The Bard and His Demons

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  1. Hover cars buzzed back and forth on the highways. Their lights lining the arteries of the futuristic city with white and red lights. From a distance it gave the city a pulsing feeling of life. The city was a glow with the various lights that kept the city illuminated on this night. The late night worker still in the office building. The bars and restaurants still open looking for all manner of patrons to feed and liquor up. The street lights lining the roads for those on the road. Occasionally flashing lights broke up the scene, those of the police or crossing lights. The lights too bright for anything other than the north star and the full moon to show. Towering buildings filled her horizon as far as the eye could see, defying the gods with their spite to reach the heavens. Climbing and clawing there way nearly to the clouds.

    Earth had been a much more diverse place once space travel was perfected. Shocking many whom believed that humans were alone in the universe. But the third planet had become somewhat of a alien tourist destination and a place of commerce and even a canvas to share art forms. Many races from all over the galaxy, but none so aptly welcomed as the Asralie. An ignorant human might as they were bipedal rabbits with lion like tails. Such a crude way of describing them might have been physically similar but it was far from accurate. Asralies were an incredibly peaceful race with interests in seeking knowledge, to understand those outside their race and a passion for arts of all kinds. Covered in a very thin layer of fur that came in as many colors as the dogs and cats humans called beloved pets. But with human hair atop their head, which sported a pair of rabbit like ears. A relatively short but thick lion like tail often sat low on their body, often moving like a cats with their emotions. The tuft of fur on the end of their tails often matched the human like hair atop their head.

    But despite all the diversity it was in fact religion that brought humans and much of the other alien races together. A sort of general understanding of a God and Demons. Though eat race called them by different names. Most closely related were the Asralies beliefs in angels and demons as humans believed. So similar in fact one found a lucrative business to be found on Earth. For all their peaceful kind demeanor, Asralies like man had a very dark side.

    An unmarked hover car drove through the streets. Unremarkable and unnoticeable it cruised on with two Asralies in side. The driver was a more masculine chocolate colored male. A black fedora hat covered his auburn chocolate hair. The hats color matching the simple black suit with white under shirt. His red eyes glanced up at his charge. At first glance, the passenger would have appeared to be a female Asralie. Thin and lithe body and facial features. Silver white hair covered part of the face streaming straight down to his shoulders, only revealing a crystal blue eye. With taupe fur with a white mouth, black tipped ears laid back in a relaxed manner. The drivers red eyes looked over the face a moment. Seeing a hint of worry and annoyance in his face. “Do not worry, Maestro Jade. You’ll get your new puppet and be back for the performance before you know it.” He said in a chipper tone.

    Jade’s blue eye looked to the driver, whom looked at him from the rear view mirror. “I know you will.” He replied in a tone deeper than one would expect from someone so effeminate looking. “I just don’t like getting another puppet. The dance takes time. The one that answers may not be the one I need. I don’t need another failure.” He grimaced as he tugged a dark violin case closer to his person. The dark leather case made even more so by the white long sleeve shirt he wore. Even darker yet than then black vest he wore. Jade sighed and tugged at the stray strings on his rugged looking blue jeans. Taking a moment to lean down to wipe a smudge from his teal converse shoes.

    It wasn’t long before they arrived at an old ware house. Time forgotten it was out of site and mind. The old metal building as dark and seemed to house nothing more than rats and pigeons at this point. The driver stopped the car outside, placing it in park he leaned his hand on the other seat as he looked back. “Remember to wait here Ben. And don’t come for me, I will come for you.” He nodded and offered a single protective prayer to his charge as he exited the car. His hand gripping the dark violin case as he took it with him.

    Jade walked in alone although lights faintly flickered to life as he came into range, it was still far darker than the rest of the city. He walked to an area closed off where a coffin like box was already set up. His thin hand touched the box and a fingerprint system turned on. Upon recognizing his print it box open to show something peculiar. Inside was a life sized knitted doll that looked very much like Jade. He took out a bag within the coffin and began mending bullet holes that appeared on the doll. His hands moving expertly and delicately. Once the mending was done he turned to the floor before the doll. The short Asralie walked to it Jade went to work on preparing a séance and summoning portal. Lighting numerous red candles and setting up demonic relics.

    While he did so he chanted in tongues, a phrase was repeated. He was calling to the realm of the darkness, calling for those demons interested in coming forth to this plane. He returned to the coffin and retrieved blood. Pouring it on the floor in the shape of a pentagram. Writing his peoples ancient symbols with the blood. The pentagram was not only a portal but a prison. The summoned demon would be stuck entrapped in the circle until Jade let it free. A method he’d used before to ensnare demons to do his bidding. Once he was finished he turned and grabbed a pedestal and pulled a book from his pocket. Opening it to a saved page before he turned to the most powerful object in his possession. Lithe fingers touched the cold silver clasps that kept the violin closed, popping it open.

    A hot wind blew, disturbing the candles as he opened the violins case. Dark whisperings touched his sensitive ears but he was not afraid. Cocky even as he pulled the instrument from its case. The violin was black, dark and insidious. It seemed to pull all the light that surrounded it and reflected none off its surface. Even the deep blood red strings reflected no light. The bow seemed just as foreboding as the violin it’s self. He laid it under his chin, his fingers laying on the strings as he pulled the bow across the dark instrument. It made a surprisingly heavenly sound for something so obviously evil.

    As he swayed gently with the music he played the whispering grew more intense as demons no doubt fought for the right to be on the surface world. No doubt fount for the opportunity to kill on his command just to devour the souls of Jade’s paid targets.
  2. Not all demons are equal, every one of them knew that. Agabiro knew that. If there was one thing a demon respected, it was power. Power was what made the difference between the little imps and lesser demons swarming by the hundreds around the portal, enticed by the sound of the music and the opportunity to wreak havoc, and, well... him. There was a whole mass of them wrestling each other for a better position, all but drowning out the music and not leaving enough space to drop a needle. He stood a little further to the side with folded arms and looked upon them with disdain; not a spoonful of dignity among the whole lot.
    He, of course, had a reason to want to go through. The reason was called Bishop Whitehill, and it was a well-known fact among the demons that Agabiro thought the man would look ever so much better turned inside out and with his intestines wrapped around his holier-than-thou neck. In fact many shared this sentiment, but nobody wanted to be the one to do anything about it, the cowards. Just because he was dangerous. All right, very dangerous, a formidable exorcist and a veritable moral tank, one of the few mortals who actively sought out demons to banish or even destroy them; the common policy otherwise was to wait around until they showed up, then be very surprised and attempt a panicked exorcism. As far as Agabiro was concerned, a dangerous enemy was not an enemy to be avoided but an enemy to be hunted down, torn to shreds and trampled into the ground. And this was an excellent opportunity.
    It only took a swipe of his serpentine tail to sweep aside the nearest few demons. The rest looked up at him, ceased their fighting and scattered in all directions. He was going through and they knew better than to contest that.
    He stood in the portal between Pandaemonium and the mortal realm and listened to the music for a few seconds until he decided how best to proceed. He could stay in his war form, strike fear into his summoner and assert his superiority once and for all; certainly if there was one thing he was almost as well-suited to as killing, it was striking fear.
    His body stood taller than a human, even with most of his tail folded under him, and it was covered with lead-grey scales that flattened and broadened into a plate armour of sorts as his tail joined his stomach. His torso was thin, almost emaciated, the lower curve of his ribs, his hipbones and his clavicles jutted clearly out, yet his strength was formidable. He had an elegant, elongated head like a dragon's, with narrow eyes that burned with a disconcerting greenish-yellow fire, a three-bladed razor-sharp crest atop his skull, and a horn between his eyes, above his nose. His mouth was like an insect's mouth, just far larger than any insect's, his mandibles strong enough to crush bone; it was almost a superfluous trait that they were also venomous. From between his shoulderblades sprung a cluster of flexible spikes, joined by a thin layer of skin; these he spread in an almost full circle behind his back, and used as wings. And then there were his arms, his main weapon: folded in three, like the arms of a praying mantis, they boasted a row of claws on the last segment and a blade on the middle one, excellent for severing any limb that was unfortunate enough to get caught in this deadly grasp.
    Or he could assume a less striking form and take a diplomatic approach. And having one more ally was preferable to having one more enemy. So at least for the time being he would go with that.
    His scales, blades and horns disappeared, leaving his body covered by a smooth but strong skin, mottled greenish-brown in colour; his insectoid mouthparts drew back into his head, giving space to a rather small mouth. His arms now had long, thin fingers where formerly his clawed tarsus was. He looked like a sea serpent of some sort. He kept his wings, but folded them neatly behind his back, along his spine. He may not have looked precisely friendly and reassuring now, but it was, he thought, good enough not to scare a summoner who, after all, expected a demon.
    Then he dived into the portal.
  3. The whine of the insidious violin played softly, gently even as if called to the demons. The haunting sound pulled and coaxing them to the portal before the Asralie. The air in the stagnant building picked up and threatened to blow the candles out. Hisses and groans echoed eerily in the darkness. But as Jade played he heard them silence, though the ritual was still moving forward. His blue eye opened as he continued to play the music, curiosity tugging at his senses. What would cause the demons to quiet themselves like this?

    His answer came soon as his dark violin played a crescendo. At the arch of the sound a raging fire spiraled upwards as if caught by a tornado. Then just as quickly as they came they dispersed into the shape of something vaguely humanoid. Now this was interesting. Jade pulled the bow down slowly at the end of his song, his brow furrowing curiously at the creature before him. It resembled the reptilian race Nargans, but only just. Many of its features unique, different from the snake like race. This had to be…

    Jade almost smiled, a corner of his lips twitching. This was monumental since Jade didn’t smile much. This was no lesser demon. Lesser demons didn’t have the ability to take on humanoid forms. This one was something much more… Useful. Jade placed the violin propped on his hip as his other hand relaxed holding the bow. His ears twitching curiously as he paced the circle. “Well…” He said in a calm voice. “You’re not like the others.” He said as he paused his steps and looked the demon in the face. “You may call me Maestro Jade.” He said posturing his body in a polite bow, but his eyes not leaving the demon. “Tell me what you are called by and I’ll tell you why I am looking to employ your services.”
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  4. Maestro Jade. How very... humble. The demon suppressed a mocking smile. Well, the Asralie did play well, he had to give him that. But he didn't answer him yet. First, unhurriedly, he looked around to take in his surroundings.
    He immediately decided that the summoner may play well but most certainly doesn't draw well. And he calls that a pentacle? That arm was at least two degrees off to the left. Furthermore, those runes were askew. Any stronger demon could have been out of there in a heartbeat.
    Except, of course, Agabiro didn't want out yet. Not until they had a contract. But it was his policy to be mindful of what advantages and handicaps he had in any situation, in case his prospective ally turned out to be a problem. And the good maestro would pose no danger, of this he was now certain. No backup measures that he could see, no serious weapons even. However, he wasn't going to give up on the advantages of this alliance unless absolutely necessary.
    He rested back on his coiled tail and nodded. "That is fair. My name is Agabiro." To be truthful he didn't know if the Asralie had heard of him or not. He didn't usually get summoned by name, and he hoped he had done a good job of staying out of daemonology tomes for the most part. Some liked that sort of fame, but he wasn't one of these, and the most famous were those who got the most pointless annoying requests from inept teenage invokers who wanted a high demon's help in getting good grades, a date or bothering someone they had some petty grievance with. That was not for him. "Speak, I am listening."
  5. No the more he looked over this demon the more he realized he wasn't what he was used to dealing with. Instead of taking this as a warning he felt rather cocky about it. Fuel to his ego that he was able to capture a more powerful demon. A smarter man might have tried to banish the demon back, to reopen the door and kick them back through. But a creature like this could do so much more, was worth so much more.

    Agabiro. He milled the name over in his head, trying to place it. Jade at least made it a point to know well known demon names, reading over piles of demonology tomes. Knowing that those were the ones he'd most likely be unable to control. Agabiro did not come up, at least not that he remembered. He assumed this one was not of the rank of those he'd read about. "Good. I won't bore you with monolog and I'll get right to the point." He said as he tossed his hair from his face to look better at Agabiro. "I'm a contractor of sorts... I suppose you could use the term 'assassin' though that is incorrect... Since I never actually kill anyone. I am paid for a service and I send in my puppet to finish the contract." He motioned to the doll in the coffin with the bow in his hand.

    "I employ the services of a demon to enter into my doll. You kill who I want you to kill, when I say to kill them. You keep their soul. You become more powerful with more souls. I get paid. We move to the next town and do it all over again." He paused allowing Agabiro to take in all the information. "How does this deal sound to you?"
  6. While "Maestro" Jade was talking, Agabiro split his attention between his words and his person. The Asralie seemed quite proud and unafraid, which was, at least for the time being, an advantage. He would less likely be cautious about the contract. Most seasoned summoners took care to draw up a set of long and constricting rules; compared to that, these were relatively yielding. The demon couldn't decide yet whether he should respect the Maestro for his confidence and for being courteous in his rules, or laugh at him for his imprudence. But he still had his own conditions.
    "If I wanted to kill and take souls, I could do that on my own. But I will concede your terms if you concede mine. For each person I kill on your request, I want an hour's time in the doll without your supervision, at a time of my choosing, but not interfering with your job."
    He thought about promising in return that he wouldn't kill him in his time off, with or without the doll, but decided against that; if this Jade had not thought to put it in the original deal, he likely didn't expect him to be able to, and he wasn't going to advise him on this particular piece of uncautiousness. He wanted to keep him proud and unafraid, for now.
    Even so, he didn't think Jade would have anything against his actual purpose... if he succeeded, at least. Anyone who made a living dealing with demons could only be better off with Whitehill dead. After all, if Whitehill found him out, Jade would be in deep trouble. But for exactly this reason he wasn't going to reveal it until they were agreed; the Asralie might not want to get on the list of the bishop's enemies. If all went as planned, they would both benefit; if it didnt, it would be the owner of the doll - hard to mistake, with this kind of similarity; wasn't Jade maybe slightly narcissistic? - who would get in trouble.
  7. Jade's eyes narrowed upon the demon as he spoke. He'd not expected a response like that. It wasn't the demon trying to swindle demands from him. That he was used to. It was the statement. That he could take souls when ever he needed. Was Agabiro bluffing or was he speaking the truth? "You want an hour with the doll? Alone? Unsupervised." He clarified. In truth it wasn't so much to ask except one thing. The vain Asralie designed the doll in his likeness.

    "Well... That puts me in a bit of a bind should you use the doll... When I cannot be seen by many people." It was true, Jade was a bit narcissistic, liking very much to laugh in the face of the police when they tried to say he'd been at the seen of the crime. It was a thrill to him, knowing he masterminded the assassinations but he had thousands saying he was somewhere else. He crossed his arms across his chest, tapping his finger to his lips while still holding the bow and violin.

    If he planned on being at a gala or event, somewhere he'd be seen then this deal was plausible. The word 'no deal' was on the tip of his tongue when he thought it over again. This demon, Agabiro, had to be powerful. He could get the jobs done more efficiently. Jade could take on higher paying targets. Not that he needed the money. It was always about knowing he could get away with the kills. He bit his bottom lip as he thought. "Answer me why you want an hour alone. And I'll consider it." He said tentatively.
  8. Agabiro gave a nod of acknowledgement at that. So the invoker did have some prudence after all. He had hoped otherwise, of course, but this might not be so bad; a clever ally was preferable to an uncautious ally, as long as he could still convince him to be an ally, of course. Jade's methods, it seemed, were quite unique, and quite useful, it might take a while to find another on the mortal plane who can help him so well.
    "That is fair. I want to do what you designed the doll for. Kill. I have a certain enemy I want to eliminate, and it would be more convenient to approach him in the doll. I have no intention of being seen in it, but I cannot guarantee that I will not be. I will tell you who that enemy is once we are agreed; however I can say now that he is a human... though frankly I doubt that you have qualms about causing the death of your own kind." He smirked. Maestro Jade seemed to conveniently lack the burden of conscience in favour of... what? A sense of theatrics, certainly. "However, the reason I asked for one hour for each kill instead of a certain pre-agreed amount of time is that I might use some of this time to observe him and his allies and gain knowledge on their methods, and I have not yet decided how worthwhile that will be."
  9. A target of his own? Now that was intriguing. What target could this demon, if he really could take souls if he wanted, possibly need the protection of the doll for? If Agabiro had been fishing and Jade the fish, he now had the Asralie interested in the bait. But was this catch and release or was Jade a prey item? A prize to be placed on his mantle? An Asralies down fall was their undying curiosity. "I suppose anyone a demon of your rank wants dead would be a benefit to myself... But just to clarify I don't take contracts for Asralies. I just kill humans. Asralies are wise to the methods I use." He said tapping his finger to his lip again as he thought this through.

    "One more deal." He said finally, uncrossing his arms. "You will let me know in advance when you want to go out alone. To give me time to create an alibi." He moved to the leather case that held the violin, placing the insidious instrument inside. He turned to Agabiro, leaving the case open. "Do we have a deal then?"
  10. Agabiro shook his head a minute amount. "Well, well, well. Don't you think you have forgotten the most important part? The aim of a contract, I believe, is to eventually be completed." He drew up one corner of his mouth in a barely visible sneer. No, Jade clearly wasn't stupid. It was quite possible that this contract wasn't meant to be completed. He had heard of such things before - cases where the summoner and the demon drew up a contract that didn't have a completion, leaving them to compete for forcing the other into breaking it first. If the demon breaks it, he is forced into thralldom to the summoner until the latter's death. If the summoner does, he is promptly devoured. There wasn't much to be broken on Jade's part in this one, at least in the original version; so is the Asralie angling for a pet demon? Starting with him, no less? Well, that takes some confidence.
    It even occurred to him that maybe it would be worth it to agree. It would be an interesting game, and he definitely stood a chance at winning, if he can somehow get him in a position where he has to deny him the agreed use of the doll. Like by annihilating the doll before the hour is up; why not? Only after he is done with Whitehill, of course. After all, he didn't expect to lose a target. And Jade was mortal - and hellbound, obviously -, so he wouldn't lose anything permanent.
    But was that worth the risk of humiliation? Agabiro only liked games where he had no chance at losing, and this wasn't one... The Asralie could send him to kill God. Or a stone. Or a flying unicorn. If he could think of these, someone who actually wants to play this game most certainly has. This was worth paying attention to even if they were going to have a regular, completable contract, especially with someone like this.
    "And before I forget, the targets have to be alive, existing and mortal. And whatever means they die by while I am trying to kill them, that counts as me having done my part."
    After all, he wouldn't put it past Jade to arrange to have someone killed by other means.
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  11. It was rare, a mythic action even, that Jade smiled. The man was known for his somewhat twisted humor and inability to smile. But at this, a corner of Jade's lips did threaten to smile. If he had doubted the demon before, that doubt was now gone. Lesser demons would have taken the deal, with out talking over the eventual end of the contract. In fact it was how he came to have a pair in his eternal service. No Agabiro was far smarter than the ones Jade had dealt with before. Jade chose his next words like a chess move. "Perhaps it's until I die? What would you say to that?" This was a bold move, considering the connection between the doll and it's narcissistic creator.

    It was incredibly bold for Jade to say such, the doll was created using a part of Jade's own soul. Meaning although he had control over the demon that was inside it, he also felt anything the doll was subjected to. Every punch, kick, or other forms of blunt force trauma cause to the doll, Jade felt. If the doll were to be destroyed, Jade could die.

    Agabiro's added words amused Jade as well, since it was something he'd not actually thought to do. "Oh you wound me Agabiro. You really think I'd send you to kill a chair or something? You demons and your trust issues." He said in a teasing tone as he folded his hands across his chest, brushing his hand through his hair to look better at the demon before him. "Fine, fine." He drawled. "I will only send you after alive, existing, and mortal targets. And as long as the job is done and you don't destroy the doll in the process, the job is considered done." He said casually slipping in the bit about not destroying the doll.
  12. Aaah. So he was not to destroy the doll; now that was interesting. Was the Asralie covering his own back in case Agabiro should try to make him break the contract? Clever. Well, he still left out one thing: if Agabiro kills him, the contract has ended - completed , no less - and the demon was confident he could do that if need be.
    "Trust issues? Consider that respect for your wits. I hardly think it's offensive if I don't presume you are fettered by a strong morality." He nodded. "You interest me, so I accept your deal. Your word is your bond, and so is mine."
    Then unhesitatingly he slithered forward, right out of the still unbroken circle of blood. As he moved, he also changed; he took back his war form, scales, claws and all. He stopped just in front of the Maestro. His voice became different too, as he spoke; it had little hissing and clacking sounds, as he used his insectlike mouth to form the words. "I wonder if you regret it yet."
  13. Jade was giddy inside though he didn't show it. His ego floating just a little higher as the demon Agabiro agreed. The air around them shifted feeling thick and solid, the candles wavered only a moment as if the oxygen had been sucked from the area around them. All the sign that the deed was concrete now. There was no turning back. Not that Jade would think of doing so. This was the most interesting deal the Asralie had made in a long time. The tiny smile that tried to form however faded as Agabiro slid forward to him.

    He had suspected before that Agabiro was a much more powerful demon that he'd dealt with before. There was a saying among his demonologist and warlock kin. The more nightmarish the creature, the more powerful it is. Agabiro certainly looked the part of a beast that slithered up from the depths of hell its self. Jade held himself together well, fear only evident in his blue eyes and quick beating heart. But be it madness or stupidity he smiled. More of a smile than most people got.

    A smile that seemed to curl his lips in almost a sinister way. This wicked smile trying to hide his fear. Convincing himself that he might have this demon as his thrall one day. "The..." He started out fear trickling out of his voice like a leaky faucet. "The answer is... No. No I don't" He said shoving his fear aside, taking a step closer to Agabiro. "That would imply I feel I made a bad choice. Or bitten off more than I can chew. Since neither is true I regret nothing." Whether he was lying or just trying to convince himself of his words even Jade wasn't sure.

    "Do you regret this? Demons do regret don't they?" He said softly as he stood his ground before the insidious war form of Agabiro.
  14. Agabiro snorted derisively.
    "How should I know? I never regret what I do, and I do not discuss the feelings of other demons."
    Still, inside himself, he was impressed. It was clear that the Asralie, soft-looking and frail even for his kind, was by now afraid of him, positively reeked of fear, and with good reason; still, he didn't flee, he didn't even take a step back, indeed he came forward, and that was impressive courage. It's easy to act unafraid when one is actually unafraid, but Jade was past that now. He was brave. Whether he believed his own words or not was beside the point. Regret it? The demon was just starting to enjoy it. After all, a contract with a worthless summoner is worthless itself; and as he now hoped that after completing his own plan he might get to devour Jade's soul, it delectated him that that soul was one of the more worthy ones, as an ally or as a meal.
    But that didn't mean he had to compliment him on it.
    "Do you think to stand here for the rest of the night enjoying this wonderful scenery," - at this he gestured around with his arms at the dusty warehouse, the cobwebs at the ceiling, the rat droppings on the floor and the smeared remains of the pentacle - "or do you have a glorious master plan for tonight, oh Maestro Jade?"
  15. When Agabiro gestured he followed the movement, eyeing the withered conditions of the warehouse. He had a very good point. This, while perfect for the secrecy of summoning, was not Jade's style of decor. He looked back at the creature before him and gave a shrug. "It is rather charming, but I do have plans for tonight." He said in good humor about the warehouse. He took a glance at the doll and gave a soft shrug.

    "Normally this is where I ask you to move into the doll for transport. But... It seems, my good Agabiro, that you have two forms. So the choice is yours." Only now did he move away but only to retrieve the case that held the dark violin. "But as for later tonight, I do have a performance. Which means I have a kill for you to perform."
  16. "Excellent. In that case I much prefer following you on my own tail, so to speak, thank you. Unless, that is, you have friends in the prelacy who will be riding with us; though I suppose the irony would be delicious."
    Agabiro assumed his less threatening form once again; he could pass, if one didn't already suspect something, for just another inhabitant of just another foreign planet. With so many planets, who could keep track? He rather liked that, in fact. It made disguise effortless.
    "Speaking of prelacy, I believe I owe you one more thing: the name of my enemy, as I promised. He is called Bishop Whitehill, you may have heard of him." That was a deliberate understatement. Almost everyone had heard of him, and definitely every summoner, Agabiro had no doubt that Jade would be no exception. Keeping an eye on him would be as necessary in this profession as keeping an eye on the burning candle in the middle of the room when flying paper airplanes.
    But not for much longer.
  17. Jade nodded and walked over to the coffin that held the doll of his likeness. He packed what things he intended to keep, his spell book, relics he used to summon and a few other things, into the coffin with the doll. Tucking them into spaces designed to hold them within the cush wooden box. Closing the lid and locking it before he turned back to Agabiro. Much to Jades comfort he'd shifted into the less terrifying form. He briefly wondered how his driver would take to a demon in his back seat? Probably not well but Jade wasn't paying him to voice his opinion on whom Jade held company with.

    The Asralies movements were casual, uncaring as he took his violin case into his hand. But a name made him freeze in his tracks. His blue eyes shifted to Agabiro. He wanted to take down Whitehill!? Now that was a bold endeavor. Bishop Whitehill was a man that Jade made damn sure to stay clear. One of the reasons Jade operated the way he did. Choreographing his kills with his performances in front of thousands of people. "I don't know if I should admire you or pity you." He said as he led the two of them out of the warehouse.

    "Which means you are either bold or mad... We should work well together." He said with amusement in his voice. He walked to the black car and opened the door and climbed in, scooting all the way to the edge to allow Agabiro enough room to sit next to him. As he expected his Asralie driver looked quite alarmed. "S-Sir..." He stammered but a quick scowl from Jade silenced him. "Send someone to retrieve the doll, Ben. Mister Agabiro will be riding with us." There was a terrified look upon the darker Asralies face as he looked wide eyed and his master companion. But he finally turned around and nodded. "Y-Yes Maestro."
  18. The demon couldn't help but smirk to himself as he followed Jade to the car. That expression had been quite worth revealing his plans.
    Still, with that said, he didn't consider himself particularly mad. He always took precautions, so would he now; he just had a very definite aversion to letting his enemies die a natural death. He would feel that a personal shame. That, and the sooner he was out of the way the better it would be for all of them. Unfortunately he would go to heaven though, if he were a sinner he would have lost his powers long ago... unless Agabiro can make him fall before killing him. Yes.... There was an interesting thought. There was a worthy plan. And he was convinced there was no mortal without a weakness - he had just never been tempted the right way. Or more properly speaking, the wrong way.
    The alarm of the driver convinced him that he was, at least partially, in on the summoner's secrets. In the presence of somebody who is simply from another species, even if from a heretofore unfamiliar one, one would at least try to restrain the expressions of one's fear and revulsion and be polite. This Asralie knew what sort of entity he was carrying. That amused Agabiro; fear always did.
    "There is nothing to worry about," he said in a less than compassionate voice, "I would not want to spoil my appetite before supper."
    With that he slithered inside and sat back comfortably, turning this time to Jade.
    "How close your alliance with this gentleman is, I wonder? Is it safe to discuss this mission, or is he to be kept in the blissful state of ignorance?"
  19. The car softly drove forward and Ben tapped a few things into the small dash computer before he fully committed to the wheel. Agabiro was correct in assuming the driver knew, somewhat at least, what he was. He knew Jade went into the warehouse to summon a new demon for his services. The chances of his maestro finding some random reptilian alien in a ware house while summoning demons was highly unlikely. Agabiro's words only seemed to further terrorize the already fearful Ben. Unlike Jade, he wasn't smiling in the face of death. "That is... good. I suppose..." He choked out as he gripped the wheel. Looking worriedly at Jade.

    "My alliance with Mister Ben is very strong. He is my driver and butler, been in my family's services for quite some time. We may discuss our mission openly." With that Ben grabbed a folder from beside him and passed it back. Jade took it and opened it to show a well dress human man. "Do you like the taste of lawyers?" He said as he handed the folder over to Agabiro. This was exciting to Jade, since his other two demons lacked common sense and reason.
  20. Agabiro opened the folder and looked over it with an approving nod and a slow, predatory grin spreading across his features.
    "Oh yes, yes, corruption is the seasoning of a soul, and lawyers are generally very well-seasoned. Look at that smile. A dishonest smile if I have ever seen one." He turned a page. "Oh, and that is his dwelling? Most interesting. Hobbies... He has an extravagant income, surely, if he can afford all that... No, no, I hardly think we have cause for worry that we are up against the rare phenomenon that is an honest lawyer. That's his wife? A pretty piece of decoration, I'd say she is some twenty years younger than him, or is that twenty-five? Though it's so hard to tell today with all these cosmetic surgeries, that may not even be her own face. Any children? No? A pity. The screams of the innocent make for such a nice background music with a good supper. That is, if they are innocent, which is rarer with children than you'd think... Ah, but I digress. Now who would want this excellent man dead?"
    As he gloated, he made sure to keep at least one eye on the scenery outside at all times. Though it was night, the city was never fully dark, it never slept; he was taking in not only the route but the feel of the place, the mood of the passersby, the weather. To him these would all be part of his arsenal.
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