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    Mitsusawa De Vante. (Character sheet in blog section of profile.

    "The Beacon."

    Stories abound of an organization that kidnaps orphans in the dead of night. Whispers of vile sorcery and cruel alchemy forging these once forsaken children into catalyst of walking destruction. From a young age to adulthood, these poor and mutated souls live out a solitude existence. A cycle of never ending training and conditioning for a war against those gluttonous demons that dare to consume man. These fables speak of these children being released to carry out the will of the house. Serving as an extension of their hands, carrying out the will of their masters. Rejected by society they simply wander, knowing no respite as they serve until their final days.

    Many revere these dogs as demons, insipid abominations who dare to spit on the face of god. The churches abroad consider such monstrosities as heretics, forbidding anyone within their congregation any dealings with their kind. Stripped of dignity and respect from mankind, yet still these beings fight in man’s stead. Without worldly possessions, a home, love or a life of their own. Many have come to consider these beings as mere pilgrims of decay. Harbingers and agents of ill omens. But few know the truth of their birth or reason for their creation. Even these beings themselves are ignorant.Without a name they have received a title from the people…The house of vipers.
    For many days now Mitsusawa, a higher ranked member of the house traversed the windy dirt roads of the country side. Her boots stained from the dust of travel. With eyes shielded by some sort of cloth bandage she traveled with a sense of haste and urgency for the small town of Illore. A town renowned for its innovation in locomotive technology, as well as it’s lush rolling hills. Upon reaching the peak of such a hill; the short haired traveler would abruptly halt. Turning to face the nearby settlement as a gentle breeze twirled throughout the realm. Her short hair would dance to its calls as the faint spices of springs wind tickled her senses.
    The once beautiful symphony of the birds would find themselves embracing silence, as the familiar yet distant sound of a train raced across the country side. The serenity here was an illusion, for despite this calm aura deep within its heart lurked something insidious. The arches of her luscious lips would contort, permitting a subtle smile to adorn her picturesque face. Without further delay the wanderer would pivot. Making her way down hill and to the town’s mouth. As she closed the distance between herself and the settlement, she would encounter a few merchants. The scars which rested on her chest served as a harrowing warning of her existence.
    These merchants would avert their eyes from her form, permitting no words to be exchanged. Still she could feel their disposition with her slithering inside them like a venomous serpentine. A heavy sigh parting from her lips as she made her final approach. The gates of the town were open, showing mild damage due to the constant exposure to the rain. As Mitsusawa traversed these streets, she would find her way toward the market place. Closing her eyes, as her ears picked up on the idle bantering and gossiping of the locals. Some referred to her as a curse, others a demon some adorned her with the beautifully tamed compliment monster.
    Their flaccid perceptions toward her would not retard her progress or morph her resolve. With confidence she pressed onward, standing outside of a nearby tea house. Here she was informed to meet her contractor. With caution she would approach the door, her hand grasping the knob of brass. Gently she would slide the door open. Passing through the threshold, she would pause for a moment. Permitting her gaze to take in her surroundings, less this is some sort of trap. Walking pass the patrons the pilgrim would take root at a vacant booth. Her fingers drumming against the chipped wooden table, not expecting any intrusions from the employees; due to her kind's reputation in these parts.
    Now came her most dreaded part of any assignment…the waiting.
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    For a very long time the house had remained silent. The tragedies it had seen became but memories of lives best left forgotten. Their only clues dwelled within the eyes of the many portraits that graced its stone walls. They were the dark and dead eyes of the souls who had ceased pacing the halls many years ago, the family Ziran.

    At their peak they had been a family of nobility. They had been adored by kings and feared by peers. They had enjoyed wealth and prosperity all on the backs of the so many they slaughtered. It was not uncommon in this place for families to all accept a trade. What was strange is the one they chose. For what everyone knew and was too scared to say was that the Zirans were murderers. From an early age their daughters were groomed for marriage and the sons to kill. It was a business that suited the family well for many years.

    Until one day a pretty face and love set the catalyst to destroy it. He had been one of four boys, the second youngest and the most talented. When he was young and still training, he went too far out and became lost. The first person he met was a young girl and from then on he had been in love. As an adult he protected her and became rejected from his kin. When the parents had died the eldest brother realized the folly. He had been injured and could no longer continue the work. The two other youngest lacked the abilities necessary. It was then he began to plan.
    The second youngest and his wife lived happily and were blessed with a daughter. A daughter whose power they hid from her. They were scared should someone find out, his uncle would seek to take her. When the girl became a teenager the power began to show. It was not long till her uncle came and she was gone.

    She had been beaten, threatened, and trained harshly so she would carry on the line. But like most monsters, she turned on her creators. What followed was years of drinking and squandering what she had until finally she found purpose. She did great things and redeemed her past, leaving behind the dark secrets of her family. And for a very long time the Ziran manor remained silent. Then someone returned.
    Jealousy sparked it. The girl had two children a daughter then a son. To her son she gave the world and her daughter limitations. He would inherit all his mother had. She would live on charity. For who would want to marry her? The daughter had been born very powerful and to protect her, had been issued a guardian to bind all her abilities. She was weak.

    For a long time she watched her brother. She smiled and accepted his will. Then one day she could handle it no longer. No one quite knew how her guardian disappeared or really what had happened, but with her powers free, the daughter revisited the house and made her own plans. He could rule the people in the sun, but she would serve the people in the underworld.

    It was legend she and her cousins had heard many times before. It was tradition to tell the story aloud before they began their training as children, a way to remember where they had come from and why they did what they did. They were creatures of darkness and this was the only place they would ever be allowed to stay.

    Her mother had never believed it. She had always told Fallon that they could leave if they had to. They would be able to make a life and never have to harm a soul. It had been a hope that quickly changed one day to a reality. Fallon had been injured during her training and her mother became scared. They left the next day and for a while lived happily, free from the oppression of the family. Until one day they were discovered. Fallon could never say if her mother was still alive, she had just run.

    At the time she had been seventeen. She should have been able to protect her mother, at the very least tried to fight off the men that had had come. She should have, but the moment her mother had told her run, Fallon had obeyed just as she had always been trained to. After that, times were hardly happy. She lived on the street and became a wanderer. She tried to continue her training by herself, but did so sparingly, afraid she would be noticed and the men would come for her. She prayed her mother was alive and promised herself she would find out. Every night she thought about how she would face them until the night they found her.

    Crack! Her teeth rattled with the force of his palm. Quick and painful this was the third time he had struck her face and he seemed to have no intention of stopping anytime soon. “I hope you realize.” He said through his teeth, “How lucky you are. You will survive this night Fallon, but I would like nothing more than to wring your neck. Though I suppose that would be too much of an honor for a coward.”

    He struck her again, this time her ears began to ring. It almost was too loud for her to hear what her cousin said next. “First you run away from your family because your whore of a mother tells you to.” Crack! “Then you run away instead of helping the woman who raised you.” Crack! “I don’t know what is worse!” He screamed the last bit she thought, but it was getting hard to pay attention. Her face was so raw and she could feel where her lip had split. Suddenly someone had her by the back of the head. It was still him. “Are you listening to me Fallon? You little..”

    The sound of the train was loud and disruptive, bringing nature to a silent halt near its tracks. It also was the first sound that confirmed Fallon was still alive. Her head was pulsing and her entire body felt bruised. She was unsure what her cousins had done to her when she was finally knocked unconscious, but was very glad she did not remember. Slowly she told herself. One palm on the ground, then the other, and push. What should have been an easy action made her joints and muscles scream. Had she ever felt so exhausted? A she cracked a smirk. Of course I have.

    When she finally did manage to sit up, Fallon took a look around. She had no idea where she was at. It seemed like pretty enough country side and even a town nearby. Blue eyes quickly rescanned the area for her attackers. It seemed too generous that her cousins would have dropped her off here so close to civilization. Still, she could not see or feel them. Maybe I am lucky.

    She climbed to her feet and started to limp toward the town. She was sure she probably looked like a mess. Her hair was probably in tangles and her face was most likely black and purple. She licked her lips and tasted the tang of dried blood. Oh yes, she was looking pretty today. She slowed her pace and tried to comb out the tangles with her hand and wipe away the blood on her face. When she did all she could without a mirror Fallon started to move faster.

    As the town got closer and closer the more worried Fallon became. She had never seen this place and there was no telling where her family might had dumped her. Reaching the town was just as terrifying. She glanced around frantically. She needed a place to sit and possibly clear the head for a moment. Preferably a place with something warm to drink that might help her with the headache that just seemed to get worse. She spotted the tea house and let out a silent prayer of thanks.

    Once again she had to ignore the looks of strangers. She really wished she could have seen how bad it was, but first things first. She chose a booth without really looking around and slumped down in the seat. A nice couple of cups of tea and then she would begin to figure her next move.

  3. The minutes had become ours and yet no sign of her contractor. Though Mitsusawa was a woman of patience and virtue she couldn’t help but evaluate her current position. Deep inside that mutated muscle she calls a heart; the short brown haired beauty felt fear settle in. Like the kiss of winter’s first frost, this emotion evoked a chill which coursed up and down her spine. What if the operation had been compromised? If her contractor had been killed then that could only mean one thing…her position had just become much more complicated.
    The subtle creak of the wooden door being pushed open would serve as a welcome distraction. Causing the enforcers obscured eyes to dart toward the entrance. Hoping for a welcomed face to stumble within the humble shop; such hope would dissipate as quickly as it had been sown. Though Mitsusawa was unable to see the world as most see it. Even she could detect the distress, confusion and alarm brewing within this stranger. It was painfully self evident that she had endured a traumatic experience.
    Her body littered with bruises, each echoing a harrowing tale of her plight. And though most sought to avert their eyes and continue their daily affairs. She could not, for whatever manner of being did this was a monster. Demons come in all sorts of shape and sizes; some are literal while other’s metaphorical. Her attackers no doubt were human as far as their flesh was concerned. But the spite in their soul reverberated from this woman’s physical shell. Granting her but brief glimpses into their true nature. Such crimes should never go unpunished.
    Seeing how her contractor was fashionably late, the wandered would rise from her nested position. Closing the distance between herself and this stranger. Her stride as bold as ever. As if to demand attention and respect; an outward manifestation of her social position. Casually the armed woman would nest across from her. Arm’s now nuzzling against her defined abdomen. Through cloth covered eyes her gaze could be felt barreling down on her. But not emitting the aura of disgust or spite. At first only silence would greet her.
    Mitusawa wanted her presence to sink in before attempting any communication. “What manner of beast did this to you? Others may avert their eyes from the truth. From pain, suffering and death. But I will not, I will stare into the eyes of those which have suffered. For though those who inflict the pain may forget their victims...Their victims living or dead will never forget them.” She spoke with a sense of unwavering confidence. As if her weighted words were the only definitive truth in this world. Some would find this as intimidating, but such flaccid perspectives would never impede her own positions.
    No doubt this confused woman would find her presence as odd if not unwelcomed. And even if she somehow was enamored by her mutant aura. Her cloth wrapped eyes and scars on her chest would warrant some level of weariness. After all for a woman stricken with blindness she perceived much. “I am Mitsusawa, Enforcer of the House of vipers. Give me the name of those which inflicted you…and I shall kill them.” Her words were frigid, her demeanor altered. As if this somehow was tied to her immovable sense of duty.
    “If you refuse to give me the information then I shall leave you to your fate. I will watch as they find you, and kill you. On that day I will offer no aid. I will instead watch as your life is snuff out. Seeing how you seem confused lost and alone I doubt you have much in the way of friends.The way these people look at you with fear is almost as potent as the hatred they harbor toward me.” She’d conclude. One way or another she would obtain what she wanted. She always has and always will…
  4. She hung her head as she sat at the table. It was almost enjoyable to just to listen to the normal on goings of the shop. The sounds of patrons talking and laughing and the employees clanking dishes as the poured tea seemed like music for she was alive to hear it. Why she was still alive was a mystery. Her cousins had made it clear that she was unwelcomed back and considered a traitor. Usually anyone branded with that title would be killed or at least marked. Fallon lifted her head to touch beneath her left eye. There was swelling, but no wound to say she had been branded.

    From the corner of her eye Fallon saw someone approach and glanced up. She had thought it would be someone to take her order, what it really was, surprised her. The other woman seemed almost ethereal compared to the others in the shop. She was beautiful, but there was just something off. Starting with the cloth wrapped around her eyes and the scars on her chest. Though the woman seemed to be blind, Fallon didn’t make the assumption she could not see what happened around her. Being trained in shadows had shown Fallon even darkness can see.

    Fallon didn’t move when the other sat across from her. She just sat and listened as the woman asked a few questions and gave a speech. She was the enforcer of the House of Vipers. Somewhere in the back of her mind Fallon thought she had heard the name before. Perhaps when the elders of Ziran had been speaking about the different organizations that were close and near. Suddenly Fallon knew where she was. Her cousins had dropped her out far into the East. That is why she was alive. It would take her sometime to finally get back home.

    When the woman finished speaking, ending on a note meant to scare Fallon, the bruised woman did the only thing she could think to do. She smiled. “Mitusawa? It’s very nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Fallon. You are correct that I do not have any friends around this area.” She gestured to her face. “I was put here after I was beaten. I admire your willingness to help a stranger, especially someone like me. However though I would love those responsible to be punished, I would like a hand in it.” At those words Fallon’s voice went from friendly to cold. “If you can guarantee that, I will happily give you their names.”

    Fallon could not remember a time that she had felt this angry. She had been preoccupied with finding shelter for a moment, now that she was comfortable and talking the fire came to life. She wanted her family dead. They had lived in their own world for too long. They had gone blind from sitting in the darkness. So blind they had forgotten to see their own blood as such. Her mother was most likely dead and Fallon had been abused. Before when things like this had happened it was deemed as proper. The way they had always dealt with traitors and the weak. Enough.
  5. Those which embraced the darkness often thought they could cloud her perception with vain deception. While most clung to swarthy guises, Mitsusawa lived and was born in the darkness. This gift often bestowed upon her uncanny levels of observation. So any attempt to deceive her was oftimes doomed to failure. Luckily for this young woman she treaded down a path of honesty. Her honeyed words of formality would not go unnoticed, but at the same token would receive no acknowledgement. Mitsusawa learned long ago how such silver words were often the trait of a serpent.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    This stranger seemed to carry a heavy burden, though she was incapable of seeing her eyes or face. This pilgrim could sense the heaviness of her cross. Her luscious lips would contort, giving way to a genuine but faint smile. Birthed from the amusement of her closing statement. Whether or not she could be of any real assistance had yet to be seen. But she would not rob this woman her right to claim justice. But if she should sense any malicious intent in her actions then Mitsusawa would be force to remove her from the equation. Less her soil forever be tainted by the stain of vengeance. For though one can wash blood from their hands, the soul was never so easy to cleanse. Something Mitsusawa had learned the hard way.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Your words are adorned with honey, pleasant to the ears but often things which are beautiful are designed to mask a deadly toxin.” Boldly she would express her thoughts, displaying a rather unnatural level of honesty.“If you wish to assist me you may, I will not deny you this right.” She replied leaning back on the booth. Her arms now resting on the aged table. “But be careful; those seeking vengeance should dig two graves. One for those they hunt and the other for their own soul.” Her words carried weight, as if she had experience far beyond her years. A testament toward the extent of her years and experiences.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “You may refer to me as number 4. That is my rank within the house of vipers. Though I offered you my name our laws will not permit you to utter them. Not unless you have merited my respect. From this moment forward I am the extension of your arm. Contracted by the code to aid you until this issue has been resolved. If you make me do anything dishonorable I may be forced to kill you once our contract is complete. As your weapon I have no rights or name, I m merely a tool and am no longer responsible for my actions.” Her theology no doubt would strike this one as alien if not odd. Sadly these conditions weren’t negotiable.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Rising from her seat Mitsusawa would stand next to her, dropping to her knees as her palms rested against the cold wooden floor. Her yellow aura outlining her body as crimson like wings of raw energy illuminated the shop. The locals would freeze and stare at this sight. Finding the display to be as beautiful as it was inspiring. “Kirleena, huntress of our people. Watch over me as I slay this one’s enemies. May I be her spear and your voice? May those whom oppose us suffer a swift and painless judgment. May the fires of our purity course through our bodies, may the shadows be our shield and the light our sword. Your will our armor and this moment our foundation. By all that is under the heavens may her will be. Kirleena, huntress of our people…May I be absolved from all sin that is to come. And may the hunt for survival be forever in your favor. Kiresh’da lyah”
    <o:p> </o:p>
    As she finished this prayer Mitsusawa would rise. Her crimson wings dissipating as her yellow aura vanished. “It is done, we are now one.” No doubt this would inspire a multitude of questions. And if Fallion should ask, some answers would be provided. “The name’s please vas eir normanda.” A title which meant the one contract.
  6. It was quite an enchanting site to see. The woman kneeled at her side and burst into a sunset of yellows. Her red wings spread out from her back, making Fallon question what this woman was. She had never seen anything like the display. Her words were equally as beautiful and strange, but Fallon could not help but respect this creature for her last words. A prayer to pardon her of the sins she would commit. It was funny. During all her training and learning of her families past, they never once begged their god for forgiveness. To them they were carrying out his will. Curious.

    When Mitsusawa finished and told Fallon she was finished and they were now done, Fallon did have quite a few questions for her new Friend. “We are one? Please why don’t you sit and you can explain to me about the beautiful show you just put on along with what is dishonorable to you. You have offered to help me and I appreciate it immensely and respect what you have told me thus far, but I think we should discuss some things right now. I have heard of the House of Vipers but only in passing. I am from out West so forgive me on that. I can tell though that your house is not full of ordinary people. Can you explain that?”

    She assumed the question might have been found offensive if not unanswerable by the woman. She hoped it wasn’t, but Fallon was running out of patience. She had been forced through a long night and now was experiencing an mentally taxing day.
  7. What followed was to be expected, inquires birthed due to an unknown display. Curiosity was a funny thing, leading to both enlightenment or one’s undoing. Still for the moment Mitsusawa would humor Fallon’s questions. But not everything she thirsted for would be quenched. Not all mysteries sedated, for everyone is entitled to their secret. And secrets were one of her houses specialties. Aspects of the house even eluded its own members. Reserved only for those few selected to hold position of political influence

    The locals couldn’t help but admire the vibrant array of colors which poured forth from her very being. Nor could they help but momentarily eavesdrop. A reaction though typical, often served to annoy the young warrior. There was a mysteriously sexy aura about Mitsusawa, from the way she posed her words. To the spirit cloth fabrics which obscure and shield her eyes, even the silent burden placed on her shoulders. Patiently the wanderer would lend Fallon her ears, waiting for the opportune time to put to ease certain questions and concerns she expressed.

    “We are all one. From your fellow man to the ant who scurries across the wooden deck. Energy recycled within the vast circulatory pool that is our cosmos. When something dies or is killed, the energy in its cells is devoured by other life forms. When we die the worms, birds and other scavenger feast on us. We then turn to dust and then are used as fertilizer for plant life. Those which consumed us live, and we become a part of them. In due time these life forms are devoured by even larger more complex organisms. The energy they devoured from them and our own then enters that life form. This cycle continue till we eventually digest that same energy.”

    This theology was that of the house, Mitsusawa doubted very much that many others could understand or even agree with such words. Nonetheless such a feeble concern would not impact her from expressing their beliefs. “I see all energy, all life and all souls. I consume and borrow the energy of others so that I may live and fight. But not in the same manner as you do.” Mitsusawa elaborated, permitting a brief moment of silence to settle between them. So that her words could sink in. Mitsusawa’s tongue traced the arches of her luscious lips, moisturizing them before continuing.

    “To squander this gift and their sacrifice is dishonorable. I am to only use my skills when necessary and only to protect those around me. The excess or needless consumption of their sacrifice is also repugnant. What you saw, that display was nothing more than the physical manifestation of my life force. As well as those that have joined with me.” Undoubtedly this statement alone would serve as a catalyst for confusion. But few were equipped to understand, even fewer to explain. In this regard there is a gap between her kind and normal man.

    “I am not permitted to speak of my house, nor am I allowed to converse regarding my origins. My birth is a well guarded secret. The only thing you need to know is that I am here. And that it was extraordinarily painful. The only solace I can offer you is this, we exist as a barrier. Both defensive and offensive, a dam preventing the monsters which lurk under your bed and in your head from escaping. We are the first and last line of defense against a world of terror few can comprehend. And those few who have sought the truth regarding our enemy, often find themselves driven to madness. Some refer to as assassins, others monster hunters. Neither of these terms is acceptable or accurate.”

    Mitsusawa continued as her folded her arms, nesting them against her defined abdomen. “We…simply are. We do not cling to names and pointless titles as a group. The house of vipers;as many come to call us by, is nothing more than a fabrication. Birthed entirely form man’s need to label everything they stumble across. For no matter what you wish to adorn us with, we have learned to permit it. That way those who differ from us can somehow relate to us.”
  8. She sat and listened to the well rehearsed mantra of the faction the woman was from. Coming from a family built on traditions dating back centuries, Fallon understood it in a way and was more than able to respect it. The Ziran family’s code was hardly as humble and altruistic as this woman’s was. They lived on the blood of those they made suffer and were raised to believe they were better because of it. The Ziran’s were an egotistical bunch, but when no one dared say a word against you, it was easy to become so.

    However when the woman began to explain the display, Fallon leaned forward, deeply interested. She said it was the physical manifestation of her life force. In all her time, Fallon had never seen such a sight and was slightly pleased that she had been able to witness it. It was gift far better than this stranger offering to hunt down those who had hurt Fallon.

    All she could do was just appreciate this woman. From offering to help a stranger to giving her the few questions she could, this woman was truly better than Fallon could ever be. Then a sad pang pinched in her chest. Perhaps it was just because they were discussing business and answering questions that were borderline impossible, but the stranger seemed to have no humor in her voice.

    When Number 4, finished speaking, Fallon just watched her for a moment. Her own blue eyes quickly took in the stranger’s features again. “I thank you for answering what you could. I am humbled that you would take pity on a person such as me. I will do my best to not dishonor you or your work. Now you have answered my questions. Do you have any for me?”
  9. In truth this mantra was not rehearsed, this was simply how she felt at the moment regarding the purpose of her existence. Mitsusawa had always been one for deep, poetically honeyed words. Though she was no mind reader, Mitsusawa could sense such things as concerns, dispositions, malice or love. Each emotional state emits its own unique frequency of sorts. And through her years the enforcer had become very good at mapping and reading such frequencies. Some might find her curiosity to be annoying; in number 4’s case she found it to be refreshing and soothing. For it wasn’t everyday she stumbled on someone who wasn’t frightened or disgusted with her being.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The road she saw fit to tread was one of solitude. Her code prevented her from falling in love, settling down or even making friends with ease. The only thing which kept her sane and moving through the tribulations of life was her mission. Deep within her soul Mitsusawa believed that her actions kept humans safe and granted them some respite. It was through this belief that she derived a reason for existing. As a mutant she had little to no place in the natural order. Let alone in the societies which make up this violent world of ours.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Her brow would rise as Fallon expressed her thoughts. Pity was en emotion she couldn’t possess. Nor did she take much stock in the idle praise of others. A gesture appreciated though not necessary. “My sense of duty called me to your plight. Do not obscure or guise it with a delusional sense of pity.” She replied, leaning forward before continuing. “Your thanks are appreciated but not necessary. Remember as of now I am an extension of your will. I doubt you thank yourself for everything you do? You don’t seem to suffer from that level of egoism in my eyes.” She retorted, not wishing to scorn but rather clarify.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “The only thing I need is a name and location. The sooner we put this behind you the sooner you can cling to the illusion of peace. Everything else about you I will deduce on my own. For there is no better way to test one’s character, then to see how they react in the lion’s den.” Her words as frigid as ever. Yet underneath this blanket of snow lurked a faint genuine concern for this one. “I do hope my professionalism doesn’t rub you the wrong way. If so I apologize…it is not my intent to come off as rude. I am simply not equipped to socialize.” She concluded.
  10. Fallon offered a sad smile at her words. She could relate. Anyone in her family who had the abilities necessary for the trade were all trained from a very early age. Socializing was not on the schedule so usually by the time they reached Fallon’s age they were cold and cruel. Fallon’s hand absent mindedly touched a sore rib. Had she not been removed by her mother, she would have turned out very similarly.

    “Alright.” She cleared her throat. “There are five names then for the people that attacked me. However, those five I know were acting on orders. The three names I will give you are the ones who gave those orders.” She suddenly felt nervous. A chill ran down her spine. If she did this she really would be a traitor to her clan. Beneath the table she balled her hands into fists. She had to remember what they did to her and her mother. It was not right and it all had to stop. “Jasper Ziran, Helric Ziran, and Anarize Ziran. The place is the city of Laythos.”

    As soon as she named off the heads of her family and where they were residing she felt a lump form in her throat. There was no going back now and she could feel that after this was done, it really would only be an illusion of peace for her.
  11. It was flamboyantly clear that this woman was riddled with fear. From her body language to the tone in her voice, they all stood as a testament. Such a young and foolish girl, Mitsusawa had forgotten how most humans tend to loathe inevitable confrontations. This mutant had no intent on failing or letting anyone survivor. No survivors meant there was no way her family could identify her as the conspirator. Nor would they be able to pin the blindfolded viper as her weapon. A sigh parting from those luscious lips of hers, as she attempted to muster together her thoughts.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Why do you seem stricken with fear? Those which stand before you will know neither respite nor mercy. No clemency shall be shown to them on the coming day of retribution. If there are no survivors then that only means no one can explain what happened. None will suspect you; especially seeing how they obviously find you as weak. For predators do not prey on those whom can contest them.” Mitsusawa spoke softly, in an attempt to alleviate the stress from off of her. Unsure whether or not her words would reach her. For a frighten human was prone t whimsical delusions and fantasies.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The female member of the house would rise from her rooted position, offering Fallon her hand. As if to motion for her contractor to rise. Time was a valuable asset and the longer they waited the grater the distance between themselves and their targets grew. And if they were truly waiting at some sort of base of operations. The more time they allotted her enemies to prepare should they detect something amiss. Or somehow feel frightened. “Please rise.” She’d beckon Fallon with the use as words as well. Hoping to express the importance of haste.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “I do not know the way; but something tells me you do. We shall start our journey now. For the sooner you are free the sooner we both can sleep easier at night.” For such a fabled monster Mitsusawa expressed a genuine sense of concern. This contrast of rumored character serving as but a momentary epiphany. That certain tales behind these creatures were gravely exaggerated. If not completely unfounded. “So by all means do lead.” she’d conclude, permitting her a moment to think things over. For once they set outthere was no turning back.
  12. Fallon smirked at Mitsusawa’s question. Why was she so afraid? Because her family was ruthless gang patched together with a dark history and muddled traditions. Her own cousins had viciously attacked her if only for a reminder of what they were capable of. She could not be sure, but was starting to wonder if they had dumped her only because killing her while unconscious would have lacked the appeal.

    That’s why she was nervous. Even if she did manage to kill off the three, there would always be more to replace them. Just not as strong. She supposed that would have to give her some comfort. “I guess it’s been a while since I have made plans to help some people into the afterlife.” Not doubt her attempt at humor would be lost on the woman.

    Fallon just ignored it and stood when her companion did. “Like I said earlier, I’m not from around here. I was dumped. I just need to get my bearings. We will need to start heading west. Where are we?” She hated to sound so lost, but then that was probably the other part of her punishment.
  13. It shouldn’t come as a shock that this strange woman suffered from confusion. And so Mitsusawa felt no need to press the issue any further. Though the trip west did mean passing through potentially dangerous territory. Regardless of the dangers they may face, the viper was confident she could ward them off. The whistling of a train would disrupt the momentary silence, as the mutants gaze drifted outward. It seemed yet another train was departing. Sadly no train has headed west for some time now, due to the raiding of the savages said to inhabit the desert just beyond the boundaries of this territory.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    This temporary departure of her attention once more would focus on that of Fallon. A sigh parting from her lips as she fumbled around the right words. “We are in the locomotive capital of the eastern town Shindoire. If we are heading west we have two options, the first is hijacking or convincing a train to head west. Or we can travel by foot. I won’t lie to you; both are dangerous in their own right. But sadly there are no alternatives…do not fret contractor. I am more than capable of protecting you if anything should stand in our way.” Mitsusawa would permit a brief pause as her once extended hand now nuzzled against her bare and defined core.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “In life there are two types of people, those which work with me and those which get out of my way. Less they be crushed by my heels.”Once more her words reverberated and resonated a sense of determination and confidence which bordered on arrogance. Though something about her aura gave off the vibe that such confidence was merited. It was this aura which often made her a good leader as well as threatening to some. Though how Fallon would interrupt this ultimately remained guised by uncertainty. Seeing how she was left with little in the way of options, the mutant doubted either perception will retard their course.
  14. Fallon allowed a small smirk on her lips. The woman was confusing and was very scary, but ultimately Fallon had accepted her help and therefore whatever consequences. “Alright then I will try not to get in your way then. And as much as I think hijacking a train would be fun, I have enough excitement for one day.” She cleared her thoat. “What are the types of dangers we would face by going on foot?”

    She didn’t like the idea of walking. Not because she was scared of anything that they would face, but because it would make their journey that much longer. Absent mindedly she started to rub the back of her sore neck and looked out one of the windows.
  15. Though her question was posed, silence would still fester between them. What danger would they face? Such an odd and silly question. As if anyone can know the answer to something so chaotic. Still she could shed some enlightenment regarding this subject. Though whether or not Mitsusawa’s answer will suffice and sedate her curiosity would remain elusive momentarily. “There are far too many variables to be certain. A few bandits, savages and maybe if we’re really lucky something we can slay for some cash. Luckily there is no shortage of monsters or contracts within this realm. Though I can’t be for certain…” She would reply.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The mutant’s voice riddled with an almost morbid sense of excitement. As if she found mystery and danger to be some sort of Aphrodite. Which if deduced, wasn’t far off from the truth. Whether or not Fallon would serve as a valued combatant was of little importance to the viper. For Mitsusawa was certain that she alone could fend off any peril which may lie in wait for them. For the roads they would travels undoubtedy would serve as a bonding experience. For she had learned that the best way to see someone for who they truly be. Is to observe as they waltz with the raven; take in their footwork and the glow in their eyes.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    For only when faced with death do we truly show what we’re truly capable of. “We shouldn’t waste any more time. Which path we choose I leave up to you. Either way we will begin this little road trip of ours with some style.” Her words sowing seeds of inquiries no doubt. For little did Fallon know, the town was in lockdown. Martial law due to the sighting of some sort of serial killer. A man known only for his feral eyes and killing of military officers. His motives and identity both remain obscured by the unknown. Regardless the town was abuzz with the recent killings and the soldiers on edge. A single man somehow managed to sow fear ad disorder within both the citizens and military of the empire.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    No small feat to be sure…
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The arches of her lips would contort, forming a faint smile on those luscious lips of hers. Casually Mitsusawa would raise her hands, placing them on the back of her head as she began to undo her cloth bandages. Which alone seemed to possess some sort of magical properties, though what they may be was a secret. Once undone and with eye lids closed, the viper would place them within her pocket. Removing her over coat so that it dangles earthward, held by the wrappings around her waist. The scars on her bosom longer and deeper than originally thought. As her upper body remained adorned by yet another set of bandages.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    The enforcer of the house of vipers would open her eyes, those empty vivid green hues of hers staring blankly into space as she offer Fallon her hand. “Are you injured from your encounter?” She asked, already knowing the answer due to the abnormal vibrations within her aura. Without so much as waiting for a reply the strange woman reached into her pocket, pulling out the cloth bandages she just secured. Stepping forward to close the distance between them Mitsusawa would wrap it firmly around her forearm. No doubt this display will birth an arch of the brow. But before any questions could be posed the answer behind this a action would reveal itself.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Fallon would feel a surge of energy enter her body. He once bruised exterior and battered interior hastily mended itself. It was almost as if her biological clock had been turned back and all phenomena which took place was rejected from our reality. Though how such sorcery was possible was best kept in the dark. This energy not only undid the recent damage, but several injuries and de cay done over time. Her muscles and bones felt renewed as if she had been born again. Her skin radiant all scars dissipated. Which seemed to hint that Mitsusawa purposely kept her own scars, that or for some reason they simply couldn’t be undone.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “There…all should be well.” She retorted. Concluding with a grin as her own energy flowed through Fallons body. The idle effects f which she would soon feel, but none of which were negative. Her strength, speed and reflexes would increase drastically. And with luck and training she may unlock even further abilities. Though whether this effect was long or short term only time would tell…
  16. Early on to encountering this strange woman with scars on her breasts and a bandage over her eyes, Fallon had deduced that this would not me a normal meeting. The way the way the woman spoke and how she had made her energy physically manifest in a show of lights and feathered wings was truly a testament to that. Yet Fallon had not expected this woman, who had easily enough accepted the job of killing three people, would be some form of a healer.

    She opened her lips to question Mitsusawa about the bandage around her forearm, when she felt the energy pass between them. It began as a slight warm, spreading from the bandage that quickly turned into a hot and comforting heat. She was obviously surprised at first. The aches that had rattled her form since the moment she woke that morning suddenly vanished, but that was not the only thing. She could feel her broken ribs pop back into place. The vicious scars that had adorned her back since she began her training tickled oddly. Somehow Fallon knew that those had also vanished.

    When the heat left her body, all Fallon could do was stare at Mitsusawa for a moment. Her face was contorted in a mixture of both confusion and relief. In a small voice she said, “Thank you for that.” The words hardly did justice, though, for the gratitude Fallon suddenly felt. Yesterday’s injuries had vanished along with the reminders of one’s long since past. It was gift and one Fallon hoped in some way she could repay.

    Awkwardly she offered a smile to the blind woman and cleared her throat. “Let’s make our way on foot then. After that I feel like I could take on anything we could face.”
  17. The charade had served its purpose; the once down trodden woman now had life renewed. A healthy glow now adorned her face as confidence emitted from her aura. A refreshing sight that ultimately would serve in both their best interest. The confusion sown by her act of kindness was to be expected. In fact Mitsusawa would have been more concerned if such unique healing properties didn’t arouse questions of some sort. Though it would seem that despite her perplexity Fallon had no interest in expressing any concerns.

    Finally they had a destination and purpose; they could begin their journey as oppose wasting any more time than necessary in this café. Still she would address a few thoughts before exiting the establishment. “You needn’t thank me; I was merely doing my job. Your well being is now my responsibility. If you were to die while under my watch due to slothfulness, than there would be dire consequences from my organization. In short assisting you was in my best interest…” Coldly she replied, putting up a guise. The truth of the matter was that Mitsusawa often had trouble expressing her feelings and concerns toward others.

    Such a flaccid attempt at obscurity would undoubtedly be seen through. However this would prove of little consequence toward her. Though the mutant was unable to see Fallon’s face, she could feel the genuine warmth of her smile. Which was birthed as a result of her appreciation. Rarely did anyone show any form of respect or appreciation toward one of her birth. So such a sight was welcomed, if not a tab bit awkward. Still not wishing to dawdle Mitsusawa would walk by her and toward the door, sliding it open as she turned to face her.“Shall we?” She inquired into, already knowing the answer. Without so much as a pause the wiper would pass through its threshold and onto the towns stone paved roads.

    The settlement was bursting with life, as the sheer volume of idle bantering from the locals caused a subtle frown to rest on her face. Though this mutant possessed great powers that most would envy. She longed for a simple life, one which was robbed from her early on in her childhood. “We should hurry.” She proclaimed, permitting her expression to dissipate as she spoke. Less this give way to unnecessary and pointless interrogations.Making their way down the stretch of road, they would eventually find their way to the northern gate.

    Where a guard armed in cheap iron armor stepped forward. “Hey where are you ladies going? We ain’t allowed to let anyone leave this ‘ere city. You see the roads are dangerous now that there’s a serial killer on the loose?” The simpleton spoke with a delusional sense of authority. A heavy sigh parting from her luscious lips as she placd her right hand on her hip. Arching it ever so slightly…“Take one good look at me…Do I look like a defenseless civilian to you? Let alone a military officer?” Her question causing a brief moment of silence to settle. “Errmmm…no?”

    The guard seemed confused by her angry tone and statement. “Good then I’m going out there. If I run intoan obstacle I’ll remove it…if I run into a serial killer I’ll dispose of them. And I doubt you want to become an obstacle now do you?” The guard would remain still, taken by surprise. Her comment and authoritative tone throwing him out of his comfort zone. “O-okay I suppose you can go. Ain’t like a mutant like you is human or anything. And if you and your little freak lover there die ain’t no skin off our backs you ‘ere?”

    Mitsusawa would only shake her head as the man stood there, as if expecting an invitation or reply of some sort. “Then hurry up and open the damn gate! Less you want to end up a stain on my boots as I stomp in our throat!” The guard was no fool, he knew that he stood little to no chance against one of her kind. Jumping and pivoting around he would motion for the guards manning the controls. Slowly the mouth of the gate would rise. “Thank you kindly.” She replied, offering a bow before turning to look at Fallon. “Let us be on our way.” She spoke before exiting the town.
  18. Fallon had always been a creature who had been able to take care of herself. The entire events of recent days had left her so unsure of her abilities and skills. She could only be grateful and respectful of the woman who had so kindly offered to help. Even though Mitsusawa had shown no outward kindness besides her small actions, Fallon could not help but to be friendly.

    She could only hope that this woman really was all she said she was. It seemed almost too good to be true that after a violent attack, Fallon would find her guardian angel of sorts. Now that she was renewed and in fresh air, Fallon could see that she may have rushed into this choice like she had so many others.

    Diligently she followed Mitsusawa through the town and to the gate. Her mind was on the newest worry when they encountered the guard. She let the blind woman take care of the matter. Soon Fallon found herself smirking at the conflict. Mitsusawa may be blind but she had a presence that confounded and intimidated the guard. Fallon soon, once again, became impressed with her. At the very least, for a little bit of time, Fallon would not worry so much about what might be lurking around the corner.

    As the metal gate rolled up the wall she followed the blind from the city and into the wilderness outside its walls. Another question soon hit Fallon. Why would her cousins lock take her into a town on lock down? Curious.