The Battle Between Darkness and Light OOC

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    There is these allignments you can follow

    Pure good
    It never wants to destroy anything (Only if its forced to) or kill anyone innocent

    Chaotic good
    A chaotic good is someone who will do ANYTHING to do what it has to do same if it kills lots and lots of innocents

    Pure Evil

    Pure evil is a evil genius allignment it torture people mentally,physical etc

    Chaotic Evil
    It is a "Watch the world burn" and "Destroy everything in sight" kind of evil, it makes all people suffer slowly and watches it for it's own pleasure and is capable of burning an entire city to have "fun"

    Character application
    Powers(max powers is 5)(Optional):
    Background Story (Optional to put it):
    Faction(Depends of allignment):
    Blessing (optional)

    By the way if your Evil you will be Legion of darkness and if your good you will be Brotherhood of light and you can't have a good power if your evil and you can't have a evil power if your good EX: Allignment: Chaotic evil
    Power:Control Light
    Allignment: pure good
    Power:Control Darkness

    See you can't do THAT! (Only if your like a fallen angel woh became a demon,etc then you can have both light and dark powers)

    You can be a time traveller but you simply cannot time travel all time ,cause paradoxes and change the timeline!

    You too can't be friend/know about IInfinite (The Entity who is father of both Ravhan and Godling) or either his brothers (Kcron The Creator of time and Krrinity the creator of gravity and IInfinite is Creator of Space)

    You can't Roleplay as a god or a glik(Glik=Reality Shifters that each one owns it's own universe and are able to shift time-space EX:God is a Glik, Gods are creatures who have really powerful control above some elements)

    You cannot kill either Ravhan or Godling

    The only way you "Betray" you faction is being Corrupted by dark forces or being Puryfied by Forces of good

    And no random battles only if there is a reason for (Chaotic evil can start a fight by little reasons but no for none)


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  2. Not to be nagging or anything but maybe you should check your grammar first. Mainly in the "your", "you're" department.
    Also it sounds interesting it just doesn't have a lot in the plot.
    I shouldn't really be the one talking since I make these mistakes often but I try to help. When there's more in the plot then maybe I will join.

    Please tell me if my advice was unnecesary.
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  3. By plot you mean Lore/Background Story? if you do the plot is COLOSSAL i just put there a resume of the start (im even writing books for the story of Ravhan and Godling) because the entire plot is one entire chapter! But still thanks for the advice ill maybe add some more stuff for the plot
  4. @Onyxforever onyx sorry but at first you got register you Character here!
  5. Lol fail. My bad.
    Name: Tomoya Issei
    Age: 22
    Race: Fallen angel
    Powers: Controlling of shadows and darkness with faint healing abilities from when he was an angel.
    Appearance: 5' 11" with black hair and a few white streaks. He prefers the color black and his skin is pale with silver black eyes.
    Allignment: Currently neutral
    Faction: not yet chosen
  6. sorry you too got too be already in a faction and to be evil or good not neutral This is why i didn't put neutral in allignment the most close to neutral is Chaotic good
  7. Ok then he will be good.
  8. just for fun ill post here my characters

    Powers: Darkness and Void manipulation, Dimensional Travel, Become anything and anyone, Godly powers and Chaos manipulation
    Appearence: Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34.jpg <---- Human form dahaka-prince-of-persia-dark-1009262-480x320.jpg <---Real Form
    Background Story (Optional to put it):
    Allignment:Chaotic evil=When in real form and/or when with wrath. pure evil= when in human form and/or not in wrath
    Faction(Depends of allignment): Lord of the Legion of Darkness
    Curse(Optional):Everytime one of the two brothers (Godling or Ravhan) looses or gains power the other borther will gain the equal amount of power meaning the both always will be at same power level
    Blessing (optional):same as curse because means his brother won't ever overpass his power

    Name:None (His name is none)
    Age:(before the universe)
    Powers(max powers is 5)(Optional): Shape Reality at it's will, Manipulate Dark matter,Control upon Time-Space Distortion.
    Appearence: 1518439-chaos_king_large.jpg
    Background Story (Optional to put it):
    Allignment:Chaotic evil
    Faction(Depends of allignment):None (he is a glik he wont join a god's Faction gods are weaker then gliks
    Curse(Optional):His Chaotic nature and Essence (A.K.A Energy) he can't create only destroy
    Blessing (optional)
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  9. Pure or Chaotic?
  10. (BTW i mostly use villains for characters)
  12. [​IMG]
    ^demon form

    Race: -.- Ill shock you Demon
    Age: -.- like I know what age I am. i gusses 16 if you look at me.
    Powers(Max is 3)(Optional):
    1.Speed. (all the time) I always had this.
    2.control shadows. (sometimes) I hate it when I need the most sometimes It wont work.
    3. reading minds (no control just read). (all the time) they won't shut up only if i shut them up
    Allignment: I'm pure good but I really don't care about whats going on people can go to heaven or hell if they wanted to. I just don't kill people that are Innocent. so i'm not that Cold. so yeah Pure Good. I guess.
    Faction(Depends on your allignment): um Brother hood of Light...... Real don't care
    Curse(If any): well No one likes me not even the devil himself. also i lost an eye. also I know what your curse is knowing me
    Blessing(if any): Nope. not that i know of

    human form V

  13. maybe your villens justs need some love *hugs Ravhan* im going to die arnt i
  14. nu *opens black hole and throws her in it * >:3
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