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The Bedlam Academy OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by everstrange, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. [OCC: Lights are completely out, not flickering.]
  2. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((jesus I missed a lot >_< I have to go too. =.= gggrrr! I'll be back))
  3. ((O_O.........can anyone PM me what's been going on.....please??))
  4. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((Give me just a second, okay? I'll pm you if no one else has yet. ^.^))
  5. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((occ: still waiting for Axel's response? Or Lyles..... Keep being adorable Corvo & Sinclair))
  6. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((Oh my, hahaha! I thought we had taken over the thread and was starting to feel a little bad.))
  7. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((OCC: MAYBE a little, but it's alright. I don't mind! just sometimes the one line responses are a bit....well not annoying, but kinda))
  8. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((It's annoying, you can say it, lol. I'm sorry. Truth be told, this goes to you, too, Corvo, I'm not really sure where to go with this rp at the moment. *shrug* So...yeah, I just might leave it to you guys, haha!))
  9. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((Not cool.))
  10. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((What's not cool?))
  11. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((You crazy kids have fun! ^.^ Hope to rp with you all at a different time! Ciao.))
  12. Re: The Bedlam Academy

    ((RIP thread, I was having fun))
  13. Hi guys! Just a reminder; we don't allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character areas.

    To that end, this is your new OOC thread! Hopefully you'll find this useful for discussing your RP. :]