The Banquet {OOC}

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  1. I have an idea for a murder mystery- or, something like the game Mafia, if you've ever played it. It could be a jump-in type of roleplay, but I'll just collect about 5, maybe 8 players for this. So, I'll have you guys make character profiles, and I'll have a list of occupations that your character could be. I'll have only a few, so it'll be first come first serve. The rest will either be normal characters, or they will be the murderer-the one who is murdered.

    The Doctor - The Doctor could try to save the victim, or put them out of their misery. The victim can live for about a few minutes, to give the doctor a few hints as to who the killer is. The doctor would also help the other characters, other than the victim. The doctor has immunity for the first time that the murderer strikes, but at the beginning, the murderer can't kill the doctor and the doctor can't be the murderer.

    The Detective - The detective would look for clues as to who was the murderer. Such as fingerprints, and checking for anything that may have been used to kill. The murderer could kill the detective, but the detective can't be the murderer.

    The Sheriff - The sheriff would ultimately put the murderer to prison. But keep in mind, the murderer could also kill the sheriff, which would make him a free man and/or women. I wouldn't like to think that the sheriff would be a killer, but I could let it slide if the character was convincing enough.

    The Double-Agent - The double-agent would be with the others- mostly, with a pretty normal job. But little do the others know that the double-agent is actually with the murderer, and knows who they are and what they did. The murderer could kill this character, but this character can't be the murderer.

    I will pick the murderer at random, once I get enough characters. Once I pick the murderer, then they get to pick who they get to kill. I will then PM the victim, and tell them that they will get murdered. I'm not so sure what I'll do with the others once they die- I'll have the victim die, yes, but the person behind the character could make another character that was at the party prior to the murderer. If they choose, of course.

    I will be playing The Host, which would host the banquet. I will be as much in the roleplay as the others, and I will know who the murderer and the victim are ahead of time. I won't drop any large hints- that just won't be fun. I'll be just as oblivious as the rest of the characters.

    The character skeleton is the generic type, nothing fancy:



    How They Got To The Banquet:
    Job ( if any ):

    If you have high hopes to be the murderer, you could also add Weapon Of Choice: to the list. I can be flexible with the age, yes, but keep it as realistic as you can get it. And I would love it if I got a group of literate individuals. The appearance could be explained with a picture, but I would also love it if you would give me some literary depth with it.

    That's all I can say from here. Good luck, and sign up!
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  2. Name: Heidi Gorski
    Appearance: carries herself with regal elegance, but can blend in when she wants to; great physique, curvy, slightly tall; she has common Slavic features and isn't remarkably beautiful but knows how to fix herself, grey eyes and straight, pale blond hair framing her face with a fringe, always with a "fox smile"
    How They Got To The Banquet: this part is particularly difficult to decide.
    Job ( if any ): heiress/socialite, model
    Background: [to be added]