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Accepting New Characters: Yes
Rating: Mature; may include vulgar language, drug use, sexual innuendoes, mild violence, nudity etc.
Atmosphere/Mood: A mix of drama, romance and comedy
Basic Plot: This role play centralises around a closely knit band made up of five individuals, their fans, crew members and agents/managers. The story will begin when the band finally reaches worldwide fame, one of the members decide to leave the group. And from there, the story continues.

Game Structure/Rules:
  • I will be prompting the story, however suggestions are always welcome for plots etc. This is just to keep things from veering off in different directions and make things too complicated.
  • All set characters will be filled before original characters can be made. Don't worry, the set characters don't have too much detail so you can be as creative as you like.
  • Post at least once a week.
  • The band genre will be Rock, be it pop rock, metal, goth etc... (Lead Singer/Guitarist is to decide what kind as well as Band Name)
  • There can only be one of each band member, however numbers are not limited for crew members, fans or agents
  • NEW For the time being, all players can have up to two characters.
  • ......... and that's it.... for now... >:D

Compulsory Characters:

The Band - Terminus (Metal)
Lead Singer/Guitarist taken by Darkness
Guitarist - The character who decides to quit the band taken by PersonaH
Bass taken by Magdelene
Drums taken by Fluffy
Keyboard (preferably Male) taken by Torsty

Agent/Band Manager taken by Warmasterdeath

Optional Characters:

Crew Members
Lighting Crew Member
Sound Crew Member
Make Up Crew Member
Band Bodyguard taken by Field Commander Carl McCarthy
(more can be created/added if necessary)



Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:


Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:


Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:


Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

**Please note, these requirements may change at a later date

The Band have been together for years, having all grown up with each other, attended high school with each other and have succeeded together from when they were just a group of kids getting together on a quiet afternoon to playing in front of thousands of fans all over the world.

After winning a prestigious award for Best Album of the Year, it seems that The Band are living the lives that they had always dreamed about after working hard for so long. However, this dream becomes shattered when a precious member decides to quit the band for reasons unknown.

The press have guessed that there may have been creative differences. The fans assume that there may have been an argument between the members. The manager wants to believe it's a family issue.

But whatever the reason, will The Band continue their rise to fame? What does the ex-member-to-be plan? Create a rival band? Destroy The Band? Go solo?

You decide.

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will be

Clear Blue Skies

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Muahaha... I have changed the thread description. Victory is mine!
Joining this shit up, nigga.

Character Name: Adrian Rios
Gender: Male
Instrument: Lead Singer/Guitarist
Age: 28
General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose: To keep on making music, travel the world.

General Personality: He's a comedian, always pulling jokes and trying to keep the people laughing. He spends a lot of his time writing the band's songs, and practicing his guitar skills, specially now that they don't have a lead guitarist. He's always looking forwards to learn something, and because of that he's learned a few languages, music production and is now starting to pick up on sign language. And even a bit of bartending, as he got a job at a bar to manage the costs of his equipment.

General History:

Born in Paraguay, he moved with his parents to the US when he was 6 years old, he started listening to metal when his brother started to bring albums to the house, and they both started to practice guitar. Because of this he didn't do too well in school, he skipped classes and spent most of his time practicing guitar, or going to shows and drinking. But even then he remained in constant contact with his friends, and jumped right up at the idea of forming Terminus.

Ever since then, he's been enjoying the life he always wanted to have, the life of a metal musician.
Need a bouncer? I've been tempted to pull a job like that.
Name: Seraph Evangelique
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Instrument: Guitarist
General Appearance:

Current/Goal Purpose: To make music and get fucked up and drunk while doing it.
General Persona: Seraph is quiet. She keeps to herself and books and her band members but even then she seems to hold back. There is very little the band doesn't know about her and she likes the feeling of being able to rely on her friends. She writes very often but has never submitted anything to the band that could be used as a song. Although Seraph would like an intimate relationship she often self sabatoges (sp?) herself by going out and getting high or drunk.
General History: Seraph moved out of her home at the age of 17 and started living on her own. She managed to stay in as well as graduate from school. A few years later she and her friends developed the band Terminus and began rocking out non-stop.
@McCarthy: Bouncer sounds good but how about... body guard? A bouncer, in my opinion, would play too little a role and you'd find yourself away from the other characters too much (they would be playing in massive stadiums, not... say a local pub). Whereas a bodyguard will be able to interact with many of the key characters. How does that sound? Either way, I'm fine but just expressing my thoughts. Depends on how you'd like to play :)

@PersonaH: Nice character, but it does not quite fit in with the current setting as your character history doesn't correspond with the rest of the information. Please note all band members grew up together and are extremely close to one another. Also, the Guitarist is the 'betrayer' of the group; the one who deserts the band at its most critical moment.

There will be an option for 'New Guitarist' (i.e. the Guitarist to replace the betrayer) if you're not interested in being the Judas, but I won't be making that character available until (possibly) Chapter 2 of the RP, or the next story arc.
Oh sorry. I thought since I made the character a teenager when she met the band members it would fit the story lines a bit more. I can change that around for you.

Yes I read everything but I can see how some of my info isn't matching up. I'll change it for you now =] Thanks.
Character Name: Charles Foster Ofdensen
Gender: Male
Age: mid 40s
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To make the band one of the worlds biggest economies (as in they make more money than some contries)
General Personality: Seemingly soft spoken and easily persuaded when talking to the band, internally Charles is cold, calculating and merciless, heaven have mercy on those that try to fuck with Terminus, for Charles Ofdenson will not.
General History: whilst Ofdenson never goes into the details of his childhood, it is clear that he was well educated and used to large amounts of moneythough at the sime time he was not cavalier or frugal in his handling of such sums of cash, some take this as evidence that he was born into a wealthy european family, although he says he was born and raised in america.
He saw Terminus playing at a small town pub very early into their career, and has guidd them towards international stardom.
Body guard it is.


Character Name: Vlagimir Khukov
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Body Guard
Age: 48
General Appearance:

Most people learn the hard way not to make fun of the hat. There's a reason why the Afghans called him 'Undertaker.'
Current Goal/Purpose: To protect the band members and ensure their well being. This is his mission.
General Personality: A hard man and mean mother fucker, but a fair one. He knows what has to be done when it needs to be done. It should be noted that whenever you see him sharpening his NR-2 scout knife it's best not to talk to him...

At all...

General History: A former commando of Russian Spetsnaz and a veteran of Afghanistan, Khukov was out on his ass after a series of Reductions in Force. He made his way to America where he put his skills as an operator on the market. He pulled several gigs with other bands before Terminus acquired his skills. He has safeguarded them and taken care of potential problems before they become anything serious. It's rumored that he killed a stalker however this is unfounded, despite the fact he 'fell' on a hundred and twenty wood nails.
@PersonaH: Sorry to be a bit anal... ^^;;; but Accepted! :)

@McCarthy: Accepted!

@WMD: Accepted!

Sweet.... Things are coming along nicely. I think I shall post my character later on tonight.

All we need now is a drummer and keyboard, then I believe we can begin. I have reserved the Bassist and will be posting my character up tonight.
Woo! Thank you. This brightened my day slightly.

And by the way:

Reason for leaving:

After nearly missing a show as well as showing up a little more than tipsy, Seraph wakes up the next morning in a place she'd never seen. A pot on the coffee table before the couch she passed out on is filled with gasoline and crack pipes are scattered about on the tables. Empty alcohol bottles coat the wooden floor of the house and Seraph can still smell a dried patch of glue on her upper lip from the previous night. The band members are no where in sight and Seraph can't seem to find anyone she even knows. Luckily she's able to call Adrian and get a ride out of this dump...where ever it may be. On the car ride home Seraph finds herself saying that she can't handle the band anymore. She can't stop doing what she's doing and she doesn't want the rest of them to fall with her. Five little words: "Sorry Man but I'm out..." and it's over?

Ok. Although I pulled Adrian into this I want to do as little god modding for this as possible. If an argument ensued in the car ride home then you can let me know and I'll definitely add that bit of drama in. =]

I posted this because I was under the impression that the guitarist had unknown reasons for leaving the band. If I'm wrong please correct me and ignore the above. =]

I wrote 'unknown reasons' so that whoever chose to play the guitarist can choose whatever reason they like :)

Okay! Time to post my character!! Darkness/PersonaH, my character has a little link with yours, so let me know if you approve of this linkage

Character Name: Jesse Hyde
Gender: Male
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Age: 28
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To one day confess his feelings towards Seraph; make god-damn-mother-fucking metal.
General Personality: Jesse has huge respect for Adrian and sees him as a life long best friend, therefore he would confess everything to his brother-from-another-mother, except about his long lasting boyish crush on Seraph which he has kept a secret for a very long time. He's loud, loves deafening music, and keeps his true emotions very well hidden under a carefree who-gives-a-fuck facade. Jesse's favourite past time is to kick back on a sunny day and watch the clouds roll by. He is also against smoking, drugs and heavy drinking since his father was a drunkard and his mother a painkiller addict.
General History: Jesse grew up with the members of Terminus for most of his adolescence and developed a crush on Seraph, the band's second guitarist, though he was always too embarrassed to admit it to anyone. He first got into metal after watching his father beat his mother as an outlet for his rage and angst, though later on used it as a kind of therapeutic remedy to calm him down and make him feel better.

When Terminus first officially got together, Jesse was exhilarated. So lost had he been before, he found his calling while playing in front of a small crowd in the local pub/bar and dedicated himself to the band ever since.
Fluffy would like to play the drummer... If that's okay. ^_~

I actually had a plot in mind involving a rock band. You beat me to a thread creation, though! Oh well. Less work for me. Nah nah~


Hope you like her. I myself adore her. <3

Character Name:
Jacqueline "Jackie" Heart


Her big, beautiful, red drum set.


General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
- Keeping the band alive and happy.
- Finding that special someone that will complete her; Music just isn't enough anymore.
- To teach the band members sign language; Having to write down everything she wants to say to them gets tiring. (She's mute.)

General Personality:
An incredible, amazing and optimistic girl. She's very full of life and doesn't need to chug down an energy drink to get hyped. Although deep inside she knows that something is missing, she can't allow it to show. Jackie feels it is her duty as the drummer to be the crazy source of energy for everyone to absorb from, which is the part she knows she plays very well. Forever and always, she is a very sweet, lovable girl.

General History:
Growing up with no voice was very difficult and depressing for Jackie. She couldn't be in the typical classrooms with children and had to watch hand gestures every time something on the chalkboard had to be explained or an assembly in the gym. Music is what kept her spirits up through life. She played her drums in the elementary, middle school and high school bands - Having learned some brass instruments here and there as well. Jackie wasn't able to sing or scream her heart out with the music she'd make, so she'd put all of her heart and soul into it with her never ending energy.

The members of Terminus - the men, at least - admitted to Jackie they found it 'badass' that she played drums. She was quickly welcomed for rehearsals as a result. The band she is part of means everything to her. She feels accepted, loved and needed - She hopes for it to stay that way. She always feels a warmth when she's performing on stage with her friends, but there's always that bit of sadness because of how lonely she was growing up - Attending high school dances alone or experiencing one night stands.

Nevertheless, she adores what she has and wouldn't give it up for anyone or anything in the world. She only hopes they'll find time to read those sign language books she bought for them so she can connect with them a bit better and use less ink with paper...
Cute <3 I like too.


Okay...... keyboarder........ where are you....?

If possible, I would prefer a male keyboarder just so the numbers are balanced (i.e. 3 male members and two female) but I'm open to options!
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