The Beginning

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    She stared at nothing. Her green eyes looked around the colourless room which was in a simple square shape. There was only a single foam mattress with a sheet and pillow, but no bed frame. There was also a single bean bag which sported as a chair. Nothing else. Everything was white, no colour. Everything else was bare. The girl's legs were folded underneath her, her palms pressed on the soft, white carpet, her head bowing forward, her blond hair slipping over her shoulders. Slowly, the girl stood, her arms hanging limply beside before she tilted her head back to look around the room before she stumbled to the white walls made out of strong, almost unbreakable glass. She dragged her hand across the cool surface as she walked around the room, her feet dragging as she slumped forward as she walked. She knew there were people on the other side of the glass, watching her. They always watched her. Every day. All day. It had been like this for as long as she could remember. She couldn't remember a day out of this room or the other room. A dull grey room with a high silver table she was often told to lie on by people dressed in white gowns. There were two men who escorted her from her room, into the silver room who were dressed in black suits, their movements mechanical, their eyes glassy. She knew they were androids. That's what she had been told. But she didn't really know what an android was. She didn't really know anything. They were gave her the chance to learn. However, her brain was more highly developed than any humans. But they refused to let her learn anything, and she had no idea why.

    She kept walking around the room, her mind foggy and body heavy from the drugs which were still in her system from when they had injected her with something. She didn't even make it to the bed before she collapsed, her knees giving out. Crumpling to the floor, she crawled over to her bed, her knees catching on her dress once. She wore a white dress which exposed her back and tied around her neck. There was a gold band around her middle to also help hold it up. The front went to her knees, whilst the back dragged along the ground. She finally made it to the foam mattress and she fell face first into the pillow before she rolled onto her side, her eyes fluttering closed as she fell into a coma-like sleep. After a few hours, she woke to see a tray of food beside her bed. There was a small plastic bowl of lukewarm vegetable soup with a plastic spoon, an apple and a cup of water. The usual food she got for lunch. So it meant it was the middle of the day. She struggled to sit up and she spooned the soup into her mouth and then ate half of her apple before she downed her water and curled up to sleep again, still seeing groggy from the drugs. At dinner, she woke again and there was a plastic plate with a baked potato and a small piece of baked pumpkin with plastic cutlery, with a plastic cup of water again. Eating her food and drinking the water, she pushed away the tray and curled up again, her mind still not quite clear. She knew they only ever brought plastic things into her room, afraid she might try to harm herself. Not that she would.

    She fell asleep again and she had no clue how long she was asleep before she was woken by a loud rumbling sound and everything around her shaking. She sat up, eyes wide. She had no clue what was going on. When she looked around, she saw a corner in her room, the glass had shattered, providing a hole big enough the crawl through.. But why hadn't they noticed? And why was everything shaking? Glancing around for a few moments before she scrambled over to the corner and peeked out.. A dark hallway. She crawled through, her veins icy with confusion. She wandered through the hall, finding that all the rooms she looked into were empty. She saw a glass door up ahead and she half jogged, half stumbled over to it and she pushed it open. A bright light caused her to squint and lift a hand to shade her eyes. When her eyes adjusted she looked around and saw orange-yellow sand and blue sky above her. The light had been the sun. She couldn't even remember the last night she had been outside. Staggering forward through the sand, almost falling a couple of times, she turned in a slow circle, looking around. The only building in view was the very one she had come from. A small squeak escaped her lips before she turned and ran as far as she could, trying not to fall.

    But she didn't get very far before a van pulled up in front of her and men in white suits with sunglasses on opened the door and dragged her inside of it. She didn't even have time to react. She was forced into a seat, where she sat quietly, staring at her lap and then the men sitting opposite her for who knows how long before the van took a sudden sharp left and they were all thrown to the side as the van almost tipped over. It righted itself somehow before it kept driving, the ride smooth, but a tense silence hung in the van the whole way. After who knows how many hours or days past before they came to a complete stop and the door was opened. One man that stood outside of the van held out his hand towards her and she hesitantly took it and stepped down from the van. Her blond fringe fell over her eyes and she moved her free hand to slip it back behind her ears before she looked around. They weren't in that place surrounded by sand anymore. There was green grass and buildings everywhere. And the stood in front of a very tall, fancy building and her mouth hung open in awe as the man who she still held the hand of led her into the building, not saying a word to her, just flashing a smile. These weren't the people she had spent her life with.. No, these people seemed nicer.

    She stepped into the building, almost stumbling but her escort caught her before she fell and steadied her before they continued. She barely got a chance to look at the building before they stepped into a box and the man pressed a button with the number '14' on it and it lit up red. The doors slid closed and she looked around, bewildered. Suddenly, the box lurched and she staggered and the man caught her again. "An elevator," he told her and pointed upwards, "It takes us up that way." The young woman stared at him for a moment before she repeated "Ele...vator?" she said, cocking her head to the side and the man nodded. "Elevator" she repeated again and grinned at learning the word. It had been many years since she had uttered a word and her voice sound foreign and weird to her. Her tongue felt heavy from not speaking for so long as well. The elevator soon stopped and the doors slid open and they stepped out. They were in a hallway. and they turned to the right before continuing right to the end, skipping heaps of doors. They came to the end door and they knocked. "Come in!" a loud, confident female voice ordered and the man opened the door and stepped inside and she followed. In front of her was a middle aged woman, possibly around 35, with short mousy brown hair and brown eyes. She was fairly tall for a woman, standing a head taller than the young woman.

    "Oh, dear," the woman said when she saw her and she stepped over to her, both her hands reaching up to cup her cheeks, "my, you are simply beautiful," she said with a bright smile, drawing the blonde into a hug. The young woman squeaked in surprise and she was instantly released. "I am terribly sorry, my dear," the woman said with a sigh. "Now, what is your name?" she asked and the blond stared at her with green eyes that didn't quite understand. " My.. Name?" she asked with a confused blink. "Yes dear, your name.. My name is Sasha," she told her slowly, glancing at the man who escorted her here. He shook his head, "It seems she knows nothing.. at all," he told the woman named Sasha. "Well then," the woman said, straightening herself and pursing her lips. "What ever shall we do? Do you have any idea why they were keeping you in that room?" she asked, turning her brown gaze onto the young woman. She tensed slightly and shook her head, stepping behind her escort, like he would protect her in case the woman got mad. However, she merely sighed and ran a hand through her mousy bobbed hair. "It's alright, dear, I won't hurt you," she reassured her, but she stayed where she was, before her escort. "All right, well she needs some rest. Take her to room 587," she said, turning away with a slight wave of her hand. "Yes, Ma'am," he said and turned to the blond and smiled, taking her hand again, "come on," he said, leading her out.

    They came to some rectangular shaped bricks stacked on top of each other, leading upwards. "Elevator?" she asked, staring at them. "no, these are called stairs. Similar to an elevator, they take us up, but we need to walk up them," he explained with a kind smile before leading her up the stairs. "Stairs," she said with a grin. By the time they got to the top of the stairs, she was panting slightly and she scurried to keep up with the man as he led her down a corridor. They soon came to a door with the number '587' written on the front of it in silver and he opened the door and gestured for her to go in, letting go of her hand. Stepping in side, she looked around before turning to look at the man. "Rest here," he told her gently before he went to shut the door. She stepped forward and he paused. "Yes?" he asked and she stared at him, trying to form a word, but not knowing. Instead, she shook her head and he said, "If you can't sleep, there is a television and books in the living room. Make yourself at home," he said and closed the door. She stared at it for a moment before she turned and looked around.

    She found some sort of box with black glass and then she found some sort of remote. She pressed a red button in the top left corner and the box flashed on. she jumped, the remote clattering to the floor. She got to her hands and knees, picking up the remote before she crawled over to the box and stared at the people talking inside of it. She sat down, enthralled by it, listening to their words. She understood exactly what they meant, even though she had heard barely any word before this moment. For an hour or so, she tested words and trying to form sentences, but she had no idea if they were correct yet, as she had no one to ask. She lifted the remote and pressed the red button again, turning off the box before she stood and wandered through the rooms. There was a bathroom. she knew about them as her escorts would take her to one once, possibly twice a day to wash and relieve herself. She walked into a room and saw a mattress, blankets and pillows on a high frame. Was it safe to sleep on. The young woman stepped over to it, gingerly sitting on the edge, having no clue what the high frame around the mattress was for. However, it supported her without breaking, so a huge smile broke out over her face and she bounced on it slightly.

    After she searched the rooms a couple more times, she went to the bed and curled up on it, falling asleep. She was exhausted.

    An hour or so later, she woke with a scream. Pain shot through her back, concentrating on her shoulder blades. Sweat instantly beaded on her skin and she sat up on the bed, legs folded beneath her and she groaned. Another shot of searing pain laced its way through her, like something was tearing at her skin from the inside. A bone chilling scream escaped her mouth and she hunched forward, sweat covered forehead resting on the pillows. Her hands reached around, curling around her middle and her fingers stretched for her back. Her fingers met something wet and sticky and she pulled her hand back to see blood. Her eyes went round and she tried to reach around again and her finger tips grazed something protruding from her shoulder blades. She grasped it and yanked as hard as she could and she yelped. She sat up, a momentary relief from the pain and inspected what had come from her. It was covered in blood, but there was no mistake. It was a feather. But why? suddenly, another wave of pain swept through her and she fell forward again.

    It felt like hours, days even before the pain finally subsided and she opened her eyes slowly. Red blotched the white blankets and something heavy hung from her back. She sat up and looked around. She could feel the dried blood on her back and she felt before she saw the wings. They were heavy and awkward. When she saw them, covered in blood but white beneath them, without even thinking of how bizarre it was to have wings, she raced to the bathroom and tripped off her dress, turning the shower on quickly, though only made it lukewarm. She lifted one heavy, useless wing and put it under she water. she sat down on the ground after she grabbed a couple bath cloths and started scrubbing them. Slowly, very slowly, the blood started coming out, showing the white feathers beneath. But she could only get the front halves of the wings, not the back. She couldn't reach. She stood up and tentively stepped under the water, her back numb so she barely even felt the water hitting her let alone the sharp sting as it washed her raw wounds where the wings had split her skin.

    When she stepped from the shower and pulled her clothes back on, she dried what she could of her wings and just waited for them to dry completely before she walked over to the porch. Opening the door, she looked out at the view. Buildings were everywhere, in a relatively close distance there was the ocean. She tested her wings, lifting them and moving them up and down, spreading the feathers as much as she could. She stared at them in wonder before she looked around. Would they work if she tried to fly? Only one way to find out. The girl climbed up on the fence, balancing there for a moment before she jumped, wings spread. She thought she was falling... She was falling. She panicked for a short moment before she remembered that on the black box she saw a bird flapping its wings. So that's what she did. Though stiff and sore, she flapped her wings once, twice and then a few more times and she was no longer falling, but flying. She laughed gleefully and soared through the sky. But she only lasted a few minutes before her wings grew even heavier and exhaustion caught up with her. She tried as hard as she could to fight it, slowly lowering herself. But, about 10 metres from the ground, she lost consciousness.

    She had no clue how long had passed before she opened her eyes. She had no idea where she was. The building looked abandoned. The roof had caved in and fallen, many large holes showing the sky. So that's how she had gotten in here. She sat up with a groan, a hand on her head as it pounded against her skull. Her green eyes scanned the building and then she noticed that her wings had vanished. However, when she thought about them, she could feel them, hiding in her back. Pushing herself to her feet, the young woman stumbled forward. falling back to her hands and knees. She was too weak to go anywhere.​

    [[[ Alright, so, she's an angel who was born on earth and taken as an infant and kept in a white room her whole life. They had been giving her drugs and taking blood to do tests on her or all kinds. she has no clue what she is or where she is. She has an incredible mind, but she's kind of like a child and doesn't really know anything. The people who had taken her are an agency who basically want to do the same thing with her, but are putting up a kind front. They are pretending they want to help her, but they don't. They want to find a way to create others like her, as, her mind goes farther than even a normal angel. And angels have regenerative abilities, as well as amazing strength. Basically they're a more developed race than the humans and the humans want it for their own.
    I want someone to find her, whether they saw her fall before or not. Another angel, please, even a fallen if you wish. She is about 20, so I'd like older, thank you.. He helps her, knowing that the agency which 'helped' her really just want to use her to help create their genetically enhanced humans. They go on the run and he teaches her heaps of things along the way. He falls for her and she falls for him, though she doesn't understand her feelings, obviously.

    This is in another world, so there are all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures out there. Just so you know]]]
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  2. At the time, he had been sitting on the railing of the balcony, roughly three meters from the floor of the warehouse, quietly eating his burrito. He wasn't watching or even looking at anything in particular, until the woman came crashing through the roof, the shock sending his balance straight to Hell. There was a rough thud! as he fell back, onto the balcony floor, the sudden impact sending particles of dust and dirt into the air. The last of his meal was hopelessly lost to the world below -- but a burrito was the last thing on the mans mind.

    He groaned, fragile bones aching within him as he pushed himself up, forcing himself to stand. Life was unfair. Standing then, he brushed himself off, sending more dust and dirt into the air. His hair was pitch black, his skin a decent tan. The clothes he wore were old and tattered; black sweatpants, a fair sized hole in the knee on the left leg; a plain, grey muscle-tank top, and a long, brown trench coat.

    After making sure that everything was still intact, with no compound fractures, at least, he leaned back over the balcony railing, looking for what had shocked him so much. Seeing it was, in fact, a woman, he was quick to turn around and run to the stairs, skipping every other step as he made his way down. He seemed abnormally light on his feet as he half ran, half jogged to the young woman's side, sliding onto his knees. He had been almost positive she was dead, but he was thankful to God when she sat up.

    "Good God, woman!" He exclaimed. "What happened, where are you hurt?" The man thought he would ask, although he had no idea how she had survived the fall. Such an event would have left nothing for the mortician, if it would have happened to him. And yet, this girl had the strength to make it to her feet, if only for a moment. "... Should I call an ambulance?" He asked, carefully helping her back to the floor. His hands were soft and gentle, despite the rest of him, and his fingers were long and thin, at least by human standards. He sat back for a moment take take off his trench coat, carefully draping it over her back, shifting so he could see her face better. Her eyes were beautiful, and spoke nothing of violence or hate. He admired the shade of green in those eyes with his own -- a piercing, orange-gold in color. In his mind, there was no comparison.
  3. The girl vaguely heard someone running towards her and she dragged her gaze from the ground to look at the man. Her eyelids felt heavy and her body also. She watched helplessly as he ran to her, sliding on his knees to stop beside her. She heard words she didn't entirely understand. She felt his hands upon her, gentle, as he helped her to the ground again. Her green eyes looked at them. His fingers were long and thin compared to the other man she had seen earlier today. She blinked slowly, unsure of who this man was and she cocked her head to the side as he spoke of something called an ambulance. Her eyes were wide with wonder as she watched him, trying to understand what he was talking about. "Not... hurt?" she tried, the words feeling foreign on her tongue. She remembered words which had played on that black box back in her room as she said, "What.. Ambu..lance?" she asked, him, her brow furrowing in concentration as she tried to speak to the words. she had no idea if she was making sense, but she certainly hoped she was. Maybe she was telling him she was hurt when really, she had tried to tell him she wasn't and to ask what an ambulance was.

    She watched the man as he shrugged off his coat and she draped it around her shoulders and she smiled at him before she reached up, her fingers gingerly brushing across the material of the coat, cocking her head in confusion. It felt different on her bare skin compared to her white dress. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not, however, it was warm, so she didn't try to take it off. She gaze went back to the man's face, studying his golden orange eyes. She was captivated by them. They were gorgeous, unlike anything she had ever seen before. The young woman tried to push herself onto her feet and she stumbled backwards, her back hitting the wall and she gave a soft yelp of pain. Her back hadn't quite healed from her wings coming through and it was still tender and sore.

    She stayed against the wall, not daring to move, exhaustion weighing her down and telling her to welcome to blackness, but she fought against it with all her might. She groaned softly, wanting to move, but not wanting to hurt herself more. And she was lucky she was able to stand as it was. She looked at the man, her eyes confused. "Where...?" she asked, wanting to know where she was, but not sure how to word it. One hand was pressed against the wall and the other bunched up her dress in a weak fist. She was confused and scared.
  4. He looked down at her, bewildered, as he helped her back to the floor, once again. "What?" He asked trying to run her words through his mind to where they made sense. When it didn't look like she was going to clarify, he took the moment to examine her appearance. She had told him she wasn't hurt, but it was difficult to believe, considering that she had just fallen at least the six to eight meters from the roof of the warehouse.

    When she asked 'where', he could only assume she meant to ask where she was. "Uhm, somewhere along Sunshine Aveneu," he explained, looking up to see the hole in the roof. The sun was still shining, but it was off to the side of the building, judging by the angle the light shone through.
  5. Her brows furrowed slightly as he asked 'what?' she watched him for a short moment before she sighed. It was frustrating not being able to talk properly. She had to learn. And soon. Then he said they were somewhere along a place called Sunshine Avenue and she cocked her head to the side, having no clue where that was. Watching the man as he looked up, she followed his gaze and looked at the hole in the roof, which was where she must've fallen through. She gripped at the coat the man had draped over her shoulders as she looked back at him, full of questions she couldn't voice. She slumped against the wall, fighting against the need for sleep as she watched him.

    "Who?" she asked, gesturing weakly towards him, wanting to know who this man was. She blinked up at him in question as she waited for an answer, becoming increasingly frustrated with herself for not being able to talk properly. She never knew talking was so important. She hadn't had to do it before. She had heard the occasional word uttered by those people outside of her white room and she had tried to repeat them, but they had scolded her for it, refusing to let her learn.
  6. He looked back at her, crouching down to get to her level. "Micheal," he said, pointing to himself, index finger pressed against his chest. "You can call me Mic, though." A strand of black hair fell in front of his face, tickling his nose. He simply huffed, blowing the strands back as he thought.

    "... Do you... Not know how to speak?" Micheal asked her, tilting his head slightly as he looked into her face. He was eager to ask her where she had come from, and why she had come through the roof instead of one of the few doors. It had occurred to him though, that if she spoke the way she did because she didn't know how, then there was likely no way for her to explain herself. Life wasn't fair.
  7. Watching as he called himself Micheal, his index finger pressed against his chest as he told her she could call him Mic. "Micheal.. Mic," she repeated slowly before a smile spread across her features when she got it right. She watched as he blew a strand of hair from his face before he asked if she didn't know how to speak. She concentrated on his words for a moment before she huffed softly and pointed to herself. "Not know.." she started slowly, "How to.. speak," she hoped she got the message across clear enough as her brow creased in irritation.

    She then pointed to him. ".. You know," she tried and then grinned and then gestured to herself, "how to speak," hoping he'd understand she wanted him to teach her as she gave him a hopeful look.
  8. He gave her a weary look, one brow arched as he thought. "You, want me, to teach you English?" Mic asked, standing back up. "Well, do you have someplace else you'd rather go? Somewhere other than this?" He had realized he probably made no sense to the woman, but, once again, he felt he should ask.

    Mic thought some more, reaching up to run his fingers through his ebony hair. A moment later, his eyes refocused and he addressed the woman. "Should we go to my place?" He asked, once again gesturing to himself. It didn't really feel right, offering to take a woman he barely knew to his home. If anyone wanted to call it a home, because "his place" just so happened to just be where he slept at night -- most if the time.
  9. She gave a bright smile when he understood what she meant and she nodded in reply. When he asked if there was somewhere else she'd rather go, she cocked her head to the side in question, not fully comprehending his words. Watching as he ran a hand through his black hair, she was suddenly in awe of the dark dolour compared to her own light sandy blonde. He soon looked back at her and spoke, asking if she wanted to go to his place. "Your.. place?" she asked. He must mean his home, like the room she had always stayed in had been. She gave a light smile and nodded.

    Now she had no place to call her own. If she ever really could have called that room her own. She was kept there her whole life, but that room was all she ever knew. The outside world was such a fanscination to her. Something new and exciting. She wanted to understand everything in it and what it had to offer. And she had a feeling Micheal might help her.
  10. He stood up then, smiling down at her warmly, holding out a hand to help her up. "All right, to the apartments then.


    Mic's apartment wasn't really much to be proud of. There was a living room, a small area with tilling, a counter, small fridge, sink, gas range. A single bathroom with the basic works, and a bedroom -- with a pile of blankets and pillows instead of a mattress. The color scheme was incredibly bland, with white walls, grey carpet, basic lighting. There was, though, a sliding glass door with a small, one, maybe two-person balcony. Smokers suite.

    "It's not much," Micheal said, showing the girl into the living room, where there was a simple sofa sitting against the back wall. "But it's safe, and warm."
  11. She smiled up at the man as he held out a hand to her and then spoke. She nodded and reached up to take his hand.


    She looked around the apartment as they stepped inside and she smiled. It was small and cosy. Just the way she was used to. But there was much more in this small home then what she had in the white room. She glanced into the bed room and the bathroom as Mic led her to the living room and cocked her head to side slightly at the sight of the makeshift bed. She quickly turned to look at the sofa and listened, blinking slowly as the man spoke to her, listening to his words carefully. "Safe," she repeated with a vague nod before she turned to look up at a him with a bright smile.
  12. He stopped for a while, simply examining her features, her bright smile. He smiled back after a moment. "Hold on," Mic told her, holding his hand up in a 'stop' sign as he went into the bedroom and grabbed a blanket and a couple pillows. He brought them out for her, placing the pillows at one end of the sofa, and simply draping the blanket over the cushions.
    "You can sleep here." He gestured to the sofa. The sofa would probably be more comfortable than his 'nest', which was a mess, and on the floor.
    Next, he led her into the small kitchen, opening the fridge.
    "There's soda," he told her, pointing to the 8oz, mini cans, trying to be conscious about how she didn't really even understand him. "Soda," he repeated, then pointed to an egg carton, which he opened to show her. "Eggs. It's breakfast... It's also industrialized, lacking in flavor, and watered down." Mic grumbled the last part, saying it more for himself than for his guest. Next, he took a plastic cup and filled it with cold water from the sink, handing it to her. " can have as much as you like. It's free. Free is good."
  13. She stepped towards the sofa, halting mid step when Mic told her to 'hold on' and she looked at him in question. Put he held up his hand and she soon understood what he meant. Watching as he ventured into another room, she leaned to the side, trying to see him, but she almost lost her balance and she quickly straightened herself. He soon back out with blankets and a pillow and set them up on the sofa, saying she could sleep there. She gave a nod in reply and followed him when he led her to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and spoke and she looked at the cans, not understanding what they were until he repeated it. "Soda," she mimiked quietly before he pointed to a carton he soon opened, saying they were eggs. He then went on to repeat something under his breath his didn't understand at all.

    Staring at the things called Soda for a moment before she shut the fridge door and watched as Mic filled a cup with water before he handed it to her. She gratefully took it and nodded at his word. "Water.. Free.. Free is good," she repeated before she grinned and then drank the water and then place the empty cup on the counter as she tried to think of a word to thank him.. but she came up blank and she huffed in frustration at her lack of knowledge. So, instead, she flashed him a grateful smile.
  14. He watched her smile for a moment, once again lost in thought until he forcefully pulled himself away, walking back to the living room and looking out through the apartment window.

    The world outside was darkening quickly, the last few moments of dusk passing over the city. It would be time for him to leave for the night soon enough, and he would prefer it if his gentle-eyed guest was asleep when that time came.

    "It's getting late," he told her, looking back over his shoulder. "Time to sleep." With that being said, he went back to the sofa and laid the blanket over the cushions neatly, folding back a corner so the young woman could climb in easily enough.
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