The Bellmyre Estate [Fantasy]

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  1. OOC!!

    + Introduction +
    The Bellmyre bloodline was an odd one to say the least. Spanning back generations, they have been an enigmatic and private family, keeping their money and estate to themselves. No one knows where their riches originated, but many rumours have circulated. After all, the Bellmyres were notorious for being more then a little eccentric - some of them far beyond the realms of sanity, even.

    Apparently though, the money has dried up. The last of the bloodline, a self-proclaimed inventor and professor, has opened up the estate for public use, converting one wing into a residential area, comprised of both small affordable rooms and larger "living quarters for those who can afford it. You are one of the people who had managed to claim a place at this once-secretive home. The proffessor seems nice enough, maybe a little absent-minded but surely not dangerous....

    ...but what about the rumours he's experimenting on his tenants? And why do some of your neighbours and staff act a little... well... bizarre?

    + The Professor’s Greeting +
    First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to my family estate. I would like to apologize that alot of the house has fallen into a state of disrepair, and that any weird sights, sounds, apparations or rips in the space time continuum you may think you experience are purely either hallucinations caused by potentially dangerous building materials in the new wing or plain-old house sounds. While on the subject of the estate, please note that the house is most definitely not alive. That is a ridiculous notion. A place that has absolutely no way of communicating that it is sentient, intelligent or in pain cannot possibly be alive.

    Onto my rules. Firstly, I would like to say that my private quarters - in fact, lets just say that the entire of the south wing - is off limits. I am often working and do not like to be disturbed. If there is an absolutely emergency and I am in my quarters, please knock and wait for me to answer the door. You will find my rooms at the end of the corridor. Do not look in any other rooms, unless under my specific instruction while in my company.

    On a completely unrelated note, if you are looking for a little extra money, I am always looking for volunteers to 'assist' me with my work. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe most of the time.

    Secondly, I think it is very important that I and my staff cater for all the different dietary requirements of any and all who stay here, regardless of where they are from, or what their cultural and racial backgrounds are. Please note however that tenants and staff are not food. Paticularly the staff, I would not advise trying to eat them, they don't take kindly to it. Anyway, such conduct will be penalised heavily if you are caught. I have eyes and ears everywhere, you know.

    On another completely unrelated note, I am terribly forgetful, paticularly when working, paticularly if I am working with volunteers. Should any punishments need to be dealt out, I can not guarentee that I will retain many details of any crime should the perpetrator have volunteered to help me with my work. I will try my best, though, honest. I can just be so conveniently scatterbrained sometimes...

    You will notice that the attic is locked. This is, by tradition, the staff quarters. I would strongly advise not picking the lock. Or any other locked rooms in the Estate. That's just poor conduct.

    I would also like to mention that there is a curfew of eleven thirty PM. This is for your own safety. There are alot of wild animals that roam the grounds at night such as wolves and bears that might break down the front door and eat sleepy wanderers. Therefore, please stay in your rooms. Unless you have been given a room on the second floor.

    For those of you who live on the second floor, you have a curfew of eleven thirty AM. There are alot of wild animals that roam the grounds during the daytime such as squirrels and rabbits that might break down the front door and eat sleepy wanderers. Therefore, please stay in your rooms. It's simply not safe.

    Please note that the staff and I have better things to do then enforce curfews and you are expected to be responsible enough to take care of yourselves. We trust you to make the right decision and not do anything that could get you killed by your neighbo- I mean, wild animals.

    Speaking of animals, pets are allowed in my estate. Particularly exotic ones - they're encouraged. Note: I am not responsible if pets go missing or get up to mischief.

    Finally, I will sometimes host events for your amusement. I do hope you will attend. Do not be suspicious of my motives. I love each and every one of you like a brother or sister, pay no attention to the fact my elder siblings died under suspicious circumstances and I inherited the state by poor, unfortunate luck.

    I would like to, once again, extend a warm welcome to you for deciding to move into the Bellmyre estate. You have made a good decision, one that demonstrates an above-average intellect for your respective race. I am sure you will find your stay here most enlightening, and in no way dangerous, otherworldly, paranormal or just plain freaky.



    • This roleplay is set on the grounds of the Bellmyre Estate in modern times. The house itself is very old-fashioned with little new technology on the grounds. You can play as either a human character living on the first floor, or a supernatural living on the second floor. Due to the Professor’s welcoming note, the two sets of residents are a little wary, suspicious and cautious of each other. The supernatural don’t know the humans of the floor below are human, and the humans don’t know that supernatural creatures even exist outside of books and movies. They suspect each other to be dangerous.

      The interesting thing about this whole arrangement is your initial room is very…well, cheap. If you agreed to live on the grounds for a couple of years, rent was practically non-existent. It hardly seems like a good business move for the Professor, but perhaps that’s why the Bellmyre fortune has all but dried up.

      There is a small town about 30 minutes’ drive from the house itself, and a bus stop a short walk away. It’s not a sprawling metropolis by any stretch of the imagination, but it has a selection of places to work and spend your leisure time if you so choose to do so, and the only way you’re going to get an internet connection any time soon.

      Players may only have one character as I am considering limiting spots for this roleplay.

    • + There are many things about this roleplay that make it more like a game than anything else. Players can earn points to spend on unusual or magical items, powers, pets, new locations and information that can influence the direction of the roleplay or simply how that character interacts with others. Please note that, because of the game-like elements involved in this roleplay, your characters are likely to be quite fluid and always developing. For example, if you let the professor experiment on you, you might end up with bionic arms or heightened intelligence. Similarly, if another character spends their hard earned points on some potion and uses it on your character, it’s going to affect you. So, if you’re up to joining this roleplay, please keep an open mind and be a good sport. If you’re really against a certain change to your character, there will be opportunities to revert those changes.

      Occasionally, point based items may be found around the map. Many items may also unlocknew Mysteries and subplots.

      Key Commands are actions you put in your post to get a GM response/more information regarding the game aspects of the roleplay and differentiate them from your standard post. They do not need to disrupt your standard post. Simply, place the command in Bold within your post. E.g.:

      "Tabby the cat turned to the mouse and said, "my dear, I do declare that Sir Pettlebry was awfully rude to you this morning. I say, if I see him again it shall be pistols at dawn on your honour!" Hoping that had alleviated some of her worry, Tabby turned his attention to the strange room they had found themselves in and examined it with scrutiny."

      You may also declare Key Commands in the OOC thread if that suits you better. "BTW Tabby is examing the room while he's spending time with Jennifer" would also suffice. Bear in mind not eveywhere shall illicit more information, but sometimes it's better to be safe then sorry.

    • + There will be secrets involved in this roleplay. Please expect to occasionally receive PMs from me regarding information your character has that other characters may not know. It is up to your discretion what you do with such information given to you, and what your character does with it. Do they tell? Do they investigate on their own? Or do they keep it to themselves and watch the other characters flounder around in their ignorance?

      + Occasionally during the roleplay you may find out interesting information about other characters, the house, the professor’s family or the staff. In other words, Clues. When you have enough Clues about a certain subject, you can combine them into a Mystery. Mysteries unlock new locations, a new sub-plot or story arc, as well as rewarding your character with items and points for their successful sleuthing.

    • To spice things up, some relationships will be established semi-randomly before the roleplay starts. You are of course free to create your own relationships between characters as you please both before and during the roleplay, but these established relationships should add a bit more intrigue and friction to the game. If you really don’t like the established relationships allotted to you or feel they are not suited to your character, we can most certainly change things around until the fit more appropriately. For the more brave individual, I can determine your established relationships entirely randomly, if that’s more your thing :)

      Established relationships will not just be things like “friend/sibling/rival/love interest.” They will also include things like knowing a secret about a character, being involved in a specific plot, or sharing a certain interest as well as emotional/professional/childhood things. Again, whether you wish to disclose the information regarding a specific entanglement is entirely up to you.

    • Under Construction

    • If you didn’t know any better you’d swear the house was alive.

      Outside of the converted wing, you’d almost say that house moves and changes. There are doors that go to nowhere and sometimes rooms appear where there weren’t rooms before. Occasionally the décor changes but you’ve never seen a decorator set foot in the house. And what’s the deal with technology playing up on the premises? It has a habit of going utterly berserk, dead, and you’ve even heard some stories about someone’s cell phone becoming conscious and making a nest out of old electronic parts in the laundry basket. But those things are just stories…

      You’ve heard of architecture making buildings look bigger on the inside, but this is taking it too far. It’s a big house, but you could get lost forever in its roving corridors and twisting staircases. Even the professor seemed rather vague about the extents of the house. You’ve heard rumor that there’s a lot of secret rooms in this place…

      Anyway, there’s no way the house is alive. That would mean the walls are listening to you, and stuff like that only happens in bad movies.

    • There is a Curfew in effect and the Professor has issued all sorts of warnings about all sorts of things. But the staff doesn’t seem all that bothered at making sure these rules and suggestions are followed. It’s almost like the staff here want to stick your nose into something you shouldn’t… well. There will always be consequences for your actions, after all, and not all of them are good. You imagine that there are probably a few juicy secrets hidden in this house for a brave heart to find… but is it worth it? You might get a nasty surprise.

      And what is up with the tenants on the second floor? They almost seem… otherworldly.

    • Under Construction. Some NPCs may change right now while I work some stuff out.
      + The House +
      + The Reverend +
      + The Maid +
      + The Groundskeeper +
      + The Magician +
      + The Beast +
      + The Service +

    I'm really looking for people who want to engage in this roleplay for the long haul and who are comfortable pitching in with plotting funtime in the OOC. Creative minds and ideas are always welcome.
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  2. Hey, this is very interesting and I would like to join, also is this like Franken Fran by Kigitsu Katsuhisa? It reminded me of that so I was wondering. I already have an idea for a character so I hope everything will be okay, Professor Bellmyre
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  3. I haven't heard of that before, but looking it up it seems pretty cool :D The Professor's experiments aren't the only unusual thing about the grounds, although they do play a big part :3 Hoping to get a few more players but looking foreward to seeing your character if there's enough interest to get this rolling :D
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  4. Great:mycookie: I can't wait and >edited to keep sEcReT<, but maybe it will be cliché after all since usually I don't read horror genre(it gets scary for me and then I can't sleep alone, so I usually avoid it)

    Franken Fran is great its a blend of horror, medical gore, surgery, and comedy

    And the chapters are mostly short stories that are referenced throughout later so its quite easy to read here and there without one sitting
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  5. awh, she'll fit right in :D I don't read horror much either, gets in my head for weeks after @_@ although the Necronomicon is on my readlist, so thats gonna be interestign when I finally tackle it xD I haven't read much manga in a while but it sounds pretty unique!
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  6. Necronomicon :reading: I just did a quick search but it says it is not a real book, but I only did a small search so maybe I just didn't go far enough? Interesting

    or were you being tricky :balletdancer:
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  7. I have this, but yeah, it's also a fictional book in Lovecraftian Lore :D
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  8. I might be interested. I'm not sure if I'd be able to properly contribute, but this seems interesting as a premise. And I tend to always approve of game-y elements.
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  9. I'm interested, but if the RP gets too large before it starts I might back out. I'm trying to keep my plate small with finals week fast approaching.
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  10. hmm, how would people feel about the roleplay having limited spots? Say, maybe between six to eight players? That would make it easier for me to establish some interesting intrigue between characters because we'd have all the characters from the start of the game ^^
  11. I'm definitely going to join this!!!
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  12. Yay more interest! Welcome aboard :D I'm currently fleshing out some of the gameplay stuff and will have more information up soon :3.

    Also I've decided that there will be *alot* of mystery in the roleplay, so you might want to keep ideas about your character secret, so other players don't know what you are :D Character sheets shall probably also include things like weaknesses and unsavory secrets you don't want other people to know. Everyone who comes to Bellmyre Estate will be keeping their cards close to their chest ;D
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  13. I'll probably have a hedgewitch character or maybe some type of supernatural fanatic desperately searching for proof that the otherworldly do exist. :D
  14. I don't mind if open or not maybe temporarily closed once enough then later if someone has to go or becomes inactive or we just want more
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  15. If that's the case then I'll absolutely be joining. :3
  16. Oh, everyone keeping secrets can either go very wrong, or very right. And, probably a limited number of characters is wise for this sort of set-up. Too many people coming and going would remove any real potential for mystery elements either between characters or in general.
  17. hmm, you mean ensuing confusion and the IC not making sense to everyone? I'd love to hear more about the bad points of secret-keeping, in case I go overboard and things become too chaotic. If I know the bad points now, I can change the setup to counteract some of the problems :D
  18. Well, any cons I can name will be colored strongly by personal opinion. I am generally of a mind that secrets aren't meant to be kept at all costs simply because the fun of them is when other people learn and react to them. Si it can get really annoying if I know someone's got some interesting stuff they could reveal, but they just keep hinting at it and dancing around the issue. Particularly if I've already played my own hand, because it means I don't have anything else to really tempt them with.

    The other downside is mostly keeping things secret that should probably be shared, which is a BIG deal in a mystery story. If you're the only one with a clue but you're not telling everyone for some reason, it only hurts attempts to solve things. If the entire game is built on misunderstandings and this sort of thing, it's fine, but it still tends to irk me because I'm usually bad at learning things for some reason. I can pretty much promise you now that I'd always end up taking interest in things that don't really further stuff and thus get sidelined compared to people who chose the "right" stuff to care about.

    I may or may not be just a little bitter about how some past games I've been in have gone.
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  19. Thankyou so much for the information! It's good to get the low down from someone who has previous experience in this type of genre :D In which case, perhaps I will put a limit on the amount of clues you can keep secret at one time... in fact, I just got an idea for a mechanic that would prevent that sort of thing building up :D
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  20. Update!

    Establishing Relationship and traits are almost complete. I'm working on the point shop right now ^^
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