The Birth Of a New Narnia

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  1. Narnia is back and recreated It had been destroyed in the Last Battle. However now Aslan has created Narnia agai. this time hoping the world does not end in a big bang again or blow up like the last one. However their is a new Narnian world order and if you choose to stay you can stay amongst the Narnians. Aslan and Mr.Tumnus have also returned along with many many other characters. With the rebirth of Narnia comes the rebirth of Darkness and Evil as well this time a small group of young adults fall upon the Door to Narnia in the old run down house of the professor. Yes the professor from Way back when with Lucy, Peter, Edmond, and Susan. However this time it is a cupboard. Welcome to the new Narnia new endless winter, with a New White Witch. New adventures What path will you choose and what side will you take in the War?

    6 young adults 21-25
    - Male @LuckycoolHawk9
    - Male @Zanmar
    - Male @Pasi
    - Female @~Dark Disney~
    - Female @Brea
    - Female @Princess Poisoned Rose

    Aslan-Taken @~Dark Disney~
    Caspian @Shayla
    White Witch @Shayla
    Mr. Tumnus open
    New narnians-
    Telmarine @Pasi

    Rules Nother my rules credit goes to Happily.Ever.After

    |Posts & Language & Literacy|
    ||Please Try To Limit The Cussing. Keep all OOC to this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and forms are here. I prefer at least a small paragraph per character, but 7+ lines at the very least please... Try To Have Proper Spelling... ||

    ||You Can Have As Many as 3 Characters, But Please Keep Genders Even {No Twenty Girls And One Guy}, Please Keep All Of Your Characters Active... I Understand It Can Be Hard Sometimes, But Post For All Of Them At Least Once Every Three Pages. You May NOT Use Anime Or Cartoons For This RP, All Images Should Be Of Real People {Or Animals} and I have nothing against LGBT+, and I do allow it in my rps Just not for Narnia please. No Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding, Powerplaying||

    ||I expect you to read the rules and basically understand everything. If you have a question please ask :3. If you have read this write your character's favorite/lucky number somewhere in the form||

    ||Wait To Be Accepted By Me or a GM Before RPing, No Power-Playing, Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding. You May NOT Be Your Own Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Spouse {Mates For Animals may have both sides played by the same user}. Don't Ignore Someone, And If A Recap Or Repost Is Asked For Be Friendly And Kind And Try To Give It To The Person||

    |Have Fun!|
    ||The Most Important Rule Of All... If You Don't Have Fun, Then There's No Point To The RP. Keep The Drama And Romance And Action Coming. But Beware, I Will Add More Rules If I Need To||

    Character Sheet
    ~ Feel free to add stuff, pretty it up, re-format it, etc... just make sure you include everything!!! ~
    Picture Here {Real humans only... no anime/cartoons/etc ... and please try to stay away from uber cosplays...}
    = F u l l - N a m e =
    = P r o n u n c i a t i o n = {optional}
    = N i c k n a m e =
    = G e n d e r = {male or female only}
    = S e x u a l i t y =
    = A g e - & - B i r t h d a y = {17 to 27}
    = P l a c e - O f - O r i g i n = {where they live when not at GU... where have they lived?}


    = H e a l t h - A i l m e n t s =
    = N a t i o n a l i t y / E t h n i c i t y =
    = H e i g h t - & - W e i g h t =
    = B a s i c - A p p e a r a n c e = {hair color, eye color, marks, piercings, tattoos, etc ... just putting another picture is not good enough}

    = P e r s o n a l i t y = {5 traits minimum. If writing in a paragraph, please bold and/or color the traits}
    = L i k e s = {3 minimum}
    = D i s l i k e s = {2 minimum}
    = T a l e n t s - & - H o b b i e s = {2 minimum ... it would be nice if you specified which is which, but not necessary}
    = S t r e n g t h s = {3 minimum}
    = W e a k n e s s e s = {2 minimum}
    = S e c r e t s = {1 minimum }
    = F e a r s = {1 minimum}
    = A s p i r a t i o n s = {optional}
    = H i s t o r y = {optional}

    = F a m i l y =
    = P e t s = {3 maximum may be with the character}
    = F r i e n d s =
    = E n e m i e s =
    = S i g n i f i c a n t - O t h e r = {please specify relationship type}

    = F a c e c l a i m = {optional, but helpful if you know it}
    = O t h e r = {anything else you want to add ... also, major hint to read everything carefully}
  2. Reserved for the White Witch: FC: Charlize Theron
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  3. Reserved for Prince Caspian: FC: Gaspard Ulliel
  4. Reserved
    FC- Torrance Coombs- Male Young Adult
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  5. Talmarine_ Female FC Lucy Hale

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  6. Reserved for female young adult FC Liu Shishi
  7. Reserved for a young adult, FC Arden Cho.

    That is, if we're still doing this?
  8. yes ma'am
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