The Best Four Days in Gaming.

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Jack Shade

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So ya'll, Gencon is right around the corner and I'll be at ground zero taking photographs and milling about with the hundreds of other avid gamers turning out for the extended bonanza. I'm not sure if any of you fine people have the time to scuttle over here to take part in the festivities but from what I've read and seen, it is going to be a helluva show.

Special guests Will Wheaton and Felecia Day, including the costars from the online series The Guild. Literally hundreds of games and events from Magic tournaments, video game showcasing, flea market quality random swords, boffer tournaments, LARPS, Munchkin, and even Pimp: The Backhanding.

Expanding over an entire exhibit hall and four hotels, Gencon continues to grow each year from the heart of Indianapolis.

Festivities are set to kick off officially on the 5th of August, but the day before is when most avid players start their own version of gencon...for the players, by the players. This is a call out to whoever may consider going and miring themselves within the gaming culture for a bit and if so...if you'll be cosplaying or not.

My girlfriend and I will be going as the Big Sister and Big Daddy from Bioshock 2.

Will you join us?
...It could be.

*Starts taking bets*