The Beast Riders

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  1. In this RP, Humanity's survival on a harsh world with many dangers is it's connection to a strange group of creatures collectively called "Beasts"

    A beast itself is a large, genderless creature capable of slow self-mutation over time. At a very young age, a beast will be presented to a human child will form a strong bond with them, protecting them valiantly and evolving to suit their needs. For example, a merchant's beast will have a very strong back, a beast in the far north would have thick wool and high body heat to keep the human warm, and a racing beast would be sleek and fast. When it's death is near, it will build a "Beast-den", crawl inside, and it's body will break down into a thick red fluid from which new beasts will be born. A beast without a human will wander into the wilderness and fend for itself, usually being killed by wild animals. These "Feral" beasts rarely reach the level of strength tamed beasts do. Intelligence varies from beast to beast, but they can be only truly trained by a bonded human, no beast has officially been recorded to talk. There is debate on whether beasts are truly sentient, or simply an extension of a bonded human's will. Many beasts who lose abonded human are known to slowly go feral or make a Beast Den

    As one would imagine, Human culture relies on the beasts for everything, and that unfortunately includes... War.

    Recently, beasts of ...unusual size have been laying waste to villages, and appear to be spreading a sort of... corruption... that affects the Beast Dens, causing untamable, vicious beasts to emerge. Barely any of these beasts have riders, and the ones that do have monstrous, corrupted humans who roar and bellow, just like the beasts they command.

    An alliance of villages has decided to combat the threat with the best beasts and riders the land has to offer.

    Questions, and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.
  2. Well, I guess it'll be a good idea to roll in.
  3. Sounds interesting. I might join.
  4. I might be interested.
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