The Beasts of Civilization

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    The Beasts of Civilization
    "It is the opinion of this historian that the true nature of our political landscape first took shape when our ancestors foreswore the use of claws made of flesh and bone, and too up claws made of iron."
    -from 'Being a True History of Calabria' by Alysha Yenot

    The continent of Calabria, a rather large island centered in the important shipping lanes between the west and the east. Besides this, the nations of the world avoid and take the long route around the continent, rather than landing upon it and implementing a land route for shipping. The reason being are it's natives.

    The people of Calabria are animals. Or rather, some sort of evolution of animal. They walk on two legs, in the shape of man, speak in man's tongue, and display the virtues and vices of man... though, like the animals they resemble, even in their grand cities, with their talk of honor and diplomacy... the humans of the world still feel they act as animals. When they war, it is with not just with sword and tactic... but with fang and instinct as well.

    Their 'magic' is different than the elves' magic... their bodies are stranger than the bodies of humans... their wars are bloodier than the most vicious orc skirmish.

    They are the Calabrians, and they are currently without a ruler.

    King Malthus Rinaldi IV, scion of the ruling house of Rinaldi, and the bringer of an age of renaissance... died peacefully in his sleep, heirless. While there was an investigation of the middle age foxes' death, no foul play could be identified. He merely... passed away, his soul refusing to re-enter the body even under the guidance of the S'allumer church's miracle workers.

    After the period of mourning, the realization hit: the throne was up for grabs. While the petty warlords down below fight for the 'right to rule'... the true rulers fight from the courtrooms... and in the shadows. A warrior-king is good for a while, but the nobles know: What Calabria needs now is the nobility on the throne... which nobility, however, has yet to be decided...

    Will it be your lord? Will it be one of the squabbling warlords? Will a peasant rise to take the ranks? Will the head of one of the households take grasp of the throne...?

    Or maybe... it will be you.

    The Four Great Houses
    These four houses hold the most power. Except for the Rinaldi, which is in decline, all of the other houses hold two or more Lesser Houses in their control. Each is given with a little history on the house and the race. Personalities vary wildly among the people - disturbingly similar to humans. You don't have to be of a certain house to be a certain race, but it helps you get further up the ranks.

    Rinaldi, the House of Silver Foxes. House Rinaldi has ruled for generations, using their magic, sixth sense, and cleverness to rule Calabria justly and fairly. It will be a great tragedy to the peasantry to see their reign end.

    Avoirdupois, the House of Horses. They claim their house is the oldest and the proudest of all time. A house of honor and swordplay, they give their lives and their blades to the church of S'allumer, the largest religion in Calabria.

    Bisclavret, The House of Wolves. Inventive and family-minded, you cannot insult a Bisclavret without involving their entire extended household. They were the first to implement firearms into their warfare.

    Doloreaux, the House of Boars. Traditional and stubborn, they hold by 'the old ways'... spinning nature magic, farming, and the worship of the 'Great Mother'... a religion based on the earth and womanhood.

    The Minor Houses
    These houses serve the Great Houses with their own insight. These royal lines were put into their position by the Rinaldi kings of the past.

    Aoreilles: Rabbit. They serve the Avoidupois, guarding the homeland.
    Avinge: Shrew. They serve the Doloreaux, and are whalers.
    Blaireu: Badger. They serve the Bisclavret. Were once servants to the Rinaldi, then the Avoirdupois.
    Casque: Armadillo. They serve the Avoirdupois, but are notoriously disloyal.
    Chevernaise: Goats. They serve the Doloreaux as raiders in the mountains.
    Ecorcheaur: Rhino. They serve the Avoirdupois, who defeated them in war.
    Esclage: Hedgehog. They serve the Bisclavret. A declining house with delusions of grandeur. Originally slavers.
    Feocullan; Skunk. They serve no one. Swamp-dwelling raiders.
    Fiach: Raven. They serve no one. Unpredictable.
    Keylljeyder: Elk/Deer. They serve no one. Woodsy, mysterious.
    Lissemanteau: Ermine/Mink. They serve the Avoirdupois. Gained their lands and title through suspect means.
    Phelan: Wolf. They serve no one. Pseudo-celtic. Opposes civilization.
    Plessis: Wild Dog. They serve the Avoirdupois. Conquered, reduced to serfdom.
    Quennel: Squirrel. They serve the Doloreaux, who "crushed" them.
    Repense: Bat/Mouse. They serve the Bisclavret. Astrology-obsessed and strange.
    Screeberaugh: Wild Cat. They serve no one. They loathe the Phelan, and that loathing causes some tribes to join with the Bisclavret.
    Thierry: Bear. They serve the Doloreaux. None are allowed "within the walls of Calabria" for forgotten reasons.
    Triskellian: Various Races. While originally the name of a city dominated by House Rinaldi, it has been taken over by the merchants and their guilds, becoming a 'melting pot house'. Scoffed at by "true" nobility.

    Note: This is meant to be a game of political intrigue and dastardly behind-the-scenes behavior. Characters with no place within the walls of civilization, or characters built solely for combat, will NOT be accepted unless they are the bodyguard, servant, or other acceptable connection to another character.

    Use whatever character sheet you feel comfortable with. Humans and other races of "the world" will be accepted within reason - and backstory backing up WHY they'd be here.
  2. I call the only Human on Calabria, and if anyone tries to move in on my territory, I'mma cut ya! D:< *Points finger around!*


    Character Name: Wren Norina Rosalinda Alvetica
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human! (Eeeeew! A fleshy!)
    Age: 25
    Birthplace/World: Charbriq, a VERY small country on the human continent of (INSERTNAMEHERE)
    Occupation: 7th Princess to Charbriq, Professional Adventurer (it's not like they need another Princess!)


    General Appearance: 5'2" with a small but solid frame. She is obviously female with tell-tale curves and a moderate bust-size. Her facial features are misleadingly young with fair skin and a heart-shaped face. Brown hair with no fancy coloring or cut. She favors having it braided or pulled in to a pony tail out of her face. Light blue eyes. Wren prefers wearing practical clothing like pants and vests. Nothing with a lot of billowy fabric, just in case she needs to move around or make a quick dash. She doesn't like cloaks for this same reason, choose to wear a knee length coat instead.
    Strengths: Quick and springy, she's also got a good deal of endurance.
    Weaknesses: Not brute-strength strong, and susceptible to illness like colds, flu, etc. Especially in a foreign land!


    Current Goal/Purpose: Explore the Forbidden Continent!
    Talents: Fencing, Checkers, Drawing/Painting, and being in the wrong place at the right time.
    Inabilities: Deciphering thick accents, Being Serious. (Being serious is a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Better to crack jokes and pretend like things isn't a big deal!)
    Fears: Fears! HA! You can't have adventure if you're afraid of things! Honestly? Demons are EVIL bastards, thank the gods there aren't any of them around here! She's also a teensy bit afraid of the dark. But only when it's pitch black dark. She's only human after all, so if she can't see it freaks her out.
    General Personality: Bold, brave, adventurous! Back where she came from, someone that dared to travel around the world to see all of these new sights was someone to be admired. Wren faced dangers head on, never ran from a fight (that she knew she could win!) and always got involved. She loves people, learning things, and trying things for herself. Humans find her a little unconventional and eccentric, but she's no more crazy than any other person. On Calabria... well. That remains to be seen!
    Inner Personality: Being a 7th Daughter with no expectations placed on her, it's been a bit hard on her ego. As a throw away heir, no one really needed or wanted her for anything. Toss in being one of MANY daughters, by the time she came of age, everyone was pretty exasperated in dealing with the other sisters! Wren seeks out adventure and new lands, because she's still looking for her own place in the world. Somewhere to belong and feel as if she has purpose!
    Secret: Wren isn't really going to announce that she's a 7th princess. Why bother, really? It's pretty much just a fluff title! ...Unless it's going to save her life or get her out of trouble. Then it might be useful!


    General History:
    Born as a 7th daughter, Wren was able to live a comfy existence without having to worry about being responsible! So once she was done with all that boring schooling, she was free to choose her own destiny. Her desires? Discovery and Adventure! She's been to many countries, seeing different sights, rescuing damsels, saving princes, fighting witches, and it's all been amazing.

    Then she heard about The Forbidden Continent. A land where animals lived like humans, talked, had societies. This sounded like THE adventure of a lifetime! Wren had to go there! So she packed up her trunk and started her voyage.

    And First Post: (May or may not be depending on how things get started anyway. Had the scene in my head and had to type it. XD )
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    "There it is."

    "Great! How long before we dock?"

    "We're not docking. You're getting off here."

    "Huh? Why not? What about a boat?"

    "That places is strange. We never dock there. Now off you go!"

    "Wait a sec-OOOAAAAAHHH!" SPLASH!

    Had Wren known she was going to get chucked head first in to cold ocean water about a mile away from shore, she might have prepared better. There was a splash as her trunk landed in the water next to her. Shaking a fist up at the sailors, she made sure they got to hear all of those curse words she'd learned off of them in the past week of traveling!

    Oh well. Nothing she could do about it now. Pushing her trunk in front of her, she kicked her feet to get through the water. With the waves working against her half the time it was a real struggle to swim for the beach. By the time she touched the shallows, she was already exhausted. Grabbing the handle of her trunk, she lugged it behind her until she was a good ways up on dry land before she plopped face first in to the sand.

    THERE! Finally! Calabria, the continent of mystery and legend! The forbidden kingdom!

    Wren couldn't wait until feeling came back to her legs and she could start exploring!

    Character Name: Dar'zuul Repense
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Bat
    Age: 21
    Birthplace/World: Deps'holm, Calabria
    Occupation: Dilettante


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: He is capable of flight while carrying a good load of stuff, or one person. Capable of echolocation, very acute hearing, immune to magic (tied to his Inabilities).
    Weaknesses: EXTREMELY acute hearing, somewhat frail, immune to magic (including beneficial magic).


    Current Goal/Purpose: Attain political power and clout (tied to his Secret).
    Talents: Skilled astrologer, silver tongue, wealthy, detects the Fears of other characters.
    Inabilities: Actual sense of 'honor', which actually IS an inability here. He also cannot cast magic at all (tied to his Strength).
    Fears: Being left alone, being caught in direct sunlight, places outside the cities.
    General Personality: Aloof and in-control, radiating an aura of stability and self-control. Every ounce of him is a Repense: he utilizes the Fears of others to get an advantage. His strange actions and attitudes reflect his Repense upbringing... twisted, cruel, and selflish.
    Inner Personality: Deep down, he's a soft-hearted and lonely individual, very honorable in his dealings, and it actually demoralizes him to lie to others. Which is just as well: people assume he lies even when he's telling the truth. He's nervous and self-conscious about what others think about him, and really wants to make everyone happy.
    Secret: Dar'zuul wants recognition from his abusive father. He has a 'tattoo stain' of the Repense symbol scrawled across his back.

    Repense Symbol:


    The seventh son of a seventh son, his birth was considered an omen of misfortune to the family. Whether or not his birth was the cause, his immediate family - mother, father, and siblings - were beset with all sorts of horrible happenings, including the deaths of five of his elder siblings. His parents lost standing with the rest of House Repense, and his father blamed Dar'zuul, forcing all manner of verbal abuse upon the boy.

    Nothing he did could please his father, who forbade him to play with any other children. Dar'zuul grew up without knowing laughter or play, forced into lessons and etiquette far beyond what should have been expected of him. His father cruelly worked him too hard, while expressing that he expected the child to amount to nothing. It tore Dar'zull mentally, though his ever-pleasing attitude evolved from it.

    When he came of age, Dar'zuul's mother was quick to separate him and his now-aging father - sending him out to explore the world. He got a job as an apprentice astrologer and future-teller, which he excelled at... which, being a Repense, was to be expected. After the death of the King and the coming of the political turmoil, Dar'zuul saw his chance: he would win the throne for the Bisclavret... and maybe, just maybe... make his father proud of him.
  4. I am intrigued and shall get a sheet up soon

    Character Name: Samantha Vorden Loright
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Fox
    Age: 30
    Birthplace/World:Vorden, Calabria
    Occupation/School/Grade: Wife, occasionally negotiator.


    General Appearance:
    Strengths:Strangely resistant to poisons. Capable of mimicing the forms of others through shapeshifting,or even making whole new appearances from scratch.
    Weaknesses: weak, stabbable organs. She's not trained to fight people. Holy weapons/magic.
    More: If it makes for a nice final showdown, Samantha will be able to use her shapeshifting abilities for combat. That's the only time it would come up, as using them risks breaking her cover (which is bad)


    Current Goal/Purpose:The complete breakdown of social order on Calabria. Because it would be funny. Settling for several people mentally broken or morally corrupted is an option, but not nearly as funny.
    Talents:Sam is filthy stinkin' rich. She has some slightly shady leftover from when she was gaining that money, so there's a lot she can get done for the right price. She's good at manipulating people and their fears,especially if she has the time to research them.
    Inabilities:Samantha cannot cast magic.
    Fears: Death, exposure, her homeland.
    General Personality:a somewhat seductive woman. Pretty friendly.
    Inner Personality:cruel and manipulative, with the worst in store for almost everyone around her.
    Secret: Samantha is actually a shapeshifting demon.
    More: Should Samantha "die" while on Calabria, she is not killed for good. Rather she is merely booted back to hell, and has to spend centuries finding her way out again. This is not a fun prospect.


    General History:Samantha was adopted as a baby by a rich old couple looking for children to manage their wealth once they died. She grew up around money, learning how to handle it and make it grow. When she was 14 she was married to an even richer husband, and they've done pretty well for themselves. The sudden, unexplained deaths of his competitors just after they were married didn't hurt. They've done pretty well for themselves, and are now one of the richest families on the continent.
    It became clear pretty quickly that Samantha was infertile, so both of their teenage children are adopted. Rodrak is the son, and he is a healthy young grey wolf. Sayla is growing up to be a fine young panther.
    Present Life: Samantha's husband is away trying to negotiate a trade agreement between the human lands and Calabria. She's had some partners other than him, and owns a few nice houses.

    Down in the more secret section, those partners include both of her children, and the quality family time spent out in the country included training them to be sadomasochistic torturers on some unruly servants. Even if Calabria comes out unscathed from this, she'll have created two very evil children with smarts and money.

    Will edit to include Alarice's servant once he gets made.
  6. Jeremi says it's not bad so I assume it's not bad.