The Bite of 87

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  1. [​IMG]

    "Do we go for burgers, or that place that serves buffet?
    Or do we say "let's have the same thing we had yesterday".

    Freddy and the others finished their song causing the children to laugh and cheer as the band on stage waved to them causing the kids to wave back shouting out who they liked and who was the best.

    While Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy were playing and having fun, Foxy sat waiting for his queue from Freddy "Ahhahhaha, okay kids you know what time it is?" the children looked curiously at the bear "It's time to say good-bye, it's closing time!" Freddy turns to Bonnie, who begins to play the theme to the Pizzeria causing the children to moan and sigh as they follow their parents out the restaurant. Foxy's eye was wide as his mouth hung open, he couldn't believe this, this was the tenth time this month that he was forgotten! He sat there brooding in his Cove. His fangs bared and ears lowered back as he glared at the threesome as the staff began to clean up, he storms out of his cove snarling, he was sick of this he thought that the others were his friends.

    Playable Characters:

    Bonnie: @C r o m i c a l♥
    Freddy: @D3M0NIX
    Chica: @OhKaydhen
    Foxy: @Foxy Da Pirate
    Young Mike/Older Mike: @Muno
    Golden Freddy: @Officer Friendly

    ~New Animatronics~

    Balloon Boy:
    Toy Bonnie:
    Toy Chica:
    Toy Freddy:
    Marionette: @TwistedPainter
    Mystery Bot:

    OCs are welcome, animatronic or human etc, there's no limit:
    Davey: @Officer Friendly
    Candy: @.CandidFox.
    Daniel: @Alex B.
    Toothy: @DapperDogman
    This is the day before the bite, the day of the bite, and so on.

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  2. Can I be Chica, please?
  3. Yeah (^-^)/
  4. You're welcome, love \[□▼□]/
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  5. Well of course you would choose foxy Foxy
  6. [QUcourseuno, post: 1753493, member: 5603"]
    @Foxy Da Pirate
    Can I be Mike?[/QUOTE]

    Of course, love (0u0)/
  7. Yarhahaha, who else would I be, love?
    Just imagine Chica running around the kitchen yelling that.
    While holding box, upon box of pizza.
    This is the reason why the Kitchen camera is disabled.
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  9. That will be hilarious! Imagine the look in Mike's face if he saw that.
    And I just thought of this, Foxy running through the halls shouting random things or screaming.

  10. I'm pretty sure Mike would stare at the screen like
    '' o.o
    And for Foxy he would probably quickly shut the door and be like 'NOPE!'

    @Foxy Da Pirate
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  11. True XD, oh oh what about Bonnie or Freddy, when the moment comes when we're checking the cameras and their all up close to the camera.

    "But I just want to want to want to love ya, perhaps give ya a small bite?"

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  12. Oh My Good Gods YES XD
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  13. Can i have le freddy?
  14. Of course :)
  15. XD
  16. Lol xD
    He probably stare at each camera back at them and be like 'hmm... well I'm fucked.. ' and hearing Foxy's obsessed love for him ' NO!'

    @Foxy Da Pirate
  17. Ohhhh~ A FNAF roleplay~ So. can I bring my oc here @w@
  18. Freddy: *on stage as the others are elsewhere* *singing into mic* LET ME LOVE YOU, AND ALL YOUR TROUBLES! UNTIL YOU LEARN, TO LOVE YOURSELF!!
    Bonnie: *staring into the Supply Closet camera* What you looking at? I ain't gots no pizza. Hey, you think I is pretty! OH MY! :balletdancer::candyheart:
    Chica: *head banging in kitchen to heavy metal* YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! PIIIZZAAAAAAA!!!!!
    Foxy: *hurtling down Left Hall and leaps in through left door* Oh hey, came to check if you were alright, mat- Oh. Woops. Yeeaaahhh.... I'll just go.
    Mike: *holding baseball bat, wild eyed, with tablet in his chair* Y'all bitches gon die if ya come near me. Ye hear?
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