The Beast within

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  1. ||Anyone can join. However, if more and more people join. I do want a posting order, so we aren't all over the place, please.

    Here, I am using ol' Dante, possibly a year after DMC3, but him still trying to get use to his Devil Trigger mode. Warning though. Any humans who interact with his Devil Mode and in his current semi berserk and confused state take note. He will find you rather confusing and be baffled when he can. I am fine with OCs in here. Just no BS'y DBZish powers please. As for post leangth. Try your best. Quality > Quantity.

    Anyways. Hope you enjoy this!

    "Dammit.. not again.."

    The Cambion huffed a bit as his body was covered in some fresh wounds from a creature attack. He huffed softly as he growled softly. The young, one-eyed Cambion gave a long growl as he gritted his teeth. He closed his good eye as his wounds bleed a bit. Giving a small growl, he got himself in a stance. The Cambion then let out a small roar. He triggered into his mode, giving an intimating roar. What was before him?

    The beast before him seemed to be canine like creature. He closed his good eye as he concentrated. Instead of lunging forwards like he use to did in his devil mode. He was more calm, reserved and had control of his form. Sure, with his beastly like devil mode. He would be mistaken as a beast. A rather large, human sized beast, maybe taller if he did stand up straight. However, he was sentient. HE was also human. He could think and act on his own, where non-sentient beasts could never. It didn't stop him from baring his fangs and letting off a another roar.

    Dante watched as the beast lunged towards him, it's clawed extended out. It's jaw wide open, showing a show case of jagged fangs. Dante however let out another growl and used his clawed paw to slash against the throat of the creature. Most beasts are weak in their throats.

    He did seem to knock it down. Blood stained his claws. Good. He did slash it's throat, but was it down for the count? He didn't want to take any risks. He just stood there. Hunching a bit lower, he let his back wings open out a bit. Was he curious? Did that creature fall easily? It wasn't breathing. Did it fall that easily to him? Or was he getting better at handling beasts in his mode.

    He now sat on his hind legs and wandered away from the carcass of the dead dog like creature. He soon came to a small clearing and sat near a lake. Maybe he should revert back and tend to his wounds? Or would he remain in his beast mode and lick them clean? Choices. Torn choices.

    Getting out of his position, he sat more like a human, staring at his wounds on his scaled body. They weren't like the one on his face, where he lost his left eye. From that eye, all he could see was darkness. A scar lasts forever. He earned it on one winter night, from a sting ray like creature. As for losing his eye, he made the creature lose it's tail, which contained a toxic like substance in it. He did use that tail and turned it into a small dagger. He gave it to someone 'close' to him. Telling them that it would be useful for them in fights in the future.

    [So many things has ran into my mind...]

    He was talking to himself. He looked around his surroundings. It was quiet. Very quiet. Maybe nothing would disturb him? He closed his good eye and let out a sigh in his mode, which sounded more like a snort. However, something was in the forest. More like a couple of somethings. Perking up, he could hear the sounds of something running, coming towards him. Great, what was it? More beasts?

    Standing up, he shook himself off in his beastly mode stood up on twos and gave a growl. He didn't want to leave the area. Instead, he wanted to fend for himself. He could hear some snarls. He /had/ to stand for his grounds.

    [I know what is around... I can smell 'em...]

    In the darkenss of the forest, he could eight pairs of shining eyes in the darkness. What was it? What was lurking? No real creature had eight eyes like that, but what if it was a pack of monsters? More beasts that caught the Cambion Beast's scent?

    He gave a deep snarl, gritting his fangs. His ochre-yellow like eye shined in the darkness in the forest. He wanted to fight. Fight what was coming towards him. However, was he going to revert to normal and fight? Or was he going to remain in his Devil mode?

    There was too much going on in his mind. Even though he had control of his Devil mode, he still was a beast to people. It didn't matter, though. He had to take care of what was coming and he had to be ready. However, he was rather clever. Giving a wily grin with his scaled muzzle, Dante then made a run, maybe he could "lead" them with a chase. They could be fast, but he was faster and more agile.

    Flexing his claws, he came to a large tree. Behind that tree was a large chasm with a river below. A river with jagged rocks. He had wing. He could glide, but not fly too well.

    If his planned worked,he could lead them off the chasm. Sure, it would be 'sucidie', but at least he'd be fine in the end. He just had to wait. Sit and wait.

    His fanged grin faded into a more serious look. The Cambion let off another roar, this time it thundering through the forest. Maybe it was to 'call' the on coming beasts that were coming for him. Dante could hold his ownvery well. Unlike beasts and some humans. He was Dante after all. The son of Sparda. The Dark Knight. Getting on fours, he braced himself. Braced himself for what was coming.

    Four beasts that resembled the canines came stampeding in. Their aim was to attack the Devil Dante for what he did to their kin. Pretty sure he could take on four beasts. One against four didn't seem far, but Dante could take down demons in his human mode.

    Still on fours, Dante gave off another roar and dashed forwards towards the dog like creatures. Maybe it wasn't a good thing. No. He was human. He couldn't resort back to his primal state in his Devil Form, could he? Dante snarled softly as his good reflected off the dim light in the forest. He charged fourth on fours, running at his swift speeds. Then took a leap into the air. His fanged jaws was opened as he extended his claws out.

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  2. "What the hell was that?"

    Phenex sat up, carefully balancing on the tree branch he'd been napping in.

    Something had woken him--but what?

    Did I just imagine it? He wondered.

    That's when he heard it; a distinctively loud roar, coming from the south. The roar was followed by the sound of several other yips and growls, then another fiercer, much deeper growl.

    Hmm...territorial scuffle, maybe? Somehow, he doubted it. It didn't sound like any of the beasts from this world; he'd been in the human world long enough to know that much. Still, it didn't stop him from hoping he wouldn't have to intervene.

    When another savage cry rent the air, he knew he would have no such luck.

    If I don't take care of whatever it is now, they'll demote me for sure.

    Sighing, he hopped down from the tree, and moving into a crouch, took off into a run, the sound of his shoes thudding over the forest floor drowned out by the sound of his heart pounding in his ears. Branches whipped at his face and tore at his leather jacket, but he kept on moving, knowing his natural healing capabilities would take care of whatever minor cuts and scrapes he suffered.

    He just hoped they'd be enough, for judging by the sounds of battle reaching his ears, whatever he was heading towards could do a great deal more damage than a few nicks and bruises.
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  3. "Jessica, what the hell? You totally bombed the Cheerleading tryouts! What's going on with you today?"
    Her friend Sandy asked, however Jessica wasn't paying attention, in fact she felt as if something strange was going on and she couldn't put her finger on it.

    For weeks now she's been having dreams of claws and yellow eyes, she's been told of fighting in her sleep...her poor father got a bruise on his cheek because of it when she had visited her parent''s been affecting her school work and her social life, and she didn't know how to stop it.

    "I mind's somewhere else..." she said, looking around..she felt as if something was coming.
    "C'mon girly, your a big girl now! Collage which means collage boys!" Sandy danced but then suddenly she screamed and pointed.
    Jessica turned to see this huge creature coming at her, Sandy ran as the creature lunged at her!

    Jessica hoping that she would survive, instead crouched on her back and when the thing lunged at her she pressed her feet against it's stomach and pushed, sending him over her. She then quickly got up getting in a battle stance!

    A battle stance? She thought I don't know how to fight!

    (If I broke any rules just let me know, I have no idea what BS'y DBZish powers are)
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  4. ||Here is the posting Order.

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  5. Well i just posted
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  6. He could hear something. What was it? This caused the hounds that he was fending himself off against to retreat. Not good. When any animal like that flees from something; it is either another animal or a human. Dante was stuck in his beastly demonic mode. For the time being, he paused in his stance, while the last of the dog like creatures ran off.

    However, his eyes caught site of a human. Well two. His growls were deep. HE wasn't really sure what he could make them out to be. Let alone what they'd do to him. He didn't want to take any chances. Or any risks. Maybe watching them would be better. After all, humans did fear what they never seen before.
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  7. Well isn’t this just golden. Phenex huffed, staring between the large, demonic beast, and the two human girls standing opposite it.

    It was difficult to say who was more afraid—the two girls, or the large, demonic beast missing an eye, the sound of his deep, throaty growls reaching Phenex’s ears even from this distance.

    “A demon in the city, of all things,” he muttered to himself, “they had better give me a raise after this.”

    Scanning the campus grounds, he noted with no small amount of relief that no other humans seemed to be present; small wonder, after the pack of demonic hounds he’d just seen taking off in the other direction. If he were human, he wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them, either.
    What really caught his interest, however, was the one girl; just as he’d made it out of the forest, he’d been met with the sight of her taking one of the demon hounds on.

    How the hell did she do that? He wondered. It was unusual for a common human to be able to fend off a demonic attack like that, much less as easily as she had. Maybe she wasn’t an ordinary human at all; maybe she was—

    No, now was not the time to be standing around, gawking; now was the time for action. Crouching low, Phenex ran from the edge of the forest, light on his toes, and made it onto the campus grounds, more than twenty feet away from where the demon and girls stood.

    The large, winged demon appeared to be growing more restless, as if considering whether it should fight or flee. This in itself was puzzling; normally a demon would attack a human without a second thought—so why didn’t this one?

    Slowly, Phenex made his way onto the dirt trail leading to the campus quad, keeping his footfalls silent as he snuck up behind the demon. Hopefully once they saw him, the girls wouldn’t scream, or do anything else that would alert the demon to his presence.

    He hoped, but he knew there was a chance his plan would backfire, whether they kept silent or not. Demons oftentimes had better hearing than anything else he’d ever encountered. He just hoped that this was one of those times when the demon was too intent on his prey to notice anything else around him…
  8. Jessica then looked around and parkoured her way up a roof, peeking below...

    You don't have any weapons to deface the need a priest to bless some weapons for you, it wont kill him but it will burn him and make him think twice, or get him angry...

    "W-who is that?" she asked looking around

    Call me a guardian, I am in your head stupid! Just follow my lead!
    The woman started running towards an unknown place.
  9. Brad walked towards Dante, flicking his metal wrist and sending sparks of electricity through a short metal rope. The wire grows as he flicks his metal whip at Phenex, obeying the demon in his head. John chuckled as the electricity hit the demon hunter, then he gives Brad another command. "I will be taking over now, if you don't mind. Not like you have much choice in the matter." Brad's face remains blank, like someone in a coma, as he really doesn't have a choice in the matter. He cries in pain as his skin turns into metal and spreads. He goes from 5 foot 10 to 12 foot 11 in two seconds, and finally stops growing at 16 foot 6. His metal hand becomes a 7 feet long, 2 feet wide blades, his other hand turns into a gun, and his feet grow hundreds of 1 foot spikes that curl whenever he steps onto the ground. He looks up from the ground as his hulking figure stands to it's full height. download (2).jpg John walks past Dante over to Phenex and points his cannon at the smaller being. John finds it funny to give the man a chance, so he purposely misses, burning a 2 foot smoking crater in the earth. "Your move, good luck with trying to kill Dante. He knows you're here."
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  10. Phenex almost laughed right then.

    Fire, he thought, amused, he’s going to try to take me out with fire, of all things?

    “You obviously haven’t the first clue who I am.” He said lightly, gaze flitting to where the two girls had been, only to realize they were gone. The large demon was still there though, standing just on the other side of the human-turned-automaton in front of him.

    “For the record, I hadn’t actually decided on killing him. But since you wanna play it rough,” He summoned flames onto the tips of his fingers, smiling crookedly, “show me what you got.”
  11. Jack laughs as the flames he considered to be mere candles ignited, but he backs away and says " I know a lot more than you think. Looks like we are at an impasse however, my alloy has materials that are resistant to all of the elements, and you, Sir Phenex, are immune to fire. I do, however, have the advantage at this time, as I have other bullets in my arsenal that you would never see anywhere else. Just to be fair, I'll be leaving though. So long, Flame of Olympus." John disappears back into Brad's mind as the metal tank of a humanoid figure turns back into Brad's metal arm, revealing the now naked body (save for the fact that his genitals and booty are covered by two metal plates). Brad slowly wakes, and for a moment, it looks like he wonders where he is, but his eyes go blank as his mind seems to have a sheet thrown over it. He stands, and looks at Phenex, then bows, saying "I am sorry if I did anything to upset you, please don't hurt me... John does already." Brad bows again before turning to leave. He takes his first few steps before he cries in pain for a split second, then drops to the grass, clearly unconscious.
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