The Beauty & The Beast

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  1. Belle held onto her father's hat as she walked up the large pathway towards the castle like building, it looked more like it belonged to a vampire than a Prince. Her cloak remained around her shoulders as she slowly opened the grand doors that stood at the entrance of the dark building. "Hello, is anyone here?" She asked, her dark eyes looking around at the decor as she walked down the carpet, why would her father have come here? She couldn't understand why. "Hello?" She asked again "Papa, are you here?" She called. Where on earth could he be? She just hoped that wherever he was, that he was okay.

    Suddenly she began to grow worried and scared, a shiver went up her spine as she walked across the hallways slowly, playing with her fingers that gripped her father's hat so tightly that her knuckles had turned a pale ghostly white colour. The only noise she could hear was her kitten heels hitting the carpet as she walked down the hallway, her head turning from left to right as she desperately looked for her father. "Papa?' She called once more. Belle suddenly felt like a little girl once more, who had woken up from a nightmare to find that her beloved father wasn't there to comfort her, that was what she felt like in that moment.

    Walking down the hallway, she thought she heard someone, a faint noise. Though it was still something and she decided that it would be best to follow it. Her feet quickly turned and she headed through the large arch like entrance before spotting a flight of grey stairs. "Papa?" She called once more as she arrived at the top of the staircase. "Belle" She suddenly felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders as she heard the familiar voice of her father. Everything was okay now, he was okay and she would get him out of there. So much for wishful thinking. Picking up one of the candles, she headed towards the door of the dungeon. "How did you find me?" The man asked.

    Belle gripped onto the railings tight enough to break a glass as she looked at her father with desperate and pleading eyes. "Papa" She said in a voice that would break even the darkest of hearts. Her eyes took in the greying man, how long had he been there? She watched him for another moment as he moved closer to her once more, his pale hand coming to rest on her cold cheek. "Belle. You have to go. Please, leave" The man's voice was weak and she could easily tell that her father was dehydrated, among other things.

    "Belle, look out" Her eyes filled with fear as she saw a shadow covering her own, someone's breath close to her neck, she turned quickly, moving closer to the railings once more. The figure she saw looked as though it belong in a horror movie. It was truly a beast, a freak of nature, more monster than man. "Belle!" She heard her father scream as he moved to try to pull her back. Her vision was blocked slightly when her hair fell down into her eyes once more as her legs suddenly went weak and she fell down onto the floor slowly. Her eyes watching the horrid figure in front of her. "Who are you?" She asked, the panic and fear clear in her voice as she looked at the man.
  2. The best sat quietly in his room pondering what to do with the old man. As much as he would be delighted to kill him something was nagging at him. Like a gut feeling was telling him to spare his life. With a low grunt he stood up and headed deeper into the dark room. He could see the pink light shimmer through the night. Slowly be removed the curtain and stared at the glass case. The glass case held the most beautiful rose anyone could ever see. Any human would think it was beautiful. Not the beast. The beast knew the true secret to the flower. The curse that it held. The reason why he was the way he looked. What he wouldn't do to be the old himself. He threw the chair that sat next to him against the wall and quickly walked out the room.

    "Master you must stop acting so bitter and let us help you find the girl that could break this curse." He glanced down at the teapot and sighed. "You may be right Miss Potts, but that doesn't change anything. There is no female that could love a disgusting creature like me. Why try to hope or try anymore." He grew quiet as he sniffed the air. He could smell the most odd most strange smell. It seemed to be the mix of perfume and old rusted books. "What an odd smell." He said to Miss Potts as he headed out of the door. She gave him an odd look, but followed in silence.

    His eyes grew big when he heard what sounded like a females voice. He gave a growl of rage as he jumped down the staircase. Racing down the hallway. When he entered the dungeon he could only see the back of what seemed like a female. "How dare she try to free my prisoner!" She thought to himself lifting up his hand as he got ready to strike. It wasn't until she turned around that he lowered his hand. This girl no this woman was beautiful. How could such a beautiful face wind up finding a place like this. It was then that he shook his head and stared at her. "I'm the beast that stays in this castle. That man was caught picking from my garden and for that he must spend his remaining days in the dungeon. You will live now." When the girl didn't move he grew furious. "You will leave now or you will watch me kill him in front of you your chose."

    It was then that the candlelight she was holding turned. "Master you should not speak to such a woman that way!"
  3. Belle placed her hand in front of her face, hoping that with whatever will power she had left, that she could stop the man from attacking her. She looked up at his face slowly as his loud voice filled the air. She could feel her father's grasp on her cloak. "Belle, go!" Her father repeated once more, but she sat perplexed against the railings, unable to move. She watched as he shook his head before he spoke, announcing that he was the beast and that her father had been caught in his garden. He asked her to leave but she remained where she was. She wasn't about to leave her father behind. "Go Belle, listen to him, you have to leave" Her father begged from behind the railings, he looked desperately at his beloved daughter, the last piece of his wife he had left.

    She looked back at her father when the beast stated that she either left down, or watched him kill her father. She was about to speak whenever the candle in her hand began to speak. The shock was clear on her face and she almost dropped the object if it wasn't for her firm grip on the object, she looked back at her father, who nodded his head. He must have heard the candle speaking before hand, or maybe another object.

    She took in her father's appearance once more, it didn't matter if the beast didn't kill him, he would surely die if he didn't get out of there. She had never saw him looking so ill before. Turning her head, she look at the beast and brought forth whatever bravery she had left in her. "Take me instead" She instantly heard her father begin to protest. "Please, he needs to see a doctor" She said, her eyes looked up at the beast with pleading eyes. Her heart was beating so loudly that she could hear it like a ticking clock placed close to her ear.

    "Please" She begged once more, looking at the man again.
  4. The by ast glanced down at the candlelight placed in the girls hand. With a low growl he stated at the object. "Stay out of this lumeair." The beast said as he looked at the old man. He tool what the girl said into condition. "Take her instead. A beautiful female wishes to stay in my castle. Maybe she could truly break the spell that lays upon me." The best thought to himself. He poundered the situation walking back and fourth in the hallway wondering if it was such a good idea.

    Finally he glanced at the girl and saw the sorrow in her eyes. This girl would risk seeing her father or anyone else for that matter must to save his life. Her world was surely going to change and it was as if she didn't care. Just the safety of her father was all she needed. He glanced at the floor for a minute. Running a big paw through his long hair. "So be it." The beast said.

    He grabbed the man from the cage and tossed the girl in it. Dragging the man down the staircase and throwing him in what looked like a strange chariot. "Take this man back to his house. Make sure he doesn't follow you back in the process." With that he entered his lair once more. "You can't let her stay in her dungeon the whole time she's here. Surely you could give her one of the nice rooms we. I mean you have." Ms. Potts said with caring eyes.
  5. Belle tried not to cry in pain when he grabbed her arm and tossed her into the dungeon that had held her father before hand. She moved closely to the railings and gripped them with her delicate fingers as she watched as her father was lead away from her. "Belle!" Her father shouted. "I'll be fine, gone" She called, even though she knew her father would still worry about her, no matter what she said to try and calm his worries. "I'll be okay, I promise" And with that her father was out of her view, along with the beast.

    The tears began to form and she fell down onto her knees once more, she brought her hands to her face and began to sob loudly. Would she ever see her father again? Would she even see the outside world again? She moved to the small window and looked out as the strange looking carriage led her father again. She cried for a moment longer before she spotted.

    Pulling her cloak around her, she tried to keep herself as warm as possible before she looked up at the railings for a few more minutes.
  6. The beast sat at the dinner table waiting for his food to come. When it was almost about an hour late he growled furiously. He took one glance at Ms. Potts and slammed his fist on the table. "What takes them so long to bring my food?" He asked angrily. Ms. Potts shooked her head clearly disappointed in the beast. "I will not bring you any type of meal until you make her feel more welcome." The beast let out a low growl, but nodded. Slowly he walked up the staircase glancing down into her cellar. She had the cloaked wrapped around her clearly cold. He looked down at the ground and then back at her.

    Slowly he opened the cage and swiped his hand in a circular motion. Telling her that she was free to come out. "So not try to escape for that will only make me mad and won't end well in your favor. I have a better warmer room for you. Ms potts will show you the way." He pointed to the teacup. "She will also show you your clothes and tell you when dinner is ready. It is best if you are not late." With that he walked down the staircase and headed back for the dining room. Hungry and annoyed simply wanting something to eat, but deciding to wait for her to come down.
  7. Belle looked up as she heard someone open the door, she was met by the beast once more. Slowly, she pushed herself up and looked at the figure as she took in the words he said. She was silently thankful that he had decided to move her, she wasn't sure how much longer she could have lasted in the cold conditions, no doubt her father must have had to suffer it for even longer. Pulling her cloak closer to her, she nodded her head to show her understanding. "Thank you" She said, her voice low and gentle compared to that of the giant figure in front of her.

    As he left, she headed towards the teapot. "Hello" She said to the small figure as her fingers clasped onto her cloak. Slowly, she moved out of the cold and dark room she had been kept in and looked at the hallway. "It's a very large house" She said to the teapot as she slowly headed towards the staircase that the Beast himself had went down a matter of moments earlier. Soon she arrived at a large bedroom, opening the door she looked inside. It look fit for royalty, which amazed her. "It's beautiful" She said softly.
  8. When they reached the room Ms. Potts smiled. "Yes indeed it is and its all yours. Be aware that your dresser talks so dont be afraid. She will help you find something to wear. I'm sure dinner will be lovely tonight, just please dont be late. The master doesn't like...tardiness." The teapot smiled and left the girl alone in her room. She gave a slight frown as she hopped over to the beast looking up at him. "You know you really should be more pleasant. How do you expect someone to love or even understand you if you act the way you do."

    The beast simply let out a growl to annoyed to really care about what she was saying. "Where is she? Dinner starts in three minuets and I dont see her. So help me if she is late I'll." He roared as loud as he could causing the house to shake underneath his feet.
  9. Belle looked through the dresses, eventually picking the one she believed best show her personal taste. Picking it up, she quickly changed into her outfit before fixing her hair. As she headed down to the dinning room, she heard the beast shouting loudly, asking where she was. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand on the doorknob and pushed it down, opening the door slowly, she looked in at the Beast before stepping inside. "I'm sorry if I'm late" She apologised as she headed into the room.

    Stopping in front of the chair, she watched as it pulled itself out before she sat herself down and watched as the food arrived. "I hope I wasn't too late" She said.
  10. The pot smiled at the girl. "Of course you are not late my dear." The pot glanced at the beast and he simply threw her a simple smile. He watched the table as his food began to arrive feeling a relief rush through him as he was very hungry. When he had ate a couple of drumsticks and mash potatoes he looked up and the woman and smiled slightly cleaning his mouth. "No you are not late. I just have a bad temper." When his chair nudged him at the bottom he quickly added. "I'm sorry." After he spoke he kept his eyes down not really wanting to see her face. She was so beautiful and he was just sickly looking. To get any kind of woman to love him was completely impossible. He was going to die looking like this and no one would care.
  11. Belle looked up at the beast as he apologised. "It's okay" She said, slowly she picked up her cutlery and began to eat her food slowly. "More tea?" One of the teapots asked, she nodded her head slowly. "Yes, please" She smiled weakly and watched as the teapot moved to fill her cup once more. Looking up at the beast she decided that if she was going to be there for a while, the she may as well be slightly social. "Thank you for my room, it's beautiful" She said to him before she went back to eating her meal. Soon enough she was finished and had pushed her plate away slightly, waiting to be excused, not wanting to anger him any more than she already had.
  12. He sat quietly eating like the beast he was until he heard her speak. He swallowed his food and wiped his mouth looking at her once more. "Your welcome. I figured your stay here should be a comfortable one." He paused for a moment before speaking once more. "I also am sorry for what I did to your father. I'm not use to people showing up in my mansion. When I saw your father picking the roses from my garden my anger got the best of me." He could see that she was done eating and simply gave her a nod saying that it was fine for her to leave. Taking a glance at Ms. Potts to see if he had done a good job talking to her.
  13. "I can only thank you for allowing me to swap places with him" Belle said, she nodded her head when he excused her. "Goodnight" She said softly before she stood from her seat. Belle tried her best to remember the route back to her room, after taking a few wrong turns, she eventually arrived back at her room. Slowly she opened the door and headed towards the closet, selecting something basic to wear to bed before she tied her hair up in a ribbon to stop it getting into her eyes and face as she slept. After blowing out the larger candles and closing the curtains, she headed towards the bed, with only the candle next to her bed still burning and tried her best to sleep.
  14. The beast grew tired and walked up towards his room. Ignoring the ideas that Lumieair had ton please the girl. At this moment the beast was tired. He didn't really care what anyone had to say about her. He already knew how it was going to go. She wasn't going to fall in love with him so everything that they were telling him to do was just a complete waste of time. He blew out a heavy breath and collapsed on his bed. Quickly falling to sleep.
  15. Belle awoke early the next morning like she always did. She dressed herself in a simple dress, brushing her hair, she fixed the ribbon in her hair before she left her room slowly and headed towards the dinning room that she had been in the night before. Her seat yet again pulled itself out as she sat down on the chair. The food arrived then and she smiled as the tea was poured into her cup for her. Slowly, she began to eat her fruit, taking her time before she began to sip on her tea for a few moments. "When do you think he'll be up?" She asked Mrs. Potts.
  16. Mrs. Potts gave the girl a smile. "I'm not sure dear, but while we are waiting let me introduce you to a few people." With that a small teacup with a chip in it, a small clock, and a candlelight came out. "Of course you have meant Lumieair. This man right here is clocksworth and the little teacup there is my son chip." They all smiled and gave the girl a friendly hello. Chip hopped over to her and looked up. "Your really pretty. What's your name?" He asked in a happy Childs voice. "Will you be here later so we can play?" He asked jumping up and down.

    "Chip!" His mother said with a firm, but soft voice. "Dont ask so many questions." The teacup glanced over to his mom. "Sorry momma."

    (I dont know how to spell the names)
  17. "Hello" Belle said, nodding her head at Lumiere before she looked at the clock and then the teacup. "Hello" She watched as Chip came towards her. "it's a pleasure to meet you, Chip. My name is Belle" She told the teacup, moving to look closer at the cup. She smiled when the boy asked if she would be there later so they could play. She turned her attention to Mrs. Potts as she told the child off. "It's alright Mrs. Potts" She said before looking down at the teacup once more. "I will be here, what do you do for play?" She asked, thinking for a few moments. "Would you like to show me around?" She asked the small teacup.

    Pushing her hair behind her ear, she looked at the door, expecting the Beast to arrive.
  18. The teacup jumped up in the air completely excited. "Oh boy would I!!" He said full of excitement. "Can I momma. Oh please can ?" Mrs. Potts simply smiled at him and smiled. "Oh boy yay!"

    The beast woke to find no one greeting him. He growled softly to himself. "This is not what goes around in this mansion." Quickly he headed to the bathroom freshening up. For what reason he wasn't sure. He didn't have anyone to impress. He was sure he already lost the girl. The cursed look that laid over what he really looked like was always standing in his way. He gave a low sigh and headed towards the kitchen. Wondering if she was already up. Maybe that's why no one was in his room to greet him.
  19. Belle smiled and chuckled slightly as she watched Chip. "How about you show me around after I finish here?" She suggested with a smile before she went back to eating her fruit once more. She heard someone in the room next to the dinning room, she guessed that it was the kitchen. "Is that him?" She asked softly before she picked up her teacup and took a sip of tea before placing it back down on the table again.

    "Do you know where I might find some books?" She asked Mrs. Potts. She wanted to read something, usually she would have already read a few chapters of a book, if not more, and she felt lost a little without her books for company. Moving her hair out of her eyes, she slipped it behind her ear before she looked out the window. "This place is so beautiful, but it's so dark" She said.
  20. "Yes that is the master and he likes it dark. I haven't seen him go outside since the cur...since he found this place. As for books I do know of the library the place is huge. The thing is it belongs to the beast. He is the only one that can truly give you permission." Mrs. Potts could hear the heavy footsteps and turned to face the beast.

    The beast entered the room to hear then talking about something that sounded like a library. When he turned to see Mrs. Potts he simply gave her a glare. Along with the other common kitchen wares. "That should be the last time I wake up without someone giving me my common greeting." He sat down at the table and watched as he food was placed before him.