The Black Butterfly - A Mystery RP [Closed]

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  1. Since this is a mystery RP, I shan't be revealing much yet. Just trust me that it'll be interesting.

    Butterflies have always been symbolic of change and of rebirth. Rumour has it that there is a certain town on a certain hill where the butterflies are always present. But not just any butterflies. Large, black butterflies, with complex markings that look like constellations. These butterflies, it is said, have special properties. Whenever one is witnessed, which is rare in occurrence, time is said to rewind right back to the very first moment the observer arrived in the town. However, what is not said, is that the observer does not retain memories of the future that was rewound. Instead, they gain only fleeting glimpses of it in dreams and deja vu.

    Today, this town, named Kurocho-mura, lies abandoned. No one has been here in 50 years, but even so, the buildings are in an immaculate condition, as if somehow, the process of decay that should occur had somehow been prevented. As if the town had somehow been frozen in time. Recently, however, people have been going missing. Every full moon, a citizen from the nearest town goes on a walk on the mountain road that goes close to Kurocho-mura, and never returns. You, the players, are investigators from various sources intent on figuring out what actually happened to these wanderers.


    Essentially, this will be a mystery RP. The characters shall make various actions, and depending on what they do, the narration I continue with will change slightly. However, I also will be resetting time to the beginning of the week at regular intervals, and it is up to the characters to use the deja-vu and dreams they are given to figure out the cause of the disappearances.
    If it goes as well as I hope, I shall be using the decisions you as characters make as the basis of a video-game I'm making in the same setting. Naturally, you shall be credited for your aid in the project :)

    To be a part of this, simply state the character's name and previous occupation, as well as some kind of description or image to illustrate their appearance. My only requirements is that there will be a total of 4 characters, and of these, only one is allowed to be a typical "comic relief" character.
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  2. Name: Taiki Sterling
    Previous occupation: Baker
    Description: Taiki is 5'10" (about 1.78 m), slim and somewhat pale. He has brown eyes, framed by rimless glasses, and brown hair that looks disheveled no matter what he does to it. His white long-sleeved shirt and black pants are obscured by his teal pocketless apron. He wears maroon sneakers with black laces.

    Will this do?
  3. Looks fine, but considering how that's the first reply in 23 days, I doubt this RP will be going anywhere.
  4. Name: Cassandra Wilson
    Occupation: Librarian
    Personality: Intelligent, Serious, often quiet for she thinks a lot but will speak usually to share ideas or if spoken to and it's to continue some conversation for a while, creative she enjoys drawing and writing stories of her own.

    This work?
  5. If this keeps up I'm going to have to remember the plot I was planning :D
  6. Name: Kendrick Wattz
    Occupation: Photographer
    Personality: Dense | Air-headed | Optimistic | Obsevant | Honest
    Kendrick is someone who likes to take his time when doing things, feeling that scenes should be enjoyed slowly. He dislikes missing anything, thus takes a lot of pictures on various things. This habit of his can be quite irritating to most, especially people who dislike getting their picture taken, but he stays ignorant of the fact.
  7. Name: Mathias Greene

    Occupation: Barista/Aspiring Writer
    Personality: Mathias is a fun-loving guy who doesn't take things seriously most of the time, but is completely focused when it comes to things he is interested. He is friendly and has a good sense of humor and a sense of camaraderie and loyalty. He can be talkative at times which makes him either insightful or annoying, usually the latter.
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  8. Alright, looks good. I'll get the IC up as soon as I've finished playing around on the new Lego game, which considering it's only in open beta and has very little content, shouldn't be far from now.
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  9. they're still making lego games?
  10. Yeah. This one's pretty much an identical copy of Minecraft. About time they made one considering how everyone just calls Minecraft "Lego on a PC" anyway.
  11. Huh that cameraman I bet will be a major plot device. I might make it so that when time rewinds, there's a single photo kept from before it rewinds that he doesn't remember taking. Anyway, I'm working on the IC now.
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