The big R word

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  1. What are the real odds the cheerleader type of girls are secret online roleplayers/video gamers?
    And why won't they come out of hiding? Probably for the very reason I ask this question. They would be mauled by rp geeks EVERYWHERE
  2. I think the cheerleader stereo type pretty much dies out after high school, but I get what you're saying.

    I can totally relate to this though, as I hid my geeky side for years and years! Not only cause I was mildly ashamed of it, but also because things like creative writing and role play weren't accepted in the social circles I used to be associated with. Even in the life I live now, people I know (aside from my friends here at Iwaku, obviously) don't have a clue what I'm talking about when I say I'm into forum RP...they always think it's some kind of sex fetish. To be fair though I work in construction and the hobbies most of my coworkers pursue in their personal lives couldn't be further away from my own. If I worked at gamestop or a book store I'm sure it would be more accepted.

    It is really stupid; not doing what you love for the approval of others, and it happens much much more than it should. So you ask why they don't come out of hiding? For fear of rejection by their peers.
  3. As a hot chick who roleplays, I endorse October's message.
  4. I'M a cheerleader personality type! 8D Bubbly, happy, nice girl. And here I am.
  5. Wait, where are these statistics and reality? I was led here under false pretenses!
  6. I was a cheerleader in highschool. Sort of. We didn't have a cheerleading squad. We had a spirit squad. I did that for a year and then I was also on the dance team. *breaks stereotypes*
  7. Ahh, and yet have any of you flown your freak flag at svhool or work. Do you invite coworkers to your bigbang parties. Do you shout to people. you know HALO 4 TOURNY, MY PLACE? well?
  8. ...My school must have been weird. When I was in school, and even going to work, it didn't matter what you were into. No one really hid anything about their hobbies. Gamer girls weren't really a big deal, and there was a guy on our football team who openly admitted to writing poetry.

    Just hearing that there are people who want to hide their hobbies seems so very alien to me, because there wasn't any real bullying over hobbies and such. It was all just... accepted.
  9. I barely feel comfortable nerding out at work let alone geeking out. Things like watching sci-fi movies or being into video games are excepted, but when I try to talk about concepts like generational language changes I am met with blank stares. The only reason my coworkers even know I'm online is I chitter about my friends from out of state/across the globe. Drew was the one that gave me the idea of just saying I was in a writing community. It was MUCH easier then trying to explain forum role playing.
  10. I've always let my freak flag fly. If people dun like it, then they are not the people for me.

    I do say collaborative writing community now instead of roleplaying. o__o Like October, everyone assumes it's kink-sex stuff and I don't have the energy to hassle with that..
  11. I've never hid anything about myself either, although when I mention that I write people often ask if I am doing a novel so I end up explaining that I do "Cooperative online writing" sounds much better than roleplaying since everyone assumes that means I am getting my freak on with some 50 year old bald dude pretending to be a girl.
  12. Haven't hid it much, and I've tried bringing friends onto here before- sometimes they stuck around, sometimes not.

    I was a cheerleader for exactly ONE year. I was more of a jock/Other in my school, looooved softball and volleyball. Everyone knew I was a bit of a writer and an artist, hell I was noted for it in the senior year book- A friend and I were the class's artists.

    I would draw characters and whatnot and not be ashamed to show it off- hell I'd explain the concept of what I wanted them to look like to my art teacher and he'd help me sometimes.
  13. I was a band geek and a thespian for a short time, more of a band geek though. I feel like my school was more concerned with getting good grades and getting into a good college than cheerleaders and footballs. We had cheerleaders who were into band and theater as well, so who knows? They might have been roleplayers.

    I did know people who roleplayed and wrote in my high school although I will admit, there wasn't a lot of them. I actually spoke openly about roleplaying and recruited some of my friends to play with me. My school wasn't very judge mental about anything... Unless well, you were really stupid.

  14. Save the Diana, save the world...
  15. Must I be the only one who felt this injustice? I was openly made fun of once by a girl who I had a crush on. Not specifically because of my role playing but because of stuff. And teachers didnt like me using the internet for doing so. :P I feel alien here
  16. By nature as humans we permit the objective deductions of others to contort our behaviors. Often we find ourselves faced with the dilemma between our social position and our passions. Keeping what we take stock and pleasure in encased by a swarthy web of guises and misconceptions. This may upset or confuse a few, seeing such antics as childish if not self destructive. But truth be told we all have our secrets, some more dire than others. Unraveling these secrets in time often serves as a catalyst for relationships to progress. Giving a certain spice toward one's character and true life style. Though at times the pursuit of such truths can lead to a dissipation of respect and the ultimate destruction of one's friendship.

    Ultimately I do not fret over what one does with their free time. Such matters seldom impact me; and even if they somehow did...I doubt the epiphany of such idle questions will serve any true form of enlightenment. I know you all as roleplayers, that is the extent of our mutual exchange of informaton. I know many of you are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters who persue various vocations and dreams. Some of you cling to illusions while others portray fragments of their true nature. A handful of you may be a 100% honest.

    In time some of you will recieve some clarity in regards to the extent of what depths I may fathom. In the end, I feel as if it is sometimes best to accept one for who they seam to be. Only differing from it when my body, or rather instincts reveals to me the extent of deception or misinformation.

    In closing I feel roleplayers come from all sorts of social backgrounds. From poor, to rich. From stocky, to fit and from attractive to less appealing. Nationality, race, age, gender, religious affiliation, political opinions and social dynamics seem of little import. But only one thing truly concerns me...what we have in common. Not so much what seperates us as human beings.