The Binding of the One without a home and that Who

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  1. “The binding of two souls has been an art even the Ky’lin had not perfected with their natural talent in magic. It is said to be a beautiful melding of two entities, so that they could understand, learn and take from each other. Though, as we would have all predicted, many complications would come of it, noticeably the sharing of knowledge one might not want to let the other know. This simple factor was the least we could think about. The impacts could be unmeasurable on the living scale… There is just so much to learn.”

    – High Arch Magus Vorser, One of the Consul members responsible for the creation of the Ky’lin.
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  2. The First Night of RestThe two bounded souls laid upon the bed, which Merrek had returned them to, set into a deep slumber. So much had occurred in the span of a small space of time. It may be but a speck of the time in the infinity that the Dealer had to suffer through, but no such intensity had been felt since the days he spent in the desert of the Abyss. It was a rare occurrence that would forever become engraved in his memories. An arm was softly wrapped upon the tender waist of the Sorceress, Satyra, who had been able to fall asleep even after their intimate exchange that would change them until their last breath would be drawn. They had only been mentor and student before this happened, though their connection had been deeper than the naked eye could see…They both followed the same rhythm of their hearts, becoming attached to their core. Now… Their world would never be the same.

    The starry night, though slightly disturbed and the presence of the one who had no home, had been quiet. It would have continued like so if it wasn’t for the magic to spring forth from within the Sorceress’ hut. From the skin of the well-dressed man formed these visible threads of bronze that floated aimlessly into the air. It split off into multiple strings of the same arcane substance. To each end manifested orbs; five of them to be exact. They all expanded outward, forming into the shapes of humanoid beings who stood in a circle. The colors sprung forth, leaving the various pieces of clothing to come to life. The entities gather then opened their eyes, looking at one another with concerned glances. Not a single word needed to be uttered for those gathered to attend to their roles. Two dashed out of the room and the hut, right into the woods without adding anything. One of them; the six winged being who stood tall in clad steel plate armor, slowly walked to the front of the Sorceress home and stood before the entrance way. He was not going to hide; his purpose was to make sure no one came it and so would he do. It left but two; a blue robed wearing man with a long staff set against the wall and a blue and red robed man with a giant tomes attached to his belt by a wrapped around chain. Again, nothing needed to be said and the two rooms light up with floating white flames and strange sigils floated over their heads. The white and red-robed man wandered into the other room with the blue robed mage, beginning to cover as much of their magical trace as possible… This announced to be a long night, but once morning came, they would be able to do so much more.
  3. Satyra

    The threads bending around inside her hut, the shifts in the magic that occured did not affect Satyra's sleep, even though the Elders each stirred in their beds held asleep only by the benevolence of the Harbinger. Merrek said, she needed rest and she obeyed. Letting him and his caring nature take the lead in figuring out just how far their intimacy has taken them. How much further was Satyra to be changed and different from her own kind and what the implications were for the man for never was any change just one sided. Promia itself has learnt the lesson and still dealt with the consequence. But would this finally break the Elders? Would the council be called in Sanctury of Knowledge to deal with the aftermath? One of their own was no longer so much theirs. All those questions were lost in the vacuum of dreamless slumber with Blitz close the her and Satyra herself finding refuge in Merrek's arms as the life energy slowly returned to her body.

    At the edge of the tree line, the Harbinger shifted yet again, eyes opening to see the approach of the two aspects. It had its curiosity peeked by the being who earlier brought the child of Promia back but it would not leave its post at night. No, the Harbinger's role was to protect the life within the trees where the fire God gifted this land with advancement. Attuning to the same wavelength, picking up the complex threads that constituted Merrek, the Harbinger sent a message to the two approaching in which they were informed that stepping onto the sacred ground marked by a distinct circle of extreme magic, would bring anger to the Harbinger further asking what their purpose for venturing was anyhow. The magnificent beast wasn't threatening. After all, it harboured the soul of the goddess who gave birth to Promia over thousand years ago and that nature was still reflected on anything done and said. All the Harbinger did was caring for the land, protecting it from potential harm.

    After a night when much would be found and discovered, the stars lightened up bringing light of the day as if from within their own cores. Sun showed its coy warm curve above the horizon and a new day has come. The settlement of the Arcane Crown Kin was about to be met with a sight hard to behold. Creature of wings was guarding the door into the hut of their life forcer. A woman who has already brought ethereal beings into their midst before. The clan was not unwelcoming, nor was it overly suspicious. But the moment that first early riser walked out of the door, setting eyes on the angel, blood almost froze in their veins and it was only confusion and fear that made the spectator run to Etos's dwelling. The Elder of sorcerers had to know. In fact, everyone had to know that Satyra has yet again brought something out of this world to be harboured within their village.
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  4. The MorningThe steps of both the Aspect, who were called the Swordsman and the Marksman, halted as threads that were bonded to their souls became touched by a power outside of their own. The first thought would be that the Sorceress Satyra had awakened from her slumber, but the energies it held did not belong to her. Little could come so easily interweave itself into their patterns, only noticed by gods or mortals who had achieved grand power… Both turned to each other in silent contemplation, analyzing the possibilities of this phenomenon. It broke once the words of a greater being entered their thoughts. It was a warning from the divine creature that they had encountered right upon their arrival in these lands. It mentioned the Sacred Grounds, something the Priest had come to be quite curious about, but never dared to approach. This only further reinforced their will to avoid such a mysterious place. They answered through whatever connection had been made, reassuring that they would not break through the circle that held the extreme magic. As soon as this was done, the aspects split off, vanishing into tree line. Even the threads that were molded into their beings seem to nearly vanish, leaving no trace behind except for a small, lingering thread of energy.

    The Angel who stood in front of the Sorceress’ hut had directed his gaze to the horizon where the sun was rising up. He bathed in its warmth as it comforted his still lost soul. The day announced to be harsh for both Satyra and Merrek; the people will be wanting answers that won’t necessarily be answered. The joining of their two souls was something even the Ky’lin, in the age before the Destruction, had still had no grasp on. It had to two with concepts that were so elusive to their research that it never gave out a certain, consistent report. Even the Dealer, he who had truly fallen for the woman who gave him peace in his insanity and who had the most knowledge about the binding of souls, couldn’t give an explanation. And so, the Angel stood up straight at the entrance, even as the eyes of the villagers were set upon him, either by curiosity or by worry for Satyra. Her rest needed to be undisturbed, and so, he would make sure this would not happen.

    Inside of the hut, both the Mage and the Priest had been long at work to camouflage the presence of their magic and the disturbance of one of their own. It wasn’t because they wished to hide the discomfort of the Sorceress, but to put a veil so that it didn’t attract unwanted visitors from outside of these regions. Magic was abundant in these lands, and having a center point for the world to pick up on would gather beings who were yet ready to know the happenings. From both rooms floated small white orbs that radiated a heatless fire that held the same color. These were only to suppress the kinds of energies leaving out of the hut. There wasn’t a method that would allow him to completely hide himself in these conditions, so they could only hide what they could.

    The Mage would sometimes be distracted by the marking left on his physical flesh; blue imprints that resembled that of the Sorceress. It was another aftermath when their threads weaved themselves together. It was a discovery he wished to study and further know upon, but it would come at times where everything would be settled down. He had to make sure Satyra and himself would be safe.

    Anyone who would wish to approach the hut would be kindly greeted by the Angel with a genuine kindness, slightly thrown off by the low, heavenly voice. Only the basics would be explained; that Satyra needed rest after an event that had occurred the night before. Those who would insist on seeing the slumbering woman would politely be asked to let her rest. For those who wished to push through, they would either be met by the iron clad stepping before them or hit the invisible barrier that had been put up by the aspect… One knocking themselves onto it would see a ripple of soft yellow and white light fade as the waves enveloped around the hut.
  5. Satyra

    No one would have dared to approach. As brave as some of the clan members might have been, this was a matter way outside their capabilities. Hence, they fell upon those to whom they entrusted their lives for protection - the Elders. Morning routine has been put to halt as the Arcane Crown Kin came to gather around Satyra's hut, trying not to stare but unable to look elsewhere. Who was it this time? Another God? Ancient spirit? Questions roamed in their minds but answers were not to be gathered individually.Lorae, the Elder for healers, and Deva, shaman's Elder, have arrived as one of the first ones, but even those two women of considerable power of their own, stood back. Satyra was a life forcer and so the matter of communicating with the creature at the door, fell on the Elder that united the life frocers - Etos. Hushed voice suddenly arose as the man in question arrived, leaning onto his staff for each step, furrowed brow already marking his expression. "Have you spoken to it?" Etos questioned the two ladies after a moments consideration, but they just shook their heads. And so, the Elder walked from the circle, the tension in the air growing tenfold, intending on entering the hut, but a strange barrier has stopped him. Confusion sparked through his eyes, Lorae and Deva stepped forward worried that an attack has been launched. Etos simply rose his hand to stop any interference as his hard gaze fell onto the being. "What is the meaning of this? Are you responsible?" Etos's voice was not angered, but it demanded answers in the authoritative way that came with his position.

    Inside the hut, Satyra stirred in her sleep. It was unlikely that she heard the happenings outside, but her eyes fluttered open nonetheless. She felt a little stronger, a little more like herself. Her blue and golden hues immediately fell upon the man next to her and a gentle smile curved her lips. He said that he'd be here and she knew his words were true. Seeing him, however, still elated her spirit and enliven her even if a little bit. Under normal circumstances, she would try to leave the bed without trying to wake him up, or stay a little longer just to cherish the sight, but the light rustle in her hut reached her ears. Turning her head to a side, she saw the source and it was only thanks to the markings on his skin that her slumber-afflicted brain made the connection.
    "Merrek?" With voice as quiet as the breeze ruffling the treetops outside, Satyra questioned the obvious. The night's rest has returned some of her energy back so she would be able to move around, but in terms of magic, she was still too weak, still feeling out of balance to even dare use it. Carefully, removing the hand of her lover who was now in two places...oh no, three, she saw the Priest just now, Satyra gingerly sat up to have a better look at the Mage, ask the even more pressing question. Why was he and the Priest here? Then the fog of drowsiness changed into the fuzzy memories of the night before. Yesterday...It was all because of yesterday...and for a moment, her eyes lost its focus.
  6. MerrekThe gathering had been a surprise to the iron clad angel, sight scanning them. He had suspected only a few to come to her hut, but there were many more. The worry could almost be felt to his core, and it was an appeasing sight to behold. The care there was here for the members of their clan was a breath of fresh air in the realities of his lifetime. Yet, he remained stoic in his stance, like a steady guard to its duty. It was a wonder though that none had tried to come forth and communicate… Was he truly a being so astoundingly different from whatever beings dwelled this reality? He did not question the culture of this clan, as coming from many worlds, this would be like any other world.

    Someone did approach after a moment of having the clansmen and women gathered near the hut… The Angel offered a gentle smile as he bowed to whoever had approached. Whoever this was, the Angel had taken note of how the others reacted to his mere presence… And his memories revealed that this man was an Elder, though his named slipped from his mind. The elder had initially tried to enter, but the magic enveloping the building kept him from stepping in. The angel faced the man as he asked the question, bowing his head again. “Yes, Elder Clansman. The barrier was put up by myself. It is simply to prevent people of the village to waken the Sorceress Satyra. The events of last night have made her weak, so she needs to recover.” He explained this in a very polite way, not trying to push him to walk away, only to explain his actions. “Once she is feeling well enough to speak, I will let those she permits in.

    The Dealer had not moved or even gave a sign of being awake. Even the gentle breeze of Satyra’s voice had done nothing to wake him from his slumber… Though the others around had taken notice of it. The Mage had stopped studying the markings on his hand and had turned to the young sorceress who had awakened. “Yes, Lady Satyra?” He asked as the corners of his lips rose to form that gentle smile. The blue robed man walked forth as he then sensed the dizziness, an odd sensation he had never truly felt like this. Once on the other side of the bed, he sat down and gently pressed her back down into the bed. “You are still weak. I would suggest not moving too much until you’ve fully awakened…” He lifted his hand, with his palms facing the ceiling. Purple strings floated out of his sleeves, weaving themselves into a wooden cup. Water formed from the bottom and filled up to half its capacity. It was brought to her lips and gently poured it into her mouth. The Priest had continued on his task of masking their presence and the bonded power they shared.
  7. Satyra

    Etos regarded the being with the ever-present frown that now had a tinge of worry in it as the Angelic aspect mentioned some sort of mysterious event from the previous day that weakened Satyra. "What event are you speaking of? The village and its surroundings have been calm. Let me see her. If she is hurt we can heal her ourselves." The elder wasn't meaning to be rude or ungrateful, he just didn't see the reasons for an entity clearly not from around here, clad in metal, to be preventing him from taking care of one of his own. Furthermore, no one in the village was aware of Satyra's venture outside of their own world. Whenever, she disappeared, they assumed that she went into the forest as she so often would do. Etos was determined to set his feet inside his hut. If something happened in the wood yesterday, if something hurt Satyra and she was seriously injured, he had to see if she was alright. If she were to die and Etos wouldn't step in to save her, her mother would never forgive him.

    Inside the hut, Satyra obeyed again as she laid back down, eyes closing, frown coming to intrude her peaceful features. Not noticing, yet, that the Dealer has not awoken and neither has Blitz who was now lying between the sorceress and the aspect. She appreciated the water and as crystal clear as it was, it chased away some of the confusion and mist from her mind as well as it refreshed her.
    "I feel much better than yesterday. It's just...I still don't know what has really happened." Not much more needed to be said. The question was stark in her hues as she gazed upon the Mage again. The markings on his skin, which she would be fascinated by on other occasion if it wasn't for grater need for answers, created enough a sense of familiarity for Satyra to feel comfortable and safe.
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  8. MerrekThe concern was understood by the angelic being, though he knew it was too soon for someone to come in and disturb her… He knew of her waking from her sleep, yet it remained too soon. So he spoke up, remaining polite and courteous to the Elder who showed worry for the young woman. “It is an occurrence I cannot explain clearly. A lot is involved, but know she suffers no physical injuries. It is simply her life thread and that of the magic that runs through her veins have intertwined with that of my own. There is nothing to be done but to let he regain her strength.” It was, in a way, harsh of him to let them worry as much as they did, but he was only doing what was best for the young sorceress to recover. He stood firmly on his feet, seemingly not budging from his task.

    The Mage took care to have the cup placed not too far from the bed, leaving it easy to reach for anyone who lay down. It was a relief to hear she had recovered, even if slightly, from their moment they shared last night. The Mage had an understanding of what had happened, though what it would have for consequences still had to be considered. His fingers came to gently caress her cheek, looking down with adoration. “I think it is best we talk about what has happened when you are fully recovered. Just know that we are now tied by our souls.” He spoke softly, not to spook her with the fear of something terribly wrong has happened. The Dealer had yet to move, and the Mage gave him a glance. He knew what was happening to the aspect, and it wouldn’t be too long before the meditation would end. It simply took longer than normal. “Do you wish anything to eat?” He added.
  9. Satyra

    Fear struck into Etos's eyes as well as the other two Elders who both rushed forward, Lorae being the one that spoke up before any of them could. "Then you must let us in! If it is her life thread, she needs our help! We must enter!" No one knew, or had any chance of knowing that Merrek was more than capable of saving Satyra, and most likely the only person capable of solving this situation. Hence, their not chosen ignorance blinded them as much as their care for one of their own did. The surrounding gathering was torn with hushed words again as the word from the metal clad, winged entity reached their ears. No one understood, but the rising worry and apprehension started to take over. It wasn't so long ago that Haion's messenger descended and was led into their midst by Satyra. Then, he changed their forest, gave them a sacred ground. Who was this being now? What powerful entity has decided to take Satyra herself as its vessel? Then it occured to Etos amongst the horror of Satyra's life thread being affected. "How would that happen? How could you merge with her?" To the elder as well as the rest of Promia, merging life threads was something unthinkable. Such a concept was never thought of in this society, never even imagined possible. Furthermore, the implications and reasons for something like that happening did not sound well for the Angelic aspect and Merrek in general as Etos assumed the worse but wouldn't speak of it yet. Instead, he questioned the entity before him some more. "Why did you do it?" And from the way the words were spoken, it was clear that the answer would determine Etos's next reaction, his eyes were hard set on the being before him, measuring him, assessing him.

    Shocked astonishment hit even Satyra as Merrek gave her at least part of an answer. Tied by souls? Was that the reason why she felt unbalanced? Unfortunately, his fingers on her cheek were not enough to hold her from her mind turning around and questioning itself, searching for answer to an ever-growing list of questions. It was challenging for her, for now, to project her feelings on the Mage, or any other of his aspects. She knew very well, they all stemmed from one, but to her they appeared as separate men. Her eyes fell to a side for a moment, seeing the Dealer's motionless body. Was she now part of him? Of ever aspect Merrek had? Did she become his new aspect? This was more then simple merge of souls, Satyra felt and it made her heart produce few hammering thumps in her chest. Lying down no longer felt like the right thing to do and so Satyra slowly pushed herself up to sitting. This time, no dizziness coming to claim her. She knew that before long she would be able to leave this bed of her own accord feeling strong enough to do so, but only if the Dealer would too awaken. Coming to look at the Mage again, she offered him a smile amidst the newly arising confusion.
    "Yes, please. I have some fruit in the next room and some beetles for Blitz." Eyes falling to the lizard, it was still as lifeless as when they returned. That...was strange and it should not be happening. Maybe, as small as it was, it needed longer to recover.
  10. MerrekThe sudden outburst had not affected the mood of the Angel, still remaining stoic but kind. These reactions were to be expected after wording out the situation as he did. It was not how he wished to have worded it, but he had to remain honest with them… One of them demanded to go in, to help Satyra recover from something Merrek could already take care of. The angel shook his head. “I’m sorry, but I cannot let you in, Elder. I have done enough for her to recover from the binding, but she needs time.” He wasn’t aggravated or really insisting on his position, he seemed to simply want to let them know it won’t happen. He did hope that with such a tone, they would calm down. Satyra did not need stressed beings to be around while she was confused about this whole thing. The next questions, however, came to make the man soften up a little bit more. “The nature of my being is unique, and I think that it would allow the threads to connect through the means of magic. The how is still to be studied.” He was remaining calm, as it would be the best way to make them realize that the situation was under control. As for the why though, he gave the man a hesitant look. “It was not willed to happen. We did not know this would come to be.” This was the most honest answer he could give to him. It was never anyone’s intention to have this happen.

    The Mage couldn’t aid the young sorceress in her current state of mind, as there was so much more to say that would have to wait. His touch retreated from her when he saw that it brought no comfort to her jumbled mind. It would be better if the Dealer would wake up, but he knew that he needed some extra rest, given the seals he had formed. When the Sorceress came to sit, the Mage did not retrain her or put up a fight. Instead, he stood from the bed and nodded to the young woman as she told him where some of the foods were in the hut. He made his way to the next room, though did ask something beforehand. “The Elders are here, worried about you. Would you want me to let them in?” She probably didn’t know the Angel was guarding the door, so it might confuse her further. “And the man by your side will be sleeping a little bit longer. He did something that hasn’t been done in years, so he needs to be well rested to work properly.
  11. Satyra

    Was this being truly restricting them from entering the hut where they had all the rights to go? Shocked silence took over the three individuals for a moment at the insistence of the entity. Until the Angelic aspect spoke about it's uniqueness, at which it was met with mixed reaction. Risen eyebrow from Lorae, frown from Etos and seeming indifference from Deva. The three got to know 'unique' first hand when Satyra brought Faireheart into their midst. Truth was, that the three Elders were still conflicted on that matter to be now faced with another out of world being that they had no idea what it was capable of. It was Etos, however, who broke the silence, still trying to get to the bottom of things, never for once thinking that this life thread merging was not done to Satyra but with Satyra taking part in it. To him, it seemed as if someone just used her as a subject, employing magic in ways it shouldn't be. "Why did you allow it to happen? What are your plans with her?" Etos was not getting confrontational, in fact, apart from the worry in his mind, concern and protectiveness over the sorceress, the Elder, as well as the others, have remained calm and collected, only their voices and expressions hinting on emotional shifts.

    Satyra felt a sting of apology and disappointment with herself in her heart. She so wished to be acceptant and loving to all the Merreks. She did not want to nor wish to discern them, to make anyone feel as if not being a part, but human mind could only work with so much information. She wanted to ask him to be patient with her, to give her some time, but she also knew that such a request on top of all that he already needed to deal with, would be selfish. So she kept quite and laid her hand on the Dealer's that not so long ago rested on her side.

    Elders... Satyra felt her heart jump in her chest. Of course they would come. They must have felt something out of balance, out of place. They must have questions... Her eyes trailed towards the window, where the sun has already climbed higher on its arch. Could she face all of them now, however? With a sigh of resignation, she new that sooner or later, she would need to see them and explain herself.
    "Etos. Please, let Etos in." Her accountability was to Etos as her Elder. If no one else, he had to be the first one whose questions she needed to answer. Yet, despite her current state, Satyra was not one to let worries of the unknown overwhelm her, or make her hide. Even in her weakened condition, she was ready and willing to face those in position of authority to explain herself and defend those who might be wrongly faulted. Yet, before the Mage would leave, Satyra spoke one more time with heart filled with gratitude, and softness in her eyes that conveyed her tender feelings she harboured, even if they have not blossomed as much for the Mage, there has always been a seed. "Merrek. Thank you. For taking care of us." And the 'us' was encompassing her, Blitz but all his aspects as well, since the change that has happened within the Dealer affected all of them and as such, they all belonged together.
  12. MerrekThe silence was something that had the Angel look around in confusion. He did not know what words he used to render them to this, but he wasn’t sure how to take it. Many times had he faced this kind of reaction, but not from tribal beings who did not know what he was. In most worlds he had been able to live in, the being that he portrayed was known and would only be rendered to silence as they knew what they faced. His stoic gaze faced back at the three elders who he knew had more question to bring forth. Etos had brought up something that actually had the surprise spring in his facial features. Taken a back from the question, he considered for a moment. Had he lost total control? He could have stopped this, but did he desire it too? To have someone understand? His eyes fell lower as he searched for an answer. He remained in silence for a moment, only to speak up with his eyes set upon Etos. “I can not give you a clear answer on that… It is still something that I am trying to understand myself.” It came out almost weakly, as if he had been defeated by the answer he gave.

    The Mage smiled to the direction of the Sorceress, knowing her thanks were genuine. He set a hand on the doorway to the next room. “It’s what I do, Lady Satyra. And you are all welcomed.” A laugh. The mage gave a soft hearted laugh that he had not done since the night before. A little bit of humor was always well appreciated from the Ky’lin, who had always been like so. He crossed over and the Priest immediately nodded to his direction, as if he knew what had to be done. The Mage was just off to gather the items requested that the priest went for the entrance.

    The Priest, dressed in a set of heave red and white clerical robes, thought to be a high priest of some sort, broke through the front entrance, by the side of the Angel. Surely, there would be another astonished reaction, but there was little care for it right now. “Elder Etos. Please, step in.” He said passively, waving to the entrance. A dim light formed and slowly degraded until it formed a hole in the invisible barrier. “Lady Satyra would like to see you.” With that, he returned inside to read of his tome and silence their magical presence.

    As soon as the man would come in, the voice of the Mage could be heard. He was cutting up some fruits for the young sorceress to eat. “Do not rush her, Etos. She has been through a lot and just needs to take it slowly.” The blue robed being didn’t even look towards him, nor did he try to stop him. This man was requested by Satyra, he would let it be.
  13. Satyra

    Any of the Edlers were rarely silenced before, but it was even rarer to have them silenced twice in such a short span of time. It was the incomprehensible nature of his statement. Was Satyra just a toy to him then? A wave anger and need to see Satyra immediately surged inside Etos. His inscriptions, dulled by age to brown, coloured to blue as his magic started flowing. He was not on the offensive, but his emotional rush tapped into his core. The villagers gasped. Some stepped back afraid of a fight breaking lose, others remained frozen in place, and a very small fraction seemed ready to join. But it was Deva, the Elder who has not spoken so far, but only regarded the being with intelligent, cool eyes, coming forth and placing a hand on her companions arms, words quiet and reasonable as she spoke to him: "Calm yourself now, Etos. Conflict is not something we should seek until..." Her words got cut off but the appearance of another man. Clearly, no one expected there to be any more beings inside the hut with Satyra, which raised surprise as well as it deepened concerns. Robes of this man looked slightly more familiar, if not in appearance than at least in material. Even though, metal was known on Promia, it was not often used for armour. At least, not since the last war that scarred the land and led the people to lead the life of harmony. "Be careful," whispered Lorae, apprehensive of the whole situation. Yet, before Etos would step inside the hut, a privilege he was fighting for since he arrived, he turned to the women and asked them to try and help the villagers resume their routines. As much of a spectacle this was, if things would go south, and yes, it did cross his mind, he did not want anyone to be in the direct line of fire. Only then, he went past the winged man and entered only to be met with a sight beyond what he expected.

    In her bedroom, Satyra gently moved Blitz into her lap. His small body was so lifeless, it worried her. It reminded her of the day she first found him and slowly she began to fear that her companion might be departing for good. As if to feel at least a minuscule sense of comfort she kept holding the Dealer's hand, rubbing it with her thumb, hoping that as silent as he was, as motionless as Blitz, he was not leaving her too. Though, in that case, she'd probably feel that. Moments later, steps and words came from the next room, and Satyra took a deep breath looking up as her Elder walked in, unbalanced by the appearance of so many men in her hut but also the orbs that so reminded him of the Forestkin Spirits in the Woodlands. Yet, she saw no anger in his features. Especially when his eyes finally landed on her. Stopping only momentarily on the man lying next to her, surprise so deep in his eyes it was almost as if he knew nothing else in that moment, he rushed to her side, resting his staff against the wall and taking a place on the edge of the bed as all the other Merreks have done in turn before.

    "Satyra! For the love of Ashniya, are you alright? What's happened?" The concern in his voice was far greater than when he was outside the hut. Perhaps, certain feelings needed to be restrained in public. Either way, Etos immediately reached out with his magic, the inscriptions alive on his skin unlike with Satyra's which were in constant motion since the 'accident' in the Woodlands. No one still knew how to really regard that event. For a moment, Satyra feared to let her Elder see what has happened, but she was too weak to prevent. Her eyes swiftly slid to the doorway into the next room. Would he stop it? Was this meant to be a secret? She did not know and her hold on the Dealer's hand tightened ever so slightly. "I am fine, Etos. But I am not entirely sure what has happened." It was as close to truth as she was comfortable to get without confessing to have bedded yet another being of greater existence. True, her village worked on a principle that until a two were to be united, an individual was free to be involved with anyone from their village. But still, somehow, having spent nights with beings not entirely from their own world, Satyra felt as if bad eyes might fall upon her.

    Suddenly, Etos drew in a sharp breath. Even though, he was looking into Satyra's eyes, his mind saw something else. Her thread...was not her own anymore. It was...different. It was no longer the pure white it used to be. It expanded. It was coloured. It led outside of her body into...the man next to her...the men next door...the lizard in her lap... Somehow, her life thread extended further than it should have been humanly possible and shock has invaded Etos's eyes.
    "What has he done to you..." The Elder breathed out, withdrawing from Satyra's core because the sight itself was overwhelming. There was too much to see, too much to understand with just one look, but there seemed to be harm done to it whatsoever. Murmuring the same words again incredulously and taking her hand, the Elder was truly at loss. He came to help. He came to save her precious life, but found her entangled with something he did not understand. At which point, the sorceress gave him a smile that more than words said that she was alright and what he has just witnessed was not the root of the problem. In fact, in her eyes it seemed as if she cherished it. "He has made me happy, Etos. Merrek is not to be feared. All his intentions are good. I am afraid...he is the only one who fully understands what is happening. Trust him, Etos. I have..." The stare they shared was long and charged with emotions. Etos knew Satyra's mother, he knew Satyra herself since the day she was born. Her mother held a position in council in the Sanctuary of Knowledge. To this day, Satyra was one of the most talented life forcers in their midst, an unspoken candidate for the position of Elder when Etos's time would come. Perhaps, he could trust her judgement if he was ever to trust her with responsibilities over the entire village. After all, at this point, she knew better then him being subjected to this...miracle.
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  14. MerrekThe changes that took hold of the threads were visually apparent to the Angel whose eyes wandered a little above their heads. The energies that had been lingering around this man awakened and it made him wonder if he would attempt to harm him. This would be an unfortunate event, to have a man of such power as this elder to attempt at his life… The Angel wasn’t one to make a show out of his magic, especially in front of the people who belonged to the village of Satyra. He gritted his teeth as his hand gripped the spear in his hand tightly… Then the Priest had presented himself to get the elder in. This would be enough, even more than well appreciated. It would diffuse some of the tension that was held. He watched the two enter and the light reformed the barrier s they entered… His eyes set back on the elders present. “Please, do not worry. There will be no harm done to anyone.” He said politely, bowing his head.

    None of the two aspects who had been working within the next room had interfered with the interaction between the Elder and the Sorceress. It was something they needed to discuss without his initial presence… Even though the Dealer was still meditating in bed. Whatever was happening to him did begin to concern the Mage on the condition of his magic and the thread which kept him alive. Maybe he would need to manipulate his own vital energy to awaken him.

    Once the fruits were cut, they were placed into a wooden bowl and both the Priest and the Mage walked into Satyra’s room, not having come until Satyra had spoken of his intentions. It would be a better moment to come interrupt the both of them. The blue robed man walked to be standing in front of the two tribals and set a plate in front of them… He seemed to have done enough for two people and not just one. A second cup was also created from the purple threads of magic, and this one was presented to the Elder. “May I offer you water?” He asked kindly with a soft smile on his lips.

    The Priest, on his side, was inspecting the life threads of both the little lizard creature and that of the Dealer… And what he laid his eyes upon made him frown. He had lost the smile he had been so accustomed to wearing. Both were damaged in a way, but none were completely shattered. It meant he could help their recovery. A large tome flew into the room and set itself near the Priest, who turned to it and flipped the pages. When he found that of what he needed, the tome took one a white fire and he began speaking words belonging to a language that would remain unknown in this reality… It was not perceivable, but the Priest was highly shocked to feel that a source of magic he had not called upon also came to help. It energized the spell he had used and empowered the threads, further helping the sewing of the life threads. Though this was noticed by the Mage, he minded it not and kept concentrated on the two entities before him
  15. Satyra

    He has not harmed them yet, but Lorae and Deva both regarded the winged creature with apprehensive stares before turning back to their people. Their words carried on the air with kindness but resolution. There was no more to see, nothing to help with. For now, they could only rely on the words of the man who has so far not hurt anyone. Everyone was asked to return to their daily habits and those who seemed to be the most conflict ready were given a few more tasks to occupy their mind. If time and peace was what this man and Satyra needed, then the Elders would allow it, for now. Lorae departed with a group of healers, luring the children away as well, whilst Deva stayed behind, turning around, eyes setting on the man again. She was quiet, but something in her expression set her apart from her two comrades. Shamans on Promia were the most attuned to the nature and being an Elder spoke for itself to the extent of this connection. They were the ones who for now were allowed in the Sacred Grounds. But the more she looked at this creature, the more she was conflicted on everything. On what was natural and what wasn't. Whether or not that undermined the Angelic aspect's believability stayed safely locked within Deva's own mind as even she soon walked away to go around her duties.

    The moment of silence, charged with wordless understanding between the two tribal people came to pass as both Merreks entered the modest bedroom. Satyra gave the Mage an appreciating smile, something warm and tender for all his efforts and as she took a piece of her breakfast, she could not miss to look of astonishment on Etos's face as he witnessed a cup filled with water materialize from nowhere, which further brought a lively spark into her eyes.
    "It's alright, Etos. It is safe to drink." The sorceress assured the man who cautiously took the offered drink as if refusing it could cause a conflict. By now, Etos knew that what Satyra has brought into the village was again far stronger and more complicated and complex than he has seen before and as such he has assumed a position that any mortal in Promia would - careful respect.

    Whilst her Elder was preoccupied with the dimensions of magic he has not witnessed before, Satyra noticed the disappearing smile on the Priest's face and this was the very first time that such an occurrence came to her attention. It unsettled her. Merrek never stopped smiling. Even the events of night before as hazy as they were, eroded any recollection of the fact that her lover has lost his smile once already. However, the tome flying in from the next room did not come unnoticed by Etos and soon two sets of eyes were on the Priest. The moment that the tome set on fire, Etos was on his feet, apprehension returning to his eyes, not fright.
    "What is he doing, Satyra?" The Elder asked with voice that was not panicked but demanding answers. Even more so as the Priest started speaking in language that was unknown to her and the Elder. "I don't..." A quiet gasp pushed past Satyra's lips as she felt the threads being touched. It was still a very alien feeling to her and once more, her hold on the Dealer's hand tightened, spark of memories from the prior night rushing through her body in one strong shudder. Yet before any unwanted suspicion could be raised, or to prevent it as Etos already had the hints creeping in his hues, Satyra swiftly continued to explain. "He is trying to strengthen the threads. Merrek's thread and Blitz's." Her eyes dipped to her lizard friend as did Etos's who took not of finally knowing a name he could put to a face of the man lying next to her, unknown to him that the man applied to all of the aspects he has met.

    However, to this day no one knew exactly how she came about the lizard and why she held onto it so fiercely, adoring it with passion one would give a child. That secret was Satyra's to keep and she sure did not want to spill it in front of the Elder. The Priest's magic was also working all right, for a while. Until it hit a wall with Blitz's thread. It was as if its capacity for support was reached and furthermore, the sewing of the life threads seemed to affect Satyra as well through Blitz. She was not entirely sure how she felt, but discomfort was one alongside with her life energy rising faster. Assuming that either of the Merreks could see or feel what was happening she looked up at them with a quiet plea to stop their action on Blitz despite the small animal coming to breath much more noticeably even if it haven't moved yet. She just couldn't guarantee how much longer she could keep her feelings to herself and she didn't want to alert Etos any further whose inscriptions were coming to life again.
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  16. MerrekThe suspicion in the eyes of the Elder as the cup had been passed on to him. This would be a reoccurring feeling he would get within this village, as no one has yet to know who or what he truly was. It was something he had to face every time he traversed into a new reality were he would defy the rules that those realities had inputted. The only difference with this one and maybe a case few from other places eh has visited was that he had a personal interest in where he was, so these would be a lot more work to adjust. The mage simply kept silent as Satyra assured him it was safe to drink the water. Instead his eyes followed to the Priest who had begun to work on the threads.

    The initial progress had been working out successfully, the threads finding the needed healing to at least ease them away from death… Yet, just like the Sorceress, he felt something out of place in what he was doing. Rather it was from the sudden discomfort of hers or the sensation that he was simply over-saturating the little Lizard, he responded to the plea by simply removing his magic from Blitz’s life thread. This was something else they would need to elaborate upon, as it wasn’t typical for the magic to create overflow in such circumstances. His concentrations were now on the man who was motionless on the sheets. Again, he had done what was possible and had to let the natural flow of the energy fixed itself. The tome suddenly shut, losing its flame, and just as that moment, the eyes of the dealer fluttered open.

    The Priest looked over to the Mage and the two exchanged a quiet conversation that did not need to be heard from the tribal people. With the both of them nodding, they began to alter their very bodies into something else. Both clothing and flesh began bubbling, its colors shifting to that of the eyes they all shared; bronze. It turned itself into liquids that made a stream towards the sleeves of the Dealer, disappearing into him. To the eyes of those watching the life threads, it would simply show the reconnection of the different aspects into a single thread, as if it had always been a part of it. Their energies vanished completely from the room, save the flaming orbs that still floated around the rooms.

    Sore, the Dealer looked over to the Elder, who was a sight he had seen before, then to Satyra with a light smile. “Good Morning… Miss Satyra… And to you too, Sir Etos.” He spoke with a hint of weakness, showing he still suffered a little from the sealing of the magic he had done the night before. Slowly, he sat up, his hand still with that of the Sorceress. The memories began to sync with those who had rejoined with him, letting him know about their small activities in this morning. His eyes narrowed to the floor before he turned to the Elder. “Forgive me from restricting your access to the hut… I wanted to make sure Miss Satyra would have an undisturbed rest.
  17. Satyra

    Known to Satyra, Etos has made the effort to reach out to her thread to see whether she was being affected in any way. He could see nothing apart from the thread that connected her and Blitz and the way it was fixing itself, projecting onto Satyra as if they were a singular entity. Something unnatural was happening with her, the man and the lizard and the more he looked at it, the less he came to like it. True, life threads did connect once in a life time, or as often as a couple would decide to bear children, but once the deed was done, the threads then separated. This...this wasn't meant to be happening. It wasn't meant to last. If Etos was to apply what he knew, he would say that the much stronger being, Merrek, is feeding of Satyra's life force and that certainly did not give the man in question a good image. As the Priest withdrew his actions on Blitz's life thread, Satyra could breath out with the sensation of discomfort disappearing which was also the moment that Etos's inscriptions have dimmed once more. This time, his eyes settled on the sorceress. Those eyes were hard, contemplating, second guessing but Satyra couldn't read in them the reason or the consequence. Only the rising wind of grey clouds ruffled the trees outside as well as her certainty that everything will be alright.

    Then, out of blue, the tome shut with a thud, breaking the stare that Etos was giving Satyra as they both looked to the Priest, before Satyra could feel the stirring next to her.
    "Merrek..." Breathed out the woman with relief, her hand coming to brush against his cheek lovingly, oblivious to the bronze flows that she was so used to, but for Etos it was something entirely different. He has reached his capacity for surprise so he just watched on and marked it in his mind as important when speaking to other Elders. This man reminded him of another tribe. But even that was strange as he was clearly not of this world.

    With her arms to help the Dealer sit up, since it seemed that at this point Satyra might have been the one better rested, she moved the bowl of fruit towards Merrek in case he wanted some. In the consequent moment of silence, as Merrek went over the memories, Etos took a hold of his staff and Satyra knew what it meant. Even though they did not speak much in words, the Elder has seen what he needed to, gather information that was meant to be shared with others and was wanting to leave.
    "I cannot tell whether I am thankful for your thoughtfulness or disturbed by it. You have changed her in ways that are not meant to be. Ways that I will need to contemplate with the others." His words were calm and collected, with the same cautious respect that he showed before, but there was that sense of uncertainty that was even given to Faireheart when he first arrived. Etos was not condemning the action that Merrek took, or the end result of those in their threads being connected, but that sensation stemmed from lack of knowledge. None of the Elders would ever make or confine to a decision without knowing enough.

    Etos's eyes moved from the Dealer, and he set them heavily on Satyra. This time, he was the man of reason and leadership as he spoke, meant to mentor and say words that might feel painful but necessary to be uttered.
    "I don't know what you got yourself tangled in, Satyra. But...if this is a way for you to make up for the past, think over it. Think about your mother and what she would say if she knew. Until next time, rest well, child." Those were words that stung her. The Elder wasn't refusing her, but he was scolding her in a way that he knew would get through to her. Dropping her eyes to Blitz in her lap, she felt understood his words and where those were coming from. What has happened wasn't her fault, she wanted to say. It was no one's fault and no one's intention, she wanted to make him believe. But most importantly, she wanted to convince herself that nothing that came to be was her mind seeking retribution for her failure of the past that set her on this path on which she met her lover.
  18. MerrekAs the bowl was brought nearer to him, he simply shook his head with a gentle smile perked on is face now. “Please, it was for you and Etos.” He answered back to her. Deep within him, there were still strains placed upon the flow of energy into his soul, but he had been able to recalibrate them so they wouldn’t start seeping into the soul of the Sorceress. It had been a long time since he had put seals into the flows of magic, especially ones connected to his own. Surely this would have its side effects that might make their lives much more complicated, but it would spare Satyra from the ever present insanity that has been forged into his mind after the hundreds of years he had lived. It was a life not meant to be lived by anyone, rather it be mortal or immortal… Yet he carried it’s burden, which lightened when he was able to distract himself or help others.

    His gaze wandered to the Elder as he took ahold of his staff… He wasn’t going to simply leave, he knew that much. As he spoke, The dealer held his stare upon the marked Elder, listening to his words and understanding the nature of why he did so. Silently, within his own thoughts, he agreed with him, as this wasn’t meant to be. It had never been like this when his world was still this wonderful, luscious reality that held many beauties and trials… The merging of such being would never be, as the Arch Magus would warn them of such things and push them to avoid it at all costs. The Ky’lins respected this code without fault, as no one wished to see how far their volatile magic could go. Though conflicted, he remained with a smile on his lips. There was no need to comment on that, as it would be better discussed once he was revitalized.

    A brow perked up as the Elder spoke to Satyra though, mentioning the mother of the Sorceress and something of her past… These words held weight that Merrek narrowed his eyes to. He recognized the intention of the man and he found them to be harsh, even in these circumstances. He was using her emotions to drive her down and make herself feel ashamed of her actions. This could stem off into many other strategic methods of manipulating someone or making them do as they wish… Those thoughts crossed his mind and he wondered why he would even think that up. This wasn’t a business he ran to settle the crisis of a reality; it was the life of a Sorceress who he had found adoration and serenity with. So cold eyes laid on the Elder as he left and bid them farewell for now. There was no answer back to him as his arms gently wrapped around her and gently ran through her hair. “Don’t worry, Satyra… I will make sense of all this quickly.” He whispered as he put his chin over her shoulders. He made sure not to bother the lizard on her lap. “Eat up. You’ll need to get some energy back.” He added as he kept her there, knowing this situation would be hard on her.
  19. Satyra

    His arms around her was all she needed from the lock on the events past breaking that did lead to where she was now. All it took was his gentle touch and words that sailed right to her core to calm her and soothe her unsettled memories. The door was long closed, Etos on his way to seek out the other Elders, as Satyra wrapped her arms around Merrek's back, holding onto him since for many turns of the moon, he was the one who seemed to understand her. To whom she could have gone and ask for help and guidance. In many ways, he embodied to her the mentor figure she was seeking for more than just necromancy reasons. Burying her face against his skin, she uttered nothing of her hopes and wishes for the discovery to happen sooner rather than later. She would not exert impossible demands on a man who already seemed to be having a hard time, however.

    At last, she found the confidence that if she'd let go of him, she could keep her feelings at bay, but her blue and golden hues did not look at the bowl he spoke of, they looked at him with concern.
    "But how are you going to regain strength? Don't you need food too?" It occured to her in that moment, how little she actually knew about the man who captured her heart. She was not aware of what he was. To her, Merrek was a being very strong in magic. End of story. She knew nothing of his past, his hopes, his wishes. She only knew his madness and his kind, caring nature, so similar to hers. In light of all these small discoveries, she looked upon the Dealer with unprecedent hint of awe and realization. There was so much to learn, so much to discover about him and her heart fluttered at the sight of the possibilities, replacing the ache of things she could no longer change for as long as her mind was occupied otherwise.
  20. MerrekHer calmed emotions washed over his own soul, releasing the tension he held in his body. Her touch only came to assure him that he had not made the Sorceress turn around on him because of what he had caused. It may have seemed to be an accident, yet something within Merrek said that this was meant to happen, though maybe not with this being or so soon. What would he seek from her? Peace? Understanding? It seemed that whatever it was, it had clouded his judgement and allowed this to happen. It could have been avoided, but the passion they shared, or maybe the lurking reminder that he none truly understood made him reluctant to stop it… Nothing was sure, his mind still a scrambled mess.

    The two slowly parted from one another, yet remained seated by one another. She held concern in her eyes, which made him wonder what was going through her mind… What other questions would she ask? Would it remain about he subject of the other night? She asked away, making the man smile a little wider now. “I am entirely sustained by the thread that connects to my life… I have no need for water, food or air.” He said back, which made him ponder… She was connected to his thread, so would that mean… She too wouldn’t need food? A question worth investigating once he would have time. His hands reached for hers, joining them together. Thumbs rubbed against her skin, and the man leaned forth to claim the lips of the Sorceress for but a moment… Just feeling that sweet softness had the man relax his shoulders completely.

    The kiss was only held for a few seconds before they parted, a soft breath rolling out his mouth. His eyes, filled with adoration and love, stayed upon hers... The bowl came to float up near the both of them. "So don't be shy to eat up."
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