The Beginning

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  1. Eae puts on her apron and prepares to work. "Eae start making the drinks!" Her coworker calls out to her. "Yes sir" she says back before preparing the drinks.
  2. Ethan stepped into the café in town. It was his favourite place to grab a hot beverage, despite it being recently opened. He approached the counter and smiled at the woman, Eae, who was preparing the drinks.

    "Hey there, I'd like a cappuccino please." said Ethan as he took out his wallet.
  3. Eae looks at Ethan and smiles "yes sir, what size would you like." She says as she holds up the different size cups.
  4. "...Hm, I think I'll go for a medium today." replied Ethan. Having checked the prices on the board hanging above, he got out the amount required and placed it on the counter. He also gave a small tip to Eae.
  5. Eae takes the money and smiles at him "thank you sir." Free putting the money except for the tip in the cash register she turns and starts making Ethan's drink.
    Eae finishes making the drink and turns quickly towards Ethan, accidentally spilling the drink Eae exclaims "I am so sorry sir, let me help you clean that off." Eae grabs a couple of napkins.
  6. The drink managed to catch Ethan's shirt, leaving a relatively small but noticeable stain on there. Ethan's eyes widened. At first, he was somewhat annoyed but quickly became forgiving. There was something about Eae which made him forgive her easily.

    "A-Ah!" exclaimed Ethan, "You should be more careful next time."

    He grabbed a few napkins from the side and started wiping the hot stain on his shirt.
  7. Eae fidgets "I am so sorry." She says guiltily. At that moment her boss walks out and sees them "what are you doing?" He says and ushers her away from Ethan "I am so sorry for my...employee" he says with a frown.

    Eae stands there with her head down sadly.
  8. Ethan blinked at the sight of Eae's boss. He didn't want to escalate things so he played the 'cool customer' trick.

    "It's quite alright. We all make mistakes. I'm sure your employee..." he began, reading the name badge on her, "Eae didn't mean to spill anything on me."
  9. Eae's boss nods at him "I guess you're right, but Eae will make you another drink free of charge." He says before leaving.

    Eae looks at Ethan "I'll go and...make you another." Eae makes him a drink and gives it to him, this time more carefully. "Um... I'm sorry again. If there is anything that I can do for you, maybe pay for your shirt to get cleaned?"
  10. "That sounds fair enough." said Ethan, agreeing to the free drink offered by Eae's boss. He took the drink with a small smile and waved a dismissive hand in response to Eae's question.

    "Ah, there's no need for that. How about you give me your number instead? You seem nice and I'd like to treat you to dinner or something." he replied to Eae with a light chuckle. Ethan blew softly into his boiling hot drink and sipped it afterwards.
  11. Eae blushes at his question before looking at him with confusion.
    "Are you sure?" She asks him, "I still feel guilty about....what happened."
  12. Ethan nodded with confidence. Another chuckle, "Absolutely. I've made sillier mistakes in the past, maybe I'll share a few over dinner."

    "And I've gotta say, you sure know how to make a great drink. This is amazing!" he praised with a wide smile plastered on his face. It was a genuine compliment.

    Ethan placed his cup down on the counter and took out his cell phone. "So, mind if I have your number Eae?"
  13. Eae blushes deeply at the comment then smiles brightly at him "y-yeah, I'll like that." Eae tells Ethan her number "thank you, for being so nice to me even though I spilled...your drink." She gives him a little nervous laugh.
  14. Ethan pressed a few buttons on his cell phone and added Eae's number to his contacts, smiling widely at the agreement.

    "You're welcome. I'll text you now so that you get my number."
    With that said, Ethan said Eae a quick text message.

    "Hey, it's Ethan here x"
    Was it too early to add the 'x'? He thought to himself, dismissing the thought soon afterwards.

    "No need to be sorry, okay? I'll call you tonight and we can arrange something." said Ethan.
  15. Eae look at her phone as she receives the text message, she smiles a little at the message and saves the number to her contacts.

    Looking back at Ethan she smiles at him and nods "okay, until tonight then."
  16. "I'll call you tonight. You take care now!" said Ethan, taking his coffee with a small nod. He needed to get to work and was in a hurry. Flashing a smile before leaving, Ethan opened the front door of the café with one hand and walked out.

    TIMESKIP. After a long day at work, Ethan returned home and took out his cell phone. Scrolling through his contacts to find Eae, he eventually found her and dialled her number.
  17. Eae sits in her couch with a yawn, after finishing her now extended shift as punishment for messing up, she was tired.

    Eae closes her eyes and starts to relax until she gears her phone ring, she looks around and finds her phone on the dining room table, she quickly gets up and sprints to it running into things in the process. Once she reaches her phone she picks up and out of breath says "h-hello?"
  18. Ethan was lounging around in his living room, sitting on the leather couch in his small apartment. A smile quickly formed upon hearing the female's voice. Ethan spoke in a confident tone, "Hey Eae. It's me, Ethan, from this morning. Just wondering if you're free this weekend? I thought I'd treat you to dinner at this fancy place I know."
  19. Eae sits back down on the couch with the phone to her ear, smiling at his question she says "Hi Ethan. Yes I'm free this weekend but you don't have to talr me to a fancy place."
  20. Ethan scoffed jokingly and waved a dismissive hand through the phone, crossing his legs on the couch. "Please, I know the guy who runs the place. I can get us reservations at half price."

    "So, are you free this Saturday night at around 7pm? I'll need your address so I can come pick you up."
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