The Bird in the Cage

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  1. "I don't belong here Silvia! I belong with normal people! I am a normal girl after all!" Jade Foster yelled as she paced her artificial bedroom with one way mirrors. The place consisted of a bed, posters all over the room, Christmas lights she used for decorations and a small area outside the bedroom in which there was a tv, chairs and a stove with a counter.

    "For the last time...your not a normal girl, and you have to get used to that...until you can control your powers you need to stay in the DRF (Department of Research Facility) until we can figure out your ability a little more..." The scientist said then slammed the experiments bedroom door behind her.

    Jade walked around the room, angry! She stood there and focused on a coffee cup in the room, which floated and slammed into the camera in the corner of the room used for watching the girl at all times.
    It was bad enough that everyone student in the DRF facility student treated her like a freak, she also wasn't allowed to hang out anywhere...
    Scientists everywhere wrote down her reactions and when she used her powers.

    (Jade Foster)
  2. [​IMG]
    A fairly tall and burly man walked into the DRF. He had received a call to come in and so, he did as the scientist had promised him something 'interesting'. The man made his way into an elevator in a certain floor and was pretty soon guided by a woman into an office, where he was lead to the scientist and many screens showing a fairly young looking girl with fiery bright hair. The man tossed his leather jacket aside."Ok--Seriously?" He growled stepping forward and grabbing the scientist by the collar of his shirt, slamming him against the nearby wall. "Ah--Lionel!" He clapped his hands together.

    Lionel... was also special. Unique--and The only one who managed to be free from this place. Lionel eyed the screens then the scientist, releasing him and pinched between his eyebrows--Calming his temper."Jesus f*cking christ... You need to stop this!" He yelled."She's obviously distressed and agitated ; Let her out! She's young!" He argued, hand raising up in the direction of the screen."You know we cant do that. All our subjects are young. They typically start young." The scientist said. Lionel did know--and he took a deep breath in, sighing it out as he unbuttoned his black long sleeved shirt.
    "She'll die. You'll make her lose her sanity--even without trying. Or she'll become a dangerous super."
    "Then so be it."
    "I can't let you do this."
    "We cant let her roam free."
    "You can't keep her confined."
    "She's. to. powerful..." Concluded the scientist."Surely, you know how powerful..?" he added referring to a past subject.

    His gaze averted back to the screen when he heard something shatter and he looked back at the scientist."Telekinesis?" He asked."Yes--But we cannot fully confirm--"

    "Let me in."

    Soon all eyes were on Lionel in silence before the room bursted into sudden laughter. The scientist folded his hands behind his back with his fingers."What do you plan on doing.. Mr. Zoquier?" he asked leaning forward."Oh please--All of your young test subjects are held as prisoners and pets. Being in a watch room 24/7 agitates us as much as humans waving at a gorilla behind glass.. Theres always that slim chance of Freedom if the pets can last long in such a place like these--Let me in so I can help her." He suggested in all seriousness as he combed his hair back. The scientist pondered."Help? Your help is unneeded." But Lionel persuaded,"Ok--fine.. But you know I am the only tamed one. All i ask for is 1 interaction with her.. If she wants me--Then so be it. She will most likely be comfortable with me then you." Lionel pointed at the man's chest, his own face showing frustration as he tried to fight for the girl and his 1 interaction. It was only then that the scientist smirked and looked at his co-workers."Give the man a chance.. He is the strongest one--and correct." he assured and soon Lionel looked back at the screen walking out the room with his coat.

    Lionel's power was making and forming illusions as well as sensing another's emotions. However he was special because hehad a sort of 'magic touch' with other people like him. This was the second time Lionel was interacting with someone like him on a personal level--In fact so few had 'extra normal' abilities, and with such abilities it lead to the unknown status of a certain someone whom he cared for -that was similar to the girl on the screen- whose name was Rosemary. She was more like a daughter, but her power was very rare and dangerous as well. Gravity manipulation. It was questionable where she went or if she was even still alive or dead. Lionel was still searching for even the most littlest of clues--and he hoped this new girl wouldn't let her mentality and power slip out together in a negative way. Telekinesis was something similar to the manipulation of Gravity. There were probably only those two who are the most powerful. Sure he has talked to many people with special abilities but not on a personal level--And he felt like He had to help Jade. Like said, she was another very rare and powerful person quite possibly--Most likely.

    The door made a large buzzing sound as it unlocked it self. Lionel rolled up his sleeves quickly and placed his fingers on the door."Don't be alarmed." He stated--Voice soft and calm despite the deepness--There was effort to showing he meant no harm and he soon peeked his head in before slowly entering, and kicking the door shut behind him with his hands raised in silence. He was leaving an open spot in case Jade wanted to attack him, or anything like that and was willing to show submissive behavior in order calm her.
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  3. Lauren Chase, indigo

    The panting and footfalls were heavy, the machine soon whirred to a stop. Breathing patterns returned to normal, the running turned into a slow jog, then a walk and eventually everything stopped.

    "Well done miss Chase. You surpassed your time from yesterday. Three and a half hours on the treadmill with no sign of fatigue until the last ten minutes." The tall, skinny scientist seemed proud as he made his notes. "I wish the machine could go faster." He chuckled.

    Lauren Chase was a tall, dirty blonde haired young woman. No older than twenty four. She stood at five foot eight, her body well shaped and defined, easily placed under the category of athletic. Slowly the woman who had barely broke a sweat for the last three hours, began removing the small sensors and wires that had been placed all over her body. The scientist who was only an inch or two taller than her finished with his notes and looked into the blue-grey eyes of the woman. He grinned brightly at her. "Tomorrow we shall resume the strength tests."

    Lauren didn't respond. She simply handed all the adhesive sensors and wires to the man and turned to walk away. She had been within this facility for almost ten years. It was the same series of tests over and over. They were trying to push her limits but so far it seemed like they had no idea what her limits were. Everyday was a test that simply made her do the same thing for longer or lift something heavier. It seemed it was never going to end.

    She was escorted to the showers and given some time to wash off. Then she was taken to her room. The door was locked as she stepped in. They hadn't allowed her anything that she could use as a weapon so she didn't have much to do in her room. The walls were made of thick steel, as were the two doors that sealed her room. She had a mattress on the ground with some bedding and a few pillows and that was pretty much it. Even getting the pillows had been an ordeal after certain tests had been completed and the researchers knew a bit more about her. If she had wanted to escape or kill anyone she probably would've tried already, but that was what she found so odd. She had never threatened anyone and she had never hurt anyone...willingly, yet they took every single precaution to make sure she had no way of causing any damage.

    All she really wanted was to read a book or some paper and a pencil to write or draw. All she got outside of the damn room was a few hours for tests. Lauren herself was still surprised she managed to hold on to her sanity.
  4. Marjory Smith

    There were several eyes on her, making Marjory wonder what she had done this time. So far, in her seventeen years of living, she had exploded about ten bathtubs. Marjory sighed.
    "Look, can you get out of my face?"
    The leading scientist didn't answer. All he did was jot down more notes, nodding slightly as he wrote. "You are an interesting one..."
    "Nice to know," Marjory said calmly. "Now, can you please stop gawking at me?" She blew a strand of brown hair out of her face. "I have many things to get done." Such as plan my escape...
    Marjory watched the scientists leave and banged her fist on the door. "Come on, I need to take a shower..."
    "No," was the scientist's answer. "You are only going to blow the showers up and then our research will be ruined if you escape."
    "What?! No, please!" Marjory sobbed. "Just one...?"
    But nobody answered. She leaned against the door and started crying. "No fair..."
    ((her appearance:
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  5. Jade paced around, waiting for her doctor to speak to her through the microphones attached within the roof when suddenly the door opened...a big guy walked in and slammed the door closed.

    The young woman held her breath, he was handsome...but more importantly he was real.
    Wait he was real, nobody was suppose to come in, not unless they were scientists...but he was here and this was happening.
    When beings with special abilities are within the DRF, they almost never see each other. Each one has their own special room that they stay in most of their lives...this was all new, and she hadn't heard of any announcements from scientists about this.

    With fear and anguish in her tone, the young Ms. Foster finally spoke;
    "Who-who are you?"
    She didn't understand, she couldn't understand...not when something entirely different was going on beyond the door to her room, her sanctuary and yet her prison...this was all the world she knew and answers lied outside that door...the door which was her cage.
    Was he here to hurt her? From the look of his stance said otherwise, but she still of course wasn't sure.
    Maybe he was here other things? Other unimaginable, very close...perverted and horrific things? In that case she would have to fight.
    There was a very easy way to solve this...

    Ever since Jade was a little girl she could not only move objects but she could read minds, she had found this out when she had tried stressing her powers in different techniques.
    However, the mind is stubborn and would not reveal all their secrets...when someone is thinking what's on their mind at the moment is easy compared to deep secrets or horrific memories that are buried, pushed off until that person is willing to face it again...things like those would take time.

    The young miss took a deep breath and focused, reading into his mind and seeing if she could find anything useful.
  6. [​IMG]
    Lionel eyed the young woman, new to the DRF. As he slowly put his arms down, they seemed to walk in circles staring at each other."Good.. This is good." He slightly nodded before looking around and seeing a bed, pointing at it as he looked at her and slowly sitting on it. She seemed curious about him--But of course everyone was wary when you were a test subject being visited by another new being. Especially one who didn't seem to bare any propaganda belonging to the DRF. She seemed to be harshly concentrating at him, and he figured she was trying to think like him--Maybe read his mind? He couldn't be sure and thus tested the theory.

    "I'm Lionel Zoquier. I was once a subject a few years ago." Said Lionel who leaned forward folding his hands as his elbows rested over his knees."In fact, I'm the oldest and few who got my own freedom by myself." He added, mentally thinking: Play with your hair with your left hand if you can read my mind.

    Hopefully if the girl can read minds, she can also multitask. Talk to him while in actuality communicating mentally. Talking as a coverup, her mentally reading his mind as something she should know.

    Lionel sat straight up as he rubbed his jawline."I'm here to meet you--And tell you that it gets better." Said Lionel. Act normal, we only have one interaction unless you request to be with me and only speak to me later. The man stood up to his feet, off the bed as he clapped his hands together and looked around."So--Show me your ability. I'll show mine." He stated looking around for something to grab and walking over to take a thick book."Do something with this book. For example." Ordered Lionel, patting it with his other hand and eyeing the red headed girl.

    Don't reveal the fact that you have two powers. Go with the flow of this interaction.

    With this small meeting Lionel merely explained."The DRF are a pain in the asses for those with unique abilities. Basically they fear that we'll terrorize the people which shouldn't be hard to tell." he shrugged without much care. However, I feel as though being confined makes you terrorize people, deliberate intentions or not."So.. How old are ya?" Lionel asked as he stared down at the book then back at the girl."Well, Maybe I should gain a bit more trust in order to comfort you. I'm Lionel Zoquier. Brazilian. I am a Leo, born in August 1--Which is a cliche and I am twenty-six." Lionel sighed then took a deep breath in."I discovered my ability when I was about Seven, Six--Somewhere around that time frame and I was brought in here when I was twelve or so, Cause thats when they officially caught me despite watching from afar probably longer then that. There were suspicions and confusion based on my power.--There still is. I escaped and had freedom when I was only Twenty." Lionel added emphasis to 'twenty' as he leaned forward."By sheer luck, will, and because of my powers." And also because It was worth the wait. Lionel looked around."Name a place you like. A public place--and be detailed. I'll show you what I can do if you show me what you can do." the man stated as he tapped onto the book with his finger.

    "I don't mind talking in the process. Ask and i'll answer."
    I'll even answer in actuality, mentally. But like said--One interaction until you request to talk to only me. Then i'll reveal more. I believe that you need proper help from me, Not the DRF and I will guarantee it. But you probably won't be my only.. protege, once I figure out if theres more.
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  7. The woman stared at Lionel intently, "I don't know my own past..."

    I am not to be messed with...I am not your tool....

    This was a different voice!

    Suddenly Lionel was thrown across the room, cracking the glass behind him.
    Jade looked around, "Nickolai! Stop it!" she shouted.

    She is mine! Do you hear me? Mine and only mine, don't underestimate me! The voice was deep and angry, defenately a males...

    "Nickolai!" Jade cried out, "stop it"
    Lionel was released, leaving nothing but a cold trace behind.

    "His name...the voice you heard, was Nickolai...he's the entity that's tied to me....nobody can get rid of him, that's the only reason I have these powers...was because of him.."

    She walked over to Lionel, looking down as he was on the floor;
    "He's like a lion in a cage...he only does something if he wants to...and there's no getting rid of him..."
    The young girl helped the man up, "how can you possibly help me..."
  8. Lionel furrowed his brows as he cocked his head to the side rather cluelessly. Trying to observe and understand the current situation as Jade was talking--Yelling at herself, he found himself thrown across the room and held up a few inches off the floor as the glass behind him cracked. It was as if some invisible force was choking him up in the air and the male took shallow breaths as he lifted his hands up."Nickolai!" cried the female, "stop it" she shouted, to which he was abruptly dropped down to his feet but however leaned against the wall for support and catching his breath until he slowly slunk back on the floor, squatting. There were finger prints around his neck, and they would become more visible within a few days due to the pressure and soreness as he rubbed it and coughed.

    Lionel looked up at the girl."Nickolai... Are you sure this is an entity or a coverup for losing control accidentally?" he asked out of curiosity, completely serious and calmly as he stood straight up and rolled his shoulders and neck with the girl's help."how can you possibly help me..." he heard, as he looked back at her."Just trust me." He commented."I've had experience with someone like you." Lionel admitted before looking away and biting his thumb, pondering about the other female he trained, Rosemary. Not necessarily the relationship they had--Just a picture of her and then he remembered that Jade could read minds, thus snapped out of it and looked at her."Thats as far as i'll go to talking about her." He concluded as if it had pulled a slight nerve of some sort.

  9. A large armored vehicle pulled up out side the DRF facility. It was followed by two smaller and less armored cars. Two armed solider looking men got out one of the cars and walked to the back of the larger vehicle, it looked like a truck. "Go on then" one of them said, nudging the other. "Fuck that" scoffed the other, backing away from the doors. "Would both of you pansies get a move on" Said a deeper gruffer voice, it came from a large man wearing similar protective gear as the others. "Yes sir" they both said in unison. The two men each grasped one of the heavy doors and heaved them open. It was dark in the back of the truck so people couldn't see the continence.

    The two men each grasped a pole and hocked them onto something inside. Slowly they pulled out a flat metal thing with two wheels. As more of it was revealed, it could be seen to have someone strapped to it. Eventually the whole object was taken out the and placed on its wheels. Secured to the trolley like thing was a person. Their face covered by a mask and there hands and feet cased in metal, which intern was strapped to the trolley. After a bit arguing one of the guys was chosen to wheel the person into the facility, and the group slowly made their way to the facility entrance.

    "Ummm, mister Zoquier. Sorry to interrupt but 'he's' arrived" came a voice from the microphone in Jade's room.
  10. Just when the conversation was cut by a static voice, Lionel turned his head. He looked back at Jade."Seems like our one interaction is finished.. Cya." he stated nonchalantly before walking out the room as the door shut behind him. Another lab coated male who seemed rather mousy, followed Lionel."You know I hate interruptions, Who are you talking about?" He asked as he walked through hallways and entered a crowded hall."Him..." The scientist said with emphasis. Lionel eyed the smaller male."I've made enemies, many. And few friends. Which one is it? Could this be a new subject to handle this badly?" He growled stopping the younger man who fell back. Lionel sighed."If it were some miracle like Rosemary--Then i'd look forward to the meeting." He said bluntly. Again about the girl, her whereabouts just abruptly disappeared on Lionel. Like she became thin air and unnoticeable. So she was both missing and possibly even dead. Lionel just needed some assurance where she was or if she really did die and thus was desperate to find information on the girl. Infact, he has been for months.

    As he landed himself to the facility entrance, eyeing soldiers outside---He saw one come in with someone strapped and covered. Feeling it should be a private issue and that it most likely was, with a wave of his hand the workers looked at Lionel and scattered silently and hurriedly as a precaution. He then eyed come corner cameras and merely provided an illusion so that no one would spy on them. To the cameras it looked like talking, but in actuality they were getting to it...

    "Whats the problem..?" He inquired with eyebrows furrowed. They wanted him, and called him so it had to be something of importance to deal with.
  11. "You Lionel right" Asked the leader of the group. "We were instructed by the leader of the south-west facility to bring you this person" He informed the man in front of him, his hand gesturing to the person strapped up. The other to solders stepped away from the strapped up person, once they had stopped moving. It was obvious they were scared of him. "We were told that you would be the one of the only people capably of handling someone like his, and that this area was the best place to keep him" the man continued. "This boy is responsible to many deaths at destruction of property in the south-west area. It seems he doesn't like being locked up" the man said jokingly, but with a slightly warning tone.

    The leading figure waved his hand to the two other men, who retreated back to the vehicles. Only to return soon after with some heavy looking boxes, that they struggled to carry. "These are the boys personal belongings, that he requested to be bought with him" the man said as the boxes were placed next to the boy. "Now, would you like us to take him to a room inside, or do you want him to be released here?" the leader asked. As he did the two other man reached for their weapons, just in case
  12. Lionel had a plan in mind. If the subject wanted to break out--One such as this 'boy' should know what the entrance looked like. The man eyed the soldiers nodding at them before shooing them away with a wave office hand."I'm assuming he can hear... People like us don't like to be locked." He assured to the soldiers before stepping forward."I want you guys to leave. Raise even a finger when i let him loose--I'll allow him to do whatever he wants with you people." Lionel bluntly stated nonchalantly before looking down at the strapped person and putting his hand on the mask."Can you speak by chance?" he asked despite the boy having a mask over his head but he quickly changed his sentence a bit."Nod if you can hear me." stated Lionel. If the by could hear him, he would lecture him about how he wasn't bad and will help him before taking off the mask."We're alone. You and me, I guarantee you the soldiers are gone... Should I take off the mask and then lecture you about myself or do you prefer to keep it on?" Lionel asked calmly with a slight caring tone."If you're not the speaking type, You can nod yes or shake your head no. I understand and won't force you." the burly man assured.
  13. The soldiers quickly left after hearing what the man said. They knew very well what the boy was capable of doing, and didn't want the same fate as them. They returned to their vehicles and left the scene. Leaving the boy and the boxes with Lionel.

    They boy could hear the conversation that was going on, and smirked at Lionel's threat to the soldiers. But the smirk was hidden by the mask. He felt the who Lionel was place his hand on the mask, then ask if he could hear. Since the boy couldn't speak through the mask he simply nodded. He then listened to what else Lionel had to say. Nodding when asked if he wanted to keep the mask on during their little talk. The boy then waited for Lionel to begin the short lecture.
  14. Lauren Chase, indigo Laying on the mattress Lauren stared at the ceiling for the..." ah fuck it..." She muttered as she didn't even wanna think about how many times she had stared at the reflective metal ceiling. Sitting up her stomach growled. Looking towards the door she watched a guard walk in cautiously with a large serving platter.

    Standing up she slowly made her way over. The guard stopped moving and stepped back slightly. His grip on the tray seemed to tremble slightly. Lauren raised a brow as she approached the man who seemed awfully young. "New here?" She questioned, her expression just as curious as her words, the guard almost jumped at the sound of her voice.

    He didn't vocalize a response, he just nodded with cautious eyes. Lauren chuckled. "Well I'm glad they sent you here first." She stepped closer to grab the tray as he gasped and almost dropped it. She laughed and gently took the tray from him. "Okay, you need to calm down and take a breath. I'm not gonna hurt you. You have nothing to worry about. I'm probably the least intimidating one in here."

    She walked to her bed and put the tray on the mattress. She motioned for the guard to follow as he stood there, frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. "At least stand a little closer so I don't have to yell across the room to hold a conversation. I know you're supposed to keep an eye on me." Lifting the lid of her tray Lauren eyed the large rib steak that was accompanied by mashed potatoes, rice, vegetables and even a baked potato.

    They really liked to load the carbs and protein up on her. Her body needed it so she wasn't complaining. She probably did get the best food out of everyone.

    "H-how come-uh, why is your room so empty?" The trembling voice of the guard was barely audible as he approached Lauren and handed her a fork and knife.

    "Ha! So he does have a voice." She chuckled and grabbed the utensils from him with a nod in thanks. Cutting into the steak Lauren took her first bite. "They don't trust me." She spoke simply. "They think I'd use anything to escape or as a weapon." She took another large bite. "I've been here for ten years with the cleanest record. They still don't trust me because they're still unsure of what I'm truly capable of." She shrugged and continued eating.

    "And uh-what is it that you're capable of?" The guard asked.

    Lauren chuckled as she took another bite of her steak. "So far, inhuman strength, durability and regenerative abilities." The dirty blonde spoke casually. "My body is somehow capable of adjusting the amount of force and strength I can exhort according to the situation. I do it once and then I don't have to worry about it again." She explained some more as she met his scared gaze. "As it stands, I can currently lift and throw about a ton. That'll probably change tomorrow. The only draw back so far is that I need to eat...a lot to maintain my strength, the less energy I have the weaker I become. At least with the whole strength thing, the regenerative abilities are still there regardless." Lauren shrugged and continued eating before stealing another glance at the new guard. "I was born like this. It didn't start to show until I hit puberty though."

    Lauren had always been selective with her eating. With the steak done she moved on to the mashed potatoes after she was done explaining herself to the new, still intimidated recruit.
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  15. Marjory focused her mind on the pipes, closing her blue eyes. She felt the water around her and took a deep breath. Suddenly, the door banged open.
    A guard was standing in front of her. Marjory looked calmly at him.
    "Marjory Smith...?"
    "Water powers girl?"
    "We have a request for you...and we're willing to pay you anything."
    "Okay..." Marjory looked at her hands. "Set everyone free."
    "Anything...but that."
    "No can do, sir."
    "Just...DO IT!"
    "No need to yell at me...sir."
    "" She opened her eyes and the guard was struck down by Marjory's water.
    "Go, go, go!" she whispered to herself. Now was the time to escape this blasted place. Marjory turned carefully...and started to run out the open door. "FREEDOM!!!"
    "Shut up," she whispered to a microphone, hitting it with a jet of water. The electricity crackled and no sound came out. Marjory smirked.
  16. [​IMG]
    A guard rounded the corner, pistol in hand, raised and pointed at Majory's chest. "Stop or I will shoot you!" The guard stood with his feet firmly planted, he wasn't someone Majory recognized, and it was obvious he wouldn't hesitate to shoot the super-powered escapee. The guard wasn't wearing the standard issue uniform, and the only identifier was the little DRF insignia on his right pectoral. His gun was loaded with a specialized anesthetic, personally designed to paralyze the target while not knocking them out. The round was dry release, which dissolves into the target's blood stream.
  17. Marjory cursed under her breath. "F***...all this trouble planning and I have to go through you..." She raised her arms up in surrender. Poseidon knew what that gun was capable of. "Fine. Fine! I'll do whatever the hell you guys want me to do! Just agree to my conditions! Now what do you want out of me? My water powers? My million dollars? WHAT?!" she shouted the last part.
  18. Lionel left the boy alone and nodded. As he calmly stepped away and stood across from the boy--he took a deep breath in to speak. However the sounds of alarms triggered an irritation in him and he cursed loudly."UGHH--F*CK!" He shouted angrily, walking around for something to grab and seeing a nearby flower vase, Grabbing it and tossing it to the ground. He just wanted to het shit done--But nooo. He wondered would stupid thing the stupid subject did and sighed. He was going to freaking ignore it. "I'm sorry." He panted."Just frustrated. Anyways, I'm Lionel. Illusionist--a real illusionist." He explained."Ask for me when they put you in a room. That way I can train ya. Now--I'm gonna unstrap you from this thing.--Because I have an important task that can help you and others." He explained approaching the wheel chair."This place changed since I left--So you guys are gonna have to ask for me. If they refuse--Which they most likely will then You're gonna have to breakout yourselves as a team and try and find me in the outside world." Lionel explained."But to breakout--We need one special person who knows the entrance. What this place looks like from the entrance to the room they'll put you in." Added Lionel."They're gonna put you in the same halls as the other subjects they call. You'll meet the others because you all are special. The 'unknown' category yet not in the rare category. One person I've met is a girl--Fiery hair and green eyes." Lionel explained further as he unstrapped the kid.

    "And another one I know--A young lady. Lauren Chase.. Dirty blonde, tall, athletic.--Thats two you need to look out for, you doing alright kid?" He asked waiting for a nod."And find the person who triggered the alarms. You'll most likely need that person too." He added, leaving the boy's mask to cover his face."Don't reveal your powers. Off guard is better. Don't kill either--It'll make people like you and me look bad when we don't mean to and will affect the future." Lionel patted the boy's head."Observe and then get caught. Struggle to put up an act while observing more deeper as they take you to your room. Got it? Take off that mask when you think you're ready. I might as well check out who triggered the alarms." With that Lionel simply left the kid hoping he would take his word. Especially the don't kill and thus ran back through hallways and turning corners to find where the escaped power-person was.
  19. The guard gestured with his gun, "Turn around, place your hands behind your head, and begin walking back to your room." He followed behind her, keeping her in his sights until they made it back. "I'm not privy to what the scientists want with you freaks, but I don't think their after your money." He closes the door before she can respond and steps back. The alarm turns off, but he doesn't move. At a time like this other freaks are bound to be trying to escape, and the more that are out the harder it will be to recapture them.
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  20. Marjory sighed. Well, that's just great. Stuck in a desert room—again. She banged her head on the table. "Geez, water is a bare necessity...especially for me..." She couldn't believe this. All that planning had gone to waste once again. "Hmm...maybe if I focus, I can at least get enough to..." She closed her eyes. "No...can't summon water out of thin air yet..." She had watched mermaid shows where the girls magically turned into mermaids and automatically knew what to do. Marjory thought that was stupid. Mermaids are born, not made. I should know. I am one, and what do they do? Give me stupid legs and teach me how to walk and run and speak that stupid language. If I had a choice, I'd speak the language of the ocean. Yes, siree. No more English lessons for me. She sat up. I think I'm losing it.