The Best TV Shows You Maybe Haven't Heard Of

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  1. It's pretty safe to assume that most people present have at least watched some of The Walking Dead. And that they are aware of Breaking Bad. They've maybe even heard of this little obscure show called Game Of Thrones.

    But how about you tell us all about those shows you watch that no-one else seems to talk about? Yes I am asking you to go full hipster about your TV viewing habits. Go nuts.

    I'll go ahead and share my two shows that are both awesome yet not quite as big on the public spectrum as they maybe should be.


    A surreal graphic novel. A quartet of geeks and outcasts. A shadowy conspiracy willing to stoop to any level to realise it's goals. And a woman who's been on the run from them her entire life. Utopia is a kick-ass blend of ultraviolence, thriller, drama and sci-fi, and one of the best British dramas to come out of Channel 4 in recent years. There's a darkly comedic element to a lot of the show, which makes some of the violence slightly more palatable in places, but the writers know when to strip this away when they truly want to shock you (and they will).

    Not to mention there's something about the way Neil Maskell's character asks his victims "where is Jessica Hyde?" that will creep you out ever so slightly.


    A savvy con-artist witnesses a woman who looks identical to her fling herself in front of a train, and begins to assume the dead woman's life. All manner of weird shit ensues. There's a lot of great sci-fi out there on the small screen, but Orphan Black easily stands as one of my favourites. It's this extremely clever (but never preachy or excessive) exploration of scientific ethics and the battle between evolution and creationism, its narrative a proper rabbit-hole of a conspiracy that draws you in and keeps the twists and turns coming thick and fast.

    Seriously, how the fuck has Tatiana Maslany not been getting more awards for her performances?
  2. British Sitcom - The IT Crowd

    It's pretty fucking amazing
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  3. Babylon 5. The show blew my tiny mind when I was a child. It still blows my mind today with the sheer amount of detail they poured into the script and set pieces. The entire series is one continuous story with opening and closing subplots that often last for multiple seasons. It's also pretty crispy in terms of sci-fi: Babylon 5 rotates to generate gravity, fighters have to use thrusters to make course adjustments, or even to stop, or else they just float off forever into nothingness.

    It is by and far one of the most intelligent TV shows ever produced, and frankly, it handled its emotional curves well. Unlike most TV shows which tend to stick with a single emotion (drama, comedy, etc) this one can and will make you laugh, and cry, feel hopelessness and desperation, only to turn around and show you a light at the end of the tunnel. Characters aren't perfect either: They make mistakes. Some of which large enough to create empires, or destroy them.

    If you're a fan of science fiction, and haven't seen this show, go. Watch it. Now. It is the bar by which I set all others to try and top, and thus far, none have, save perhaps...

    Red Dwarf. A snarky British comedy sci-fi. If that doesn't get you intrigued to go look at it, I don't know what will.

    Those are the only two I can think of at the moment. I don't watch all that much TV, considering 95%+ of it is complete garbage, so I just stopped paying for cable a long time ago.
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  4. I second Babylon 5 heartily.

    One of the most defining (but not one of the most plot-important) moments in Babylon 5. Its defining because, thematically, this brief speech about the mysteries of the greater galaxy and the nearly-Cthulhu-level beings that inhabit it forms much of the foundation and tone of the rest of the series.

    Babylon 5 takes space and turns it mythical. Big Dark Unknowable Things live in the void between stars. The older a race, the more powerful it generally is, not through technological advantages (though that is certainly the start of their numerous advantages), but through the simple fact that They Know More about the universe and its secrets than the younger races. Science becomes magic, once it is sufficiently advanced. Even some human cultures in B5 like the Technomages have touched the surface of this precept, accomplishing wonders with technology that other humans do not yet have the ability to understand.

    Younger races like humans have to go up against them and somehow thrive, with or without them.

    In B5, the younger spacefaring races are ants under the boots of gods, and they are wary of waking them.
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  5. You know, you may not think it, but Sleepy Hollow is fantastic.
    Also, the new show The Flash is good, as well as Gotham.

    Although, forewarning, Gotham may tick off hardcore Batman fans.