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Is your writing awesome ?

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  5. Asmu's is better

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  1. (untitled for now)

    The old world has been forgotten. No one believes the stories told to them as children by their parents about a world where the only thing mankind had to fear was mankind itself. Stories of the buildings that stretch skyward were once filled with power, and the streets far below them were bustling were people. Stories of romantic walks along the beaches hand-in-hand or musical dinners and dances illuminated only by candlelight are just that...stories. The world once known and loved vanished all those years ago.

    Today, people live in fear. They live lives dictated not by free-will but by the manipulation of strings they cannot see. Puppet masters tug and guide the desires, actions and thoughts of mankind simply because it occupies their time. It matters not what damage is caused. You see, man became so consumed by themselves that when the opportunity to fuel those desires even more arose, they willingly signed away not only their lives, but the lives of their children and their children's children. For some, this decision was not welcomed but forced upon them by powers far stronger than theirs.

    With the signing over of their souls, the seven deadly sins, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride, now rule the world. Their unseen henchmen meddle in the affairs of men so much so that man can no longer fight against it. We are doomed to serve as nothing but entertainment and sustenance to demonic influence.

    Heaven abandoned man as soon as man decided that it did not need it. Without a fight, it packed up and retreated behind its sealed gates. Many speculate as to why they did so. Perhaps it was that once man had turned their backs on it, Heaven no longer had the source of strength it needed to defend it. Perhaps it was that Heaven was tired of dealing with our bull shit and decided to leave us to our devices. Either way, we're all alone and hope seems lost.

    Fortunately for us, some foresaw this.

    A century before the fall of man, a secret order was put into motion that prepared men and women to be the defenders of humanity. Trained in combating creatures of darkness, they were sent out to hunt and stem off this invasion. Unfortunately, we were not adequately equipped when everything hit the fan. There were some creatures that not even the best of us could not identify. That was a fatal flaw that almost wiped out the order before we could make our stand. Out of this near-annihilation was convened a council that decided to create a person who could pierce through even the darkest of vales and pull the hidden into the light to fall at the blade of those awaiting. They melded magic into a single individual and once completed, hope had finally been restored.

    Hell was not prepared for the Seer. Demons fell. Even some of the most powerful fell before the Order. Everything looked to swing into the favor of free-will once again. But even that hope would be stolen away for the Seer would be struck down while facing a Sin. However, the Seer managed to ensure, through powerful magic, that his essence would pass on to one person of the next generation on their 21st birthday; not a minute before or after.

    Ever since then, Hell created a method of identifying the Seer on the 21st birthday. Most fell the moment the device identified them while some were saved only to die later while fighting for man's freedom. Not once has a Seer been as successful as the first. Not once has one threatened the life of a Sin.

    So here I am; a guardian of the Order looking down on the remains of what was once New York City. It's a hallow skeleton of the city it was rumored to be 346 years ago. I am here to find the 16th Seer. I know not whether it is a man or woman, a warrior or slave. All I know is that I have a duty to protect the Seer and be its instrument of death as it wages war on Sin. I will let hope be my driving force. I hope that we will succeed. I hope that Hell will fear us. However, most of all.

    I hope I find the Seer before Hell does.
  2. What inspires me to write? Eh just whatever really. A pretty scenery. Reading a good book. Pondering on things. Listening to a song. I get the urge to write a lot though I don't always put my thoughts or urges into writing, but I do get the inspiration a lot haha.

    When did I begin writing? ehh when I had to learn how to write my alphabet of course! isn't that when every writer first begins? ;) When did I truly start writing I can't really remember. Middle school maybe?

    What is it about writing that connects me? It's a form of expression similar to how I express myself through music. Writing for me isn't just about words all the time. I went through a phase where I was really into writing music (not as in lyrics but as in actual scores) though I stuck usually to just piano music. When I write it's like taking myself to another world where it doesn't matter who's watching me or how good or bad it is as long as it gets out. I often write when I'm in one extreme mood or another, and it's just such a great release. When really mad my handwriting will shake but eventually it will level out when I'm calming in the middle of writing. Or if I'm really excited my handwriting will scrunch up and turn into scribbles the same way. Dunno writing is my release in a sense.

    would I consider it an obsession? The way I write now a days not really. Again I consider it simply a release or a past time here and there. I can't really hold my own and write a lot. I often rely on outside or other sources to help the process ^^;;
  3. Writing allows me to regurgitate all the junk floating around in my brain :)

    I began writing as soon as I knew how to write. I even earned an award for a picture book I made when I was 8 years old :3 I also did quite well in English in high school too.

    My inspiration would be the reaction of readers to my story. Good reaction = good inspiration. Bad reaction = determination to create a story in order to get a good reaction.

    I don't think it's an obsession. It's more like a NEED.
  4. Its a good escape. That's probably my favorite thing about it. I also love to create worlds and characters that I think up in my head.
  5. Its my only safe escape. I get to say what Im thinking without acting on it and well its a great way to use words. I LOVE LOVE words!!! I have a list of my favs... I know laugh if you will, but here are a few...

  6. Asuna is more my jam *comes home everyday to a kickass meal*

  7. What inspires me to write? Stuff in real life, music that's really about it...But it seems to me the more creative freedom offered in an RP, the more inspired I am and the better my posts.

    I began writing when I was like...13ish or something? Meh it was a long time ago. So yeah I had an early start.

    The reason I like writing is mostly as a self-expression and an escape as well. I usually try to put all sorts of references, parodies, themes and even some allegories in my posts. Also it's fun to think up and write up really good scenarios and characters.

    It's also a good escape since I generally try to play upbeat or comedic characters for the most part, life is depressing enough already as it is anyhow. So it's an escape in that sense.

    I wouldn't consider it an obsession, more like a hobby. I don't RP too much since well, things are hectic now.
  8. What inspires you to write ? When did you begin writing ?
    I started writing back in elementary school as soon as I could put letters to paper. It was the perfect way for me to log down all those lovely imaginative things that I came up with. As for inspiration, I can get that from anything. Anything. A word, a color, bubbles, screaming, anything. It just pops in my head and I roll with it. o_____o

    What is it about writing that connects with you ?
    It's the best medium for me to share the universes in my head! I tried to do with other things like music, art, etc... But writing has worked the best for me!

    Would you consider it an obsession ?
    An obsession? Oh no. Writing is a joy! ...roleplaying... that's an obsession. o_____o
  9. When did I begin?
    The question should be was there any time where I wasn't? As soon as I had the ability to string ideas together I was spinning stories.What inspires me is just about everything. Its hard wired into every way I think. Mainly, I believe, is the development of character... of a person, that truly inspires me.

    What is it about writing that connects? Again, the development and personality of every character out there connects to me.

    An obsession? Maybe. If it is, its the drug I'm NEVER quitting, I need my hit every second of my life.
  10. I'll look at this point by point

    What inspires you to write ?

    I mostly get my good ideas when I walk, or when I'm really bored. But inspiration doesn't sen to follow any pattern for me. Sometime a have ideas when i'm eating, when I'm writing about something else or listening to music.

    When did you begin writing ?

    Depends what you mean. I never wrote much except for essays and the like, but my teachers where almost always impressed and i consistently got good marks for creative writing. I used to write short stories that would never be finished or shared with anyone, I shy about my work, but the internet lends anomanimity so I feel confident enough to share.

    What is it about writing that connects with you ?

    It a form of expressing yourself, and I can't draw, or paint or do anything else really.

    Would you consider it an obsession ?

    No. Its a pass time, or a hobby, but I'm not obsessed.
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