The Beginning of the End (of the World): Zombie Apocalypse RP

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  1. The Department of Modified Genetics was a group dedicated to genetic testing to create the world's first super soldiers. After many years and billions of dollars, the DMG created a serum that granted the vaccinated superior strength and intelligence. It was quickly shipped out to all the military bases and even became a supplement to the public in a diluted dose for a somewhat large price tag. Only weeks later, people began reporting cases of increased aggression and lack of motor control. People started to wander the streets stupidly, attacking anyone who tried to help them. The scientists at the DMG examined a blood sample to find that the serum had evolved into a virus which was attacking the nerves of those that were infected. As the rush to find a cure began, the outbreaks began getting worse and worse. The infected beginning to get more vicious from biting and scratching to ripping off limbs. The virus spread across the nation rapidly. Though they worked day and night, the scientist discovered only that the virus transferred to the unvaccinated through contact with bodily fluids and that a very minute percent of the population were born with a rapidly replenishing enzyme that neutralizes the virus, rendering them immune before they too were infected. On the downside, these people are prone to panic attacks and blackouts that become longer, more frequent, and more fatal - potentially stopping all bodily functions - as the enzyme is forced to attack large amounts of the virus in a short period of time. A group of ragtag survivors of varying ages and skills must band together to discover a cure to prevent the virus from infecting the rest of the world. Can they power past their own inhibitions to look danger in the eye? Will long buried secrets come to live again? Will personal interests battle against the group dynamic? Only you can answer.

    This idea is a little open-ended. I’m willing to adapt to the desires of the group. I’m looking for 3-7 additional people to play. You’re welcomed to play just one character or more than one but please play interesting, realistic characters. Characters can be malevolent or benevolent in nature and replies should be at least once daily and a length of one paragraph per post per character (where applicable). I prefer slightly extensive character sheets even if your character’s personality, description, etc. is subject to change. More details on this later if enough interest is shown. Please be willing to contribute to plot and character development as well as have a good grasp of the English language and grammatical structure (though mistakes are inevitable). I prefer excessive detail rather than not enough. As always, roleplay is meant to be fun and if anything were to arise that affects your ability to reply or the quality of your replies, just let me know. Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Let me know! I’d like to get this off the ground as soon as possible (like this weekend!).
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  6. Would you possibly be able to create a Character Profile Skeleton before the role play goes live so we have the opportunity to create relationships between characters etc?