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The Beginging of the Secret Circle: The Forgotten Family

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by TheColourlessRainbow, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. In a small town known as Netson(Net-son) in Florida, men and women go about there daily lives, going to work, paying bills, sending their children to school, but only six family's in Netson know the truth behind Salam, and all the witch trials that took place. With magic forbidden in today's society, practice has been in secret, and many witches go there whole lives unknowing of their magical backgrounds. Today, a circle has finally been completed, a member of all the six family's resign in the same town, magic is flourishing through the air, but with the circle unbound, their magic lies unstable. Little did the teens know, they are being hunted, a unknown 7th family lies in ruins since Salam, but since they are forbidden to join any circle, they have turned to dark magic, and now wish to destroy all circles that resign within the world. Run, run as fast as you can, for they will find you, and with your circle unbound, you do not dare lie a chance against them.

    So, I want this Roleplay to have 6 players, not including me, I will be playing as the 7th family, (So five family members,) and I want everyone else play either a child of one of the family's, or the whole family. The circle will be unbound, and its going to be up to you rather or not your character known about their magic abilities and witch background, and how they ended up in Netson. This is going to be a slice of life, and a story based RP, so please, (This is the same problem I have every time I GM a rp,) interact with each other. Any ideas, questions, please feel free to ask. and or suggest them.
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  2. I so wanna be apart of this I loved Secret Circle so much and was sad to not see it get another season!
  3. I'd be interested! :)
  4. This sounds amazing!
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