The Beginning of Rapture (A bioshock role play)

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  1. It was just a couple of days until the 1969 New Years party hosted by Andrew Ryan, the leader of Rapture, a wondrous and beautiful city that was secretly going downhill. The right half of the city was the good half, where everything was still good. The shops were open, people weren't drugged into Psychosis and everything was in working order. Basically, anyone who didn't speak out against Andrew Ryan, rumor had it was that anyone who did speak against him mysteriously dissapeared, however that wasn't entirely true.

    The people that had some opinion of their own about Andrew was taken to the left side of the city, a dilapitated, horrible place where men and women everywhere spliced up with different drugs to make them more powerful, they were called Plasmids and gene tonics. They could give you abilities no other human beings had, with a snap of your fingers you could light a candle, or someone on fire. You could shock a puddle that a man stepped in to silence him for good, or to power start a generator. You could even teleport from one place to another in short distances to serve cocktails to others at a party, or to escape someone trying to kill you.

    After several doses of the addictive drugs, their minds couldn't handle the constant DNA rearranging, they slowly became psychotic and started killing anyone who had ADAM, a powerful liquid that they could use to buy more Plasmids (or gene tonics) in the Gatherers Garden.
    ADAM was originally found in a slug discovered by a scientist named Tennenbam, as she hired more men to fins the slugs and kill them for the liquid to sell, the slugs themselves started depleting in numbers. Afraid of running out completely, Tennenbam designed a way to recycle ADAM to sell it once again.

    The only way to find ADAM in a corpse was to use a slug to sniff it out, but the slugs themselves needed to feed off a host to survive. With more and more people dissapearing and becoming insane, they had to find someone cute, so it would make splicers think twice about hurting them. It was voted that little girls were cuter than little boys. So they sergically placed slugs into the little girl and gave her a syringe, telling her to sniff out ADAM and splice it out of them.

    Girls kept dying though, because the need for ADAM was so great there was a regular death rate.
    Suchong then designed a mechanical being to protect the girls, the children called them "big daddies" and the name grew from there.

    Now it was a fight for survival on both sides.
    Bold writing will let you know what is going on at this point of time in the story it wont be used very often.


    1. You cannot be any of the bigger leaders (Ex: Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan, Tennenbam, Suchong)

    2. You cannot be a big daddy UNLESS YOU ASK ME OVER MESSAGES

    3. You can make up to 3 characters, if your character dies then yes you can make up a new one

    4. If any of your characters approach a big daddy then the big daddy will push you away as a warning, but if you try to take the child or hurt the big daddy then the character whos a big daddy has a right to kill you.

    5. You cannot be a little sister (those are my only roles)

    6. You can have 1 plasmid but no gene tonic

    It was just a week until the 1969 New Years party hosted by Andrew Ryan himself. However, what all the people didn't know on the better side of the city was that Frank Fontaine was in fact planning a civil war to take over the city and claim it as his own.
    Frank Fontaine was thrown in the worse half of the city by Ryan's goons because Ryan was afraid that Fontaine was becoming too powerful with his Plasmid marketing growing.
    Meanwhile, little sisters were being experimented on. Many have died from the lack of protection from the big daddy, but Annie was the first sister to survived and bonded with a daddy that actually protected her instead of run off. The bond between them didn't effect her but the daddy, if he was too far from the sister then his compulsion to find the girl will be greater and greater until psychosis hits him before death.

    Annie hummed as she was playing in her pink room. Tennenbam had given her a syringe the day before and explained what it was used for, the vent was in her room and was told that if she ever heard banging from the other side, and that she smelled wet dog then it was safe to come out.

    Many times the vent banged but there was never an odor, Tennenbam told her to never look if it didn't smell like wet dog for safety reasons. However, little Annie felt just a little brave today and peeked from the vent. A man with a seriously messed up face was face to face with her now, "gotcha!" he smiled and grabbed her hand, yanking the child out. "You stupid brat! I want ADAM now!"
    Annie scooted away crying and the splicer held a wrench up, ready to strike the girl.
  2. A weird sounding whoosh filled the air behind the man wielding a wrench and then a strong kick with a combat connected to the back of his leg. Another whoosh noise this time to his left followed by a fist to his jaw appearing out of a plume of red smoke. Whoosh! At last a fully tangible man stood at his right dressed in a white shirt with suspenders. He also had faded olive pants covered in blood. A custom 9mm pistol was aimed directly at Wrench man.

    "Let the girl go or i shot your splicer head off!"
  3. A weird sounding whoosh filled the air behind the man wielding a wrench and then a strong kick with a combat connected to the back of his leg. Another whoosh noise this time to his left followed by a fist to his jaw appearing out of a plume of red smoke. Whoosh! At last a fully tangible man stood at his right dressed in a white shirt with suspenders. He also had faded olive pants covered in blood. A custom 9mm pistol was aimed directly at Wrench man.

    "Let the girl go or i shot your splicer head off!"
  4. "Who the fuck are you!" The splicer spat at the man before screaming "SHES MINE! GET LOST!"
    The maniac then laughed, his face was all messed up, as if someone spilled acid all over his face.
    The child scooted back into the corner whimpering as the man laughed, he then suddenly stopped and looked at the man still smiling, "I'm going to enjoy killing you" he said before he ran at him with a wrench.
    The girl watched the two fight for a bit before she scooted close to the vent, trying to sneak towards it.
    However the splicer was very good at hearing, he turned to the girl and grabbed her just as she was trying to climb into the vent.
    "I know what this is! You and the girl are working together! Your gonna have all the ADAM to yourself! Your going to save none for me is that it!"
    The girl screamed as loud as she could before she started hitting the mans hand that was holding her, but it was no use, he held onto her tight.

    During this time period of Rapture, big daddies were new. Scientists worked out how to protect sisters, by making unimaginable beasts capable of killing any man within the second if they touched the girl they were protecting.

    Suddenly, the child called out to someone unfamiliar.
    "Big daddy, help me please! I promise I will be a good girl!"
    Little sisters occasionally talked about parents, but this was different. From asking to where mom and dad went to this was a terror that would send a shiver up any mans spine.
    The child frantically looked around, waiting for an answer to her call.
  5. "Trust me you freak! Ive been created to enjoy killing!"

    The man fired two shots point blank into the crazed splicers shoulder and hip hoping to at least stun ADAMs latest creation long enough for the little girl to get away or a big daddy to get there. But the girl just curled by the vent cowering in fear.

    "Run little one! Find a metal man and run!"

    Unfortunately she waited too late, Wrench Splicer grabbed her again this time he wouldnt let go so easily. That meant he had two choices: Surrender her to him or use up whatever power he had left to save her.

    Like big daddies, plasmids were still very untested outside labs.Not many of raptures citizens had taken time trying out their new abilities so quite literally anything could happen. Especially if a citizen happened to have gotten said plasmid fresh from it production line.

    He forced himself to focus hard on porting from rooftop to rooftop of close buildings barely even taking enough time to be fully tangible. He was a blur of speed and smoke. With a huge boast of willpower he mentally pictured himself porting near a big daddy.

    It finished off its two attackers with a drill charge. Their screams echoed eerily before silence once again. Suddenly red smoke surrounded it found himself standing two feet away from a splicer holding a little sister. It let roar, its eyes crimson on its circular face.
  6. "Daddys mad and you'll be sorry!" The girl shouted. The man whimpered, dropping the girl who ran to the vent and disappeared within it.

    In another part of a building, a man was being punched nearly to death by a woman.
    Blonde hair curled up into the 60's style, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick, she was beautiful even with her long bright red strapless dress ripped a little where her stomach is.
    The woman had a fierce beauty to her, she was a pistol and was always taken for granted because of her gender.
    "I said talk! Where is she?" The woman said before pinching him square in the face again.
    A terrifying roar was heard throughout the plaza, the young woman looked up and breathed, she knew that sound anywhere.
    "Nice chatting with you..." The woman said before taking her pistol and shooting the thug straight in the forehead, "but i think i should take my business elsewhere.."
    The woman (who was nicknamed Betty Boop for her gorgeous looks) ran towards the big daddies cries. There she saw a big daddy facing a splicer and another man in overalls, she ducked behind a vending machine.
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