The Bergkonge

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  1. "Everyone back to the boat now!" Casamir yelled over the com, his harsh voice was trailed by a string of gunfire as he retreated down a hall way. The crew may have stirred a hornet's nest on this mission. Who would have though an arms shipment would be so heavily armed? None the less he spoke over the com again. "Grab what you can, leave the rest." He barked as he ducked around a corner, bullets zipping into the bulkhead beside him. He growled, firing back at the guards aimlessly just to slow them down while he heard the distinct firing of the ship's point defense guns kicking in, raking across activating systems of the arms ship while they detected threats. Oh the motherland held nothing back with his baby.

    A chuckle escaped him as he tossed a grenade, brutal brutal weapons in the confined areas of a ship. Slamming the door behind him and locking it just as the explosion ripped those inside apart he booked it to the deck, watching the phalanx cannons firing coming to a halt. A distinct computer voice entering his earbead. "Threats neutralized..." A small chuckle escaped him, his baby was awefully self centered when it came to threats. None the less he jumped over a series of crates only to hunker down behind them. "You guys have 2 minutes before I leave, MOVE IT!"
  2. Alecksi was of course flanking his captain and covering his back, there was nothing more natural to him. He listens to his captains words although they aren't for him as he is clearly following him back to the ship already. He fires his gun defensively but he is a defender not an attacker. It took a lot to rile him up and for the moment he was calm and sturdy, " sir perhaps next time we should:.. Send in a spy or informant... This is a little reckless of us" he isn't criticizing, only suggesting. Of course whatever the captain said he would agree. It was. It his place to challenge him.
  3. Katya swore loudly as bullets rang through the air, her hard drive and her decked out computer strapped securely in her bag as she dodged leaped and flung her self across the deck keeping in pace with her employer. She hissed glancing over her shoulder at the mess that had been those soldiers that had been running after them and felt a prickle of unease. If she knew her employer was going to be this reckless she might have just faced the consequences that awaited her at the hands of the Mafia instead of end up in a government run prison. She ripped the gun out of her thigh holster and (for safety's sake of course) reloaded her weapon, and looked at her employer and the quiet, yet serious second in command. "Yes captain," she said flatly echoing the words of the quiet and somewhat serious man. "I was under the impression that the ship would be chetov empty, with two hours to do everything and not-" Katya flicked her skirt down on her hips twirling her gun around and around her finger in irritation as her heart raced with adrenaline "15 minutes!" She finished with a snarl not unlike a cougar and let loose two rounds into a dead body sprawled out on the deck. The hacktress ran a hand through her hair and holstered her weapon turning to her colleges. "This is why I belong behind a computer screen and not in hand to hand missions." She sighed turning to Alecksi, as if he would understand her troubles. "I become overly excited. I need to make a virus, a big one..." She muttered more to herself, waiting to make the plunge back into battle once more.
  4. David popped out of cover without any real care for his own life, with only a 'Five Seven' in one hand and a couple of magazines in the other. He pushed the trigger, like many times he had to do before, with the experience and training of a soldier and a 'spy' as some people used to call him. Bullets flew around him, some of them real close, but he kept his breath calm and continued firing, shooting to kill only. As the rest of the group slowly retired back to the ship he did the same, abiding the orders of the captain. He finally made it to the ship in time, took cover behind something, he didn't really cared about what was it, and shoot a few more shoots, all of them confirmed kills. 'Only a handgun? You are crazy!' They said. He smiled.

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  5. Alecksi arches a brow at katya, " stay behind me lass. You can make your virus when we get on the ship" his voice is soft and he is known for being Kind hearted, he smiles at her sweetly but he is scarred and it appears... Darker. Fate had not been kind to this soldier, he looks to his captain then to the hacker he notices movement and steps in front of her pulling out a shot gun, he doesn't even blink as he shoots three men dead using his own body as a shield for his two crew mates behind him. He had no sense of self preservation, much like a dog he loved others more then himself and the people on this ship held his loyalty. Eternal loyalty.

    " go. I will cover you... Where is David?" his eyes dart paternally wanting to make sure everyone is safe and on the ship before he is
  6. Elizaveta had been leaning calmly against a wall, with an apple held firmly in her hand, as she leaned forward to take a small bite. She had decided that it was time she came out of hiding and introduced herself to the crew of the ship, and maybe try to talk her way into a position aboard. She was good with knives, and a few smaller guns, but she wasn't going to be nearly as well trained as the rest of them, and she knew it. She had watched them time and time again, trying to figure out what kind of people they all were, and why, on that fateful day they had decided to commandeer the Bergkonge, not that she really minded their decision, it had given her a home - or at least a place to stay...In secrecy.

    She flinched when she heard the gunfire, and the gruff shouting of orders, and she was smart enough to move behind some cover, and peek out to watch as the crew came streaming back, guns in hand, and a few smiles it seemed were on their faces as they all climbed back aboard the ship. She took a quick breath in, and released it slowly, allowing them to regain their composure and become calm again, before she would even try to bargain her way into the midsts.

    She pulled a small grin onto her face, and bit into the apple again, moving silently out into the open of the main deck, and back to leaning against the wall that led down into the deckhouse of the ship, and she cleared her throat loud enough for the closest to her to hear, and once she got their attention she would get the others at well, unless they were uninterested of course. A pit was growing in her stomach now, as she faced them, and held her chin high.

    She hadn't been recruited like the rest of them...She had stolen her way aboard the Bergkonge, and had been living right under their noses, carefull enough not to be detected by any of them. "I wish to speak with the captain..." She managed, in a voice that was quiet, but it was weak of quivering, it sounded strong and surel.
  7. A low chuckle escaped Casamir as Alecksi spoke, his lips pulled back in a wide smile while he fired over the top of the boxes he hid behind once more. "We're pirates now, reckless is what we do!" He exclaimed, seeming to enjoy the excitement, "And we were spetsnaz, you're really calling this reckless after Georgia?" His eyes darted to their hacker, a slight frown crossing him. "They said you were the best, fifteen minutes should have been more than enough time!" He almost scolded her for it while he reloaded his AK, the distinctive clack of it's charging handle making him smile. What startled him was David's shotgun, the echoing boom surprising him. The man had balls, he liked that.

    "Alright! Back across the bridge!" He yelled falling back once more to a steel bridge between the two boats, sitting just above a large series of holes put into the enemy ship's engine room. Once across he opened the door, firing across to the other ship to provide support as his men and women fell back. The sudden soft voice made him draw his pistol, the revolver's chamber going to the next round as he cocked it, "The hell are you?" He asked, placing the barrel against Elizaveta's head.
  8. Eliveta pressed her full weight back against the small wall-like structure she was leaning against when Casamir turned at the sound of her voice, but she kept her eyes hard as steel and he lips hitched up into the smirk. Her fingers firmly grasped the apple in her hand as if she were to let it drop she would be blown to smitherines, and when the barrel of the gun was cocked back and placed in the middle of her forehead, she forced her grin to widen a fraction.

    Showing fear in a situation like this wouldn't vote well in her favor, and would most likely get a bullet through her skull, not that the way she was going to play it was any safer. She looked at him coyly, and brought the apple up to her mouth, chomping down into it slowly to buy her some time before she spoke, acting as though she didn't care about the gun pressed up to her head, even though it was causing a cold sweat at the back of her neck. "Elizaveta." She mumbled and looked him dead in the eyes. "I've been aboard this ship for over a week or so, and I finally decided to make my prescense known, and make a request to join the crew."

    She was playing her cards safe, and making sure not to set off Casamir, or the rest of the crew. Her heart was ramming against her ribcage, and her mind was screaming at her to just break down and beg to be let go, but she was stubborn enough to pay those things little mind. "I'm sure I would be a valuable asset to the team."
  9. Katya made a face as Casamir's back. She did get it in 15 minutes, scared her down right to her toes that she would fry her hard drive but she did it. With two hours she could have done more than just copy the hard drive and take what they needed, she could have knocked out alarm systems, automatic weapons, guns the whole shebang...She rolled her eyes at him and casually took another shot at the dead body on the deck to show her irritation. When the girl appeared Katya nearly let loose a whole clip into the girl just for showing up at such a weird moment. Although it took the heat off of her and an argument with Casamir was never a pleasant one. She crossed her arms over her chest and bit her lip between her teeth.
    "You have to give her props Casa, she has balls to appear after a shoot out." She drawled and glanced the girl from the bottom of her shoes to the top of her head. It was strange but, they were very similar. Both scrappy, attractive, and blood thirsty looking woman, and by the twitch in the girls neck, she was ready to either flee or beg for her life.
    "I don't mind sharing a room, she can have Dunya's bunk." Katya twitched at the thought of the dirty, irritating, snoring, bothersome, smelly woman who had recently drunk herself to death a few days back and dared to leave her filth for Katya to clean up...Some people's kids.
  10. Alecksi looks at casamir, " it is your choice sir of course, she looks like we could use her as that spy... Agent I was just saying we needed. Plus, I love a pretty face" he winks at her and makes sure each crew member was present then node letting them know the count was fine. Everyone had made it, although David vanished below deck to do... Whatever he does. Alecksi wasn't nosy. He covered the ship making sure their escape was clean, " or we can chuck her in the ocean Captain, whichever you prefer"
  11. He raised an eyebrow as she spoke, his eyes narrowing on her while he lowered the hammer of his pistol, making it safe before he moved it away from her forehead. Glancing to Katya he had to agree the girl had guts. Perhaps stupidity, but guts. He took Alecksi's words to heart, staring at the girl before he nodded. "Dunya's cot it is." He spoke before he ushered the rest of them into the ship just as the last of the guards came out to see one of the heavy auto cannons facing them. The resounding thud would have been deafening if he hadn't shut the bulkhead behind them. "But she gets half rations for a week since she snuck on board."
  12. Katya smiled like a cat and ruffled the younger woman's hair winking at Casamir. "Oh dear captain, you do have a heart~" She smirked and gently pushed the girl down into the bowls of the ship. "Welcome aboard! Let me show you everything!" She hadn't felt this giddy in a long while. The filith and stink of her dead roommate would finally be gone. The dark haired Russian look and glanced back at the two serious soldiers and the girl in front of her. "So it's decided." She said dryly taking out her small note book as they walked. She began typing rapidly with one of her hands as she looked at Elizaveta. "Liza? Or Eliveta? Which do you prefer?" She asked already making another profile on her computer of the people who resided on the war ship. She glanced back at Casamir, Casaka, she had internally dubbed, and then Alexsi, whom she had also begun to refer to as Sasha. While the russians had many problems, their nack for nick names were simply wonderful.
  13. Elizveta stood silently by as they discussed what to do with her, and her stomach tightened for a moment when it was suggested she be throw over board. If there was one thing she knew, she didn't want to be tossed into the ocean, that water was cold as hell, and she'd always hated the feeling of shivering and feeling her bones rattle together.

    Her eyes darted between the faces in front of her, and she rolled her eyes when Alecksi winked at her, but she sent him her classic grin, and when the gun was finally lowered, she let out the breath she had been holding and rubbed the back of her neck. "Thank god..." She muttered under her breath as she was ushered bellow deck. Her eyes trained on Katya when she began to speak to her, and Elizaveta was happy to see she was stuck with what seemed like the friendly one of the bunch.

    She followed her through the ship to their bunk, and shut what could be called a door, behind her. Her eyes scanned the room, glinting as if holding a private secret between herself. She'd been in here countless times, she recalled, after Dunya had passed away. She searched the room head to toe for anything valuable of the deceased girls, and came up with only a simple, yet pretty necklace, and a handful of money.

    "Either, I suppose." She answered absentmindedly. "I've never been called Liza, except by my....Father...But it can't hurt now to start using it again." She shook her head, laughing lightly under her breath and ran a few fingers through her short,messy hair, only causing it to stand up further. As she walked across the room, and sat down on what she knew was her bunk, her footsteps seemed to make no noise at all.

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  14. Alecksi looks to casamir and leans against the wall of the ship, " well mate, that was a fuck up." he smiles at his friend, " but we have had worse. Think we scared our hacker. Maybe one of us should flank her next mission." his eye look at his captain with gentle affection and admiration, " I'm gonna go get a beer. Do you want one?" he tilts his head, he was a good man and he meant well but he did love his alchohol
  15. The shootout was done. David reloaded his weapon with tremendous precision, like if the weapon was part of his body, and barely reacted when a girl appeared from nowhere, asking for the captain. Well, the captain will take care of her, Thought him. And seeing that he was no longer needed he put his weapon back in the holster and went to the lower decks. He hated to be doing nothing, so he was always checking the ammo and supplies of the ship or calibrating the weapons. He loved doing calibrations. After doing a quick check, he saw a mild shortage of depth charges, short range missiles countermeasures, and a noticeable lack of ammunition; from the basic 9 mm to 5.45 and 7.62 for the Ak. We need to resupply, soon.
  16. Katya groaned out loud and flipped herself into her compact bunk sighing in relaxation as her body completely relaxed and her heart stopped beating so sparatically. She hated gun fights, not that she was frightened she would die or anything, more like she'd go crazy with blood lust and start killing everything in sight. She unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt to let the air cool her chest and glanced down at her new room mate. She had seen the girl a few times around the ship, she had set off a few motion detectors here and there but Katya never really saw her as a threat, but she was glad Elizaveta had given herself up in the end. The young hacker took out her small note book and continued to tap rapidly on the key board finishing the process of securing the money they had stolen in a Swedish bank account while at the same time creating a copy of the information she had also stolen. Rolling off her bunk with a hop skip and a jump she glanced at her new roomie and tilted her head to her.
    "I would advise leaving Casaka alone for a bit ne? He's a prickly one." She winked and shut the door behind her disappearing into the bowls of the ship to make her way to the captain in question. She skipped lively dodging around one corner and cutting across the other on the search for her captain to wave the files in front of his face and proceed to bitch out why it was nessicary to tell her how long she had. She was the best, but by no means was she god.
  17. Glanced to his second in command, "You know I'm a vodka drinker... god some days I think you're not Russian." He spoke grabbing his flask as the distinct crump of the ship's cannons came to an end. He suspected David had overrode the system. With a sigh he began down the hall, knowing full well the enemy ship couldn't retaliate and as such he was in no true hurry as he made his way to the bridge. Tapping a few buttons at the navigation helm he set a course before he turned and slumped into his chair, releasing a disgruntled sigh. As much as he loved a good fight he hated defeat. With a sigh he sat up, hearing their hacker approaching, knowing her distince skipping gait. "I already know what you're going to bitch at me for and right now I don't need it." He barked as he rubbed his temples, the ship gaining speed away from the smoking enemy.
  18. He laughs at his response getting his beer and he'd drink anything he was given, "look lass," he rubs the back of his head, " casamirs a good man. He didn't mean ya stress ya none promise. He just forgets to plan sometimes is all" with a nod he follows after casamir and is available to help in any way needed, as he always does
  19. Katya sighed and rolled her eyes, tossing the USB to Casamir and leaned against the wall looking at her finger nails and twerked her mouth to the left than right. "Ah it's ok captain, as long as you know." She smiled at Alexsi and ran a hand through her hair.
    "It's not stress, it's the fact that time means I need to bring different things is all, but it's fine, all worked out in the end..." She said staring at the serious captain with a sour look and swayed with the ship as it sped off.
    "Anyway, I apologize for my behavior it was rather..." She trailed off picking at a hang nail before cocking her head to the side. "...Rather unstable." She bowed her head for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. "So far you have been a very competant employer and I jumped down your throat." She looked genuinely ashamed for a moment but then it was gone. "But seriously, start training that girl so we can make use of her."
  20. Raising his dark green eyes to her he caught the USB with one hand, placing it in his jacket pocket. His face was unusually stern, disappointed, annoyed, angry, pissed. So many emotions running through him. He simply stared at her as she leaned and picked, watching her like a dog watches a cat, annoyed they were in their presence. It was her attitude that upset him until she spoke again, apologizing. It softened his glare while he sunk just a bit into seat.

    "You are forgiven Katya..." He replied turning his gaze out the front window of the bridge, taking a long moment. "That girl has been on my ship for who knows how long, what the hell can I train her that she probably doesn't already know better than I?" He asked with a small chuckle, standing and going to a small straw lined crate, pulling out a bottle. "Alecksi, sure you don't want vodka? What about you Katya?"