The Beasts of Civilization

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  1. The Beasts of Civilization
    Rinaldia After Dark

    The castle bell shook the tower it was in nine times. The sun had set an hour ago, and darkness blanketed the kingdom. The merchants, the farmers, and the other men and women who worked every day were in bed, or getting ready for bed.

    The shadows moved below - it was now time for the nocturnal men and women to make their business. Weasels and rats, mice and bats, raccoons and cats... all came out of their nooks and crannies, ready to make light of the darkness.

    Even the children knew - the real fun started after the sun went down.

    The castle's black material loomed like some silent monstrosity ready to pounce on the small white houses of the village below. Carved from an inert volcano, the obsidian walls and oddly warm interior gave many a spooky feeling, which was it's intention. The spires of the caste twisted in obscene ways and otherworldly angles... a multitude of claws from the beast.

    The air was thick and warm - a summer night. It had rained the previous night, and it had caused a muggy atmosphere to fall over the kingdom. The moon shone in it's full intensity, the wisps of gray clouds occasionally swept across it... that, or those that hunted in the night sky.


    One such individual had been awake for a while, hiding from the sun until it was fully safe to come down. Raised below ground, in the company of sun-fearing undead, had made him very nervous about the sunlight... enough that he figured that it would, indeed, kill him if he was caught directly in it.

    Touching the warm stone by his window, he poked his head out... smiling and unlatching the hinge, allowing him to walk out onto the deck, arms positioned behind him as he looked up at the night sky... comforted, eyelids drooping serenely.

    Shirtless to provide comfort in the castle's sweltering daylight heat, his ribcage and concave belly visible under tightly-stretched flesh - though he had attempted to bulk up or at least gain some weight, it was incredibly hard for a Repense to do. He took some solace in having broad shoulders and moderate arms - but that was merely an effect of his flight.

    He places on hand in the pocket of his black pants, sighing softly. He doesn't bother glancing over his shoulder, stating aloud, "Azhka... vill oo be so kind as to breeng me my telescope... an' a glass ov zat grape juice ve 'ave bought... 'elp oo'self to a glass as vell, oui?" His Repense accent clear in the night sky. "An' my night vest, if oo would." He nods - somewhat conscious of having to stay shirtless for long in front of his most favored servant.

    He wanted to plot the stars again - a ritual he had started since his visits to the above-ground areas. What happened below the skyline, in the village below, tended to have a lasting effect on his heart. He had to force himself, whatever the cost, not to look down at the city below...


    Below, the scurrying of many feet, likely many break-ins, and a few murders, can easily be seen from the castle. Many nobles considered it a great fun show, and a few watchers in the castle would take bets on how many or what disasters would be done in a single night. Of course, the caught perpetrators would be punished, but it was all in good fun for them. A soft-hearted individual could pity these people... a valiant heart might even be down there aiding the guard in quelling these dastardly acts. Without a unifying King - it was a bad time to be powerless.
  2. "Can you honestly tell me that you don't wish to go back to a time where everything was perfect?"
  3. Azhka

    Something moved in the shadows behind Dar when he spoke. Azhka had had a series of cat naps while the Repense slept. She rarely ever slept for more than an hour or two at a time. That was something they had in common, they were more night creatures than day, although he was more interested in the stars than she was. She'd admit they were pretty though.

    The young puma disappeared for a few minutes and returned with the telescope tucked under one arm, the lord's favorite vest folded over the one holding the telescope, and his grape juice in the other hand. Despite her excellent balance, she didn't want to risk the grape juice staining the vest. She'd never forgive herself. She glanced from side to side and up at the sky as she walked out and joined him.

    Azhka placed the glass of juice on the railing first so she could help him with the vest if needed. She already knew he'd want to get the vest on first. She couldn't tell if he was self-conscious about his body or about being bare around her but he always asked for the vest first. Next came the telescope and the grape juice. She hadn't made herself a glass yet because she felt he needed to be looked after first.
  4. Like a more temperate forest you mean?
  5. So probably good on student and teacher NPCs, then, after those are wrapped up. Villains and huntsman/tresses still a-okay though!
  6. John let a mark of Micheal appear on his hand* "she is teathered to my life now. I got Micheal to switch the spell the moment you left. " *john smiled* "also I do not care for your deal with alex. I brought her to heaven and under micheals command she will remain here until she has a firm grasp of controlling her power."
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  8. Anya slump down on the couch and stare at the ceiling, "I want to go but they'll be vulnerable... especially.." Anya wanted to say Aria but she knows well that Aria could beat her ass, "... mom..." she started tossing a coin in the air and catching it, "What do I do..."
  9. I can show you a picture of the ones I'm trying to choose between.

    Kamen Rider Drive Type: Formula (open)

    There's Kamen Rider Drive Type Formula for the Motorsort side of things, but it's more single-seater circuit racing (Ie: Formula 1, hence the canon name of the costume), and I'm thinking that she'd be more rallying orientated.

    Kamen Rider Drive Type: Technique (open)

    And then there's Technique. Even if it does look cool, it's based around a truck, which could work if she was based around Formula Truck racing, but again, I envision her being more rallying orientated than any circuit racing.
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  11. tfw u like the idea of everyone working together but know that they'll all be ripped apart
  12. I just want to mention that I think the 4 element system is a lot more flexible than you are giving it credit for. Take the given example of electricity, for instance. That could easily fall under air, because of lightning. I'm not saying that everything can be fit in there, but a little creativity could work wonders.

    I also agree with Under that we should have dice, but I'm going to leave an actual system to those better than I.
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    Also, it's a good thing a number of the cast has some ability to fall back on against the members of the Avengers. Interested in how that will end. I'm rambling so I'll get off the discussion thread for a little bit...
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  16. Alena stare at it, completely petrified.
  17. Lucius shuddered. "That's unnatural."
  18. "Me having kids with your daughter?"
  19. "So normal angels can't drink. Your family is far from normal... neither is mine but.. whatever."