The Banishment

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  1. What have we done?
    Where can we go?
    How long can we survive?

    Is this the end...?

    Five days. Five days is how long we scavengers have been out here. Banished. Fighting. Surviving. What is the point, there is no where safe for us to go, no where we can live in peace once again. We are the Scavengers that have been banished from our city, our home; sent into the wilderness after something we had no control over.
    All we did was try to survive, and we did and now we are here sentenced to death amongst the mutants.

    ~Jocelyn~ & / Nicolas/
    A bead of sweat hung on Jocelyn's brow, she was cutting wood for a fire. It was about nine at night, and she stood chopping wood in order for the troop not to freeze to death. Nicolas stood exactly five feet away from her, guarding, watching for any sign of danger. The faint glow of the dying fire was in the background, and Jocelyn's body hammered down the ax, sending splinters flying as the wood split down the middle. "Nick, I have no clue what we are going to do." Normally Jocelyn wasn't one to show fear, let alone admit she had no idea what to do. She was frightened, they had ran into a hunchback and a dome-head within the last twenty four hours, and each time they seemed to get tougher to beat. Jocelyn sighed and spun to sit on the stump she hacked wood on.
    "Jocelyn, it will work out. We will find something, somewhere. We just have to keep trying." Nicolas drew closer to her, his heart beating fast. If his instinct was correct they were being followed again. They were hunting them. Nicolas surveyed the area, nothing they were hiding out of sight. The fog had rolled in, and the woods they were in was more ominous than usual. It was hard to spot something you could barely see through the fog.
    "What is it?" Jocelyn stood and walked over to him, following his gaze to the spot he glared at. There was nothing, at least she could see nothing. "They are still following us, aren't they, Nick." Jocelyn looked up at him. There was no way the troop was ready for another battle, half of them were injured and the other half were tired from protecting those who were vulnerable.
    Nicolas stared into the distance. "Let's get back to camp." He slung his bow over his shoulder and bent down to pick up the wood that laid on the ground. Jocelyn grabbed the remaining and the ax a fellow scavenger lent her. Jocelyn nodded and the two made their way south, back to the troop.

    [Joshua] & -Derek-
    "OW!" Josh pulled his arm away from the girl that stitched up his wounds, she had poured alcohol onto the open wound. He thought back to the fight that happened earlier that morning, a Dome-head had clawed at him, ripping open his arm. Joshua had a stern look on his face. "Would you stop moving, idiot." The girl spoke. Josh stiffened his arm, and pressed his head against the tree. "Just hurry up and close the wound, women." He glared at her, she than pressed into his wound, he groaned in protest.
    "Keep pressing harder into his arm, I think he likes it." Derek laughed as he moved out from behind the tree, looking down to Joshua. "Hi, cousin." A grin spread across Derek's face, he enjoyed knowing his cousin survived the attack earlier.
    "Hi...!" Joshua glared up at his cousin, he was a ass hole, but he had saved his life earlier by cutting into the damn Mutant's head. "Thanks again." Josh said both to the girl and to Derek. Moving his body, to a place his feet was planted firmly on the ground, he stood.
    "Josh, you don't have to thank me, you would have done the same thing for me." Derek swung his arm around his cousin and moved him forward closer to the dying fire. Joshua was his wives cousin, well until she died. Derek looked out into the distance.
    "Man, stop blaming yourself. She wouldn't want that so stop." Joshua moved out from under his cousin's arm and stepped in front on him, stopping him in his tracks. "You know for a fact, she would tell you to move on and fight to stay alive, stop dwelling in the past idiot." Thinking of his cousin, he smiled.
    Reaching out, Derek grabbed Joshua and rubbed his knuckles into Josh's hair. "Yeah, Josh." Pulling away Derek stepped closer to the fire and bent down placing his hands near the fire, warming them. The night had grown cold, and if they didn't get this fire picked back up they would surely freeze. As that thought crossed his mind, Jocelyn and Nicolas returned with enough fire wood to last the night. "Hey! Just in time the fire is about to die soon." Derek stood and ran over taking a few logs and bringing them back to the fire, placing them into spots that they would surely catch flame quickly. As he placed a quarter of the logs that were gathered into the fire, Derek looked around. People were pretty banged up and others were on guard. This was going to be a long night.
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  2. Claire
    Claire watched the shadows move around the camp from the other members, dragging a rock against the blade attatched to her assault rifle, Bullseye. It made a strand metallic noise that seemed strangely comforting. The cold was seeping into her bones, like a silent killer. You knew it was there, but you had no idea when it would strike.

    The ground itself was even cold, and her clothes did nothing to stop the chill. The fire was dying, throwing shadows into the night like spilled ink. She didnt know if she had the energy to fight off anything if it were to attack. She wanted to sleep, but sadly that luxury was rare. You couldnt close both eyes without the fear of your throat being torn open by some malicious creature.

    She sighed. Usually she was better at keeping her emotions in check, but this time the loss of her sister hit her like a beast. Claire could feel the unfamiliar prick of tears under her eyes, but clenched her jaw to stop their flow. She looked upwards, to the stars that danced overhead. The moon did little to help their situation, and one of those times where she wished the silver disk gave them as much warmth as the sun did.

    The scene replayed in front of her eyes over and over, like a skipping image stuck in the same loop. The Beast advancing. Her sister telling her to run. Watching as the 'thing' tore into her like she was nothing but a fly. Claire swallowed. She had never seen as much fear and determination in one person's eyes until the night her sister died. Claire had held her while she breathed her final breaths, watched the life seep from those beautifu hazel ones. She missed Coral. The world would never be the same, and there would always be a void in her chest that could never be filled because of it.

    She set Bullseye to the side, but near enough within reach in case anything happened, and watched the activity around the camp in minute intrest, lost in the whirlwind of her thoughts. Reliving the night where everything changed.
  3. Kenzie

    Sitting up in a tree like Nicolas had told her to do. Her tired eyes keeping a careful watch, just as he had taught her to do so many times when they were safely behind the walls of the city. Only now, safety was the farthes thought in any of their minds.

    Kenzie adjusted her position in the tree slightly as she moved a little higher. Watching as a group of trees slighty moved to her right, then to the left. She watched as the pattern continued, never moving closer. As if to tease her, daring her to call out in warning, wishing for the camp to go into a mess of fear. Instead Kenzie hugged herself, trying to keep warm, waiting for Nicolas and Jocelyn to come back.

    Glancing down at her fellow team mates. She felt bad for the ones who had gotten hurt. She herself had gotten lucky, being made to move up into the trees to take shots from a far. She didn't know if it was because they didn't trust her ability fight, or if she were that good of a shot. But either way it gave her a chance to study these things. And as for her findings for this week, well... They were playing a cat and mouse game, them staring as the mouse.

    A small smile playing on her lips as she saw the two coming back to the group. "Hey Nicolas, you guys might want to see this. "Kenzie called down softly. "But becareful how high you come up. Don't go past that second big branch." She warned them both.
  4. /Nicolas/
    Nicolas looked up into the tree he had placed Kenzie in, he heard her summon. "Jocelyn, go and help patch up the wounded, okay? I am going to go check out what Kenzie found." Securing the bow to his chest, Nicolas walked over to the semi- tall tree. Looking up at the branch she told him not to climb to, he chuckled a little. Bending a little ways down, enough to gain some momentum, Nicolas jumped up and grabbed a hold of a sturdy branch and pulled himself. Taking out two identical titanium daggers, he drove them into the bass of the tree, letting his feet dangle a little as he ascended the tree, pulling himself up to where she was located. Placing himself on a extremely thick and tough branch, Nicolas smiled at her. "Keep training and you'll be able to do that." he chuckled. Taking his attention off her and on to a tree that moved in the distance, Nicolas brought out a small scope he usually kept on his bow. Looking through it, the night vision allowed him to see, though there was still nothing there. "Their hiding from us, scoping us out. Waiting for the right time to strike." Sitting back against the tree truck, Nicolas looked over to Kenzie. "Lets not inform the others just yet, but I will make sure to let Jocelyn know." Nicolas smiled. "So, how long have they been doing this?"
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  5. Kenzie

    Laughing lightly she smiled. "I think I do fine myself. I get up in the trees quick enough in battle."she pointed out as she looked over at him. "That's why I'm talking to you and not yelling to the others, love."Kenzie replied to his comment about not telling the others. Taking in a deep breath and sitting down again, her eye going back out to the forest. "It started five minutes after you guys left me. They haven't moved from that spot and I think it two of them. If you watch the trees in the middle they don't move. At first I thought it was pacing, but the trees there are less dense and would let us see what we were dealing with. It's almost as if they are commutating without making a sound. Truth be told..." She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "It's almost as if they are playing with us. In the battle I saw the same type of thing going on in a distance. I just couldn't really watch what was happening. Helping you guys was more important. I mean sure I might not be super close to all you guys, but I really don't want to lose anyone else." She told home honestly. It was the only way Kenzie knew how to be.
  6. Nikolai was walking through the woods towards the campsite, he had gone off on his own for a bit to hunt something. He had found a rabbit and a rather fat snake, the snakes head had been entirely blown off and some of its blood was stained on Nikolai's coat. It was worn and dirty and had some holes towards the ends. He had a shemagh around his neck and was wearing blue jeans with sand colored combat boots. The rabbit's legs were tied around his belt and had the snake draped over his neck so that it stayed there. He heard a snap of twigs and his right hand instinctively clutched his rifles grip and he raised it with on hand in the direction the sound had come from.

    "Кто ебать..." He stopped speaking Russian and shook his head a bit, "Who the fuck is there?"

    He heard no response, or any kind of noise to signify he had not just been thinking something was there. He held his rifle up on his shoulder and continued walking, stepping over branches and every so often checking around him. When the light of the campfire became visible he dropped his arm so that the rifle was across his chest with his left hand on the stock. He looked around as he approached the camp, Kenzie was still in the tree. The other girl was still with her rifle. Nicholas had joined the girl in the tree and Josh and Derek were having some conversation alongside a girl.

    "I bring food," Nikolai said in his normally loud deep voice, "Snake and rabbit soup sound good to anyone else?"

    He sat by the fire and pulled a small pocket knife from his pocket, he set it down unopened on the ground next to the rabbit. He would skin it in a moment, but first he was gonna get the meat off the snake. He dug one of his fingers into the top of the snake where the head had been blown off, he began stripping it of the skin and threw the skin aside once he was done. He looked around with one hand holding the snake, he was looking for a stick but couldnt find one. He threw a hand up in an annoyed gesture.

    "Someone want to get the big Russian guy a stick before he decides to eat the food raw himself?" He said it in a tone that seemed like he was expecting help. He knew no one could know that was what he needed but he expected it to be known anyway.
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  7. ~Jocelyn~
    Jocelyn took her attention off of Josh and Derek for a minute when she heard Nikolai asked for a stick. Looking up into the tree, Jocelyn stepped forward. "Hey, Nick wanna break off a sturdy branch and throw it down." Nick complied with her request and within a minute a large stick came crashing down. Jocelyn went over a picked it up and brought it to Nikolai. "Here." Looking around at him, he was well built and could held his own. "The names Jocelyn. Your a well trained hunter, would you mind doing me a favor, and being in charge of hunting parties?" Jocelyn smiled at him a little. To be honest, she thought the man that stood in front of her had balls. To go out alone, especially at a time like this, he either had to be a psycho or brave enough to get shit done.
  8. ___________________________________________________________
    [​IMG]Vivian, or Vi was on a log near the group. She was cleaning off, (unsuccessfully) her katana. Last night she had faced a black widow, their blood and poison were a pain to get out of metal. The pumps on her katana helped shake some of the blood off, but not all of it. She saw that Nicolas was in the tree with Kenzie, Vi just looked at them for a second.
    Kenzie was one, if not the only one of the group that has seen Vi's
    compassionate side. To Vi, Kenzie was like a little sister in this fucked up world. "I'm going to the riverbed, I need to clean my katana, this blood is fucking with my nose." Vi didn't wait for anyone to protest, everyone knew that if Vi wanted to do something you just let her go. The riverbed wasn't that far from where the group was camped out at.

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  9. / Nicolas /
    Nicolas matched Kenzie's smile, she was for sure fully capable of taking care of herself. "No I meant, scaling a tree with weak limbs with only daggers." He chuckled a little a focused in on the information she provided him. Nicolas followed what she told him, narrowing his eyes he understood what the mutates where waiting for...finally. Sighing Nick began to speak, "Dammit, their not waiting for a time to strike. They are waiting for us to move." Looking out a monitoring the amount the branches moved, and how far they dipped down, Nicolas was able to draw a picture in his mind. "We are dealing with two different creatures, but it doesn't make any sense why are they in close proximity of each other?" Looking over to a slightly confused looking Kenzie, he moved a little closer to her, so she would for sure see what he saw. "Okay, so it is learning time!" He smiled. "See the difference of how much the branches dip. That mutant in the right tree is heavier than the one on the left. Now to narrow down mutants, it could only be one of the tree that climb up into a tree. Black Widow, Dome-Head, or a Hunchback. A Tank could climb up a tree, but couldn't be in there for long with how much it weighs. Now see the one on the left can either be a Black Widow or a Hunchback. The one of the right is for sure a Dome-Head, being the heaviest out of the three, and because the branch dips way to low for it to be anything else." Looking over to Kenzie, he hoped she understood.
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  10. .: Joshua :.
    Joshua's mind wondered as he watched Jocelyn move to the newly chopped branch. Looking around he had this feeling, a feeling like something was going to happen; and just as he did, a girl got up a yelled that she was heading to the riverbed. "Hey!" He called after her but there was no response. Josh groaned and began to jog after her, she was fast and had already reached the riverbed, not that it was to far from camp, though it was far enough for her to be attacked and the rest of them not be able to reach her in time. "Hey, you know it isn't the wisest, at this time, to go off on your own." Josh examined the girl, she had some crazy tattoos, he could tell the girl was tough. "Uh...the names Joshua, but you can just call me Josh like everyone else."
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  11. Claire
    Claire sighed and looked down, her neck starting to hurt from looking up so much. It was always impossible to relax in this world. Before, the expression, 'nothing is impossible' would have been a normal one, but now? Nobody even thought about it. Everything seemed impossible.

    Standing up and away from the fire, her bones immediately chilling. Christ, why was it always so cold? She looked around and found Derek, and her heart seemed to soften just a little. Before all this shit went down, they were close. Probably too close, or, atleast thats what Claire thought. She still had a crush on the kid.

    Picking up her rifle and hoisting it over her shoulder, she walked over to him and offered her best, I-Know-The-World-Is-Shit-But-Im-Making-The-Best-Of-It, smile, trying not to seem like she wanted to off herself. The world was dying, so why shouldnt she? She didnt see any point in living except to help everybody else stay alive. Who knows? Maybe the world will heal. Maybe she could get Derek to grow on her. Maybe she could learn to love him. In the world now? There was no room for it. You found feelings for somebody or something, and you were eaten alive and shit out a mosters asshole.

    "Hey, Derek. You alright?"
    Probably the cheesiest thing to say to him right now, but her mind was blank. Conversation was a rare commodity around these parts.

  12. ___________________________________________________________
    [​IMG]When Josh walked over to Vi, she just stared at him. She cocked her right eyebrow, he was cute in a "I work out to get chicks to sleep with me faster" type way. After getting most of the blood off of her katana, Vi stood up. "Were you going to be my protector? I think it would be the other way around."
    Vi strapped her katana onto her back, she looked at Josh. "Joshua, I'm Vi. Don't expect me to fall all over you or something, like some helpless little girl. I'm done cleaning my katana. You can stay here if you want, I'm heading back now." Vi winked at him, spinning backwards towards the others. This boy didn't know what he just got into.

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  13. Hearing Vi call out Kenzie rolled her eyes a little. She knew better then to call out a be careful. It would only end up in a training session, where Vi would hand her her ass. Sure over the years Kenzie had learned to put up a good fight. But she still wasn't as good as Vi when it came to hand to hand combat. She loved Vi like a big sister. She never once told on Kenzie when she found her somewhere she shouldn't be. But instead took her under her wing. Her mind floating back to the day when the group came back. And her frantic search for Vi once she found out her father didn't make it.

    Her mind snapping back to Nicolas as he said it was learning time. As she observed what he was showing her, a thought came to mind. "The one on the left has a more subtle movement. Almost like it belongs in a tree. While yes a Hunchback can climb a tree, they wouldn't belong in one like a Black Widow." She said pointing out the movements. "I mean it's only a guess, but I'd be willing to say I'm ninety percent positive I'm right. " a half hearted smile moving to her lips.

    She had to admit, she was glad Nicolas and Jocelyn had made it back also. While she wasn't as close to them. They still took her in, teaching her anything she wanted to know, even if her father had forbidden it. As for the rest of the group, she hadn't had the pleasure of really mingling with them. You see her father kept her hidden as much as he could, trying to keep her safe.
  14. -Derek-
    Derek chuckled as Josh ran off, after Vi. "Good luck with that one, idiot!" Shaking his head, he looked over to Claire, who had taken a spot close to him. "Hey there Claire." He smiled at her, she was giving him her famous, we can die at any second but hey might as well make the best of it, smile; so he matched hers. "yeah, I am doing fine, well as fine as a guy banished could be." he chuckled and looked at her. "How are you, darling?" He asked as he crossed his arms.

    .: Joshua :.
    Josh chuckled, the girl was a bitch though most people were out here. "I wouldn't expect you to, one: because I like a challenge and two: your not my type!" Josh rolled his eyes and picked up a stone and tossed in down the bed. He chuckled a little to himself, she was either going to rip his head off or walk away. With he attitude, it was most likely rip his head off.

    / Nicolas /
    Nicolas admired her work point out the fact it was most likely a black widow. "Go with your instinct, it is most of the time right." Nick thought of the possibilities of it being a black widow. Though she totally had it right, he still wondered. "I see what you mean, it is just weird. I mean if that is a Black Widow, normally by nature it would have attacked us and for sure the other mutant. They are territorial creatures, it should have at least attacked the Dome-head by now."
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  15. Nikolai took the branch and briefly smiled at the girl, he draped the snake over the stick and then wrapped it around. He stuck the tip of the stick through a piece of it to keep it from sliding. He stabbed one end into the ground and then grabbed the rabbit and laid it across the leg that was up, he grabbed the knife and opened it and made two small incisions on the back of the rabbits neck. He dug his fingers in and tore the rabbits fur off. After that he wrapped a big hand around the rabbits head and made a twisting pull motion. The rabbits head came clean off and he set it on the ground. He speared the rabbit carcass and dug the stick's end into the dirt so that it angled over the fire.

    "I do not want to lead hunting party," Nikolai said calmly, "I will hunt myself, kill food, come back and then we will eat. If anyone else wants to go hunt they can go hunt. I am not leader."

    He sat on the ground and put his legs out in front of him, he wrapped his elbows around his knees and relaxed there with his hands and boots near the fire.
  16. Claire
    Claire nodded at him and shrugged her shoulders.
    "Cant complain."
    She tried to make it sound like a joke, but her voice came out sounding a lot heavier and depressing than she wanted. Truth being, she was exhausted. She wanted to sleep, but that luxury wasnt granted anymore. She gave him a once over and the corner of her mouth twitched up in a smile. He was still exactly as she remembered him, even before everything turned for the worst. Atleast something didnt change.

    Claire leaned against the tree, suddenly feeling this was getting awkward, which overall made her nerves turn to fire in anger. She wished things between her old friend werent so choppy now. Since they were Banished, everything changed. Nothing would ever be the same again, even if the world suddenly decided to get its shit together.

    "Lets just hope nothing goes down tonight so we can all get some well deserved rest, Yeah?"
    Sadly, she knew just as well as anybody that that would probably not happen.

  17. ~Jocelyn~
    Jocelyn smiled down at the guy. "Have it your way, but hey if you ever feel like bringing in twice as much game, ask Nicolas, Derek or Joshua. They are all skilled at hunting." Jocelyn smiled and took a seat by the fire. She knew barely anything about this guy, though she knew it wasn't the gather round the camp fire and share our life stories time. She just wanted to warm herself; her jacket wasn't really fit to brave the harsh cold weather of being in the forest at all hours of the night.

    "I have a feeling, everything isn't as alright as you say." Derek looked at her as she leaned against the tree. He could tell she was exhausted, not many of them got a ounce of sleep since two nights ago. With the rate they were going, they were surely to either pass out or their brains would implode with how tired they were. "Hey, listen if you want to sleep, I can stand guard."
  18. Kenzie

    Kenzie smiled up at Nicolas, clearly proud of herself. Being one of the youngest, she always felt a need to prove herself. "What if they only become territorial when something is to close to the nest, web, home. Whatever you want to call it. Because while the Hunchback is close, it's not close enough to pose a threat. Even if it were to jump from the tree the Black Widow wouldn't have enough time to counter the attack." Her thoughts escaping her lips before she could really think about it.

  19. / Nicolas /
    Nicolas liked to see her think about things, it showed she had a interest in learning. "I see what you say, but I raise you with...the distance between the trees is almost thirty feet, the distance between both trees and us is forty and forty five feet. Now a Black Widow's territorial range is approximately fifty feet around, not because it doesn't necessarily distaste other mutants, it is because that is how large its nest under ground is." Nicolas narrowed his eyes as they talked. Looking over to her, "Oh don't worry, they normally have two access points, which the first you can see where it is, and the second is normally south of their original. We are north." Nick smiled a bit and leaned back into the tree.
  20. Nikolai reached a hand at the rabbit and poked it to see if it had heated up enough, the meat was still fleshy and it was hardly warm. He grumbled and noticed the snake had gotten a little more cooked. He figured if he burned it a bit it couldnt hurt. He turned towards the girl and extended his hand.

    "I'm Nikolai," He said with a cheeky smile, "Most people call me Beast."
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