The Battle Dome.

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    Violet stepped into the front door of the dome, her hood pulled over her face. She gripped her bow tightly in her right hand, her black quiver with her white arrows was strapped to her back. She sat down in the small circle of 5 chairs. She was late, she knew it. Everyone else was already settled. I hate being human.. She thought to herself as she strung the bow across the back of the chair and crossed her arms. Anything above her nose was hidden in shadows. "Sorry I'm late."

    "It's not a problem. Contestants, this is our Warrior, Violet, but she goes by Vi." A man standing in front of the group spoke. "I am your announcer, Nathanial, but you call me Nate, or sir, whichever suits you best." He smiled. "Anyone want to introduce yourself?"
  2. Sky stood clutching his lightweight sword. "I am Sky," he said in a quiet voice. He stuck out his hand that didn't have the sword near Violet. He looked down and wished he didn't have to do this. "Nice to meet you," Sky greeted in a quiet voice. His left hand clutched the laced handle of the bottom of the sword. Sky made this sword when he was 12 and he improved it ever since. Now, Sky stood before his eyes and he might die.
  3. Violet didn't respond for a moment. "Hi." She said after Nate nudged her a little. She shook his hand and sighed.

    "Sky, our wonderful Aliar. Thank you, for volunteering." He gave a smile that depicted his eagerness to get us started. "The rest of you may discuss everything to each other in a few moments, but first, a small test."

    Violet's blue eye shot up to watch Nate. "Test?" She asked in a venomous voice. She hated surprises.

    Nate's smile grew wider. "Very much so my dear. Now..let's see..where did it get too.." He said, looking around.

    Violet's red eye flashed and she took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment to calm herself. We have to take a test before we fight to the typical..
  4. Sky`s eyes widened. He grabbed Nate`s shoulder so it would face him. "Test?!?" he asked in a vicious voice. "What kind of test?!?" Sky asked. His eyes and face showed his anger.
  5. Nate stepped back. "Woah..calm down!" There was a loud -crash- from behind them.

    Violet jumped to her feet in a second, her bow drawn.

    "This test." Nate smiled, stepping away to reveal a robotic weapon.

    "Code 6- Eliminate." The robot spoke and shot a laser which burned a hole in Violet's chair.

    Violet let an arrow fly and it darted passed Nate, hitting the robot in the shoulder.

    "HEY! Don't hit me!" Nate complained, stepping back.
  6. A robotic weapon that was trying to kilk them, he saw the girl shoot a arrow at it and the other guy getting ready, he new they wouldn't defeat it. The Robot readied it's laser at the girl and he stood up and shot his way to her and tackled her out of the way, he laid their and looked at her for a breif moment and got up and pushed Nate out of the way "Move." He said and looked at the Robotic Weapon scanned him and fired at him he ran like the wind and dodged the laser, and drew his sword and swung it up and sliced it in half, up the middle. He stood their and turned with his blade in hand and pointed it to Nate "Carless and stupid." He said and put his blade back in it's sleeve on his back and walked over and picked up the girl, "You ok?" He said as he was dusting her off. His suit was nothing anyone has seen it was very different.

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  7. Violet scowled and stepped back. "I'm fine." she muttered, picking up her bow.

    Nate clapped. "Great show! I see we might have a small bud growing.." He said, winking at Violet.

    Violet crossed her arms and held her tongue.

    "Okay. You have exactly fifteen minutes to socialize while we prepare the first test. You may go independently, or in partners, or work together, I don't care. Warning though; By the last test, there will only be two left, no matter what." Nate smiled and waved as he left.

    Violet sighed as Nate left. How will working together help?! She thought to herself. She hated these battles, but it wasn't like they could all outsmart the highers. "Who are you?" She asked the man who wore some weird suit. Her voice was hinted with annoyance, she hated being seen as a 'young maiden' or anything of that type. She was the best Warrior human found so far, she wasn't a maiden, she was a fighter.
  8. He looked at Nate as he spoke then looked back at the girl. He studied her, she was excellent with a bow but emotionless at heart. He could hear the hum from her but it was very faint. He nodded when she spoke to him "I'm Liam. A Darician." He said still looking at her, he saw her bow on the floor and kneeled down and picked it up and handed it to her. He was a Darician but he looked like a human, he was a Cyborg Daric, first of its kind, no four arms, no heavy set build, he was different. "You are?" He said as he held out his hand.
  9. Sky stepped up towards the new teen that approached Violet. "Wow, nice moves dude! I`m Sky," he greeted. "Are you like some sort of cyborg human thing?" he asked in a joking way. Sky now longer clutched hard on his sword and put it back in its holster. He looked to the side of the teen checking for any other cool weapons of some sort. "I see you have met Vi."
  10. He looked the guy who walked up to him and nodded "I'm Liam." He said as he shrugged at his question and lifted up his hand and shook his hand from side to side and follow "Kind of." He said and looked at Vi.
  11. Violet didn't shake his hand. "Yes, I'm Vi." She said, shifting her center of balance. She wasn't very trusting of these people.
  12. He folded his hand back together and pt on his side, and said to her "Tighten the wire on your bow. Better shot and speed. Too loose." He said and chuckled and turned around and sat down and lent his hand out "I'll show you."
  13. Violet hesitated for a moment, unsure if she could actually trust him with her best weapon. She stared into his eyes for the longest time, her face hidden, before complying. "Fine." She held out her bow gently, her hand fitting the grooves perfectly. She sat down in the chair beside him, watching the bow with full attention.
  14. He held it in his hand and snapped the wire of the ends, he threw the wire away and tilted his head just incase she was about to yell, which he didn't care. He pulled a long and shiny black titanium wire and started to put it on the ends and started tightening it. He saw the handle and pulled his knife out and carved a opening for her middle finger to rest smoothly as for the rest as well. He handed it back to her and pointed at a piece of a wooden log "Shoot it. It'll go straight threw." He said.
  15. She didn't react when he replaced the string, but when he started cutting the handle, she winced, closing her eyes. Only when he spoke did she open them again. "It better work." She said. Violet pulled out another snow-white arrow and aimed a perfectly centered shot through the wood. She turned back to Liam. "Are you an archer?"
  16. He smiled when it worked and got up and shook his head "No." He said and pulled out his sword. The sword was a custom built blade that had ancient writings on it, the handle black and white, the blade was titanium, no one has ever seen a blade of such beauty, it was the most lightest and sharpest sword anyone can ever have. He handed to Violet "Don't cut yourself."
  17. Violet rolled her eyes. "I won't." She examined the blade gently in her hands, turning it over and over before handing it back. "Nice." She said. "Five minutes left." She had been keeping track of the time.
  18. He grabbed it and put it back. He stood neck too her. They had five minutes left and touched her shoulder "Head west, I'll be their, if you want to team up." He said and left before she could speak.
  19. Violet thought over this for the rest of the five minutes. The door ahead of them opened and another robot came in, telling them that the events where postponed until further notice, and that the competitors where to stay in this room. The robot left and Violet made her decision. She would team with him and anyone else up for it, then, when time came, she'd slip away.
  20. He got ready but then a door opened and a robot came out too tell then their is a delay. He sighed and turned around and say in a corner, by himself and just say their, studying everyone. He didn't know who he can trust. He thought of Violet and if he could trust her "Maybe." He said.