The Beasts

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  1. (Plot and bios here:

    I opened my eyes,blinking slightly as they adjusted to the darkness of my room. I sighed and threw the bedspread off myself,heading downstairs and filling a glass with water. I thought of my dream,leaning against the counter and sipping my water. It had begun at the top of a long,dark flight of winding stone stairs that descended deep into the Earth. Several times I had the feeling of wanting to stop and rest,but as it was a dream I needed no such respite. After what seemed like hours of walking the stairs stopped,leveling out at a hallway whose walls were covered with strange glowing runes. They pulsed as I walked by,and I felt a wave of drowsiness overtake me. I pushed ahead,however,and after leaving the hallway in favor of a tall,domed room,the feeling faded. I quickly crossed to the other side and pulled open a heavy wooden door,like the kind you'd see in an old medieval castle in a movie. On the other side was a flight of stairs,candles standing in their sconces every couple steps,and at the top was a girl. She was encased in ice,hair suspended behind her as if blown by a wind. I shut the door and cautiously made my way up the steps,never taking my eyes off her. I reached the to and stood before her,tilting my head as I took in her features. Prominent cheekbones and a petite nose,full lips and...oh,uh,no clothes. I quickly moved my eyes back up to her face...and found that hers were open. Then I woke up. I closed my eyes and shook my head,depositing my cup in the sink. I had been having the dream for about a week,every night and never failing. I had no idea what it meant,though,and that annoyed me. I sighed and trudged upstairs,collapsing into bed and pulling the covers over myself. Maybe tomorrow would offer a new point of view...
  2. Both

    The young woman tossed and tuned in her sleep - seemingly getting caught in the blankets - until she had rolled completely off her bed. An ominous 'THUD' reverberated through the floor and down into the lower level of the small cottage. The loud noise had caused the adolescent's room mate to bolt upright and wipe the still falling sweat off his forehead.

    The both had encountered similar dreams, which had been going on for over a week. This dream had caused both of them to lack good sleep so most of they day they were wondering the house like a pair of zombies. It wasn't attractive at all.

    The young woman - who's name was Kuran - had dreamed of Hell.
    Her bare feet padded against the cool rocky ground as she made her way through a long corridor. The corridor seemed to manifesting after every step Kuran took. Wall appeared out of nowhere, corner veered off suddenly, and every once and awhile more blazing torches would form in sconces upon the walls. This corridor was hot - scorching to say the least - but the young woman couldn't feel it. Her feet were never burned by the lava that seeped under the walls nor her eyes stung by the thick cloud of smoke over her head. It was all so strange. After about what seemed like forever of walking Kuran had to stop at a dead end, but after a few minutes of patient waiting a large mahogany door appeared. As her hand pushed against the wood and the door creaked opened menacingly, she could see a form straight ahead. It was atop a flight of stairs - with torches illuminating the walk. By this time Kuran was deathly curious and her body began to move up the stairs on it's own. Once she reached the top and she could efficiently see the male form in front of her, a gasp escaped her lips.
    The male was made entirely of dripping lava. His hands were clasped in front of him and his face was expressionless, but somehow Kuran could sense that he needed help. As her hand reached out to touch his molten lava form - everything became dark and her eyelids fluttered open to reveal the hardwood floors beneath her face.

    With a groan the young woman pushed herself onto her feet and uncaught her legs from the snake hold of her sheets. Her stomach growled loudly and she decided to go make something to eat downstairs, "Maybe Clyde will want something too?"

    Unlike his friend Kuran, Clyde had dreamt of a magical place. It was like an aquarium type land. And unlike Kuran's dream his was much shorter and less detailed.
    A hissing sound reverberated off the glass walls as Clyde's form jogged down the narrow hallway. To his side were glass walls that looked onward into the deep blue ocean. Sharks and fish swam by as well as a few whales. If you looked down beneath your feet you could see certain types of coral and a few jellyfish. It was obviously a dream, but for Clyde it felt so real - like he had been there before.
    His eyes darted forward where a golden door suddenly appeared and he tried to speed up so he could find a way out of here. Then the hallways grew longer and glowing fireflies manifested out of thin air above his head. It was like they were lighting his way towards the already bright door, but Clyde wasn't in the mood for these pests. He simply swatted the ones away from his face and pushed himself faster and harder towards the door. He slid on the glass and ran into the golden archway until he could render what the hell was going on. His hand grasped the doorknob for a moment - he was trying to muster up as much courage as possible. As he thrust the door open a maiden registered in his vision, but this mistress was different. After a few moments of staring Clyde had figured out what was wrong with her. She was completely made out of dripping water. A few bubbles blew out from her mouth and dispersed as they hit the ceiling above them, but other than that the maiden was completely made out of ocean water. One hand was face down towards Clyde - as if gesturing for him to grab his hand - and for a moment the brown haired male even felt like he was supposed too. His whole body was telling him he belonged here.
    Then, with a flash, everything changed. He was now inside his bedroom, being awaken by a loud 'THUD'.

    He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and threw the covers off of him, enviously angry by the way his dream had to end. This was getting out of hand, over a week now had Clyde been encountering that same woman.
  3. Although she might have had an affinity for the land of air, Aria really didn't enjoy wind all that much when it kept her from sound sleep. Although the girl had slept through for a few hours, by the early hours of the morning the screaming wind had woken her up. No amount of tossing and turning would let her get back to the land of nod, and so eventually, just as dawn was breaking, Aria hopped groggily out of bed. Her hair was more than scruffy, a terrible mess - her eyes full of sleep that had not been had.

    She staggered about for a little bit, yawning and stretching as anyone would do when they woke up. At the back of her mind, Aria was attempting to process the beginnings of a dream she had been having, but could hardly remember. In any case, it had been interrupted early on, and so no sense could be made of any brief flashes of clarity that might make themselves known. It was a shame, but that was the way of sleep - it always left far more questions than it did answers.

    Now, moving from the sleep thing. Aria sighed as she looked herself in the mirror, brushing the dried crust from her eyes, wincing a little as she did so. Now, perhaps it was time to get cleaned up. Although perhaps someone might expect someone with dyed purple hair to look scruffy, that didn't mean Aria wanted to be seen that way. She in no way felt that image was everything, but it was important to her to at least be presentable.
  4. I stretched widely and heard my back crack several times. Sighing in pleasure,I took a shower,got dressed,and went to breakfast. "Hey.",I said nonchalantly,waving to the people at the table as I cracked a couple eggs and added some milk. There was my Dad,hurrying as always to get dressed for work,my Mom,tying his tie as he bustled around,my sister,twelve,on her phone,and my brother,eight,eating as fast as he could to get to the Wii. "Hi honey. Do you know where your father's shoe is?",Mom asked,and without looking up from the eggs in the frying pan I said,"On top of the fridge,like always.". Sure enough,a second later Mom called out a,"Thanks!",and a few minutes later I set two plates down on the table. "Why do you rush every morning? My class and your job don't start until eight.",I said,glancing at the clock. Seven thirty. "I rush because you never know what might happen. A train could go by. A tree could fall on the road.",he pointed out,and I said,"And that's why you configured our route to the train schedules and uprooted every tree from here to there.". It was true. The park around the corner now catered to about thirty trees,and had become quite the picnic place.

    My Dad stared at me,then flushed and dug into his breakfast. I smiled at my plate and finished my eggs,getting up at the same time as Dad did. I wiggled my fingers over my brother's head,showering him with ice sparkles,and shouldered my schoolbag before walking out the door. I climbed into shotgun and opened my book to where I had left off yesterday.
  5. The young girl showered, as she always did in the mornings, listening out for the sound of her father finally rising. He was always the last up. Her mother had already gone to work, she was working the worst shift, the one that straddled the space either side of dawn. It made life hell for the whole family, particularly as she was the only woman in the house that was actually capable of being organised. Aria and her dad were two peas in a messy pod, and as a result, the lady of the house had to resort to labelled lunches and dinners for the entire week, as well as daily instruction lists. A little bit pathetic, but apparently necessary.

    After a time, Aria had herself washed and dressed, her clothes casual but not scruffy. She wore jeans, along with a random shirt and jacket. Her dad was also dressed, and had actually managed as far as boiling the kettle by the time his daughter announced herself downstairs. "Hey, kiddo." He smiled, pointing at the filled mug on the table. "Wow, dad. Never thought I'd see the day. Thanks." She gave him a quick hug and a kiss, going to put a few slices of bread in the toaster. That was as far as her cooking skills went, but it would do them both for breakfast.

    The two would manage like this for the following two weeks, and then finally life would return to normal again. But for now, the two sat around the table, munching on toast in silence, both still pretty damn tired. And inevitably, they left for work and school ten minutes late. The mad rush to the door was a daily fixture in their lives when mum was away, not that the two ever really minded. They always laughed off their tardiness, and parted with an affectionate hug to one another. "Have fun, dad." Aria smiled, stepping out of the car and heading out to do some learning.
  6. I closed my book as we drove into the parking lot,unzipping my bag a little to slip it inside. I got out of the car and waited for dad,then we walked through the front doors together. I waved at him as I took the left turn down the Instruction Hall. I walked through the classroom door and sat down in my seat,swinging my bag over the back of the thing and pulling out my book again.
  7. Despite understanding the gravity of her given abilities, Aria was not a particularly good student. She was far too hands on for her own good, and only really thrived when able to dive in headfirst to a practical situation. Even so, she managed to go through the motions, just about managing to pay attention, her concentration wavering up and down depending on how easily she could relate what was being said to the future. It was a dangerous way to live, and one day she wouldmost likely find herself with glaring gaps in her education, but for the time being it seemed to be working.
  8. "And so by shaping your mana and aura you can,in theory,control the very fabric of spacetime.",I read to myself under my breath. Sure it was only the theory part of the book,but that last sentence was one of two things that always motivated me to keep learning magic. The second thing? The teacher's entrance. My hair was suddenly blown backward by an icy blast of air as a flurry of snow blew in through the open window. The snow swirled at the front of the class before clumping together and solidifying into the teacher,Mr. Petrikov. "Alright class,we have a lot to cover today,so let's get started.",he said briskly,clapping his hands. The other students milling around the room hurried to their seats as I closed my book and placed it on my desk.


    I walked out of the classroom door cheerfully,the other students trudging behind wearily. They seemed to hate school,whereas I looked forward to it every day. I didn't like school,oh no,I liked the things we learned in school. As I walked down the hall toward the front door I held my hand out in front of me,palm up,and gathered the moisture in the air to make a snowball. I chuckled to myself and dropped it into a nearby plant,watching it quickly melt away. I smiled and continued on my way.
  9. Thank god that was over. Aria was one of the first out of the class, as usual. She knew it was wrong of her, but she simply couldn't handle sitting down and doing nothing all day. She would have preferred going out in the field and actually practicing something useful, rather than all thes mindless lectures. But, there was no way of getting out of it, and so the youngster just kept her mouth shut and flew through as best she could. As shee was leaving today, Aria happened notice someones snowball, carelessly thrown from his hand. "What a waste. That could have gone into someones head." She would have done it, even if it was just a little bit on the immature side.
  10. (No no,we go to school on our respective continents. I'm in Canada,you're in Australia.) Even though I was supposed to go straight home after class,I never did. Instead I passed through the lobby,walking clear past the front door and continuing down the east corridor. I stopped beside a blank wall and,checking to see if the coast was clear,wrapped my hand in mana,tapped the wall three times,and walked right through the 'solid' stone. I came out the other side in the Nexus,a circular room devoid of anything except an ornate carving on the floor. Stepping into the middle circle I let mana flow from my feet into the floor,the carving starting to glow. After a bit of deliberation over where I should go,I said,"Australia.",and the carving flashed brightly before vanishing. I fell down the new hole in the ground,the carving reappearing above me. Lights flashed around like stars in the sky,and suddenly the gravity changed and I was flying upwards. The stars gathered under my feet and propelled my up,toward a similar carving. This carving vanished as well and the stars lifted me to just above it so it could reappear,then dissipated into nothingness to let me thump down on the ground. I tapped the wall of this room,walked through the stone,and bumped into a girl walking out of a classroom.