The Beginning of the New Age

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  1. The year 2013, there were a very many different ways a vampire was seen. Some people saw a familiar movie by the name of Twilight; some saw an age-old evil that should never be messed with. But this... this is the truth.

    When the New Year of 2015 arrived, people were celebrating all over the world and being merry. But this happiness was soon cut off by something... like fear. Young children as well as old citizens watched the Big Apple drop much faster than it was supposed to; it landed on the ground, shattering. People screamed with fear, scattered. But the viewers in their homes gasped as the camera zoomed in on the Apple... and figures came out of it!

    They pounced on the officials, pained yells echoing throughout the city. It became a war zone, blood filled the air as well as the sound of gunshots. Although some people hit the creatures, they never faltered; they seemed humanoid in every way except for one... their incredibly light skin, as well as fangs that jut out when they latched onto the neck of a person. Their agility was incredible, and it seemed that they healed immediately. Soon, people began to flee the city, packing nothing but essentials and driving away.

    There was havoc: Some people ran for the hills and some people stayed to continue the fight against the invulnerable "vampires". Many people died on that night, and many more in the weeks... no, months to come. So much havoc... the world became distraught as these things took over. Humans were taken into slavery, used as blood bags and feeding devices for the creatures.

    I am one of the vampires...
    And we have taken over planet Earth.

    You may join this RP as a human or vampire, it doesn't very much matter to me. Please Post here:

    If you would like to join this :)
  2. Cendall had just woken up from his slumber and decided to take a stroll through the city. It was a beautiful night filled with such bliss. The war against humans was still on but not much fighting was happening in the city. Cendall didn't much care to rule the night over humans but he didn't deny that he needed their blood just as much as any other vampire. in his mind it didn't much matter who won or lost as long as he was able to achieve his goals and drink the blood of humans he was content with it. After strolling along what seemed to be a wasteland Cendall decides he needs a place to quench his thirst he didn't need to drink often but he also wanted to make sure he was always ready just in case something happened and he needed his full strength. So he jumps to the roofs of the city and starts the hunt. He goes to find his next victim.
  3. The young 14 year old boy had a sinister smile played across his face. He was on the outskirts of one of the vampire's estates... He knew that it was Cendall's estate... and he wanted to bring one of them to Amareiska, to see what the 15 year old snob could do with his metal arm... What was his name? Oh yeah, Brad... He had the best motorcycle of 2014 (2014 is when all the companies in the USA pretty much just shut down), and the vampires would still be able to match him step by step. He took out his small pocket knife and made a small cut in his pointer finger and flicked off the blood once. The smell of his blood would attract at least one vampire... right?
  4. He awoke in a daze moon light shining through the cracks in this ancient crypt. The being tried to move but found that task more than difficult so he tried his other senses the air had a copper taste to it and the smell so familiar to him. His thoughts wandered ah it seems the "others" have made their claim on the earth hopefully they will leave some humans alive. He knew he was not yet powerful enough to walk among the night once more he knew even with the vast amount of souls he had consumed over time were baying like hounds to be unleashed he knew that his defeat against that man drained him more than he had thought his mind once again drifted. No matter soon very soon I will wander this earth again soon the impaler would rise again hahahahahahahahah..... Slowly he faded back into his dreamless sleep lulled by the smell of blood and death.
  5. Cendall continued to move silently in the night observing his surroundings and making Sure he doesn't get in any kind of trouble. He may be a creature of the night but a war was going on. It was foolish for him to move without keeping an eye out for human hunters or even other vampires. Then the scent of blood hit his nose. He was attracted to it and noticed it was close to his home. He went towards it immediately but was worried. His home was a secret and wasn't a place normal humans were found in it was all very suspicious. He looked. He used the shadows around him to hide his presebse. He noticed a small bit standing there as if he was waiting for something. Cendall wasn't someone who was willing to risk his life even if it was a small boy. He decided to stay calm and keep hidden. He was able to smell his blood other vampires should as well so it will give him the chance to gather some information and know what to do just in case something would happen.
  6. Silvia Porter, dressed in a revealing silver slip, sat on the windowsill to the only window in her room, staring out into the night as she sipped from her large glass of viscous red liquid, held in a fancy wine goblet. She contemplated on the war between Vampires and Humans, and where she stood. She had known about it for the longest time, and she had reveled when it finally occurred. She greatly enjoyed having humans to play with, and she was more healthy than she had been in a long time.

    Silvia captured a faint smell of blood she didn't recognize, and realized that a human far away had possibly injured himself. She smirked, imagining that she might have a new slave with new blood, when her thoughts were interrupted by one of her servants, panting as if he had run a long ways. Squinting, she recognized this human as one of the excavators she had ordered to expand the castle with. They were doing quite a fine job really, laying down the foundation to new halls and rooms very well. However, she saw the look on his face and questioned him sharply,

    Come now, what have you come here for? Do not tell me that you've broke something!

    The worker shook his head wildly, wheezing for breath. Silvia rolled her eyes and let him catch his breath, and he spoke nervously, as if fearing her reaction. Of course he would, she might even suck his blood out from his neck for barging in on her.

    You know how we've been digging out the underground... for making the cellar bigger...

    Pausing, he took a large breath and continued with a slightly steadier voice,

    Well, we encountered a sudden rock wall. As we went around it, a poorly covered door crumbled away to reveal a passageway.

    Sheepishly, he twiddled his thumbs as he looked at her feet. Mumbling now, he admitted,

    We want you... to come check it out. None of us were brave enough as you to go in there and explore; there was a cold wind flowing out, and the smell of death and decay sent us reeling.

    Silvia stood up swiftly and dragged the man out of the door. As they walked, he lead the way through the extravagant mansion and down the steps to the cellar. It got increasingly colder and suffocating, for the humans, but to Silvia, the scent of death and dank earth smelt more comforting then even sweet blood did. As they neared the hidden hallway, however, even the smell got a bit stuffy to her. Turning on one of the miners, she roughly took one of the torches he was holding. Smiling mockingly, she turned and went through the hallway, and called out behind her,

    Yeah, don't mind following me into this dangerous tunnel!

    Pausing, she didn't even hear a foot shuffle. Rolling her eyes, she continued on ahead into a dark chamber, with a hole in the ceiling at which, curiously, only moonlight could get through. That's very interesting, might have to look into it. Her eyes wandered over the small area, surrounded by straight rock, and rested on the extravagant coffin, from which the smell emanated. She sniffed, and could even smell that human's blood from here; but no time to focus on that. Having no mind to leave ghosts in their coffins, she eagerly threw open the lid which was screwed shut. She gasped and drew back slightly as she saw... the oldest vampire in history! She almost nailed the lid shut herself, but stopped when she thought about the benefits of having the very first vampire in existence on her side.

    Her mind full of greed, she dragged one of the humans inside, screaming and cursing, and showed him Vladimir. Using one of her sharply filed nails, she cut the humans' wrist brutally, severing the tendons and letting the blood spatter. Using her powers of Illusion, she had the kindness of heart to make him think that letting his blood be fed on was extremely erotic, and he moaned as he felt the blood flow from his body. Silvia had to try extremely hard not to latch onto the blood-bag herself, and nearly pushed him into the resting place of Vladimir. Stepping back, she watched almost eagerly to see if the eldest would wake up to feed on the ready and willing offering.
  7. It turns out that the boy was not as completely normal as Cendall had originally thought...

    "I know that you're there vampire!" he paused for a few seconds, looking directly at the shadow Cendall was hiding in. "I need to ask a favor of you. Have you heard of that small sanctuary that is almost impossible for vampires to find, well there is a 15 year old boy that has beaten a vampire before. He says that he has beaten 3, but I don't believe him... I need you to fight him, if you win, he and I are yours. If you lose, you walk away with the location of the sanctuary, and can possibly come back with more vamps." His face becomes a cruel and evil smile
    "So, what do you say? I've always wanted to be a vampire, even after you killed my pa... OR, are you too Chicken to beat up a 15 year old nobody?"
  8. Cendall looked at the boy with great distrust. "You come to my own home. You seek my own attention. You challenge me to fight a random boy? None of these things add up. I don't care for the location of the sanctuary you speak of!" Cendall then looks at the boy and gives off a great grin. "It may be true I am a Vampire and require human blood but I have no need for a den of humans. I can find what I need in the streets. And besides it doesn't add up on how a boy like you would travel this far into our territory just for an audience with me! I am not a strong fighter everyone knows that, so answer me then why choose me? Why come out here? Why risk your life when I could kill you here and never fulfill your request!" Cendall's eye glowed a vicious red. It was a clear sign he did not joke around and was not going to play any kind of game with this boy.
  9. What...What is this...This taste blood... Vladimir felt the blood on his body the shadows warped around him drawing the liquid to his lips. As it slowly made its way down his throat the souls inside him screamed as one in delight their master finally had the power to wake again to walk the earth once again. I slowly rose out of my coffin feeling the shadows welcome me back to the world I stood rising to my full 6'7" height my bones and joints which haven't been used for a 100 years cracked and popped. Ahhh what a glorious feeling what to do.... I sensed another being in my crypt with me I turned my head and focused my eyes on the being before me long red hair and blue eyes hmm that's odd mine are red ever since I turned. "You why have you awoken me? I can smell the blood on you you are a vampire just as I but you are young. Be warned child the answer you give may decide your fate."
  10. "Well Cendall" Leaving Cendall with no clue how the boy knew his name. "As a matter of fact, I don't really care if you kill me. The reason it doesn't add up is because it's not supposed to. If you don't want any of the other humans, that's fine. I need your HELP though... strange word, help... I never use the word, so you are a lucky vampire. It is unfortunate that I ran into you however, I was hoping for someone... better suited for the job." Just like that, he snaps his fingers, making Cendall blink. After his blink however, the boy was gone. Cendall looked aroung and found him on a rooftop above his head. "Before I go, this name might ring a bell... Ever heard of BRAD? He is the one I want you to kill."
  11. "Brad? You say? Hmm I've heard rumors about him. " Cendall decided to set shadow traps around himself. He makes a big flashy display to hide his intentions. The only thing the boy can see are the shadows coming and circling around Cendall as if he was attempting something drastic.
    "I heard he is quite strong tell me Why do you want him dead?"
    As he spoke Cendall was complete with his traps he would be taken off guard any longer if this boy tried to do anything he would know first and could react accordingly.
  12. "Firstly, I know that you are using shadow traps... I promise not to try any funny business. As you might have guessed, I am not a normal human. I see the truth behind most anything. Brad has a companion named John, only seen or heard of once since the fall of humanity. Why? Because John is an evil spirit and is living inside Brad's body. In order to kill John, we must kill Brad. I want John dead because anything powerful enough to break into a person's body is usually dangerous and up to no good." He falls onto his knees for a second, than recovers and says "Give me your decision here, tomorrow night. I have to go now, but check in with Silvia... she has awoken an ancient being you will recognize as soon as you see it." Once again, he snaps his fingers, making Cendall blink despite himself. He disappears completely this time, leaving behind no evidence he was ever there. Even the smell of his blood was gone to the vampires sensitive nose.
  13. Cendall was frustrated, how could he see through his traps? even if he could he probably wouldn't have been able to disable them.. He thought about what he said Evil spirits was a new concept to him. He heard of things before but didn't have much knowledge on it. He didn't care for killing under orders but a chance to learn about more new things was perfect. and then he thought about Silvia he couldn't put a name to a face but he did have an itch in the back of his mind as if he should know who she was. He decided to go ahead and check things out knowledge was all that Cendall wished to seek and if he could aquire more of it, it wasn't an opportunity he was going to pass up.

    He set off the rooftops and headed deeper into the city he decided to pursue Silvia and found out what he could but he was now on edge he wasn't going to back down easily if he was challenged or felt threatened in any way Cendall was prepared to fight at his worth and kill any who stood in his way.
  14. Silvia watched as Vladimir rose from his tomb, suppressing a shiver of awe at his superiority. Smiling ever-so-slightly, she heard the workers scrambling away from the area and trying hard not to make sounds. She returned her attention to the elder vampire and bowed slightly as she addressed him,
    Hello, Vlad the Impaler. It is nice to meet a vampire of such dignity and praise among our kind. I formally introduce myself as Silvia Porter, the Lady of Illusion.
    After saying this, she straightened and clasped her hands together, nervous yet excited at the same time as if she was a child waiting for praise. However, she hid apprehension as she remembered that this vampire was very powerful and could certainly harm her, at most.
  15. Well that went swimmingly, I can't believe the Count is finally awake. These thoughts and more went into his mind as he parked his bike at the edge of his plot at the sanctuary. I do hope Cendall agrees or at least tells other vampires... John must be gotten rid of if becoming a vampire will come close to becoming a reality. Just as always, Brad stands at one of the three entrances of the sanctuary that looks over the entire perimeter. He frowns at Brad as he waves toward him. Don't even try to be friendly, brat.

    Brad waved at the boy who's name was Conner. Conner didn't wave back, which was normal, but coming back so late in the night was. What do you think about it, John?
    I think the boy feels superior to us, and he isn't normal... I can see it in his eyes.

    Don't be like that John, he's just like me... He stops, than looks down at his robotic arm, which was covered by his white left glove and the sleeve of his black shirt. Well... almost like me. A small tear runs down Brad's face as he remembers all the experiments the mad people (scientists) did to him. Thankfully, his father had been there to fix him. Now he wasn't, and Brad was alone exept for John. I'm alone... you and me are the only people that are able to beat them (the vampires).
  16. " their is war." Vlad said more to himself then to Silvia; he turned to look at her fully finally addressing her. "Do not address me by that title it was from another life one far from this one. The blood of this human you gave me told me much but not all... (he rapidly dissipated into mist only to appear less than a foot from her face) So why don't you inform me on how this...this travesty of a war started?" "And please do have one of your...humans find me some clothing because as you see... (gesturing to himself and his bare torso) I am in need of something of more...substance." Hmm I will need to find my "tools" to rearm myself and maybe revive my kingdom, I wonder what new things await me. Were his last thoughts before waiting for an answer to his question.
  17. Silvia inwardly cringed as she realized she had made her first mistake, Strike One, but didn't show it outwardly. She blinked when he dissipated into mist and looked around once before noticing that he had appeared in front of her. Politely taking a step back so that she could see him properly, and partly from her own discomfort, she blushed slightly when he spoke to her about his... ah, nakedness. Nodding, she told him confidently,
    Okay... Vlad... I will get one of my servants to "loan" you some clothing. For now, just sit tight okay? I'll be back and explain about things as soon as I get you proper attire.
    With that, she tilted her head then turned and left the room to go hassle one of the workers for some clean clothing. Catching one by the arm as they passed, she told him that she needed one of his sets of clothes, though she didn't tell him why. Uncomfortably, the worker agreed to let her have some of his more formal clothing and met her with a black suit that would easily fit the rather lanky figure of the barely-awoken Vlad.

  18. Cendall had went and finally arrived in front of the manor. Silvia the name was still in his mind he should know who that it, it is someone important but maybe to much time had passed for him to truly remember. He opened the doors and decided to set inside, he went and found her. He saw Silvia and Vlad and instantly recognized them. Two powerful Vampire Lords, Vlad was around before him but he was much older than Silvia but she wasn't someone to test against being a young vampire of only a few centuries she was still quite powerful.
    Cendall wondered if they had remembered him at all and some of the adventures they had together so he decided his best course of action would be to introduce himself calmly and let things play out normal.
    "Ah Lady Silvia an Lord Vlad it is a great pleasure to see you again." Cendall half bowed to them while approaching "It has been many centuries since i have last seen the two of you please inform me of some of the things that has happened as of late.
    Cendall gave a wicked grin, he needed answers concerning the young boy he had just seen and wanted them quickly but to press against these two would not be wise, a fight amongst them would be catastrophic and wasn't something Cendall wanted to do especially since he had no reason to try to kill either of them.
  19. Vlad tilted his head to look at the newcomer he was older then the one that had awakened him but still much younger then him. "If either of you plan on having a conversation involving me then do meet me outside I can...sense something of mine nearby." Vlad stated this while sinking into the shadows around him. Hmm now where oh where is it...ah to the west now to reacquire what is mine. With these thoughts in mind Vlad then started to take a leisurely stroll to retrieve his possession. About a mile into his journey he stopped and sniffed the air ah prey lets see if they are any good at their job. Several men and women appeared around him they were military types from the clothing they had but Vlad could sense it they were brash and ignorant, all of them young early 20s at the most their leader decided to speak "Look at what we have here a vamp all by himself." "Ya boss he looks like a strong wind could knock him over." Vlad guessed they must have killed another vampire and now think themselves invincible. What arrogance but I do not have enough time to correct this behavior I will deal with them quick, lets see their are twenty of them...nothing a few souls can handle. Before the group leader could speak again Vlad interrupted him. "You seem to thing yourselves power but no you aren't you are merely arrogant and prideful the truly powerful do not speak of their power and rarely use it they show it when its only necessary but for you and you companions I will make an exception." Vlad then snapped his fingers confusing his would be assailants until they heard a gurgling noise turning they see a half rotted hand sticking through one of their friends chest holding said persons heart the hand then raised the man up and exposed the face of the creature they now contended with Zombie.jpg
    "Ta ta ladies and gentlemen...oh and if you do kill that one somehow well I made sure he wasn't alone." They then looked along the tree line and saw hundreds of creatures watching waiting Vlad then made eye contact with the lead one and sent an order to its mind make sure its nice and messy and do vanish once you all are done. Vlad then continued onto his destination.
  20. (wow... that's scary... that's really scary.)

    Brad decided to go a little more out, trying to scout out a path for him if the "sanctuary" should fall. He walked a little ways, than found footprints in the tall grass. These are Conner's footprints... I'm going to follow them.
    Be careful, I don't want to find a new host just yet... you are very comfortable.
    That's strange, but alright. Brad follows the trail until it completely stops a little ways from... Vampires... Why was he so close to the vampires?... He pondered this for a small bit, before jumping back after a small icicle whizzed past his face.
    You are fast human... tell me, what is your name? I would like to put a name to that face before I take your blood. A female vampire floated down from one of the trees, landing on the ground with the silence of a cat. She was 6 feet tall at least, with an extra few inches because of the high heels she was wearing. She had a black bodysuit. She had red eyes like all vampires, but she had long silvery hair that fell halfway down her back. She was a vampire that used ice darts that vary in size.
    images (2).jpg
    Ah, Carla, I remember you. Do you really want to be beaten by me again?
    Oh, Brad, well now I have another reason to kill you. You have changed as of late. You're taller, that's for sure. She loaded another dart into her blowpipe, not quite putting it to her mouth though. If you knew the signs, it was actually almost obvious that she liked Brad. But she was a vampire and he was a human, so it would never work out.
    I don't want to fight here, but thanks for the offer. I will be leaving now.
    Than don't come back, or you'll regret it! I'll go and find him later... he may be a human, but that won't stop me from loving him. She jumped up, doing a backflip before landing on a branch of a tree that was hidden from view.

    Brad shrugs as he walks away. John than interrupted his thoughts, saying Ooh, looks like a vampire has the hots for you.
    What are you talking about John?
    Nothing, just nothing.
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