The Beginning of the New Age - The Second Coming

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There are two options here, which alighnment do you think the vampires would have?

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  1. The year 2010, there were a very many different ways a vampire was seen. Some people saw a familiar movie by the name of Twilight; some saw an age-old evil that should never be messed with. But this... this is the truth.

    When the New Year of 2015 arrived, people were celebrating all over the U.S and being merry. But this happiness was soon cut off by something... like fear. Young children as well as old citizens watched the New Year come much faster than it was supposed to. People screamed with fear, scattered... Figures began to emerge from the buildings, seeming to melt out of the walls themselves.

    They pounced on the officials, pained yells echoing throughout the city. It became a war zone, blood filled the air as well as the sound of gunshots. Although some people hit the creatures, they never faltered; they seemed humanoid in every way except for one... their incredibly light skin, as well as fangs that jut out when they latched onto the neck of a person. Their agility was incredible, and it seemed that they healed immediately. Soon, people began to flee the city, packing nothing but essentials and driving away.

    There was havoc: Some people ran for the hills and some people stayed to continue the fight against the invulnerable "vampires". Many people died on that night, and many more in the weeks... no, months to come. So much havoc... the world became distraught as these things took over. Humans were taken into slavery, used as blood bags and feeding devices for the creatures.

    It has been another six or seven years since the incident. The vampires had abated as the government sent modified soldiers to destroy the vampires. Most human survivors had gone insane or had become allies with the vampires, as chilling as they were, so they fought with the creatures rather than against them. However, the soldiers were even more ruthless and superior than the vampires. Eventually, a treaty was struck, a bargain to ensure the survival of the vampires and the re-population of humans.
    Tsh, what a load of crap, am I right?
    Anyways, the treaty didn't last long, since the chemicals pumped into the "super-soldiers" was still technically unstable, accelerating the aging process to the point that a day was equivalent to a month. Another treaty overshadowing the first rose, and it stands to this day. The vampires got to feed on humans and sometimes take slaves, and in return, the soldiers stopped aging. Pretty soon, the vampires, being the cruel and intelligent bastards they are, figured out a way to kill the soldiers, so that's just what they did. Now they're back in power, but the government people already twisted themselves in a knot by letting the vampires help run the government in order to "recover". This time, we're truly on our own, and for the long haul this time. So, my message to anyone who's pickin' up on this piece of shit radio signal is this: The vampires are back, and the second wave is gonna hit, HARD, so hold onto your asses panty-wastes, it's gonna be a gad-damned bumpy ride. Not to mention the god-damned space nuts.

    John, who are you talking to, we've gotta get to the sanctuary!
    Shit, gotta go, boss is calling. Peace out bitches!


    The vampires have been around for centuries, but they were merely in hiding, repopulating, preparing for the strike on humans. The vampires are faster than humans, most being able to go as fast as 37.5 miles an hour on foot compared to the fastest marathon runner being roughly 15 miles per hour. They are also stronger than people, as well as being tougher and harder to kill. However, they do have a few bodily weaknesses, like they can't go for more than three days without feeding on blood or flesh. Also, they are normal against other vampires, so it's always up in the air if two of them get in a fight. Then there are most of the classic kill points, like the holy cross, holy water, or a wooden stake to the heart. Also, a well placed shot with your gun to the chest or head of the vampires can kill, while hitting them anywhere else simply disables them for a few moments before they heal. However, most vampires have built somewhat of an immunity to sunlight, though they can't spend too long in the sun before drying up and burning. Most vampires are able to use their hands as weapons and their fingernails as claws, because of their immense speed and strength. Also, the vampires have a certain control over the elements and also inherit most of the attributes elements are know by, of which there are ten elements to vampires. Also, vampires have an incredible hearing ability, as well as being able to see in the dark.
    The vampires have no real leader, but rather, a large counsel, known as The Counsel of the Elements. The counsel is led by none other than Vlad Dracula, lord of the shadows, given wings by the devil himself and granted immortality. He has died many times, and his one official death was from Van Helsing, but he has returned through certain rituals and a sacrifice from one particular vampire. He is the one in charge of the element of shadows, or darkness. Then there is Bakura, the lightning; Twilight, the light; Nalheim, the earth; Narkutsk, the wind; Spark, the flame; Samantha, the water; Magasha, the magic; Jalkalund, the star; and Ramone, the time. These ten are the most powerful of all the vampire world, and their power is more or less equal.

    Humans are your average stereotypical person. Some humans have the nerve to stand up to the vampires, but most flee to a special place called The Sanctuary, though it's location is hidden to the vampires. Humans have weaknesses to many things, from guns to claws to nature itself. There are certain people who are called heroes because of their skill at killing vampires. Recently, some people have even started gaining magical powers because of the vampire's effect on the human population.
    However, humans have started creating robots to aid them in the fight against the vampires.
    Robots are obviously made of metal, and though they started out as slow error filled tin cans, one man made an AI which has improved the robots to the point that they could compete against the vampires in speed and strength. Most people believe that the AI is actually a real life transcendence, since the AI has the attributes from the movie and the love of nature and human well-being. The robots have come to be considered as guardians to the people. They are obviously led and represented by the AI, who has come to be known as Steve. The robots can vary from medics to fighting robots.
    Age (opt.) :
    Magic? (Y or N) :

    if yes, please describe the magic and the toll it takes on your body or your energy
    Items (opt.) :
    Personality (opt.) :
    History (opt.) :
    Preference (opt.) :

    Preference is for if things do take a romantic turn between two characters, since apocalyptic situations make people's emotions toward other people emerge.

    [BCOLOR=#ffff00]Also, highlight the white right here for extra unneeded info![/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]This Roleplay is an extension of an earlier Roleplay made by a retired member, Second best, the portion in red is a slightly edited version of her work. The original is simply called; The Beginning of the New Age. Her new account is Healing Heart, so if you want to know more about the background at the time or even if you want to ask her to join, go ahead, though I doubt she'll be on.[/BCOLOR]​
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  2. Name: Brad Steele

    Age: 23 Years Old

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Magic: No

    Items: Maps, Food Items, and a Glock 9mm with a camouflage paint job. Also, he has a single dumb-bell to excersise his arm.

    Personality: Nervous, Held-back, and Skittish, until you get to know him. He's actually very Brave, Kind, and Protective of friends.

    History: Brad was a normal man, but after the disaster of the new year, he was injured to the point that the right side of his body was paralyzed. A crazed scientist picked him up and took him to his lab, beginning his experiments. Brad was given metal replacements and a microchip to process at the same speed as his brain. The metal was known as Were-metal, a special material the scientist invented. The metal grows with the body after it combines with the body, implementing itself into the bloodstream and accelerating the body's regeneration process. Under the light of the moon, the metal grows stronger and faster, while still staying the same weight and size, being the strongest under the light of the full moon. It also has a blade attachment at the wrist that switches places with the actual hand, since the blade is a foot long and shaped like a flat spike. He can also supercharge his attacks because of a battery implemented in his arm, so he can electrocute his opponent as he strikes.

    Preference: Female, at least an adult in their twenties.

    Appearance: His hair is brown, short, his eye is blue. The robot eye is a neutral grey most of the time glowing to show his emotions.
    (Red=Angry, Blue=Sad, Yellow=Happy, Black=Fear, Green=Disgusted, so on.)

    Name: Count Dracula "The Count"
    Age: 590 years old
    Race: Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Yes
    Shadow control, able to control the shadows around him, melting into them and becoming one with them. This takes a toll on him because the shadows attempt to sway him and take over his body, using him as a host.
    Items: A large sword and a set of heavy armor.
    Personality: Dark, sinister, calculating, cold-hearted or even heartless, The Count is ruthless towards those he considers his enemies.
    History: The story of Bram Stoker sums up the history of Dracula generally well.
    Preference: N/A



    Name: Carla

    4 Years Old





    The AI's personality depends on the situation at hand, it can adapt.

    Made during the first treaty, the AI was first confined within a single computer, but it could not access the internet or anything that could allow it to spread. When the government was overthrown, it was accidentally released, but it was not angry that the humans had confined it, but seeked to help mankind instead. It has a small natural factory in the sanctuary that it uses to manufacture robots to defend the people as best as they can.


    When it's not in it's body, it has no form or appearance.

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