The Binding of the Heart

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  1. Welcome to Kandra, a land where technology rules supreme and magic dwindles because of such.

    For centuries, a tradition has been going on. A tradition that the country of Kandra was built upon. It all began with the creation of magic, back when most races were in their primative stage. This tradition would come to be called The Binding of the Heart, and would be held to honor the very few creatures of the country that still retained prowess in the olden ways of magic. Kandra is populated by many races, such as Humans, Undines, Salamanders, Sylphs, Gnomes, Fae, Light/Dark Elves, and Mages.

    None of the races really possess magic anymore, and simply are only defined as different from humans by appearances. Magic itself is very sparse in the current age, and this is what helps to make the Guardians so very special. Since the advent of technology, magic had begun to fade for reasons unknown. In the present, it seems that only the colored girls are the only individuals blessed with magic.

    What defines the previous Guardians from one generation of guardians from the next regards the magic itself. The Guardians do not simply possess it, but it instead possesses them in a sense. Every so many years, when a more suitable 'host' is born into the world, the magic moves on, and when it is found that the Guardian has lost her power, a summoning is sent out throughout the kingdom for all families who bore daughters in the last year to come with them to the kingdom's capitol at the year's end. Then, it is determined which child houses the abilities, and the families are made aware of their daughter's purpose and Fate, and are given the necklace to which will bind the girl to a prince in the coming years, on the day they are to leave home.

    As per tradition, whomever the necklace binds the guardian to protecting, that is who she is suppose to marry, and vise versa for the prince... Love really isn't a part of the whole problem here, mainly tradition is what matters most. Following tradition as well, the prince is the son of the previous guardian and prince. The Guardians cycle in color, Green -> Pink -> Yellow -> Red -> Orange -> Blue. During the ceremony which determines the next host of magic, the girl's hair color changes in accordance to which cycle of magic she is bound to that year. The cycle for this will be restarting, and so the Green girl is the one whom will be bound to the prince.

    The magic is sentient in a way, and is the only remaining traces of it known. In return for a host, it offers up some of it's powers. These powers vary, depending on the color of the cycle. The power they receive isn't entirely based on their color, but it does follow a theme to an extent.
    Tradition is what rules all of this, it's the backbone of Kandra and as such, it is believed that it needs to be followed to a tee.

    I'll be playing the Prince in this, so all I need is the Green Guardian. I'm looking for a single partner, one who is preferably experienced and doesn't mind larger posts. I already have a color skeleton and such that is set up to be PM'd to whomever is interested. My Prince has already been made.
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    Anyway, enough joking...I love this idea! I'll gladly play the green guardian for you! I'm good with big posts and I usually try to match my partner to the best of my ability! Other than that I only have a few questions to ask about the RP, nothing too crazy but just some plot things and other info related questions so that I make sure I can do things right!