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  1. Okay. So I have been having a whole big list of wants lately of things to do rp wise. They are a huge list of stuff and I've been to lazy to add them to my lists. So I am just gonna make a big list of roleplays I want to do. Everything will probably have a category because if you know me of course it all has its own category. Please check my profile to make sure that we match up well. I do it whenever I look for people to play with. Lastly do check out my roleplay wish list for google document links for original and fandom rp ideas. I am going to do my best to try and keep this thing going and update with ideas and such unless my ideas just die out or people just are not generally interested in my ideas. Oh and finally I enjoy romance rps or ideas that involve sex in some form. This does not mean I am only about the sex, I prefer story vs sex, but I do enjoy ideas that focus on a relationship and possibly a kink or two or twenty in there ... don't judge me please.

    Catagory list.

    Fandom Rp
    Furry Rp
    Disney Rp
    Genderbend rp (male to female) (Yes I like this don't judge x.x)

    Fandom RP list

    I already mentioned that I've got a list of ideas of ideas. I have a big list of characters that I will play in my characters section of the site. Check it out and see if anyone catches your eye. If you want to suggest an idea or ask me about a fandom feel free to do so!

    Now onto my OC's. Yes! I do have original characters made thanks to awesome people on this site drawing for me! I need to type up a cs for them, but here are their pictures. One is a Legend of Zelda (Mostly OoT based) Zora and a My Little Pony Pegasus.


    (Second image did not want to plug into here for some reason. So I am just linking to the imgur thing I uploaded it for.,i1UuGnV,Mm4xcXj#1)

    Furry RP list

    Ok this would take forever to go through all the furry ideas I wanna do so I will make a list of all the furries I like to do stuff with. Do not be sad if you dont see your species on this list as ... well I am only human and can't name all the ones I love. No order sept for alphabetical


    Disney RP list

    So this is gonna be simple. A bunch of Disney men I'd love to play with. No real order.

    The Beast
    John Smith
    Li Shang
    Prince Naveen
    Eugene Fizherbert
    Peter Pan
    Robin Hood
    Wreck It Ralph
    King Trident

    Stitch (I prefer if he looked like the picture below.)


    Genderbend RP list (male to female)
    OK look please do not ask me why I enjoy men being turned into women or something like that. I don't get it quite myself, but I can't deny I like it. Does that make me less of a person? No. I am sure some will not care, but some people have been dicks to me about this. Anyway so I have an idea of genderbending stories I wanna try out. They are all applied to different series and if any catch your eye... well ya respond here or send a message.

    Dragonball Z

    A simple wish (Vegeta x Goku/Gola)

    Vegeta gets the dragonballs together to summon Shinron. Goku flies over to figure out what going on because with Vegeta this could mean anything. Goku gets there right when the dragon is summoned. A misunderstanding with their conversation makes Shinron believe the wish is to change Goku's gender. He does this, and since a year needs to pass before the balls can be reclaimed that will give plenty of time for Goku to undergo a full emotional and physical transformation

    Kingdom Hearts

    Christmas Gift (Riku x Sora/Sara)

    Sora has feelings for Riku which have not been kept a secret. Confessing his feelings were ultimately useless since Riku was only into women. Sora very depressed and sad. Although the two were still friends and Riku wasn't homophobic it was business as usual. This was not good enough for Sora. Going into Christmas town together the brunette disappears for a while having Riku wait in town for him. On Christmas Day Riku discovers his present. Sora had a sex change in order to be with him. The boy wanted to be with him so bad that changing genders was nothing to him.

    I like you better like this (Riku x Sora/Sara)

    After reuniting with Riku after a long search the boy gets on his knees crying for Riku. After the emotional scene things take a weird turn after the darkness slowly starts to spread to Sora changing his form into one of a woman. Now Sara, she freaks out at her new form unable to believe what has become of her body. Taking Sara into a more private area Riku starts to calm her down. Things start to get heated after a bit of talking after Riku admits Sara was actually quite sexy to him.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Tails secret (Sonic x Tails)

    I've not got a full idea for this, but I do enjoy the idea of Tails being transsexual. With all the talk on the internet with Tails originally suppose to be a girl and all that stuff I think it oddly fits.


    Pervy Sage! (Jiraiya x Naruto/Naruko)

    Naruto and Jiraiya go out into the forest far away from the leaf village in order to find an artifact Jiraiya suggested to Naruto they find. This artifact does not exist and is a front to make Naruto turn into a woman for his sexual wants. He is able to do it, but the longer time goes on Jiraiya feels more of a emotional connection and although Naruko denies feelings are shared she feels them too.

    I Must Save Sasuke! (Sasuke x Naruto/Naruko)

    After a long attempt to try and fight for Sasuke to come back to the leaf village it seemed nothing was working. Everyone came together trying to figure out what was the best solution to this problem especially how big of a threat the man could be. Eventually they all came to the same thing. It was out there, but the only idea they could agree on. Naruto turns into a woman and sees if the new Naruto can have Sasuke fall in love with her.

    The Mission That Changed Everything. (Kakashi x Naruto/Naruko)

    In order to enter a village exclusively for women Naruto uses his juitsu in order to change. Kakashi was allowed in as well, but had to be careful not to do anything with any of the women. Unable to change Naruto slowly feels herself not wanting to change back more and more, but does not realize it yet. Kakashi meanwhile feels himself getting the hots for her. Will they finish the mission before one of them snaps?

    Kyuubi's Pet (Kyuubi x Naruto/Naruko)

    Releasing from his prison Kyuubi comes out of Naruto's body free and more powerful then ever in a half fox half human form and no one can stop him The first thing he does is take Naruto now powerless without the fox and become his pet in female form. Making him promise this would save the leaf village from destruction. Naruto agrees.

    Part of His Pack (Kiba x Naruto)

    Naruto practices the sexy juitsu in the middle of nowhere just for the training. Kiba catches the training and for some reason Naruko can't switch back. This does not help Kiba finding the new female hot as hell.

    Juitsu Gone Wrong (Naruto x Naruko)

    Using harem juitsu to win a battle all of the girl clones disappears sept for one. The one that stays seems like a separate entity.

    Evil Intent (Iruka x Naruto/Naruko) (This one is mostly kink focused and not heavy on story. Fair warning.)

    Iruka fights Naruto and successfully knocks the blond out. Taking him back to the home base and tying the male up he reveals the knowledge that Naruto can switch genders. If Naruto promised to offer sex in female form his life and body would be spared. Although it would be taken through the ringer in a variety of ways.

  2. Ok on top of everything else lets add South Park in there. I just got the stick of truth thanks to my friend and i LOVE IT! I wanna do an rp with the universe now. Although with the nicer art made out there with the SP boys being all in anime style. So ... um ya throw that in there.
  3. Oh my god I would love to do Kakashi and Naruto! ^-^ (I would love to be Naruto) It sounds adorable also the Jinx rp we should keep planning it! .
  4. Hey there dear! Feel free to message me and we can talk. I got to tell you though I am not great at being a dom.
  5. Anyone? Anyone at all wanna join in on my rps? Anybody?
  6. Woo! Genderbenders! I love those.
  7. I already have a profile on it but also want some Kingdom Hearts rp going on. I really am getting bafck into the KH spirit thanks to 2.5. I also like South Park and Persona 4 which I dont have things set up for yet sadly.
  8. Got to redo my first post list to make it easier for everyone. OK so on top of everything else I want to do an rp with gods. From where does not matter. The Christian god, The Egyptian Gods, Hindu Gods whatever. I just like to be someone who is a human and gets rewarded through worship, but the details will differ greatly depending on what god I play with. So if your a religion nut then please come over here!
  9. Ok add Homestucck
  10. Ok here is one idea. A master who will not be me owns a person and frees them feeling guilty but reveals the slave loves his master so he stays. It will be WAY more complicated then that but I just wanna give a general idea
  11. Starting to wonder if my Genderbender list is putting gays off from me?
  12. SO question to anyone who sees this and is gay does the gender bend's turn you off to my other ideas?
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