The Best "I Feel Like A Badass" Song

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  1. Have you ever had those things that make you feel like a badass? Or that you just listen to when you are in a badass mood? Share them here!

    For me:
    JJ - Still Dre (open)

    MartyParty - Chicken (open)

    Jackal - Power Move (open)

    And to end it all off...
    Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried (open)
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  2. A sense of humor for the last song. I like that. Here are a few of my picks.

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  4. If you're gonna be a badass, then I just gotta say one thing:

    Let's get down to business.
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  5. Anything by Allen and Lande or Masterplan.
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  6. Always this song.
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  7. Why isn't it this, Saren? Hm? HM?

    Edit: Fixed cause fuck Mass Effect after 1.
  8. Because I didn't remember my own theme song.

    This one is better.

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  9. Easy.

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  10. I up your back in black with an unlinked who made who.
  11. what no shoot to thrill?
  12. Shoot to Thrill is also really good! But the song itself feels less badass and more sort of carefree, wild-and-free type. In terms of straight badassery I think Back in Black is clearly better lol
  13. I have said it before, and I'll say it again

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  14. For that 'epic' music genre that no one's touched yet.
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  15. yay two steps from hell!
  16. If you like Two Steps From Hell... You would love Zack Hemsey... He's like Two Steps From Hell but... Better? I can't begin to describe his awesomeness.
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  20. Pacific Rim: Basically Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for adults. And I've yet to see a negative in that statement.

    Pacific Rim: The ONLY movie where you can make a pr0n of it and not change the title. Again, not yet seeing a negative there.