they try to completely decimate the crusader's. It goes through their struggle to recruite villager's, worker's and most important of all: Crusader's. It goes through the repelling of the demons and their taint and the continued construction of the city of Arch Telion and it's expansion into a major kingdom. The book end's with the retreat of the demon's from the siege of Arch Telion and a massive celebration in the name of the Red Crusaders.

    World Introduction
    The world of Tharion is the name of the realm in which life exist's, the reason being is that the god of mortal creation is named Tharion and is the guardian and maker of mankind.
    The underworld or dark world as it is commonly refeered to is actually named: Keep of Clarius. The realm of dark is a small area in which only demons reside, dead souls are kept in the Consolodium, a realm between realm without limit's, a realm for countless dead and lost soul's.

    The Keep of Clarius is a giant fortress surrounded by nightmarish mountain's spewing lava, forest's of darkness and in the middle of this small realm is a gigantic keep or fortress, the realm may be small but in reality it is rather large, it is called small due to it being smaller then the other realms in comparison. Clarius is the ruling demon and so he has been since the begining of time, he is the original, he is the Dark King. The heavenly realm of which the rest of the originates live. ( originates = The first creation's, basically the ancestors of everything, Clarius is one aswell. )

    This realm is called Orion. Being the largest realm if you count out Consolodium, Orion is the realm in which the Oriniates live, the Originates are huge, gigantic and the realm is forced to be large in order to hold all 23 of them and give them their own fortresses to controll and rule over. Each originate has an army, citizen, etc. They rule the realm's of Orion like 23 different Kingdoms.

    Categories and Explenations
    Here I will tell and describe the categories of which this rp fit's into.

    If you wish you could hop over this section.
    - Fantasy
    The genre of fantasy is a refeered to a made up world in which the story takes place, this world can either be inspired by real event's or completely made up inside the mind of the creator.

    - Open World
    Open world is the category of a fully fledged world which is open to everyone and not limited by anything care you give enough effort to get into it, there will be guarded barrackses, restricted area's but care you give enough thought or get enough coin you'd get your way eventually.

    - Dark Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy is the sub-category of the large family Fantasy. The genre of Dark Fantasy is the same as normal fantasy simply with a darker, more dangerous and more terrorfilled world, a simply terrifying world is what could be described, thing's often included in Dark Fantasy is; Demon's, Ghost's, Phantom's, Warewolves and many more creatures. The atmosphere of Dark Fantasy is also one of fear, for example the villager's and citizen, maybe even your fellow soldier have their own fear's, be it invasion, the outside or corruption.

    - Heroic Fantasy
    Heroic Fantasy is another sub-category of the large family Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy is the act of the main character's or the group of main character's journy is one of heroism and much valor, a continuous battle of heroic effort's.

    - War Fantasy
    A war Fantasy is.. yet again another member of the Fantasy family, War Fantasy is the category of a world in which the story is described involves a war which the main character(s) have to partake in and experience, be it against your fellow man or against your unfellow demon's.

    - Dynamic World
    A dymanic world is one which changes according to the decition's of you or your fellow friend or even your arch rival or sworn enemy. For example:

    Scenario: A village outside the gate's of the city of Tilar is the first front against the incoming enemy demonic horde. The crusading commander, with influense from his fellow sub-commander's decide that they'd set up defences in the simple village instead of taking a stand by the gate's and wall's, the citizen evacuate but the village will still stand if they successfully repel the invader's.

    After Result's:
    The city's outer village would remain intact.
    However due to the harder defencive position many more of the local guard fell to the attack.

    - Unforgiving World

    The concept of an unforgiving world has excisted for quite a long while, however maybe not as often in roleplay's as in games. An unforgiving world does not defend itself from the insult's of an angered player. The concept of an unforgiving world is very basic: It is not afraid to kick you between the leg's dare you be stupid enough to let it. An unforgiving world will not bother itself with your excuses, it is a concept of realism and don't you dare ''TELEPORT OUT THE WAY'' if thing's happen to get dire.

    Due to this factor, if your character dies off I will allow another one done by you, or your fellow player's. The concept of an unforgiving world is that the world is god and you are at it's decency, but yet you're no friend to the world, you're hated by it, but still respected enough to be allowed a fair chance.

    [Only for those who actually are interested]

    Aright, for this roleplay we will be using the Character sheet from the Roleplay 101 section, not any CS but the Character Bio Template: Ultimate, If you don't know where to find it, then just go here:
    Post your CS only if you're interested and will be able to stay and enjoy the roleplay, please.