The Battle of Wits

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    You don't remember exactly how you entered the homely tavern of The Speckled Feather, or even really...Why - though one things for certain:

    The tavern maiden is glowering at you.
    In all honesty, perhaps being looked at by a young elven woman is something you fancy. Or, perhaps - you can't stand it for, it's quite obvious she's looking at you with ferocity. Her golden eyes are sparkling with mischief, and that might just rub you the wrong way.

    Her boots clacker on the old wooden floor, creating a steady beat along with her swaying hips as she leans down and takes a clear, good look at you, the raven locks flowing down her rounded face.

    Her lips are red. Not a fiery, pretty red - but the red of blood splattered upon alabaster skin. It's a bit unnerving, or a bit enticing as she opens her mouth to speak to you - pearly white teeth contrasting with the rose petals that make her mouth.
    "Are you up for a challenge?"

    Once again her mouth his lopsided, her chest slightly popping out as she sits upon your table and leans - arching her back as if she was a feline.

    "One free ale, and perhaps - a bit of gold if you beat me in a battle of wits. Whaddya say?"


    Do you have what it takes to beat a tavern maiden in a battle of wits?
  2. 'A battle of wits, my I 'aven't 'ad a chance to my wits in a long time!' thought Allegretto.

    The small fox looked up his gloved paws flexed under the table as his mismatch eyes flashed with enthusiasm, he didn't like gloating but he felt that he had this one won already. Foxes are naturally witty a clever creature, but he didn't want to underestimate this charmingly beautiful lady.

    His pointed nose twitched catching her scent, he wanted to show her some sign that her being this close was enticing but he was a gentleman.

    "My fair lady, I take you up on this game, but I must warn you I do believe I 'ave the advantage." He chimes removing his dark brown cloak.
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  3. The woman raised one perfectly smooth, curved eyebrow with a cackle, before flexing her fingers and wriggling them, as if she was playing the piano in mid-air.

    "A talking fox, hm?" she murmured, "Quite peculiar."

    Pulling up a chair for herself, she sat rather scandalously, as if she was more of a rough citizen instead of a lady. Her legs were draped down either side, as her head was resting her arms, which were poised above the back of the chair. Her left foot was tapping gently, as if a rhythm was forever stuck in her head as she began to think - distinctively having an angry face while deep in concentration.

    "We'll start with an easy one, hm?" her eyes glowed brightly, as perhaps - she might be a bit foxy herself.

    "When dry, I am light, but the heavier I get, the dryer you'll be."
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  4. The fox looked inquisitive before saying "A towel?" He asked with a grin. His big bushy tail flicked happily.

    He thought for a moment before saying "What comes down but will never go up?"
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  5. She winked to the fox, chuckling.

    "Trick question, m'love. It could be air - though that changes with pressure now doesn't it? Gravity, which controls the world around us itself, or even possibly, rain."

    She mulled over the question, weighing her options with a tap of an elegant, black nail.

    "I would assume rain, hm? Staying on the topic, what goes up when rain comes down?"

    ((Oooh. Good one. Got me thinking for a while there. :P))
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  6. Allegretto smiles "That's right, you're good at this!" he was enjoying this, the games was a challenge but it was a fun one. Though this new riddle was harder to give an answer to.

    " 'mmm...that's a tough one, seeing that it can be refering to an item, like candles for when the lights fail, no thats not it..but is it?" He looks up at the mistress and his purple and gold eyes flash with uncertainty "M'lady, is the umbrella?"

    {Thank you love, yours was excellent as well I was second guessing myself :)}
  7. snickering, she nodded, pondering a moment before pulling out a coin, and spinning it on the table.

    "Correct. How about this: Two opposite sides of the same coin, yet one cannot be without the other. For once cannot be one without a piece of the two."

    She waited a beat, before she giggled. "I'll even give you a hint."

    Gently touching the coin and watching it fall flat, she couldn't help but gaze at the fox. "One is white, and the other is black. But, not fully."
  8. This one stumped the creature, he was sure he knew what it was before he learned that one couldn't exist without the other.

    Placing his gloved paw under his chin, his brows furrowed and he sighed in thought.

    Only thing that kept coming to mind was good and evil! But he knew it couldn't be that easy, but the black and white, that was Yin and Yang boiling back to good and evil.

    Becoming nervous of goofing up he said "I can only think of Yin and Yang, the good simply cannot live without the evil."
  9. Snatching up the coin, the woman let out a bellow of a life. "Perhaps it is difficult to out wit a fox."

    The tavern maiden watched intensely, waiting for her next challenge.
  10. Allegretto let out a sigh of relief, he then let out a laugh "You're very good at this, I was scared I'd get it wrong."

    "Okay, here's one. This is the most delicate thing in the world, just speaking it's name will break it, what is it?"
  11. With a sneaky smile, the woman lifted two fingers - pretending to lock her mouth and throw away a key.

    "Silence, hm?"

    "One is new, one is old - one is silver, the other gold."
  12. Allegretto frowns tapping his temple. "Old and as in people? I think its...but then gold and could be like lies and truth...maybe...."

    He lit up with a sudden idea "is it friends?"

    "Try this one, a dad and his son are riding their bikes when they suddenly crash, both are taken two diferent hospitals. But when the doctor approachs the boy they say 'I can't operate on you you're my son.' How does that work?"

    (Yours was tricky XD)
  13. Blinking the tavern maiden for once seemed at a complete loss, her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she settled upon her answer. Wincing with unsureness, she replied,

    "The mother?"
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