The Beast Within Us (Eli&xPrincessLovellx)

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  1. "What is wrong with her?"

    "I don't trust her. She may be a mole." A clear and simple answer.

    Nothing the white haired male doubted. If his boss wanted someone gone from the agency he would not hesitate to carry out the mission. His administartor slid a folder across the desk. He skimmed through the cream folder minor reports and different allias the target used. Just everyday information.

    " Right." He placed the folder back on the desk.

    "I want you to do it quick, and bring back the body."

    He nodded slowly, it would be just another routine mission for him. He excused himself out of the dim lit office and went on his way to prepare for his job.

    "Do not disappoint me, Cross."

    This was a week ago.

    Brown eyes glanced around the hotel bar; His light brown skin glowed under the lights, then he ran his fingers through his raven colored hair, and shifted in his seat.The chestnut colored male took one more look around the busy place. It was one of these rare occasions that made this job worthwhile. She was like a chameleon, he would catch glimpses of her and then she would be gone; blended in with her surroundings. Always changing her appearance and personality.

    Cross would usually find his targets within a three day window. But she was different, she was good at hiding and the more he chased after her, the more it woke his hunting instincts. A grin crept on his face, it was a thrill to chase this elusive cat half way around the globe.

    Now he sat in this hotel bar, located somewhere in France, which according to his infromant was the last time she was spotted.

    He held a glass of whiskey in his hand, nibbing at it every so often. He caught the attention of several women, but he had only one on his mind. It was now 10 pm. Hopefully he would arrive soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.