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Most people nag about moving into a new city.
Not that she really cared. It was a usual thing for her, changing cities every two years.​

"Father?It's 6:30. Aren't you going to wake up?" Knock, knock. Knock, knock.
The poor middle aged man almost flew down the stairs as he gladly saw that the breakfast was ready, set on the table. Even though his lovely wife was no more among them, he had a precious daughter to keep the house lively

"Do you want me to pick you to school?You might get confused on the directions..." Chewing on his buttered toast, her father suggested her.
"No, I prefer to walk there. This way I'll get familiar to the city sooner. Don't worry, If I get lost I'm sure there are students on their way to school at this time. I'll ask the directions from them. Plus, you're late aren't you?" Betty smiled slightly as calmly stirring her tea. Her father mumbled something under breath before saying his goodbye and leaving the small building asap.

Betty stood up after breakfast and started washing the dishes. Her eyes were on the clock, she didn't want to be late on the first like any reasonable person. Just then, the radio announced the time.What way, she looked over at the wall clock...15 minutes..."Oh, no...I'm already late!This clock!Why didn't we change its batteries?!" The girl ran to her room, shoving her stuffs in the bag, zipping it up clumsily, not bothering to comb her hair and nervously putting on the clothes that she had thankfully ironed them last night.

On her way, running, she tied her hair into a ponytail. "Which direction...street one or two?!" Betty stopped, her heart beating crazily. Somebody...somebody...There! That boy!He looked helpful! Anyone looked helpful at that moment! "Um, mister...Are you a student of Thomas highschool too?May I ask which street should I go? I'm kinda new here..." The girl gave out an awkward laughter, her eyes screaming out confusion and stress.​
James looked at the scattered girl and couldn't help but burst into laughter."Yeah I go there. Have for the past three years. Where'd you move from?"he asked raising and eyebrow as he walked down the second Street as she followed along."You seem nervous. Hmm. You must be one of those goody goody girls who never wants to be late or make a mistake, huh?"he asked, obviously mocking her.

After James led the girl to the school they had five minutes to find their classes. Of course for James he knew where his was, but he didn't mind being late. "So what class do you have?"he asked grabbing her schedule from her hands and reading it. As he examined it he noticed a lot of the classes were same as him."You must be smart to get into such a good school and all the same classes as me too,"he said with a wink.

"So do you gotta boyfriend sweetheart?"he asked popping a bubble with his gum, obviously not knowing the boundaries on when he should stop asking her questions. "I never did smacks your name,"he said smirking as he looked at her."But then I don't know most of the names of the woman I'm with. And if I do I forget them,"he laughed, no one able to tell if he was serious or joking.
The way that new boy talked to her was weird but Betty assumed he's just owning a good sense of humor to decrease her first day stress. "Haha...Who wants to be late for the first day, then I must be a goody goody girl." Trying to keep up with him, both in talking and following him, Betty gave out small laughter whenever he presented a 'joke'. "Oh, I just moved from Florida." The girl answered him briefly, butterflies in her stomach as she looked at her watch again and again.

Five minutes...Betty searched through her bag anxiously. Now she had n time to search for her classes and this place looked like a maze of classes. "Okay now um, oh!" Before she could herself look at that sheet, it was grabbed by her new 'companion'. Betty blinked, quite confused. He's so eager to help me. I wonder if all the students are as caring as him. I'm so lucky~ Not just that, he called her smart. "Th-thanks, I-I'm glad we're in the same classes." Betty reached out a hand to get her paper but the boy still wanted to talk. I don't feel like dealing with teacher on my very very first days. It will influence my year. Excuse me?He winked? Wow, people were so friendly here. Betty only gave a smile, a forced one to be polite.

The next question struck her. Betty froze in her place, blood rushing in her face. The poor new girl looked over at the 'funny' boy next to her. Maybe it's a regular thing to ask here...Oh, god...sweetheart?!This guy..."B-boyfriend...I had friends whom were boys but not 'that' way, I g-guess...m-my answer w-will be no...sweetheart?" Yeah, she tried to keep up with his jokes but he kept attacking her mind over and over, leaving her in dumb situations every 2 minutes. "I'm Beatrice but called Betty for short and you?" Just when she wanted to have a 'normal' greeting in this place for once...he acted weird again. "M-many w-women..."Joke after joke. "Ahahaha..."This time she laughed, oh she laughed!"Thank you, James!" At least she knew his name now, James."You decreased my anxiety, thank you!It was a pleasure meeting you...even though we're both late." Now they were both in front of their class. "Yet, we should face the teacher's rage..." Betty knocked bravely and opened the door. Faces turned to them. They saw that James had found a very new girl for himself this time who was a bit shorter than American standards, wavy dark brown hair tied into a simple ponytail, round face, brown eyes,...with a shy smile. Shy smile?! Not expected from a person who's find her 'bad boyfriend' on her very first day.

Betty noticed their smirk, she thought if her hair was messy, her clothes wrinkled or something...this school was weird.
As James made his way to the back of the room where he took his seat near the corner window, he smirked as the teacher talked with Betty about the school and more specifically,her class. When she was finally done talking about how she was thrilled to have a new student, Mrs.Thomas introduced the short girl to the entire class of thirty, thirty-one now.

After the first few hours of the school day, James made his way to the lunch room when the seniors had the cafeteria. As he plopped down into one of the newer booths around the rest of his 'friends', he pulled himself out a cigarette and lit it until he got a dirty look from the principal. Although James couldn't afford another detention or suspension, he knew that all the teacher were too scared or in awh of him to do anything. Even the principals best bet was to give him dirty looks across the room until he followed the rules.

After James finished his school sandwich, he noticed the girl, Betty, from earlier looking for a spot to sit. He chuckled and walked over to her, slowly leading her towards his table without a word. Sure, this girl was very... uptight and serious, he could say, but she was cute none the less and he had to give it a shot. The very least he would get out of her was a few slobbery kisses if he gave a little effort. After they sat down his friends all gave him strange looks, but then adjusted their eyes on the new pretty target sitting at their lunch table. James smirked, knowing that winning this girl over would be all too easy.
Betty was glad that James didn't leave her alone in the middle of the lunchroom. With a half smile she followed the only students she knew. When they reached the table, her fingers tightened on her food package, a bit uneasy about the atmosphere. "Sorry, for disturbing you." She tried to lighten the heaviness of their gazes on her as she sat down awkwardly next to James.

Oh, god. Why were those eyes glued on her. She distracted herself by tearing up the package and revealing her small sandwich. Betty had to go on god damn diets since she stopped going to gym. Maybe here she could attend one so she could restart eating lovely things. "S-so..." Coughing slightly, she looked at 'all male' pack she had found herself. God, why am I the only girl here?! Betty gave a bite on her sandwich, munching on it as her gaze wandered around till it stopped on James. "May I ask about the exam schedule?" She wasn't sure why it slipped out of her mouth but she needed it anyway. "I think I've lost it." She could hear...chuckles?!Silenced chuckles from those guys. Blinking, she wondered if losing a paper sheet was funny.

Two more bites and her lunch was finished, sadly. "Thanks for letting me sit here. I've to go now. Must buy mineral water before the lunch break ends..." Betty clenched on her remains of sandwich before standing up and walking quickly away.​
James shook his head amusingly but didn't say a word as he heard her ask about the exam papers. Like he had them, and to think that any of his friends had them was ridiculous, but he couldn't blame her since she didn't know who they were yet. During the entire time she was sitting there, James ate his lunch and scrolled through his phone, but he didn't really pay much attention to their new member of the lunch table, unlike his friends who couldn't keep their eyes off of him.

After lunch period was over, James slowly made his way to the next room je was attending, one that he actually liked to show up on time for: art. Believe it or not,James Parker had a passion for more than just sex and annoying everyone he met. He loved art, everything about it. Somehow it helped the boy relax, and it showed him how to calm down, something that most people failed at doing.

James mom had taught him art, seeing as she was always the best artist in the house. She taught him to draw, paint, sculpt, everything. Anything and everything that James had learned to do was from his mom, who was one of the only people that knew James well enough to calm him down.
A thorn in her chest
Not like she hated it, Actually Betty loved going to art museums but sadly she wasn't gifted any artistic talents

"Y-you're pretty good at sketching, James!" Sighed Betty as she was sitting next to him since he was the only one she knew. The girl was watching him easily dance his pencil on the paper, almost giving life to those black lines. Running her left hand in her hairs, Betty puffed her cheek in frustration of not getting how to make her drawing look livelier. Looking back at James, she asked him with a hint of admire in her voice. "Have you been attending art classes or such?" Yeah it seemed like her weak point was revealing, she was the one who was trying to talk to James.Well, not about love or anything but at least she showed interest.

And from what I've seen from him today, this is the only class he pays attention to. I thought a boy like him will be more into sports but seems like he's full of surprises. Oh, how silly. When I put all these puzzle pieces together he turns out to be a sweet, artist boy who loves helping newbies like me but his face is nothing like that and his friends...are more like a gang. Wait a minute, I can swear he smells like he's been smoking! What kind of guy he is? Maybe I should just find less confusing friends. Speaking of others, they seem like they're AVOIDING him. Now that I think about it, I'm the only girl around him.

Betty absentmindedly sketched on her paper and tried to scoot away from the weird boy as looking as a group of girls chatting nearby. Maybe she had to try and shove herself in them.​
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