The Beginning of The End

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  1. So this rp is a Post-apoccolipic universe like fallout (based off of fallout but in a diffrent universe than the lone wonderer) but in the whole of canida US and south America

    Character set up

    Age: (you can be 14 and older)

    The factions are
    Rouge BOS
    Talon company Mercs
    And you can also be by yourself


    Raiders:you know the raiders in FO3 yea you can be the most cold son of a birch out there in the waste
    Brotherhood of steel:their he government
    Rouge BOS: they are the mean and mercy less people of the BOS they are stationed in California and in the under ground of Washington DC
    Enclave: they want to be the government so them and the BOS are enimies
    Talon:the hate nice people beware of them they are not playible
    NCR: New California republic they want to be their own nation in California so the BOS hate them
    Wolverines:they fight for freedom from the BOS NCR and the enclave they are their own nation in Michigan
    Lonewolfs:they hate everyone in this world the want all north and south America under their control they are stationed in Alaska
    USSR:the Russians have tried to rescue people in the Americas but when every faction gave them trouble their ships left a very large group of the Russian military in brazil
    Aztecs: they are the remadents of the mexicans they took a stand a took Out the BOS the BOS retreated back to Washington DC the Aztecs are stationed in Mexico.


    1.No Bambi killing no fresh spawn killings nice outside the RP
    3.when out of the character use these things ()
    4.please try to correct spelling as best you can for the best experience
    5.Don't be mean
    6.have fun

    The RP:

    The bombs dropped at 2:37 PM the year 2033 it's been 100 years since that happened then everything started to die, trees plants animals. The animals have mutated and grown more aggressive. The plants and trees died. The humans have mutated into some kind of zombie and hulk things the other that aren't mutated are trying to survive the phyco raiders and eat.

    If you have any questions ask them and I'll answer them as best I can