The Battle For Our Planet [Mecha]

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    The Battle For Our Planet

    -Humanity is on a retreat and only Earth remains. Can you save it?-

    We had finally united. Under one banner Earth only served one nation; Humanity.
    Together we could do things we had never done before. But most of all, we started expanding. First the moon, then Mars and soon the rest of our solar system was under our control. It was a golden age for Humanity and one unlike any other. We built new large machines and vast numbers of spaceships.

    So did our military forces. We had yet to answer the question.

    Are we alone?

    Our blue planet is under attack. An alien invasion have crippled our beautiful home, forcing us into retreat. We must defend Earth, or see anything destroyed.
    (More to be added)

    Basic idea
    Your human character pilot one of the many mechs defending Earth. It can either be Titan or Gaia class. Humanity is on a retreat, but how long can we hold? All our characters will be stationed in the same military base, but this will be explained further should people show interest in this RP.
    Takes place around year 2086

    The Aliens:

    The Last Standing Nations:

    Heroic. Liberty. Freedom.
    Long had the world been under the USA's protection. But even they were forced back. The US use advanced weapon systems to hit the enmy hard.

    Example of US Mechs


    Brave. Strong. Unbreakable.
    Russia is all about raw strength and hard armor. The Russian Titan Class Mech is slower than the US and Japanese, but can carry a bigger arsenal. Their Gaia class is the perfect tank and can take a huge amount of damage.

    Example of Russia Mechs:
    Титан (Titan)

    Гайя (Gaia)

    Smart. Deadly. Strong.
    The Japanse have always been a step ahead in mech development. Their weapony is lighter than both Russia and US, but make up for this by momentarily cloak abilities.

    Example of Japanse Mechs
    タイタン (Titan)


    ガイア (Gaia)

    OOC Stuff
    I'm craving a group mech RP, thus this interest check. Any questions and suggestions are welcome.
    I'll be working on Aliens and more background tomorrow.

    USA: -Open-
    USA: -Open-
    USA: -Taken-

    RUSSIA: -Open-
    RUSSIA: -Open-

    JAPAN: -Open-

    1. No Godmodding or metagaming.
    2. RP fair - GM have last say.
    3. More than 3 lines are required in IC at all times.
    4. You are allowed to create your own mech. However, follow the guidelines.

    I'll make a OOC if enough people are interested.
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