The Best Band You've seen live?

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  1. Mine has to be Rammstein. See them twice now and nobody can compare to their ability to hold the audience in awe.


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    I'll give my top five:

    The Flaming Lips
    Sonic Youth
    Andrew Bird
    30 Seconds To Mars
    Lady Gaga - hey. don't make fun. She had a killer set changing sequence, as well as random stuff going on around stage. It was intense and insane. :D I like insane things, they are amusing. > w<'
  3. I've seen quite a few bands. Plenty of whom put on an awesome show but nothing can compare to Rammstein =3
  4. >:3 I have only heard of them by name. Never listened much. o.o
    They sound German.
    If so,
    of course they would put on the best show. >:D GERMANS ARE INTENSE.
  5. Yes, they are German =P they always have loads of pyrotechnics and stuff >:D FIRE! XD
  6. The Offspring.
    The atmosphere was GREAT. They were fun and their stage was awesome but not complicated or hard to see.
    They kept the audience engaged and they played some of their fan favorites, which meant that pretty much the entire amphitheater was singing along.
  7. I just love gigs in general. There's always such an awesome atmosphere and the crowd mentality is really cool, joining in with their bits it's always amazing to witness and be a part of. Like when Rammstein play Du Hast, Til doesn't even have to sing any of the first bit because the crowd does it for him. Or when I went to see Slayer, Tom's mic fucked up when they started playing Angel of Death, and the crowd was singing the opening lyrics while they sorted his mic XD

    My favorite place to go for concerts though is Pitchfork Music Fest.
    Everyone is so nice and chill.
  9. I've only seen a few bands perform live. Three of them at once place in Buffalo, NY and the last was right in my home town for the summer event we here call Harborfest.

    In Buffalo:
    Breaking Benjamin
    Three Days Grace

    All three were there for some event I can no longer remember. ^^;

    At home town:
    Kansas. They even played Carry On My Wayward Son. Hellz yeah.

    Who was the best? Hard to say... I enjoyed them all, though. All I know is I want to go to more concerts some time.
  10. Rammstein is an awesome live band. They've mastered the art of holding ones attention.

    30 Seconds To Mars, when they first came out, was a great live band too. Haven't seen them live in almost 10 years, though.

    Live music festivals, like Atlanta's Music Midtown, or Austin's SXSW, are great places for hearing live bands big and small. The Warped Tour was awesome music listening, too.
  11. Motion City Soundtrack is my favorite.

    Ugh... The way Justin Pierre flips around on stage... Just so epic!
    Joan Jett is pretty awesome live too...

    Also; at Warped Tour? The reason people are on smaller stages is because their live performance (action-wise, Catch 22 was pretty epic to hear, as was Emery) are stale.
  12. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. Old school bands rock it really hard, Black Sabbath w/ Ozzie was good, too.
  13. FEL-SAMA.
    I saw Motion City Soundtrack!
    They were part of the opening bands for Panic! At The Disco.~
    Them and Phantom Planet.
    I got trampled in a mosh pit for that...
    Lost my hat, my shoes, and got gum in my hair. Also was stepped on. :D Cried and thought I was gonna die. Even though of headlining articles saying Girl Dies In Mosh Pit.

    And then someone heard me. :D <3

    But yeah.

    I saw 30STM like..... two years ago I think. :D Leto had a pink mohawk.<3 and I swear he looked into my eyes.
    Also, Neon Trees played there. Before they were so popular. When I liked them.
  14. The BEST concert I have ever been to was OK Go.
    The venue wasn't all that big, there was no barrier, and I was like three feet away from the lead singer and the guitarist. There were confetti cannons and FOR THE ENCORE THEY TURNED OFF ALL THE LIGHTS AND WORE LED LIT JACKETS AND HAD LASERS ON THEIR GUITARS. It was fucking legit.
    Only problem was the drunk bitch next to me who kept scooping confetti off the stage and throwing it at me. But overall it was badass.

    Also at that concert we saw Company of Thieves for the first time, and I bought their first album and have been obsessed ever since. <3
  15. SO JEALOUS OF OK GO CONCERT. * ^* ffffff
  16. I'd list the bands I've seen live but there's too many to remember off the top of my head D=
  17. 378872_2636192423801_1225181657_3240732_1452411809_n.jpg Jessie J <3
  18. The ONLY band I've seen live is Steve Perry from Journey.

  19. Tenacious D and Kings of Leon.