The Battle Dome

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  1. The Battle Dome
    You're worst nightmare.
    The place where death thrives.
    The place of blood and gore.
    The place of entertainment.
    The most twisted place in the universe.
    Welcome, to 'The Battle Dome'. It's the place where you have been taken to. There are five, each a different race from the universe. You have been chosen, by luck, out of your entire race. What are you about to enter? Well, that will be explained in due time, my friend.
    As I have said, there are seven contestants, all different races.
    Here below, are each race, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their 'giveaway' characteristics.
    Aliars (open)
    Aliars (open)
    A race from 'Farilo' (Fair-ee-low).
    Aliars (open)

    Sensitive Skin
    Sensitive Hearing
    Great night-time eyesight
    Very Reflexive
    Slitted pupils
    Furry ears

    Darics (open)
    Darics (open)
    A race from the planet 'Crilack' (S-rill-ack).
    Darics (open)

    Bright Lights
    Slow in speed
    VERY strong
    Super intelligent
    4 arms
    Heavily set
    Big eyes

    Lanitees (open)
    Lanitees (open)
    A race from the planet 'Xeflo' (X-ee-flow).
    Lanitees (open)

    Hates the dark
    Super Fast
    Very Manipulative
    Long limbs

    Parios (open)
    Parios (open)
    A race from the planet 'Beric' (Bur-ez).
    Parios (open)

    Does not feel emotion
    Quick thinking
    Thick Skin (literally)
    No mouth
    Light colored hair (blonde or white/grey)

    Warriors (open)
    Warriors (open)
    A race from Earth.
    Warriors (open)

    No super-powers
    They are cyborgs
    Excellent aim with swords and bows
    One red light as their left eye
    Looks like humans
    When you get close enough, they have a high-pitched hum

    Character Sheet:​
    Name: (First, Middle Initial, Last)
    Nickname: (N/A if not one)
    Age: (13-40)
    Favorite Weapon:
    Appearance: (picture or/and description)

    Now that that's been covered, we will explain the five events.
    1. The Great race.
    2. Death by Fire
    3. Watery Grave
    4. Darkened Forest
    5. Exploding Fields
    The Great Race:
    Each competitor is told to run 500 miles in 5 days. If they lag behind, they must fight 'the hounds'.
    The Hounds (open)
    Death By Fire:
    2 days after the Great Race, each competitor must be able to survive a day in a forest fire.
    Watery Grave:
    2 days after the Death By Fire, each competitor must survive 6 days at sea on a 6 foot square of wood.
    Darkened Forest:
    Filled with deadly venoms, crushing snakes, and killer monkeys, the forest is a dark place that the competitors must survive 5 days in.
    Exploding Fields:
    A 100 foot field covered in mines. Only the surviving Competitor will be able to survive the trek across it.
    Will all the competitors make it? Who will die? Who will survive?
    Rules: Yes, there must be rules.
    1. No God-modding.
    2. You must be accepted to post IC
    3. Keep it 18-. It can get a little romantic, maturity fades to black.
    4. You can curse, but not every line please!
    Open Spots:​
    Taken Spots:​
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  2. Name: Violet, N., Acer
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Warrior
    Favorite Weapon: Archer's bow [​IMG]
    Personality: Doubtful of others, independent, stubborn, but loyal to those she opens up to. She is very protective and holds other's lives above her own.
    Looks (open)

    She wears a black leather jacket with a red tank top underneath. She wears a black pair of bootcut jeans. Her left eye is red, her right is a deep ocean blue.
    Dislikes: Backstabbers, traitors, the hum her machinery makes.
    Likes: Friends, comfort, assurance, safety.
  3. Name: Sky A Thomson
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Aliar
    Favorite Weapon: Light weighted sword
    Personality: Adaptable, sensitive, trustful, creative, romantic, even tempered, secretive, oblivious, cautious.
    \Appearance: [​IMG]
    Dislikes: not knowing where to go, being chased.
    Likes: his sword, fighting.
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  7. Name: Liam M. Michaels
    Nickname: Sparrow
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cyborg Darics (First Ofname It's Kinds, very fast and strong)
    Favorite Weapon: Custom made Titanium Blade, very light but very strong and sharp. Personality: Barely talks, but very protective when need too, has a secret past, funny, caring.
    Appearance: See pic below, describing and others, Looks like a human, height: 5'9" weight, 195 (Muscular Build) Hair: (When Helmet is off) Dark Brown Hair Eyes: Sky Blue Grey.
    Dislikes: Traitors, Liars, Manipulators, People Who Hurts The People He Cares For, Don't Cross Him.
    Likes: Friends, Happiness, Fun, Keeping People Safe.

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  11. Name: Shaki lila
    Nickname: Shila
    Age: 18
    Species: Lantiees
    Favorite Weapon: katana, hand to hand combat
    Personality: shy natured, but agressive when it comes to her life.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Dislikes: Spiders
    Likes: sweet things, her hand to hand combat, and stareing into the sky.
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