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    Fantasy • Mystery • Mayhem

    + Introduction +
    The Bellmyre bloodline was an odd one to say the least. Spanning back generations, this family was both enigmatic and private, keeping their money and estate to themselves in secret. No one knows where their riches originated, but many rumours have circulated. After all, the Bellmyres were notorious for being more then a little eccentric - some of them far beyond the realms of sanity.

    Apparently though, the money has dried up. The last of the bloodline, a self-proclaimed inventor and professor, has opened up the estate for public use. He has converted one wing into a residential area, comprised of both small affordable rooms and larger living quarters for those who can afford it. You are one of the people who had managed to claim a place at this once-secretive home. The proffessor seems nice enough, maybe a little absent-minded but surely not dangerous....

    ...but what about the rumours he's experimenting on his tenants? And why do some of your neighbours and staff act a little... well... bizarre?

    + The Professor’s Greeting+

    First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to my family estate. I would like to apologize that alot of the house has fallen into a state of disrepair, and that any weird sights, sounds, apparations or rips in the space time continuum you may think you experience are purely either hallucinations caused by potentially dangerous building materials in the new wing or plain-old house sounds. While on the subject of the estate, please note that the house is most definitely not alive. That is a ridiculous notion. A place that has absolutely no way of communicating that it is sentient, intelligent or in pain cannot possibly be alive.

    Onto my rules. Firstly, I would like to say that my private quarters - in fact, lets just say that the entire of the south wing - is off limits. I am often working and do not like to be disturbed. If there is an absolutely emergency and I am in my quarters, please knock and wait for me to answer the door. You will find my rooms at the end of the corridor. Do not look in any other rooms, unless under my specific instruction while in my company.

    On a completely unrelated note, if you are looking for a little extra money, I am always looking for volunteers to 'assist' me with my work. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe most of the time.

    Secondly, I think it is very important that I and my staff cater for all the different dietary requirements of any and all who stay here, regardless of where they are from, or what their cultural and racial backgrounds are. Please note however that tenants and staff are not food. Paticularly the staff, I would not advise trying to eat them, they don't take kindly to it. Anyway, such conduct will be penalised heavily if you are caught. I have eyes and ears everywhere, you know.

    On another completely unrelated note, I am terribly forgetful, paticularly when working, paticularly if I am working with volunteers. Should any punishments need to be dealt out, I can not guarentee that I will retain many details of any crime should the perpetrator have volunteered to help me with my work. I will try my best, though, honest. I can just be so conveniently scatterbrained sometimes...

    You will notice that the attic is locked. This is, by tradition, the staff quarters. I would strongly advise not picking the lock. Or any other locked rooms in the Estate. That's just poor conduct.

    I would also like to mention that there is a curfew of eleven thirty PM. This is for your own safety. There are alot of wild animals that roam the grounds at night such as wolves and bears that might break down the front door and eat sleepy wanderers. Therefore, please stay in your rooms. Unless you have been given a room on the second floor.

    For those of you who live on the second floor, you have a curfew of eleven thirty AM. There are alot of wild animals that roam the grounds during the daytime such as squirrels and rabbits that might break down the front door and eat sleepy wanderers. Therefore, please stay in your rooms. It's simply not safe.

    Please note that the staff and I have better things to do then enforce curfews and you are expected to be responsible enough to take care of yourselves. We trust you to make the right decision and not do anything that could get you killed by your neighbo- I mean, wild animals.

    Speaking of animals, pets are allowed in my estate. Particularly exotic ones - they're encouraged. Note: I am not responsible if pets go missing or get up to mischief.

    Finally, I will sometimes host events for your amusement. I do hope you will attend. Do not be suspicious of my motives. I love each and every one of you like a brother or sister, pay no attention to the fact my elder siblings died under suspicious circumstances and I inherited the state by poor, unfortunate luck.

    I would like to, once again, extend a warm welcome to you for deciding to move into the Bellmyre estate. You have made a good decision, one that demonstrates an above-average intellect for your respective race. I am sure you will find your stay here most enlightening, and in no way dangerous, otherworldly, paranormal or just plain freaky.



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  2. + Point System +
    Players can earn points to spend on unusual or magical items, powers, pets, new locations and information that can influence the direction of the roleplay or simply how that character interacts with others. Items may also unlock new Mysteries to be investigated.

    If a Player or a GM Post does something that affects your character, you may NOT ignore it, unless you have an item that protects you against that specific event. They have spent their hard-earned points on buying that item and not for you to just shrug it off for no reason. The core of this roleplay is weird stuff happening, so embrace it - most effects wear off in time, and if they don't, I will present opportunities to revert actions that players don't like.

    Occasionally, items that usually must be bought with points may be found around the map.

    + Knowledge, Clues and Secrets +

    Occasionally during the roleplay you may find out interesting information about other characters, the house, the professor’s family or the staff. In other words, Clues. When you have enough Clues about a certain subject, you can combine them into a Mystery. Mysteries unlock new locations, a new sub-plot or story arc, as well as rewarding your character with items and points for their successful sleuthing.

    At the start of the roleplay, you will receive a PM from me with any and all information that your character knows. This will be updated during the course of the roleplay as you learn new things. This information is unique to you, other characters may not know what you know. Please do not respond to this PM - it is purely so that all the information you have is collected in one place. If you have questions that you don't want answered publically, feel free to start a new conversation with me to discuss those things.

    + Establishing Relationships and Motivations +

    To spice things up, some relationships will be established semi-randomly before the roleplay starts. You are of course free to create your own relationships between characters as you please both before and during the roleplay, but these established relationships should add a bit more intrigue and friction to the game. If you really don’t like the established relationships allotted to you or feel they are not suited to your character, we can most certainly change things around until the fit more appropriately.

    Established relationships will not just be things like “friend/sibling/rival/love interest.” They will also include things like knowing a secret about a character, being involved in a specific plot, or sharing a certain interest as well as emotional/professional/childhood things. Again, whether you wish to disclose the information regarding a specific entanglement is entirely up to you.

    Some relationships established during this phase will need a little input from other players. If such is the case, a PM will be set up to discuss it further.

    Similarly, you may receive extra traits, abilities or motivations at the start of the game.

    + Taking Risks and Conflicts of Interest +

    Under Construction

    + The House +

    If you didn’t know any better you’d swear the house was alive.

    Outside of the converted wing, you’d almost say that house moves and changes. There are doors that go to nowhere and sometimes rooms appear where there weren’t rooms before. Occasionally the décor changes but you’ve never seen a decorator set foot in the house. And what’s the deal with technology playing up on the premises? It has a habit of going utterly berserk, dead, and you’ve even heard some stories about someone’s cell phone becoming conscious and making a nest out of old electronic parts in the laundry basket. But those things are just stories…

    You’ve heard of architecture making buildings look bigger on the inside, but this is taking it too far. It’s a big house, but you could get lost forever in its roving corridors and twisting staircases. Even the professor seemed rather vague about the extents of the house. You’ve heard rumor that there’s a lot of secret rooms in this place…

    Anyway, there’s no way the house is alive. That would mean the walls are listening to you, and stuff like that only happens in bad movies.

    + Character Sheet +
    This roleplay is now closed to submission.

    Please PM all sheets under the title "Bellmyre CS: CHARACTER NAME" and do not post your sheets in the OOC thread, thankyou. Only one character per player as spots are limited.

    You may play as a Supernatural Creature or Human. I may ask you to tweak your CS a little if certain things conflict with items or plot stuff ^^ If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Please Note: the Relationships, Motives and Inventory sections are purely optional, feel free to add to them if you wish however.

    [Picture if applicable]
    Age: [if you're a bazillion years old, just the age you appear]
    Race information: [Delete if you're playing a human]
    Traits: [Up to 4. These should be related purely to your character.]
    Abilities / Skills: [Up to 5.]
    Connections / Relationships: [may not be applicable at the start of the roleplay]
    Motives: [may not be applicable at the start of the roleplay]
    Inventory: [may not be applicable at the start of the roleplay]
    Knowledge: [to be filled during the RP]
    The Difference between Traits and Abilities and Skills
    Skills are things like being good at cooking, being good at math, knowing karate, being able to balance a basketball on your finger, being an excellent climber, being able solve a rubix cube in under ten seconds, ect. Perhaps it's something they're naturally good at, or perhaps it's something they've trained themselves in over time.

    Abilities are more supernatural. A vampire might be able to turn into a bat at will and a ghost might be able to float through walls.

    Traits are more like characteristics. These can be personality traits, physical traits, things they're knowledgeable in or unusual habits /mannerisms they have. Traits are about them, while skills/abilities are things they can do. One character might have arrogant in their trait list while another might be knowledgeable about herbs. A third might have a habit of always throwing salt over their shoulder when they sneeze.
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  3. + Shops +
    you aren't aware of any shops that are open for buisness yet
    -Under Construction because tables are a pain 8-D -

    • PriceMundane CreaturesPriceExotic CreaturesPriceSpecial CreaturesPriceMythical Creatures
      -Mouse/Rat-Large Spider-Tiny Plastic Fish-Unicorn
      -Rabbit/Bunny/Gunea Pig/Chinchilla-Tiny Spiders-Old Marionette-Gryphon
      -Cat-Poisonous Snake-Porcelein Doll-Chimera
      -Dog-Wolf-Mysterious Rubix Cube-Ceberus
      -Parrot-Tiger-Strange Iron Orb
      -Horse-Lion-Origami Crane
      ---Panther-Moon Rabbit
      ---Bear-Hand in a Jar
    • Standard potions must be ingested.
      -Red Potion-Contortionist's Brew-Belly of the Beast
      -Pink Potion-The Hedonist's Elixer-Lion's Heart
      -Orange Potion-The Shaman's Way-Fur of the Bear
      -Yellow PotionWanderer's Wish-Bay of the Hound
      -Gentle Green Potion-Lover's Lament-Bacterial Blessing
      -Dark Green Potion-Fortuna's Masterpiece
      -Light Blue Potion-The Incepid Lover
      -Dark Blue Potion-Mermaid's Kiss
      -Black Potion-The Master's Word
      ---Spontaneous Whimsy

    • [/td][/td]
      Price?????Price?????Price?????PriceOne Use Only
      -The Glass Vessel-Matching Bracelets-Broken Blade-Bright Orange Candy
      -The Silver Chord-Spiked Ring-Full Coat of Platemail Armour-(2x) Matching Champagne Glasses
      -Dusty Old Teapot-Azurite Pendant-Glittering Gauntlet-Vanishing Bronze Coin
      -Ornate Goblet-Chrysocolla Pendant-Shimmering Cloak-Vanishing Silver Coin
      -Crystal Ball-Black Sapphire Pendant-Fine Walking Cane -Vanishing Gold Coin


    the Professor isn't offering Room Upgrades right now.
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  4. + Character Roster +
    Only public information is displayed here.

    1st Floor Occupants
    Ashley Laselva, played by Sechresse
    Ashley Laselva • 22 • Male

    Ashley is 5'11" with short dark brown hair (bangs come to his eyebrows, sides just over the bottoms of his ears). He is thin and lanky with little muscle or fat. He is healthy looking, but not in the best shape due to lack of exercise. His eyes are a dull green. His features are fairly average, but he qualifies as somewhat attractive and has a warm smile. Ashley prefers wearing button down shirts, blue, black, or grey jeans (brown or black cotton shorts when its hot) and skater shoes. On days he's feeling lazy, sick, or otherwise under the weather he will just wear regular long or short sleeved shirts. Earth tones are his favorite colors to wear.

    Ashley has a very balanced walk and demeanor, though he slouches a bit when he stands idle (usually putting weight on one foot at a time). His expressions and mannerisms make him look friendly and approachable.

    Ashley is typically calm and outgoing (though not the cool as ice type). He is excitable, but expresses it without being boisterous. Although not a social butterfly, he is able to communicate well with and relate to most any kind of person. Despite this Ashley infrequently puts himself into situations that involve interactions with new people. His standard behavior with new individuals is to act reserved and cordial until some common ground (like interests or experiences) is discovered. He prefers to spend his time with small friend groups or by himself. Trying new activities or learning new skills makes Ashley nervous (does not apply to food!). He likes to look competent in front of others and is embarrassed by failure. Locations are a different matter entirely as Ashley loves going to new places as long as he doesn't get lost.

    Ashley is not superstitious but does not rule out the supernatural. It is his belief that if anything abnormal exists it probably follows its own unique set of logic. In other words anything can make sense given the right context. That said, he still does not expect supernatural encounters and would respond to them with appropriate magnitudes of surprise.

    Ashley is very confident in his own abilities but tends to shy away from new tasks. If given proper instructions however he believes that he can get most jobs done right. He doesn't offer his help to anyone who wants or needs it, but he will lend a hand for his friends. Additionally, if a task is particularly interesting to him he will involve himself.
    Caleb Martin, katkami

    Caleb Martin • 22 • Male

    Caleb is 5'9" tall and pretty solid. Not built, but not skinny; his presence isn't commanding, but he takes a confident stance and appears comfortable and at ease no matter where he is. His hair is dark brown, though his head is shaved except for thick bangs. He has cheerful blue eyes and an open, friendly face. He's a skater, and dresses like one: dark jeans, layers of shirts under hoodies under jackets, well-worn backpack, and a cap or beanie are the norm. (And of course, he often has his skateboard with him.)

    Quick to smile and joke around, Caleb is lighthearted and not too serious. A little cocky--this can be charming or annoying. He isn't exactly impulsive, but he wants to do what he wants to do, and does it. Since he always seems to be playing around, he doesn't come off as a threat, but he does pay attention and has an uncanny sense of whether people are a threat to him. He's a wary type, despite his sociable behavior.
    Molly Politano, played by Lady Amalthea

    Molly Politano 19Female

    Molly stands at 5”5, with long red hair and dark, curious eyes. She’s often seen wearing a contented smile on her face; it seems to be her default expression. Often, Molly opts for comfortable and brightly coloured clothing.

    Bubbly, adventurous and a little bit foolhardy, Molly tends to act first and think later. She loves everything strange and unusual, and has a crazy imagination on her, which has often gotten her in trouble a lot. Speaking of trouble, that is exactly what Molly is – don’t let her drag you into her crazy schemes, because they rarely work out for the best, and sometimes she even gets bored of them halfway through to leave other people to take the fall.

    Molly is excitable, loud, overly-friendly and more than a little mischievous. When she gets mad she gets furious, stamps her feet and yells and has even been known to throw things at those who wind her up. These moods are intense but rarely last long – she quickly gets distracted by a new scheme or forgets the issue altogether. Just don’t remind her about why she was mad. Seriously, don’t.

    This character can not investigate mysteries alone as she is played by the GM.

    2nd Floor Occupants
    Shen Anitiala, played by Moogle-Girl

    Shen Anitiala • 19 • Female
    Shen's appearance is of a dark-skinned woman with shork, spiky hair, clad only in a skin-tight purple dress.

    Personality: Larger than life is the name of Shen's game. She always puts herself first and loves to indulge, but her inhibitions are lacking and she tends to go too far in nearly everything she does as a result. She loves company, but only for a short time; dealing with others gets exhausting for her fairly quickly.

    You find something deeply unsettling about this woman when you're around her, but it is hard to place.
    Zoe Moore, played by Polystical

    Zoe Moore • 19 • Female

    Zoe is a curious yet reserved soul. Due to her past, she tends to keep to herself, although she longs for friends and possible romantic companionship. Zoe is a bit of a bookworm and can get quite consumed when she finds something she finds interesting in a book. She is also very kind towards animals, but she holds a deep distrust for certain people (mainly Europeans/Caucasians). She doesn't actively go out of her way to avoid them, but she rarely every trusts them.
    Erin Blackwood, played by R-9Pilot

    Erin Blackwood • 27 • Female

    Erin is rather busty, has long brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. She likes to wear various forms of ribbed sweater, for whatever reason, and usually wears some form of casual clothing when not at work. And often even when at work, as is the lovely way of academia. She has an average build. Her hair seems to have a mind of its own and rarely stays put in a nice style of any sort, and sometimes almost seems to move of its own accord.

    Erin is a serious, driven sort of person. She takes both her work and her hobbies seriously, and will do the same for most of her obligations. She is considerate to others and generally has no problem with company of any sort. She tends no to drag other people into her own business if she can help it. She generally puts a polite, warm and friendly attitude forward, especially around those she doesn't know. At times, she can come off as unusually cold, casually cruel, or sadistic, although she reins such behavior in quickly as soon as she notices it or it's pointed out to her. Although she is reasonably attractive, Erin is still single, and is just a little bitter and possibly desperate about it.

    Erin has an avid interest in the supernatural and paranormal, and will actively seek it out or embrace such explanations for events. She treats occult study as one of her hobbies...
    Teale Richardson, played by Litá Fày Fiña

    Teale Richardson • 12 • Female

    Even though her body language tends to be defensive, and her face is constantly hidden behind her hair, Teale still makes effort to converse with her fellow inhabitants at Bellmyre Estate. She seems to have mood swings where moments after laughing around with a friend, Teale will retreat to her room and may not reappear for the rest of the day. No one has really seen her depressed, only her more social side, but they have heard crying from her room as well as catching her sigh when she thinks no one is around.

    Whenever you see her around the house, her hair is always covering her face. You wonder if you should take a peek...

    When it's silent, you shiver from an unknown chill around this character.

    Lauren Chase, played by Huntress

    Lauren Chase • 24 • Female

    Five foot nine, one-hundred and sixty pounds of defined muscle, still maintaining a recognizably female figure. Dirty blonde slightly wavy hair that hangs just passed her collar bone. Blue-grey eyes.

    Lauren is a surprisingly kind soul despite the inner turmoil she sometimes struggles with. By nature she's curious, always has been. Simply born with a curiosity that never ceases to be satisfied. Her character is rather whimsical as she thinks and does at different times and is typically all over the place but she is also very stubborn. Rarely though, is Lauren rude to someone, they have to be really disliked for her to be rude. Although she might seem like she's indifferent towards something, when a task is given to her she is determined to complete it to the best of her ability and will not settle for anything less. Any skills she has gained have come more from determination than natural talent.
    White, played by Jakers


    White's hair is long and windswept in a shaggy fashion behind him, often covering his bored-looking, dark grey eyes. His skin is unusually white, and he's notably taller than most, standing at 6"8. Almost all of the time, White wears a tan-coloured baseball cap backwards, with the logo of a simplistic yellow smiley face on the front of the cap. Other than that, he usually wears not much apart from a simple pair of grey shorts, and a deeper grey polo shirt.

    White is a quiet and bored-looking individual, who often shies away from other people. He barely socialises, and often wanders around with curiousity in search of new things to do. Although he's extremely clever, he doesn't really understand figures of speech and takes most things literally. He has a good heart, although his attitude simply doesn't make him appear friendly. He takes a great interest in solving problems and mysteries, which makes this manor a perfect haven for White to stave off his boredom. He's straight, although his attempts at romance would most likely be terrible. He seems to be a lot happier and friendly when in sunny weather, for some reason.
    Trevon "Tricks" Carter, played by Shattered♦Secrets™

    Trevon "Tricks" Carter
    Trevon "Tricks" Carter • 20 • Male

    Tricks human appearance is 5'8", he has brown skin. His hair is black and curly and always fresh and neat. Tricks likes to wear jeans, tank tops or graphic tees and bright colored sneakers. Tricks always has a hat on at all times, if anyone tries to take his hat off he'll get pissed off.

    Tricks, just like his nickname loves to play pranks and mess with people. Tricks is a light hearted guy, he loves to have fun and crack jokes. Tricks hates drama and being annoyed. If he senses bad vibes from someone he will usually stay far far a way from them at all costs. If Tricks sees someone upset, he will try to make them laugh, be it a corny joke or some crazy prank once he sees a grin he knows he has done his job. Tricks can get a cold demeanor when he feels betrayed or hurt. When he gets that way, All Hell Will Break Loose.

    Edward W. Winston, played by ivoryknight22

    Edward W. Winston • 22 • Male


    He's a young pale faced man standing at 5”7, with black hair that always sticks to his face and hangs in his dark blue eyes. He always wears dark clothing and has a series of spider web tattoos on his body. he wears a necklace that has death related charms on it.


    Always the quiet one, barely speaks, but when he does it means something. Not in a profound and deep way, but still means something. He tends to fidget and scribble notes on people he meets. He gets nervous around groups larger than 3 or 4. So a shy, quiet, goth kid :P

    Lukanious "Luca" Falcove played by Poetic_Justic3

    Lukanious 'Luca' Falcove • 27 • Male

    Luca is a very laid back but intelligent man, many people find him mysterious but is hard to be read from other people, the only thing people can find about him right off the get-co is that he is hiding something. He can be very rude to new people, since throughout his life he hasn't been close with much people. Luca has a hard time trusting people and it is even harder to gain his respect, Luca tries to hide himself with his charm, sarcastic tone and intelligence.
    Dimitrie "Dimi" Petrovis

    Dimitrie "Dimi" Petrovis • 35 • Male

    Dimi is very curious to learn and listen, making him highly observant, very social and able to adapt to other people's personalities. Naturally he gives off a calming vibe, which others tend to feel comforting to open up to. He's laid back and chill, and tends to laugh as a primary emotional response.

    + NPCS +

    Professor Bellmyre

    Your host, Professor Bellmyre, is a cheerfully enigmatic individual who is more than a little eccentric. He keeps himself to himself most of the time and always seems to be working on something. When you do see him, he always seems to be rushing somewhere or another, and his thoughts are often far from the conversation at hand. Perhaps this is the reason why some of the things he says are more than a little odd, but he’s a nice enough chap, and surely in no way dangerous. His wardrobe comprises of a series of labcoats, working aprons, goggles and occasionally hard hats among the more unusual things. He sports a pair of military boots that look a little too big for him and a pair of offensive black rubber gloves that come up to his mid-forearm. Come to think of it, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him without gloves on… One particular time you’d seen him wearing old fashioned Victorian dinnerwear that looked a little moth-eaten and probably should have been burnt many decades ago. Not that it bothered him – he is clearly totally ignorant of typical social norms.

    When not wearing goggles, the Professor sports a pair of round, slightly well-loved spectacles.






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  6. Question: how exactly do we earn points?
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  7. Points are earned through solving mysteries, finding clues and experimenting with items. You also receive some points for general posting - creatively solving puzzles, moving the plot along and experiencing key events/scenes for your character (basically character devlopment). In other words, adding to the richness/quality of the roleplay will earn you points ^^

    Points won't be too hard to come by :3
  8. I see, thank you. :3
  9. W00t W00t!

    I've put a banner into circulation and there are two other CS's currently being worked on. That means we need am minimum of three other players to start after those are submitted ^^

    I will leave this open a couple days while I get those tables fixed @_@ So it *might* mean we end up with slightly more then eight players, but I doubt there be enough crazies out there to join 8-D
  10. So far three girls including me and one boy but with name Ashley :female: but its also a male name just less common

    So its time to bring some more boys to the yard

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  11. Sadly, probably running another girl here.
  12. At least you have me ;-;
  13. :judge: no problem as long as we outnumber them then toilet seat will always be down by vote
  14. I will be making a boy, should have cs pm to you @Lady Amalthea tomorrow.
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  15. Excellent :D Hoping to have the potion section up soon.. Some of them need to be renamed because their effect is too obvious 8-D

    Also I love how the thread is practically a supernatural harem right now with one human guy LOL
  16. It's just like one of my Japanese animes.
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  17. I wasn't ready for this ;-;
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  18. Don't worry, everything'll balance out xD
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