The Battle Of The Fallen

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Summer stretched her wings and grimaced trying to work out the kinks, having to constantly fold them up was starting to really hurt. She stared out the window of the hotel her and the chosen angels were staying and sighed knowing the huge task she had ahead of her trying to find a Seer in the sea of people that called this city home, She checked her watch she realized she was late. She wrote a quick note telling the others she had gone to meet with Lex their informant, folded her wings up making sure they were hidden beneath her jacket and left the hotel starting down the street. She walked quickly with her head down she wished she was home, she never wanted to lead on earth she couldn't understand why she was chosen instead of The Archangel Micheal. But its not like she could have told God he was wrong, she'd be out of heaven so fast her head would spin. She walked into the restaurant were Lex was supposed to meet her and sat at a table, impatiently playing with the pendant on her necklace.
Lex walked into the restaurant and scanned the tables looking for Summer, he he had been told to meet her here to give her information on the Fallen's activitys. He saw her in a corner table and sat down across from her with his shoulders hunched, he said nothing for a few moments just looked at her, he wouldn't admit it but she was beautiful. He leaned forward and spoke in a grumpy hushed tone "you know im risking my life meeting you here" he picked up the knife from the table and twirled it casually between his fingers.
Summer sat up straighter as Lex sat down across from her and waited patiently while he said nothing and just stared at her then he leaned forward and spoke in a hushed tone "you know im risking my life meeting you here" Then he began playing with a knife. She scoffed at his attempt to scare her with his knife twirling she leant forward and plucked the knife from his hands and twirled it between her own "you know the deal Lex, if you want to get back into heaven you got to feed me info. Besides what are you worried about? they have no clue your a double agent, as far as they know im a human your corrupting." 'So have they got a Seer yet?"
Lex growled when she took the knife from his hands but made no attempt to take it back, he looked up at her when she started to speak. "you know the deal Lex, if you want to get back into heaven you got to feed me info." He laughed sarcastically "how can i be sure that you'll get me back in anyway?" He leaned back in his chair "no they haven't but it won't be long before they find one." He looked at his watch "can we wrap this up? i have other commitments." He said with a cruel grin.
Summer scoffed other commitments she got to her feet and threw the knife into his lap "fine, i'll be in touch." She turned on her heels and exited the restaurant, what a waste of time, i swear i don't know why we bother with him. She continued up the street keeping her eyes peeled for any unusual reaction to the sight of her, she was hoping to spot a Seer but no such luck. She entered the hotel and walked up to the top floor, she entered her room layed down on the couch and stretched out her wings. She studied her notebook where she had written information on the Fallen and the map of Avalon City. She squinted and rubbed her forehead damn she hate headaches, closing her notebook she laid it on the table. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep plagued by nightmares of her death.
"Gott verdammen Sie es! Warum wird dies Maschine macht nicht verdammen, was ich ihm erzähle!?" Richter sighed in defeat as let go of the joystick and removed his hands from the buttons of the arcade machine he and one of his friends were playing. After 8 games of no victories he finally gave up and picked up the beer he had purchased from earlier in the evening as his friends patted him on the back for a decent try. "Alright. I've had about enough of this for one night. I'm out of quarters and I need to go to bed. Its getting late.

Despite the protests of his friends, Richter opened the now lukewarm beer and downed it quickly. With a wave he left the arcade Ground Kontrol and proceeded down the street back towards his apartment.
The air was still, despite the fluorescent buzz that permeated the white room; like the mechanical buzz of a million flies.

"God said to Abraham: kill me a son."

A woman in white sat in the center of the empty white room. She had one chair, which was metal and white.


It's starting.

"It's been happening a long time."

What do you intend to do, this time?

"What I've always done."

Oh? And how will you find them?

"No need," Saelius stood. "They will come to me, the girl and her friend."

You're more certain than usual.

"Divine inspiration. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a cake for my guests in the oven." There was a loud metallic crash as Saelius kicked the chair over.

The buzz grew louder, to a deafening pitch.

Saelius opened her eyes.
Summer awoke with a start she had been dreaming of her death and the Fallen angel who had murdered her parents, she got to her feet and ran a brush through her hair. She looked in the mirror to make sure she looked like a normal 19 year old satisfied she picked up her notebook which held the location of Saelius, a Seer she would try to convince to join the chosen or at least make sure the Fallen didn't get a hold of her. She memorized her address and wrote a note for Micheal telling him where she had gone and to meet her there, then she exited the hotel and starting walking. When she reached Saelius's apartment, she knocked on the door and waited hoping this wouldn't be too difficult. The chosen really needed a Seer and she had heard that Saelius was one of the best, and there was also a rumor that she knew the location of another Seer. She knocked again and called out "hello is anyone home?"
The door opened wide to reveal a woman of inderterminate age, who smiled warmly at the girl.

"It seems Heaven has sent an angel to my door," her accent was strange, and like the woman's age, it could not be determined. But it was very old. Everything about her felt very old, and yet strangely comforting. Almost immediately, Summer felt all tension and uncertainty wash away, leaving her only with the relief one feels when in the presence of a mother.

"Come in, I've been expecting you," Saelius turned and headed deeper into the apartment, leaving the door open for Summer to follow. The apartment was cozy and clean, the plush furniture and photographs from every era gave the space a comforting ambiance.

Summer followed Saelius into the small kitchen, where the table was set with two plates and cups. A small cake and a jar of honey sat in the center of the table.

"Be sure to try some of that honey," Saelius was busying herself with the tea kettle on the gas stove. "I just jarred it this morning."

Summer was staring at her with some confusion, obviously wondering if she had the right address or if she had just walked into a crazy woman's apartment.

Saelius continued on as normal, opening a box and pulling out two teabags, placing each in a mug. "I keep them myself, you know, on the roof, for maybe fifty years. These bees can live anywhere." Steam began to coil from the kettle's spout, and Saelius removed it from the heat.

"They'll never sting anyone who comes to their hive. Won't even think to: they were raised with nothing but love." The scent of lavender filled the air as Saelius poured the water into each mug.

"But tell me, angel-child," Saelius sat at the table across from the girl, and handed her a mug.

"What business do you have with Saelius?"
Summer stared at her, at a loss for words, she just let her in? Not a challenge? Not a single argument. "uh, what business do i have?" She couldn't think clearly she reminded her of her grandmother, she cleared her throat and tried to sound business like but all she kept thinking was that she was 6 again, she had never felt more like a child in over her head. "well as im sure you know about the War between The Chosen and the Fallen angels and how valuable your services are to use and them." She straitened up ok make or break time "My name is Summer, im here representing God and the Chosen. We need your help in defeating the Fallen, The abilitys you have as a Seer are invaluable to use and we will pay you for your services. And we will protect you from the Fallen. Summer sat back and waited for a reaction, it was a lot to take in even for a Seer.
Saelius was silent for a long time, even after the girl had finished speaking, the dubious smile never fading. Slow and deliberately, Saelius poured a drop of honey into her tea and stirred, as if deep in thought. For a few more moments, the only sound that filled the silence was the clinking of the metal against porcelain.

And then she chuckled.

"I have no use for money; and you say you can offer me protection from the Fallen, but tell me, angel-child," Saelius took a sip of her tea. "Can you protect me from the Chosen?"

Summer arched an eyebrow.

"Girl, this war has been raging since long before you or I," she spoke gently, but her dark eyes had deepened with the reflection of an ancient memory. She was very old, and in her lifetime, Fate had pulled her many places, she had fought for both the Fallen and the Chosen more than once.

"The blood of Chosen and Fallen stained my spear; there are those on both sides who wish for my death." And there were just as many on both sides whom she called friend.

Saelius rested her elbows on the table and leaned forward, a little closer to Summer, now. "I can no longer be a pawn in this war, that time is over."

"I cannot be your Seer."
"She's right youngin'. And if you'd waited at all I coulda told you she ain't the type to be bought nor sold to neither side. Pawnin' ain't her way no more. Just don' see 'er doin' it."

The voice of an old man came through the door that been left open by Saelius and remained unclosed by Summer. A somewhat salty laugh at his own pun followed the words. It sounded deep but certainly cheerful enough to change the mood of the room as it stood, having touches of ethnicity to the words as well in the most authentic way. When either of the women looked up a sight would certainly be standing there. An old African American man stood there, while sporting a simple looking wooden cane.


Clothes which were a tan suit leftover from somewhere in the 1970's hung loosely in some places and slightly tighter in others. It made him look as though business of some sort used to be his trade. Then again he could have got it from years of faithful Salvation Army patronage but it was highly unlikely. Their condition showed faded, but good quality care right down to the recently polished brown leather loafers. On top of that head of his, the hair was almost all black with touches of white but not a bald spot in the world for the old timer. He was certainly no Uncle Ruckus, but he wasn't exactly a Morgan Freeman either. Summer did not get as much a greeting as Saelius, not getting the charmingly respectful nod of acknowledgment that the elder woman had.

"Mighta been here sooner but I had just as much luck catching a cab as a three legged dog."

On the way to the apartment several people had left the elderly man alone or ignored him entirely. At least they hadn't tried to mug him or some other terrible deed in broad daylight. There was that much decency in the city left still despite the arrival of the Fallen. In all likelihood someone in his shape would not survive such an attack unless his cane-fu were strong enough. But with the lively spirit he seemed to have in the way he walked certainly made even the most comical proposition seem possible.

"Way she play checkers n' chess, makes everyone else feel like they gotta start takin' steroids. Steroids fo da mind! Tuna pills. Shark pills. Salmon pills. Trout pills. Groupah pills. Hell they'd snort powdered monkey brains if they thought it'd give 'em a fair chance! My woman here made grown men cry before! But she keeps that honey flowin' sweet as she is! God bless her."

Strutting further inside the apartment as he spoke, eyes that were behind some old fashioned glasses peeped around trying to follow where the old man's nose was trying to lead them. A smile that could warm the heart of any decent person came upon his face at seeing a certain picture hanging on the wall. Nostalgia was obviously the reason behind it. Yet during all of this the Seer likely saw something wholly different than what Summer did if she put enough effort into it.

"But I do believe I detect the distinct aroma of a cake. . ."

But would the Seer make that fact known?
Richter sighed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. Walking into the studio apartment he called home he looked around, took a deep breath, and sighed, a smile on his face. No other place on Earth could he feel so at ease, not even back in Germany at the Von Brandt Manor. Most would find it peculiar that someone with a well funded life such as Richter would chose an apartment over what his family funds allowed him access to, but he found it refreshing to break the Aristocratic decor of the manor...even if he did like the clothes enough to keep wearing them. Unlike Richter's appearance, the apartment itself looked no different from any other place a typical man would call home. In fact if one didn't know Richter actually lived here, any normal level-headed human would assume that he was a guest, not the owner.

Removing his hat and throwing it to a nearby hook he walked to the kitchen and opened his refrigerator, removing leftovers from earlier in the evening. When he moved to turn on the light, the bulb flashed and died.

"Damn. No extras. Oh well. Plan B."

Richter swung his arm in an arc before him and a few candles scattered around the room lit themselves. Or so any normal person would think. Sitting down on the couch, Richter taped the power button on the remote control with his boot and settled in as the TV came on.

[Summary: Slice of life post. Richter returns home for the evening and settles in.]
Summer rolled her eyes slightly at Micheal, she knew he was upset about her being chosen over him to lead on earth but she wished he'd simply voice his opinion instead of subtly hating her. She turned her attention back to Saelius and exhaled "i can tell that there's no way im changing your mind but i don't suppose the rumor that you know the location of another Seer is correct so that i might try them?"
Any sudden tension that might of blossomed between the two angels was suddenly dispelled by Saelius' laughter.

"You two crack me up!" She gasped between laughs, tears rolling down her cheeks, she had to grip the table for support she was laughing so hard. She held up one finger, signifying them to give her a moment to regain her composure.

"Ok," Saelius took a deep breath, took one look at Michael, then burst into a fresh peel of giggles. "Michael, for goodness sake, take off the disguise! You make a terrible black human man," Saelius sniggered once more at her old friend, and cut him a piece of cake.

She then turned her attention to Summer, who for someone so old, was still very, very young. It was refreshing, actually, but the girl would need a tougher skin, if she was going to lead anyone.

"Now, now angel-child, don't mind Michael: he's always been a terrible tease-he doesn't mean any harm," a thick slice of cake was placed in front of Summer. "No need to be so serious, this place is a haven to all who enter," she winked.

"And don't let anything these stuffy old coots say get under your skin."

With one last laugh, Saelius stood from the table and made her way to the counter. Taking a deep breath, the woman took hold of the edges of the sink in a firm grip. From behind, Michael and Summer saw her body tense for a moment, before a shudder shook its way up her spine and ended in a long exhalation from her lips.

There was a mechanical sound of a thousand flies buzzing.

They knew that she was no longer there; she was Seeing.

And just as suddenly, she was back, and the sound was gone. Quickly, Saelius jotted something down on a piece of stationary and gave it to Summer.

"Follow these instructions, and you will find what you seek," her voice was quiet now, tired.

Summer looked at the stationary: it was a quickly scrawled street address along with a date and time. It was today's date, and the time was only a few hours away.

At the bottom of the stationary was a quick sketch: a white pawn.
"Well now, no one on the way here questioned it. . . oh well."

For the last time that voice came out as a rather interesting transformation took place. Before their eyes the disguise melted away to reveal a handsome young man with much fairer skin than before wearing completely different clothes as well. Now he wore completely white clothes all the way down to the shoes, all of which appeared to be utterly brand new and without a single stain on them. Immaculate in every sense of the word as his blue eyes gazed at the two women who were both possibly younger than he in actuality.

"She's absolutely correct Summer. Now then, about that cake. . ."

Sitting down with simple formality, the blonde-haired young man pulled a seat up to the table before offering a feathery soft smile to his host and then Summer. A cake from someone who had baking longer than most recipe books were in print was not a chance to be missed. How close to heaven could something truly taste? But one could actually not discern from his actions what the true motivation for showing up was in his case. The Commander of the Chosen on Earth could surely handle asking a Seer for help on her own without any guidance from him. But at the same time appearing merely for a slice of cake would seem rather unfitting.

Michael ate with impeccable table manners, savoring every bite as the Cake slowly vanished from his plate.
Summer folded the piece of paper and put it in her jean pocket then she looked at Saelius and gave her a soft smile that was rare these days, "Thank you Saelius, i appreciate your help". She felt oddly relaxed around Saelius, she knew that she could manipulate emotions but it was more than that she had a certain air to her like a nurturing mother or grandmother. Summer turned to Micheal "its the suit no one wears them like that anymore, it has been out of style for a while." She smiled at him to show she wasn't criticizing him and turned back to the slice of cake in front of her, she ate it slowly savoring it. She smiled at Saelius when she finished it "that was delicious, thanks for your hospitality", she subtly checked her watch and noticed she still had a few hours to kill.
Saelius sat at her kitchen table, head resting on her hands as she peered out the open window. Her apartment was silent, save for the tick-tick-tocking of the grandfather clock in the other room. All the evidence of her previous guests had been cleared away, Michael and Summer having left hours ago, in search of a Seer.

A buzzing in her ear, followed by a tickling sensation on her forearm pulled her from her reverie. Saelius gazed down at the bee resting on her forearm, its wings twitched, as if in greeting.

"What news do you bring?" She cooed at the tiny creature, a mother to her child.

In response, the bee took flight again, buzzing past her face and out the window, back to its hive.
There was the smell of burning wood.

Saelius looked back down at the table, to see a symbol, the size of her fist, burned into the surface.

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With a furrowed brow, Saelius took a deep breath and placed her hand over the symbol. There was a sizzling sound, and the smell of burning flesh, and with a hiss, Saelius jerked her hand away.

The symbol was gone, but she knew what it meant.

Cradling her injured hand, Saelius stared at the clean surface for a while longer, before she stood and set about preparing for her next guest.

"Bad news."
Summer stepped up onto the curb narrowly avoiding a rather drunk over zealous man. "Heyyy gorgeous want a kissss?" he slurred and stumbled to her arms outstretched a goofy grin on his face, she pushed him gently aside "no thanks"she said curtly and kept walking. After a while she came to a stop and she stepped forward into the light of the Seers apartment building, She frowned when she learned the door was locked and she had to be buzzed in. That wouldn't work she didn't even know whether this person was a man or a woman, no she deiced to get in her own way. She looked around making sure she was alone and waved her hand over the keyhole there was a spark of light and a click and the door swung open, she stepped inside locking it behind her. She climbed the stairs and checked the door number satisfied she had the right place, she knocked on the door and called out to them quietly. "Anyone home?"
The next guests refrained from knocking, for in their world the only courtesy was the forestalling of slaughter, and it was a courtesy seldom indulged.

Though they entered as a brace of doberman, the hounds assumed their native form as they crossed the threshold of the Seer's home. Their fur grew matted with gore, while their tails lengthened, swaying like probing snakes. It was a noise of laboured wheezing that heralded the beasts, together with the thud of claws on the floorboards and horns knocking paintings and ornaments from the walls. Blood and rainwater dripped from them and left a trail of stains in their wake.

"Sufficient to stand, though free to fall."

The owner of the hounds spoke in violent whispers. He blocked the light from the doorway as he stepped through and followed the path of the hounds. A black coat dragged through the bloodtrails and he kept his hands deep in its pockets, as if to move too much would dispell his disguise.

"So like Him..." Azazel uttered as he moved down the hallway, "Grants the Claylings such a gift. Now this War, like the days we sung together. Upstages."

He entered the kitchen, where the hounds had taken up position either side of the doorway. And then his coal-black eyes found Saelius. "No more time for Seers. She chooses what to serve..."