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  1. Each Character has a few parts:
    Their Names
    Their Storys Title
    Main Plot of their story
    Pairing their Seeking
    Level of complexity (1-10)
    Any special factors
    Who they are generally paired with
    Each story has a main objective that must be completed, if it isn't the story will continue until it is or it will fade out into a satisfactory ending and the story will end.

    The Band
    The Band consists of 8 girls:

    Daisy Lee Taylor
    A Daisy Among Roses
    In A Daisy Among Roses, Daisy will be featured as the main character, it is a story about a girl who is surrounded by the supernatural but has no clue that it exists, believing that a majority of her "good fortune" is just that, good fortune. In this story you must convince an array of girls, each from a different life that you are worthy of the girls love.
    • Seeking Male
    • Level 5
    • Daisy is not all she appears to be, and there is a rather big, but blunt, twist (two if I feel you can handle it)
    • Generally paired with demons, someone who has a persona they live by but aren't really like that on the inside, generally a violent demon who is just lonely or such.
    The main objective of this story is to get Daisy to fall for you, while convincing Nana and Elizabeta that you are worthy of her.

    Nana Van HellScream
    Music Soothes the Soul
    In Music Soothes the Soul, Nana will be featured as the main character, in this story you will learn a little more about Daisy while you learn more about the girl who comes off as the meanest woman you will ever meet. She is quiet a bully and is rather rude, in this story you must convince Nana to trust you enough to reveal her tender side to you.
    • Seeking Male
    • Level 8
    • In this story the rest of the band can either be the first thing introduced, or one of the last things introduced.
    • Generally paired with demons, but can be paired with anyone really, demon/angel/hunter/
    The main objective of this story is to convince Nana to trust you, romance is encouraged but is only possible if you can get her to show you her kind side.

    Elizabeta White
    Silver Tears
    In Silver Tears you face off with one of the more serious girls, Elizabeta White, she is quite the character as you will be soon to find out, distant, mature, and rather closed off she will be rather hard to get to. Which is what this story is all about, trying to get close to her, weather that is to try to kill her or to help her is up to you. In this story you will encounter not only a Band Manager but a notorious gang leader, she runs the club you will find the Band in, your job is to get close to her.
    • Seeking Male
    • Level 8
    • In this story you might not meet anyone other than Daisy until you can get closer to her, or unless you do a good job of following her
    • Generally paired with someone trying to attack her, or another vampire
    The main objective of this story is to get as close to Elizabeta as possible, you will know you succeeded when she shares with you a secret that only Matt knows. (If you dont know who Matt is after a major event then you are highly unlikely to finish this objective)

    Maddison Oni
    The Mad Red

    Coming Soon

    Candi Oni
    The Size of Her Heart

    Coming Soon

    Kelly Silver Eclipse

    Coming Soon

    Bolivia Monstro
    The BoogieMan

    Coming Soon

    Glow Sticks and Cheap Tricks

    Coming Soon
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