The Battle Beetween Darkness and Light

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    Darkness.jpg Lore: Earth didn't know what was coming from the depths of space: Two Colossal creatures, one having its body being pitch-black dragon with crismon eyes and the other was a white human-like four winged creature that seemed like had no eyes, the two where fighting each other until they hit on earth (Wich did a giant crater) they turned on a human size and walked alternate paths, both created factions wich split the world in two: The Legion of Darkness and The Brotherhood of Light, after creating these factions the humans dicovered their names: The Dragon-like One was Named Ravhan and the Human-like one was named Godling they were Gods. Supernatural beings started entering the human's realm like: shadows,demons,angels,etc. They told they ahd been born out of an entity wich power was great enough to shift existence,The entity is name IInfinite and it watches us from the space


    There is these allignments you can follow

    Pure good
    It never wants to destroy anything Innocent

    Chaotic good
    A chaotic good is someone who will do ANYTHING to save the poeple nad other things same if it kills lots and lots of innocents

    Pure Evil

    Pure evil is a evil genius allignment its not "Watch the world burn" its torture people mentaly,physical etc

    Chaotic Evil
    It is a "Watch the world burn" and "Destroy everythign in sight" kind of evil, it makes all people suffer slowly and watches it for it's own pleasure
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