The "Basic" Plots in Literature

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  1. No new ideas. Just tweests.

    Everything was told long ago, and we're just remembering through genetic ancestry. Stories that don't work are stories we don't remember.

    And there's only 8 characters!

    And 12 stages!

    *garottes a puppy*
  2. I do agree, but it takes a creative mind to be able to work with those basic ideas and turn the story into something of their own. Then it's still a whole new plot even if it does have a basic outline. Sometimes even the biggest cliches can make something amazing.
  3. Its not the idea, its what you do with it. It has been said that originality is simply not naming your sources and I agree. It up to the writer to make a new experience out of old, over worn pieces.
  4. the funny thing, writing, the human body are kinda similar, the basic framework is difficult to tell apart, but is a person made by their skeleton? or is it the flesh around it, the memories within the brain, or the beat of the heart? none of these can be found on a basic skeleton.